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As I sped my car through the night, I was tingling with sexual excitement, power. My pussy throbbed from the thorough fucking I’d just received, and I something told me Black would be more then a little intimidated that I’d found a rod so close to his own. He had to know I was going to win this eventually, especially after turning me into such a persistent little cock-hound.

This is proof that Aaron Black’s Cock had rendered me as stupid as well as horny.

God, the cock. My mouth watered at the thought; my dick-sucking lips pursed with anticipation, wanting only to feel that freakishly thick meat stretching them out.

I pressed my foot down on the pedal just to get there a little faster.

As I reached Black’s house, dawn was just showing its face. All the people who didn’t spend the night getting their faces pasted and pussies pounded were tucked up in their beds snug and warm. I was delirious with sleep deprivation and lust.

When I reached the top of the hill I had to blink in shock. Black was leaning against his doorframe waiting for me, even though I’d given him no sign I was coming.

He was stunning, dressed in a white undershirt that showed his bulging arms and broad shoulders. Even the gentle curves of his abs were visible beneath. And beneath those? Black slacks did little to conceal the snake of a bulge running down his leg. Black’s weapon was primed, poised, and ready to ravage. I gave a short breath looking at it, always forgetting the effect it had on me.

“Hey slut. Sleep well?” His voice dripped with his arrogant ownership of me.

“Not a wink. I was too busy getting fucked by a black stud. His cock was huge.” I let my words hang ambiguous.

“Is that supposed to impress me?”

“I mean it was gigantic, Aaron.”

He chortled. “But not as big as mine. Was it?”

My legs almost buckled at the force his words had on me.


“God you are a pathetic slut. Do you think you can fool me? Do you think you can change the fact that I’m packing the biggest cock you’ll ever see and the only pleasure you’ll ever know?”

I choked up. “But I did have pleasure, I enjoyed it!”

He cupped my chin in a rough grasp. “But every time you think of it compared to me you don’t feel that way, do you?”

I was almost crying I was so exhausted and frustrated. “No.”

“Come with me.” Black released my jaw, my head dropping with shame as he strode past me.

“We’re going to my car.” He explained. I followed helplessly; pulled by a force I can’t explain but somehow understood.

He reached the bottom of his hill, and though he made no gesture or phone call, an exquisite black limousine pulled up. He opened the door, and in an almost gentlemanly fashion motioned for me to enter. I slipped inside onto the crushed velvet seats and almost screamed at what I saw.


The first to talk was Tina.

“I uh…I dumped Greg.” She said, whimpering.

“But Greg was…”

“And I’m afraid I’m quitting.” Said Liz.

“Me too boss.” Followed Katherine.

My girls! MY GIRLS were now Black’s…I could see it in their eyes…the same tired eyes that I had now…the same eyes which could only see cock and even then only Black’s mega-dick. They were dressed slutty…the way I’d found myself dressing since this whole thing began.

But did I try to save them? Tell them to get out of the Limo and run for the rest of their lives? No.

“He’s mine.” I said with finality. “I’m not sharing him.”

As I spoke the mirrored glass behind one portion of the circular couch lowered down, revealing black in the passenger seat, and a female in a sluttish chauffeur’s outfit. She looked familiar.

The waiter girl!

But She wasn’t the only one…women lined up on the street as we drove slowly along, different uniforms, different builds, different ages. They were all the same. They were all Black’s.

“You just don’t get it, do you slut?”

I gaped, this was more then my heart was ready for.

“You aren’t special, slut. You aren’t anything. If you’re lucky you’ll get the basement-scrubbing job I have open. Maybe if you’re extra lucky I’ll let you look at my cock once a year.”

I fainted dead away.


When I awoke, it was to quite a scene. Tina, Liz, and Katherine were getting what appeared to be the fucking of a lifetime.

Black was in the middle of the limo’s back, I was slumped against the door. His enormous, powerful cock was plowed in and out of Liz’s ass. She was bent of the seat back, squirming and whining on the incredible force of his thrusts.

Black’s mango sized balls were hanging bahis firmaları low, swinging back and forth with his incredible plunging cock. Each time they arced low, Katherine’s tongue was there to lick them, teasing the gargantuan gonads with each pass.

Tina was not idle though. She was thrusting her tits into Black’s face, letting his strong tongue firmly cover her orbs with his affection. I could see a steady stream of cum pouring from Liz’s exposed pussy. Clearly this wasn’t her first time while I was out.

“Oh fuckfuckfuck my ASS! Fuck it Aaron! Take it!” She screamed as he punished her backdoor. It wasn’t a scream of protest you’ll notice.

“Your ass belongs to me now you little whore!”

He then noticed I was awake.

“Ah, Slut. We’re going to go finish this. I’m going to warm up on your friends here, and then we’ll be making you mine as well.” He explained.

He continued fucking Liz’s ass, his thick cock threatening to tear her as she stretched around him, legs wiggling with each thrust. As he fucked into her orgasms wracked her body, one after another, I could almost count each one, though they came fast. Her pussy spewed more and her eyes watered.

Her eyes grew redder and redder with every inch that went in and out of her…soon she was just panting and whimpering, winding down from the awesome amount of energy that had just left her body.

He pulled out, and began stroking his meat, faster and faster in his impressive two-handed jerks, finally exploding forth with an audible obscene splat. His spunk arched from his cock, lurching out to splash over her back and hair. Shot after shot of his greasy gunt spewed forth, layering her as she arched her ass and then rolled over, bathing in Black’s essence.

He pumped his elephant sized ejaculation instrument to an immense eruption. High in the air shot spurt after spurt of sticky stud syrup, gallon upon gallon of glorious guy goo; jacking his Johnson jelly with unparalleled joy upon her stomach, chest, face and even hair. It just wouldn’t stop.

And neither did he. Black immediately grabbed a squealing Katherine and lifted her into the air. From a sitting position Black skewered her on his rod, fucking her hard enough to make her tits bounce and her hair come undone. My little shy research assistant was a new person, a wild slut with nothing on her mind but what was in her pussy.

What was in her pussy was so impressive. I couldn’t blame her. The rod split her pussy so wide I could almost feel it in my cuntlips. Each tit-trembling stab almost made her hit her head on the ceiling of the limo. She was in a mix of pain and pleasure, at least 11 inches of Black’s punishing pussy-pounder was impaling her now.

She was slumping forward when he finally pulled out, his Axe-handle sized rod sticking up from between her legs, between her tits, tip touching her chin. Then suddenly he shot, a concussive burst of seed rocking her head back as the tendrils of nut nog immersed her face and the ceiling of the limo. He wrapped a hand around her to jack himself as his out of control orgasm continued.

I lost count of how many spurts shot forth out of his frothing fuck stick. She was delirious with decadent delight. Pumping furiously with one hand, He used his other one to shovel huge handfuls of steamy spunk into her eager mouth, and she joined him with both hers, trying not to let any of the prong-paste escape. I knew what she was tasting, and that I’d be doing just the same.

Tina surged up and began sucking on his cock, swapping cum and spit with Katherine who needed only bend her head slightly to suck Black’s cock.

They decided they needed to try this nourishing nut nectar from the very source itself. Katherine leaned further forward and placed the entire head of his cock in her mouth. It was a little tricky fitting the entire plum sized bulb past her teeth, especially with it spurting cum like a fountain. She was choking and wheezing but didn’t care. She managed to get all three inches of steel hard head into her mouth and even an inch or two of veiny shaft. This was incredible! This was glorious!

My pussy would not forgive me! It throbbed and pulsed begging to be filled and fucked. I just watched helplessly, jaw dropped at what my girls had become.

Black was shoving his furious fuck stick down Katherine’s throat, shooting load upon load into her warm and happy tummy.

“Yeah, take this fucking cock you cum loving slut! Look at you, you dirty little cum whore!”

Black’s roar seemed to inspire Tina to return her affection to his pendulous balls. I could not believe how they almost visibly increased kaçak iddaa in size, even as he was cumming. Her tongue swabbed the sweaty sac with a wild and passionate abandon; she kissed the pendulous pods like each was her first boyfriend. Hands were frigging pussies all around me, and I couldn’t figure out how the Chauffer drove so well masturbating herself to the sounds of Black’s prowess. Practice would be my first guess.

To this day, I’m not sure if had been licked to another orgasm, or if this one was eternal, but Katherine caught a last face full as she pulled off, blinking jizz from her eyes while Tina moved to cover the gap in cum-coverage.

Tina proved that she’s been practicing too, throat convulsing as she sunk the remainder of his massive load into her gullet.

The three gave an almost needful sigh as Black repackaged his cock and climbed back into the front of the limo, rolling the window up.

The three looked at me with no shame in their eyes as they wiped cum from their eyes, and tits, shoveling all they could to their cum-hungry mouths.

“Where are we going?” I asked.


It was a beautiful day in Schaffer’s park. The sun shone bright on throngs of people.

The people were clearly not anticipating a swaggering man with an entourage of attractive women to pick out a spot on the lawn and throw down a blanket.

Neither did they seem to be ready for the fact that three of the women, were setting up elaborate video cameras.

Perhaps most of all the sight of me, Veronica Divine, well-known journalist being pushed into the middle of the cameras with no resistance, and then relieved of my dress, was unsettling.

I don’t know why no one called the police, or came forward to complain. A few folks left the park, but most simply crowded a round to see the show.

“All right slut. This is it. These cameras will record your shame, and then you will be mine, whether you want to be or not. Is that clear?”

I gave him the finger.

He pulled out a finger of his own, an eleventh one that hangs between the legs. I could hear the gasps of women all over the gasping at the sight of it. I also saw a few more men straggle off to leave, a red blush touching their inferior faces. One man in particular, a chiseled blonde with tousled hair folded his arms and frowned at the proceedings.

“Suck my cock, bitch!” Black commanded.

I leaned forward to tease his dangling head with my tongue… instead I war rewarded with a wet slap, his bucking hips throwing his coiled cock into my face. My head snapped back from the blow, but was instantly punished by a flurry of follow-up cock-slaps. His heavy meat maul pounded my face as it filled out with erection, the weight growing and the intensity of his blows increasing.

I tried to pull my way out of the circle of cameras but Black was fast, and everywhere. His Cock found me whichever way I turned, the punishing cockwhips laying into me with force.

When Black was fully hard, he lifted his prong from the base, and dropped it right on my head like a timbering tree. My shoulders visibly hunched from the impact. Black slid his mighty sixteen inches through my hair and thrust out his pelvis, suddenly buffeting my face with his humongous scrotum.

Black’s bulging balls bashed into me again and again, heavy fruits causing me to question my sanity (as if I had any left!) As they pounded me without mercy.

I cried out as he finished this act of humiliation, surprised to find Tina, Liz, and Katherine seizing me up to my knees. Tina and Liz each took an arm, Katherine holding my head.

Black pounded his meet past my lips, demonstrating for the crowd my incredible deep throat skills against my will. 5…10…15 inches sunk into me, my eyes wide and my throat bulging as Katherine bobbed my head on his prong.

The Camera’s rolled.

Liz moved to put me in a full Nelson as Tina and Liz moved to Black, wrapping four hands around his jutting obelisk. There was still space between all four hands.

They pumped and pulled and jerked on Black’s cock, surging up his cum cannon for a load that I somehow knew would surpass all others.

It did.

The first shot rained on me as sputtery droplets from the excited quality of the girl’s jerking. Little droplets decked into my hair like beads, and dotted my face and breasts. The little pearls were everywhere, even layering Katherine’s arms as she released me to receive the rest of what was coming.

The second shot came from the base of Black’s balls, and you could tell. The orbs seized up as they expounded the mass of fluid, a giant egg sized kaçak bahis dollop that flew threw the air to splatter my whole face like a fastball. I was blinking it from my eyes in rivulets just as I caught the beginning of…

…Shot three was a vast streamer that covered my cleavage in white, pasting the pale titflesh with cream. The thick, virile spunk dripped from the tops of my tits to the bottoms of my nipples. I could smell the steaming streamer even before the tail end of it had hit, the pungent male aroma rewarding my nose.

The fourth shot caught me off guard with how quickly it emerged, and it completely filled my left ear as I tried to turn away. My hearing was murky through the lusty liquid, like I was swimming in a world that was all Black, being changed from within one sense at a time.

I had turned completely around as I spun for the fifth shot, but the wad his my back with so much force that it blew up and over my shoulders, dripping down with a slithering slimy sensation. But it was hot too, the streams of spunk almost soaked into my skin with pleasant sweet warmth.

Shot number six hit my jaw as I continued to turn, deliriously trying to escape, and the propellant force knocked me for a loop even as it exploded all across my face and throat. I blinked more jizz from my eyes and was gaping as…

…Shot number seven shot straight into my throat, my senses overwhelmed as my tongue lent its input to the warmth on my skin, the obscene squishing in my ear, the white of my eyes, and delight of my nostrils. I was whole in Aaron Black’s jizz, at once at peace with the world, yet filled with lusty chaos.

Aaron Black’s cum is best on the tongue. And that’s why I opened my mouth wide for shots eight, nine, and ten, I could not believe the buildup of cream in my stomach from those four shots. The tasty cream coated my throat all the way down, filling my stomach like nothing ever could.

Shots eleven and twelve were each delivered to a tit, my hands instantly moving to rub the man-massage oil into them, reveling in the sensation. I tweaked my hands hard across my nipples, marveling at the tingling sensation Black’s cum caused in the eraser-sized nubs.

Black’s thirteenth shot was colossal, and the cream cannon ball actually pushed my stomach in with the impact. I fell from my knees to my back, gasping with overwhelming sensory input at the experience. I felt my ass cheeks slipping on the grass where the excess cum would not absorb in.

The Fourteenth blast pasted my spread pussy. If it were not for the pill, I probably could have birthed triplets that minute Black was so potent. My pussy was almost eager just to feel the liquid on its lips, and it throbbed mightily from the sensation.

Black’s fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth shots coated my legs and arms, making me lose purchase and fall back from the viscous quality of his orgasmic seed. I was orgasming at this point too, but it was almost like something above that, a transcendent experience that would not leave me the same.

The eighteenth shot arched through the air like a cream mortar round, splashing into my face with such a copious pay load, that I could feel my hair soaking in a puddle of prong paste. His ball batter was so thick that I could feel it clinging as I tried to raise my neck.

Shot number 19 elicited a cry from my as it pasted my lips, totally obscuring my famous pillow reds, virtually sealing them with man-glue. I barely managed to open them to admit some of the come, strong tendrils straining as I separated the two dick suckers.

Tina bent her head to Aaron’s cock, sloshing his 20th load into her mouth, and Katherine followed suit to milk the last.

The two rolled his cum around in their mouths, moaning orgiastically in near-unison. They met over my head, kissing one another tenderly, swapping the two massive loads around before bending their heads to drop the last of the most incredible cum shot ever witnessed directly onto my face.


I don’t think I came conscious until hours later, the early evening. My body was used up from orgasms and wracking sobs, ashamed at my own sluttish behavior. A note was written close to my head in potent seed.


I knew I’d be powerless to refuse. I didn’t just recently come to belong to Aaron Black. I always had. Always would. This would just make it official.

I gasped as I felt a hand on my shoulder…

To Be Continued…


(Well studs and female fans, the series is cumming to its conclusion. Please keep sending ideas though, I plan to write more after the Aaron Black saga is finished, and I will try to use all ideas that get to my box. Please write them to the address in my profile.)

Also: Special thanks to J.J.who composed some of the better lines in this piece!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32