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Author’s Note: This is a work of fiction and fantasy and should not be considered factual.


The scene is that of someone dreaming, is it a good dream or a nightmare? It shows a priest standing in front of a nun with his pants down. She is a striking beauty, that if not for her habit you would never think her a nun. She has reddish brown hair and great breasts, about a 36C. She seems a little bit set back by this priest who stands in front of her. He isn’t much to look at, but is still a man who seems to command some sort of respect… just not at the moment.

Nun: (innocently) …but Father, that’s not the host.

Priest: No, but it does taste better.

The nun takes his cock into her mouth and he shivers with the shear pleasure. She sucks him into her mouth and begins bobbing up and down on his cock.

Nun: Mmmmm sure does.

She then goes back to sucking and using her hand to help get him close to climax. The priest groans and moans as the nun picks up the pace and then he grabs her head. He holds her in place as he thrusts his cock into her mouth and shoots his sperm right down her throat. She swallows his cum, not missing a single drop.

Suddenly the nun wakes from her dream and notices sweat pouring from her forehead. Her panties are very wet and she is almost embarrassed to get up. She finds her clothes and dresses quickly. She heads down to the cathedral and goes right up to the priest. Oddly enough, the same priest she just had a nasty dream about.

Nun: Father, I would like to make a confession please.

Priest: Sure sister, allow me to just step into the confessional then.

The priest enters the confessional and the nun follows him into the confession side. He slides the partition aside and does the sign of the cross.

Nun: Forgive me Father for I have sinned.

Priest: What have you done my child?

Nun: It’s not what I have done, but what I wish to do.

Priest: And what is it you wish to do?

Nun: You see Father, my thoughts, they are dirty thoughts. But they are by the Demon himself. These thoughts, they come to me at night while I lay in bed you see… and they umm …they make me do damned things.

Priest: I see. What kinds of things do they make you do?

Nun: Well first, I remove my shirt Father. Then I begin to run my hands all over my body.

Priest: Hmmm, yes, that does sound dirty, but I am not quite sure.

Nun: Well… here, let me show you what I mean.

The Priest and Nun both exit the confessional and she stands their a little hesitant at first. Looking around at the empty church, and knowing the doors have yet to be unlocked to the public she begins to remove her shirt. She is not wearing a bra and she begins to run her hand up her chest, stopping canlı bahis at her breasts, and then back down. The Priest, at an almost loss of words stares at her gorgeous breasts.

Priest: Mmmm that looks very interesting… but I am still not sure. (Hesitantly) Perhaps, I …um should try?

The Nun smiles a sly smile and then looks up to the Priest.

Nun: Place your hands here Father… on my chest.

The Priest gently places his hands on her chest and takes a breast in his hand. The Nun let’s out a soft moan as the Priest caresses her breast.

Nun: Yes. Yes. That’s right.

Priest: Actually this feels really good.

The Priest then begins to massage her breasts with his hands.

Nun: Mmm, yes it does.

She places her hands on top of his and begins moving with him as they travel down her chest and stomach, and then trace their way back up to her breasts. With a slight crack in his voice…

Priest: What else happens my child?

Nun: See, one hand stays up here like this…

She keeps one of his hands on her breasts and begins to slowly guide the other lower.

Nun: And the other slowly slips down and under my pants.

She slides his hand down her abs and into her pants. Both she and he moan as his hand makes its way to her mound.

Priest: This does feel real nice.

He allows her to guide his hand right to her mound and he begins a gently rubbing over her slit.

Priest: Is it anything like this?

Nun: Yesss… but if I may, it does feel better when you do it.

Priest: Yes, I think it does too. And I DO want you to feel good.

Letting out another moan.

Nun: I do Father… I do.

Priest: Good my child. Is there anything else that happens in these thoughts of yours that you want to tell me about?

Nun: Yes, but I feel it is bad… not mentionable.

Priest: My child, you will be only cleansed of your ‘sins’ if you confess them.

His fingers find her already immensely stimulated clit and sends shivers of pleasure through her. She moans out loud.

Nun: Well, in these thoughts I do something terribly bad.

She falls to her knees as the Priests hand slips from her pants and run along back up to her breasts. He once again begins massaging and fondling them, pinching the nipples gently and hard and then back to gentle again.

Priest: You can tell me anything. I am here for you to confess.

Nun: We’re not gonna get in trouble, are we Father?

Priest: Of course not my child.

Nun: Can I show you something Father, what I do in these thoughts?

Priest: Yes you can my child, anything.

She leans forward and unbuckles his black belt and reaches in and pulls out his cock. She looks up very innocently into his face bahis siteleri to see if he would stop her. But as he looks down with an expression of pure lust, she knows it is ok to proceed. He is tweaking her nipples as she holds his cock firmly in her hands. She then flicks her tongue across the tip of it a few times to gauge a reaction. The Priest moans in pleasure as her tongue touches the head of his cock.

Nun: I am sorry Father, but these thoughts are too hard to fight.

He gently lifts her chin with a single finger and looks upon his gentle face.

Priest: Then don’t fight them let them out and we will take care of them together.

She places his hard cock in her mouth and lets out a little moan. She then, in one breath, takes him deep into her throat. He moans in pure pleasure as he feels his cock hitting the back of her throat. His hands leave her breasts and instinctively go to the back of her head. Holding her there as she continues to suck on his cock.

Priest: Yes my child.

He let’s out between moans.

Priest: Let’s face these demon thoughts together.

She continues to suck on his cock, pulling him out to the tip of her mouth and then taking him back deep. All the while he is moaning more audibly and his breathing quickens. The pressure begins to well up in his balls, but he is not sure if he is ready to cum yet, so he gives her warning.

Priest: Oh my, if you don’t stop, I am going to cum!!

She pulls his pulsating member out of her mouth and circles the tip with her tongue, squeezing the base so as to stop the flow of semen.

Nun: Father, I also see something else in these thoughts.

Trying to catch his breath from the amazing blowjob he just received.

Priest: What is that my child? I am here for you to tell me.

She slowly gets to her feet with the help of the Priest. As she stands she begins taking her pants down. He watches in amazement as her shaven pussy is revealed to him for the first time. She moves in towards him stepping out of her pants and thong and leans him back on to a pew. He lays back and helps her to steady herself as she climbs above him and holds her dripping pussy just above his hard cock. He waits in anticipation as her beautiful naked body now hovers over him.

Priest: I can tell you that these thoughts of yours are feeling really good my child.

She lowers herself down onto his cock slowly. His cock sits just inside her tight hot pussy. He moans aloud and feels her juices leaking out and down around his cock. He allows her to slide onto him in her own pace as he once again massages her breasts.

Nun: Father… This feels goooooood.

Priest: Yes it does. It feels really good… don’t stop. It is good to show me everything.

She pushes down bahis şirketleri hard on his cock and it breaks her hymen and she feels him deep inside her. After some adjustment, she begins to bounce up and down on his cock. He rises to meet her thrusts pushing as deep as he can go; both moaning out in pleasure and ecstasy.

Nun: Mmmm now that feels better Father.

She begins to pick up the pace and enjoys the feeling of him entering her over and over.

Priest: Yes, it does feel real good.

He meets each thrust down of hers with an upward thrust of his own. Once again the swelling of an impending orgasm grips him, but she suddenly stops and stands up.

Nun: Father?

Priest: Yes my child?

Nun: Take me from behind.

With no hesitation he stands up and positions her so that she can use the pew for support when she bends over. He then lines his cock up with her pussy as she begins rubbing her clit in anticipation. He looks to her face one more time before thrusting back inside her warm, wet and tight pussy. He only goes part way in at first, but she thrust backwards and moans as she make sure his cock is buried to the hilt inside of her. He feels the tightness of her pussy muscles gripping his cock. He pulls out slowly and then drives back in hard.

Nun: Mmmm continue Father, p-please.

Her begging causes him to moan and he places his hands on her hips and begins to pump in and out of her, starting slowly and then picking the pace up. She grabs his hands and pulls them to her breasts as she moans loudly with pleasure, thrusting back in time with his forward thrusts into her. He begins pinching her nipples as she lets out moans and screams of utter pleasure. He is moaning as well thrusting in and out of her pussy.

Nun: Fuck me hard Father!!!

She manages to say in between moans and screams of ecstasy. He continues to pump in and out of her, trying as hard as he can to go deeper each time. Her words send him into overdrive.

Priest: Yes my child… I am fucking you.

Nun: Mmmmm I want to feel you cum inside me Father… Cum inside me!!!

Priest: Yes my child, I feel it too…

Pumping harder and faster his balls well up with pressure and in a few short strokes…


He shoots rope after long rope of sperm deep inside her as her pussy pulsates from his orgasm. She screams out in orgasm as she finishes in pleasure with him. They sink to the pew together both spent and in orgasmic bliss.

Priest: My child, when you have these thoughts do not feel bad. Come to me and we will work together to fight the demons. We will demonstrate everything so we know how to counter them.

Nun: I think I may have to return to ‘confess’ my sins tomorrow Father.

Priest: Come everyday my child.

She smiles… a seductive sly smile.

Nun: Mmm I think I may.

He smiles a content smile of satisfaction and then kisses her gently on the lips.

Priest: I will be ready for you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32