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Dear Reader: This concludes the “SPA” series. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. Your comment and votes are always welcome. The next series is in the works!

When they awoke the next morning, Will’s need, of course took priority. Once he was feed and changed, the games began anew.

Ben eagerly accepted his enema. Though his ass hole was sore from the day before, Trish was delicate when she inserted the vibrating plug and slowly stirred the device into action. It gave Ben an instant erection.

While Trish was cleaning up after her colon cleanse, Ben decided he was going to change the rules from the day before. He didn’t want to have to wait the entire day to have his orgasm. His youth, after all, gave him the ability to have many hard-ons a day and, therefore many orgasms. He looked over their toy selection. They still had a number of items yet to be used, but Ben settled for the anal beads and the vibrating egg. So when Trish emerged from the bathroom, he was ready.

The anal beads were seven quarter-sized balls connected two each other by a sturdy cord. At the end of the cord there was a plastic ring. With Trish on her hands and knees, Ben inserted each ball. He then placed the vibrating egg in her already dripping vagina. He was truly amazed how horny his bride had become.

With the egg vibrating in her and the plug vibrating in him, they got right to it. Ben went right to work on her weeping nipples, swallowing every drop that entered his mount and licking every drop from the other. A finger was alternating between entering he sex and stoking her hard clitoris. Trish arched and moaned with a number of orgasms, before, with halting words pleaded for him to enter her. Ben didn’t remove the egg, instead he just plunged his hard cock inside of her.

The feeling was intense for both. Trish’s two love holes were filled to capacity. The vibrations from the egg passed through her vaginal walls into her stuffed rectum and beyond. Milk squirted freely from her excited nipple and gasps and moans escaped her lips. Her hips rose and fell, matching her husbands thrusts.

The egg was rubbing against the sensitive head of Ben’s cock. With each plunge he could feel the balls inside of Trish’s colon. The vibrations from the egg along side his manhood and the vibrations being sent through his colon where intense. He was ready send his seed into her, but he wanted to wait, wait for her. Sensing she was close, he reached around and loop a finger into ring on the end of her beads and tugged. A ball slipped out of her sphincter and a load moan from her mouth. He did it again and this time it sent Trish over edge into her orgasmic abyss. Feeling her vagina contract around his cock, with one smooth motion her pulled the remaining balls from her anus. Trish’s eyes rolled back into her head.

“OOOOOOOOOH” She cried. The scream increased with pitch until all of the air had escaped her lungs.

Ben drove himself deep into her and with a scream of his own, released his load into her. Each orgasmic spasm sent another burst of semen into her womanhood.

Quivering and spent, Trish lashed out with her hand to find the remote control to her egg. Her breasts had sprayed milk all over her, him and the bed. A large puddle of vaginal juices, lube and semen formed under her butt.

“That was the most intense cum I have ever had.” She said, when she could finally speak.

“That’s what you said last night.” Ben added as he turned off the power to his anal invader.

“And I meant it then, too. Oh my God, Ben. I can’t believe what is happening. This feeling… I don’t know.” Tears welled in the corners of her eyes. “I love you so much.”

Ben had been as over-whelmed as Trish. He had gone nearly four months without sex to this. He stroked her hair. “I love you, too.” He lay upon her and held her tight. Neither noticed that his cock had shriveled and had pulled out of her, releasing more fluids onto the bedspread. It would be the sound of their crying son that finally broke the moment.

The two lovers decided that their holes had been, plugged, screwed and pummeled enough for a while and had decided to give their puckers a rest for the rest of the day. They still remained naked and playful and when they weren’t playing with each other, they doted over their son.

The day was clear, sunny and warmer than yesterday. They again went out onto the front lawn and basked in what was probably one of the last warm days of the year. They were sitting in the chaise lounges enjoying the feeling of the sun on their naked bodies. Will was napping in his carrier.

Trish grabbed Ben’s arm and shook him out of his light doze. He looked over at her and saw that her brown eyes were as big as saucers and full of panic. When he followed her gaze out over the pond, he saw the source of her alarm. A canoe with a man in a woman had quietly slipped around the point and was now directly in front of them. There was no way they could get back to the cabin without being seen.

The people in the bahis firmaları canoe spotted them at almost the same time. “Good afternoon,” the man in the back of the canoe hailed.

Trish was mortified. She had not even considered bringing a blanket or towel to cover herself in such an event. Ben had assured her that there was nobody else about. It was too late, now. They had been seen. In defense, Trish folded an arm over her breasts and covered her naked crotch with her other hand.

Ben was irritated at the intrusion into their week of bliss. He knew that it would be difficult to ever get Trish to lay out naked again. It had taken all of his efforts to convince her that it was safe to go au natural in this wilderness. Being a man, we quickly assessed a possible threat, but found none. He saw his wife cover herself and unconsciously covered his own crotch.

“Howdy, he replied weakly.” Hoping the interlopers would continue on by.

“Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. We didn’t know anyone was about.”

“We didn’t know anyone was around either.” He replied. Trish gave him quick look like “why the hell are you talking?”

“We’re heading over to the beach. The sun’s shaded over by our cabin, we wanted to lay out and get some pictures.”

Ben had noticed something about the couple in the canoe as they hovered twenty feet off shore. They seemed to be only wearing life vests. Since, Trish was staring into the ground, he doubted she noticed.

“Good day for it.” Ben replied. He knew the minute they moved on, Trish was going to grab the baby and beat feet for the cabin. There was a good chance this incident was going to throw cold water on their plans for the last two days.

Just as the canoe began its forward progress, Will began to cry. Trish pulled him from the carrier. She used him to cover her breasts and a corner of his blanket to cover her crotch.

Will’s cry didn’t go unnoticed by the woman in the front of the boat. “Oh, a baby.” She exclaimed. “Peter, get us to shore.” She dug her paddle into the water and made way for shore.

Despite the fact that she was at least a little covered, Trish nearly panicked. Her eyes were pleading for Ben to “do something!”

It only took a couple of seconds for the canoe to make it to shore. The woman in front placed her paddle across the gunwales and tried to stand up, but she was sailing miserably. “Damn it, Peter come, help me.”

When Peter jumped out of the back of the canoe, Ben’s suspicion was immediately verified. Other than a life vest, knee high rubber boots and a smile, Peter was buck-naked. He helped the woman out of the canoe and she, too, save for a vest and hiking boots was naked. When she tore off her life vest, it was obvious that she was also very pregnant!

Ben watched the pregnant woman waddling up to where they sat. Peter was pulling the canoe up onto the shore and removing his own vest. Ben was amazed at how easily and unconcerned they were about his and Trish’s nudity, as well as their own.

Trish was startled to say the least. She tucked the blanket into her tightly squeezed thighs and, defensively, pulled Will tighter to her chest. Will was frantically trying to get milk from his mother’s nipple, but Trish was so tense, she couldn’t release any.

The man and woman, Ben noted were about their age. She was taller than Trish, had flaming red hair, fair complexion and a completely shaved crotch. The doctors had shaved Trish when she gave birth, he remembered, and he had liked the look, but by the time he was able to “play” with that part of her, it had grown back in. Peter, Ben noted, was lean and fit and looked very funny walking toward them it his green rubber boots and swinging meat.

The woman approached Trish, who, seeing the woman’s condition had relaxed a bit. “How sweet!” The woman exclaimed. “How old?”

“Two months.” Trish stammered.

“Is he your first?” The woman was on her knees at Trish’s side.


The woman grabbed her protruding belly. “This is our first, too. I’m sorry, my name is Patty.” She extended her hand. “And that’s my husband Peter.”

Trish stuck out a weak hand. She couldn’t believe what was happening.

Ben couldn’t believe it either, but he couldn’t help but notice how comfortable and disarming the woman was. Peter seemed to hold back, letting his wife go goo goo over the infant. Ben stood up and approached the man. “Nice to meet you. Name is Ben”

Peter had the grip of a vise. “Nice to meet you. I’m sorry about the intrusion but, ever since she’s been pregnant, Patty can’t stay away from a baby.” Ben noted that Peter was calm and confident despite he was standing next to another naked man.

Ben looked over at the two women. The woman had disarmed Trish and Trish was taking pride in showing off her son. The shock that both were naked seemed to have worn off.

“We didn’t know there were other nudists on the pond.” Patty jabbered.

“We’re not…” Trish began.

“Oh my!” Patty kaçak iddaa interrupted. “I’m so sorry! You must be horrified.” Patty said. There was a look of sincerity on her freckled face. “I mean… I saw you out here naked and just assumed… I forget. I grew up in a nudist family, its natural for me…” Her face was getting as red as her hair.

Trish didn’t know what to say, but it certainly explained the couple’s actions and ease. “We thought we’d enjoy the afternoon sun. We didn’t realize anyone else was here.” Ben said, trying to save grace for himself with his wife.

Patty stood up. “I’m so sorry. I guess, we’d better get on our way. I was nice to meet you, Trish.” She began to walk toward the canoe. “Nice to meet you, Ben.”

Trish spoke up, much to Ben’s surprise. “Please, stay. I didn’t mean to offend you. I’ve been so impulsive lately.”

Patty turned. “I’m afraid we did the offending.” Patty began to cry. Ben had seen the reaction from Trish when she was pregnant.

Motherhood had changed Trish. Ben had witnessed the changes in just the past seventy-two hours. He had noticed that Trish had also noticed pregnancy and birth created an unspoken and unseen bond with women- a kind of sacred sisterhood. Patty’s tears flowed directly into Trish’s heart. Ben recognized it immediately. He looked at Peter. “How about a beer?”

When Ben got back with a beer for himself and another for Peter, Peter and Patty were sitting on the side of his lounge. Patty was holding Will. Trish was exposed, but seemed very relaxed as she and Patty talked. Peter was relieved that Ben had returned and he could get away from the two women.

“Thanks.” He said, when Ben handed him the bottle.

“This is George and Ellen’s place.”

“I work for George and Trish works for Ellen. George was kind enough to let us come up here for a couple of days. Which camp are you in?”

“It’s my father’s. The place in the cove. He hasn’t had a chance to winterize it, so Patty and I decided to make a mini vacation of it.”

“Where are you from?”

“Gardiner. You?”

“Augusta. So you guys are nudists? Sounds interesting.”

“Patty and I met at a nudist campground in New Hampshire. Back then it was a job for me, but a lifestyle for her. I’m really sorry we busted in on you this way. Patty has been so impulsive lately. I don’t know her anymore. One minute she is laughing, the next crying. One minute, she logical. The next, crazy.”

Ben laughed and clanked his beer bottle to Peter’s. “Welcome to the club.” He took a drink. “Get used to it. It gets worse.”

Peter looked into his bottle. “Thanks.”

Ben assumed that Peter had wanted to take pictures of the pond and foliage from the beach. The way that the women were carrying on, he knew that if Peter wanted pictures, he’d better get to it. “If you want to take pictures, do it from here. I don’t think we’ll get those two apart for a while.”

Peter went over to the canoe and pulled out his camera. “Come on, sweetcakes.” He said to his wife. “Let’s get some pictures.”

Trish looked at Patty. “You’re going to let him take pictures of you?”

“Sure, why not? He’s been chronicling my pregnancy. We are making a scrapbook for the baby.”

Trish shook her head. “Ben wanted to take pictures, but I wouldn’t let him. You’re going to let your child see pictures of you naked?!” The realization of a scrapbook had just hit her.

Patty laughed. “I’m a nudist, remember? I want my children to be nudists. They’re going to see me naked thirty years from now. What difference does it make?”

Trish contemplated the thought for a moment. Patty was already striking poses for her husband’s camera. Trish had to admit that Patty’s naked, pregnant body looked beautiful against the reflection of the leaves on the ripple free water.

“Come join me.” Patty yelled to Trish.

Trish hesitated, then said “What the hell.”

Ben had gotten their camera and had joined Peter. The two men clicked away, while the women struck poses. Trish and posed together and separately. At times one of the men would join them. There was nothing sexual, provocative or suggesting during the entire session. Just two couples having fun-naked.

Time passed quickly. Ben was delighted with the way Trish and Patty were hitting it off. Trish didn’t have many friends her own age. Most of her friends from school have moved away and those that remained had children and still worked, so they had little time for socializing. The women that Trish worked with were a good twenty years her senior. It seemed to Ben that Patty had potential for a good friendship. The bonus was that he and Peter were getting along pretty well, too. They had similar interests and found conversation easy. But then again, everything about this couple was easy.

It wasn’t until the first evening chill came in off the pond that they realized how late it was getting. Patty wrapped her arms around herself and goose flesh covered her body. “We’d better get going,” she kaçak bahis said to Peter.

“Do you have any clothes in the canoe?” Trish asked.

“We didn’t think we’d be out here long enough.”

Trish looked at Ben and then back to Patty. “You can’t go back across the lake in that canoe, you’ll freeze. Why don’t we let the men take the canoe back to your place on the car. Peter can get whatever you need for clothes and bring your car back here. You guys can stay for dinner, we have an extra steak.”

Patty looked to Peter, if he gave any protest of agreement, he did it wordlessly.

“We don’t want to intrude. I mean we have already intruded enough. But, thank you.”

“It won’t be a problem. Just stay for dinner and leave. It won’t be any bother.”

Patty looked to Peter once again. “OK, but we have a steak. Peter can bring it back. We have salad fixings and potatoes, too.”

Trish hadn’t bothered to clear any of this with Ben. “You don’t mind running Peter back to their place do you?” Even if he had wanted to, Ben knew better than to say no.

“Sure, come on Peter, let’s grab the canoe.” When the boat was loaded, Ben didn’t even notice that he was still naked. He didn’t give it a thought and neither did his wife.

Will was napping in his carrier when Trish and Patty entered the cabin. Trish set about bringing the wood fire back to life.

“You know what I hate most about being pregnant?”

Trish could think about two or three dozen things she had hated, but none seemed more important than they others. “What’s that?”

“I hate having a bladder no bigger than a golf ball. I ready need to go pee.”

Trish laughed, yup she hated that. “Go through the bedroom. The door to the bathroom is on the right.”

“Thanks.” Patty waddled off. Trish was getting ready to cut vegetables when Patty returned.

“WOW, great toy collection..”

Trish froze in panic. All of their toys were sitting on top of the bureau. They had made no effort to hide them, but they hadn’t seen the need and she had forgotten all about them. Her face flushed. This was the second time,that afternoon, she and Peter had been exposed.

Patty saw the paralyzed Trish, again she quickly diffused the situation. “One thing I really miss, is my toys, especially the anal ones, but over the last month we’ve been careful about getting me over excited.” She chuckled. “I think Peter is afraid that I am going to spit the baby out if I come too hard.”

Trish looked at Patty, the color began to reappear in her face.

“I do still get enjoy my weekly enema.” Trish remembered the enema bag was also in plain sight, hanging off the shower rod.

“You have an enema weekly.” It was a chance to move the focus of the conversation away from she and Ben.

“For as long as I can remember. My grandmother came here from Ireland, she had this thing about being clean. She gave them to my mother and my mother continued the tradition. Every Saturday morning before my brothers or I could go out and play, we had to have our cleansing. She claimed that it would keep us healthy and I got to admit that in all the years I lived at home, I can’t ever remember any of us being sick.”

“Peter, too?”

“It took some coaxing, but he finally gave in. What about you guys?”

In the past Trish would have been uncomfortable discussing her sex and hygiene life, but it seemed so easy and natural with Patty. Patty certainly didn’t hold anything back.

“We both had our first since we were kids this week. Ellen has been offering them at the spa for some time now and many of our clients have become fans.”

“The spa sounds like my kind of place. Getting naked, getting cleaned and getting pampered is right up my alley.”

“You should give it a try. We don’t give many enemas, most feel more comfortable doing them at home. Ellen has a special herbal formula she sells. I’ll send you a bottle to try.”

“Cool, I’d like to give a try. I’ll see to it my mother checks the spa out when she comes after the baby is born.”

Just them, Will awoke crying. “Sounds like someone needs his diaper changed.” Trish set her knife down.

“I’ll change him.” Patty offered. “If you don’t mind? I need the practice.”

“You’ll get plenty of practice.” Trish chuckled. “But if you want, the changing table is in the bedroom. The diapers are in the drawer to the right.”

Patty picked up the baby and he immediately quieted. He also found one of Patty’s nipples and began to suckle. The sensation made her legs go weak. “I think he’s hungry, too.”

An instant tang of jealousy hit Trish. Seeing her baby’s lips wrapped around another woman’s teat was unnerving. She was happy that Patty was carefully trying to remove him from her. “How do I get him off?”

“You have to place a finger at his lips and press against your nipple to break the suction.”

“Isn’t that just like a man!” Patty howled. “Any old nipple in the storm.”

Her remarks and actions settled Trish. “Yea, they learn young, don’t they?”

Trish sat in the rocker and took Will when Patty passed him to her. Will quickly found her nipple and suckled. Patty watched.

“Does that always happen?”


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32