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“Here’s what I’m going to do tonight,” she says. “I’m going to stroke your cock. Lie back.”

She sees it in his eyes, the delight, the tiny bit of fear, the eagerness. He likes to be teased. Likes to have his pleasure… extended. And she likes to indulge him.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let you come, but you have to tell me when you’re close. If you come, I’m going to punish you.”

“And not some sexy fun punishment like you think, either. Something you’ll hate.”

His eyes showed something new. What was it? Whatever it was, she liked it.

He lies back, she pulls out a little bottle of oil, spreads it on her hands.

“I’m going to give you exactly one hundred strokes. Can you handle that?”

“One hundred’s not that much. I can handle that easily,” he says. Was he proud? Disappointed that it would be over so soon?

She wraps her hands around his shaft and starts stroking. He moans. She likes to hear him moan.

She starts slowly, firmly. At ten, she picks up the pace, counting out loud. “Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen.” He’s gasping when they get to thirty, so she slows to a crawl, loosens her grip, and moves as slowly as she can.

“Thirty…one.” He sighs, presses up into her hands. “Thirty…two. Thirty…” she pauses, “three.” She cups his balls, and continues, slowly, squeezing hard. Harder.

Like that for a while longer, then at fifty, she bursts into motion, faster and faster, then light again, Sixty! Then harder, then light again. He’s squirming. Seventy.

“Be still,” she says. “Don’t make me tie you up.” She sees his body tense at the idea.

Seventy-five. Harder now.

Eighty-five. He says, “I’m getting close…” his voice rising.

“Don’t come!” she orders.

Ninety. Ninety-five.

“Stop!” he shouts. She drops his cock immediately.

“Just give me a minute,” he says, panting. “Then you can finish.”

“OK, while you’re cooling down, I’m going to explain the rest of the rules to you.” She takes his hand, guides it between her legs. She’s so wet. He slides a finger back and forth over her folds. She gasps a little, then regains her composure.

Tonight we’re going to one hundred. Tomorrow we’re going to two hundred. The day after, three hundred. We’re going to keep going until we get to one thousand strokes in a day. You can’t come until we get to one thousand.”

“Wait, you mean one hundred a day for ten days?” He looks smug, like what’s the big deal? Like, that sounds like fun to him.

“No,” she says. “Each day, internet casino we start the day at zero and add one hundred to the day’s target. So tomorrow, we start at zero and go to two hundred. The next day, we start at zero and go to three hundred and so on. By the end, we’re going to have to work hard to get all your strokes in within a single day. If you don’t make it to your daily quota, we start over at one hundred the next day.”

She watched him take this in. The enormity of what she had laid out played across his face. Excitement. Fear. Disbelief.

“You’re really going to do this to me?” He asked. His fingers got more insistent between her legs. A finger parted her lips, found her clit.

“Umm,” she sighed, sinking into his hand. “No, we’re going to do this together. Some nights I’ll stroke you. Oh! Some nights, I’ll going to make you stroke yourself. Some nights…ah…we’ll take turns. It, ummm, depends on how I feel.” Oh god, right now she felt good. She wanted to land one more shot though. “I might even get bored or tired and take a night off,” she said.

“Oh god,” he said. Then he said the thing he says when he’s extremely turned on.

“I want to go down on you,” he said.

“Not til we finish your strokes for today. We’ve still got five more tonight, remember? Then you’re going to make me come. You’re going to make me come a lot.”


“We’re going to two hundred tonight,” she says. “Are you ready?”

He gets that look in his eyes. Is it dreamy? Scared? Whatever it is, she’s excited by that look.

“Tonight, you’re going to read to me while I stroke your cock. In fact, for the rest of this game, you’re going to do a lot of reading, so find some things you want to share with me.”

She knows that he has things he wants to share. He’s told her, but he’s never shared them. She figures this will force his hand.

“Do you have something you can read to me tonight?”

“I do,” he says. “Let me find it.” He gets out of bed, gets his phone, pokes around a bit, then says, “I’m ready.”

She rubs oil into her hands, looks him in the eye, takes his cock in her hands. He’s already hard. “Start reading,” she says.

“This is from a blog I like called Only She Cums. A husband and wife—she controls his orgasms. I think it’s really hot.”

He’s embarrassed. Looks at her, at his phone, at her again. She’s holding his cock, but hasn’t started stroking yet.

“Are you going to read or not?” she asks, teasing.

“OK here goes,” he says, and begins to read. canlı poker oyna

When we first started dating, we were hot and heavy, and had sex A LOT! So much so, that I started to worry that he just wanted me for a piece of ass. I wanted a man who would love all of me, not me just for my sex, and since our relation seemed to be based only on sex, I decided better to cut my losses and move on, so I broke up with him, as hard as that was because I still was crazy about him. I didn’t take his calls for a long time, but he was persistent, and I finally explained to him why I broke up with him, and he promised that he wanted me for more than just sex with me, and to prove it, he promised he wouldn’t initiate any sex at all with me that I didn’t start first. I was dubious, but especially because I knew I still loved him, I decided to give him a chance. I took him back on the one condition that he wasn’t allowed to initiate any sex that I didn’t start.

We went some time with nothing sexual between us, and he seemed to be keeping his word, which made me feel better. On top of that, it was me who was starting to miss the sex, so on one date, I decided to let him pet me to let some of my pressure off, and I loved his fondling and caressing me. At the same time, I didn’t do anything for him. I was waiting for him to betray himself and ask for something, but he never did. He kept his word. In time, him getting me off and going home with blue balls became the norm, and I discovered not only did I like it, I loved it. Something about sending him away adjusting his pants and walking funny turned me on even more, and there I discovered my fetish for teasing and denying him.

He paused here and looked at her. His eye seemed to ask if she was OK with the story so far. She had been stroking him slowly the whole time. She just said, “Thirty,” and smiled at him.

He cleared his throat.

Eventually, I realized he was just going home to spank his monkey after our dates, which seemed to deflate my fetish. In my fantasy, he depended on me to get off, but I wouldn’t let him, so I brought this up. I asked if he would be willing to forgo even masturbation that I don’t initiate for him, and he agreed. Not only did he agree, he admitted that it made his dick even harder wondering when if ever I would let him cum again. He seemed to be enjoying my control over his orgasms as much as I was. We discovered then that we were a match made in heaven. It was then that I started straight up teasing him, stroking his dick and daring him to cum without permission. poker oyna He used to have to make me stop for fear of coming without authorization, but over time, I got to know his body better, and less and less did he have to tell me to stop. I learned how far I could push him and still keep his balls blue, which we both loved beyond measure.

As for me, teasing and whipping him up made me so hungry for sex that I started to crave and enjoy it like never before. Back then, I used to cum like ten or more times a day. Being a powerful woman in charge is very liberating.

He paused again. His dick was harder than ever now. She whispered, “Seventy-five.”

She poured some more oil into her hand, rubbed it all over both palms, making a little bit of a show for him. He sighed and went back to reading.

Fast forward to our engagement. I made it clear that after we were engaged, it was no longer acceptable for him to get off in any way shape or form without my approval, and any such sexual activity would, in my book, be considered a betrayal as bad as cheating on me. At this point, we didn’t talk about it, but the unspoken rule was that these rules didn’t apply to me. Then we got engaged.

As we were preparing for our wedding we started to work on our vows, and it was during this process, that we formalized our relationship dynamic, that he must vow his fidelity to me, up to and including never coming without my consent. At the same time, the rules of fidelity would not apply to me, that I would be forever bound to him in marriage, but not bound by fidelity. My sexuality would have no limits. Trust me, he would get so excited when we’d talk about various scenarios where other men were doing me. I personally didn’t have plans to follow this through, I just liked having the freedom of possibilities.

He wore a chastity device for the first time riding from the church to the reception. It was my surprise gift to him. And I kept him locked for our entire honeymoon. I came on our honeymoon in every way, shape, and form, and all he got was wedded blue balls. This is a memory we cherish.

As he came to the end of the story, she wasn’t sure how she felt about this woman in the story. Was she crazy? A chastity device, like seriosly, what the fuck? But she was sure she liked the way his cock felt in her hands, so she centered herself around that feeling. His cock was rock hard—she imagined she could feel his heartbeat in the veins just below the taut translucent surface.

“One hundred and seventy-five!” she said.

“Please don’t stop,” he said.

He made it to two hundred. He seemed to be focusing all his attention on his hands which he’d worked between her legs. She was dripping wet. “Let me go down on you,” he said.

She just spread her legs and said, “Yes.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32