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Alice wasn’t sure what to do, she felt she was torn between two relationships. She had her relationship with Todd and Amy, which she loved. She also had been seeing Sarah without letting Todd and Amy know. Alice had, by chance, happened to bump into Sarah on her way to class. Sarah, while gathering her things, slid her hand under Alice’s skirt and touched her, hoping for the lustful response that Alice had given her.

“Sarah”, Alice thought, is perfect, she had long black wavy hair. Her skin was darker than her own, almost like a rich caramel color, and flawless. Sarah had stunning blue eyes that contrasted with her skin color, so they really stood out. Her breasts were a bit smaller than Alice’s, but still perfect handfuls. She loved the beautiful color of her skin and the dark chocolate color of her nipples.

Yet, Alice was still not ready to introduce Sarah to her trio. Todd, Amy, and she had been in a threesome relationship for a couple of months now. Everything about it was amazing, she loved being with the both. However, when she thought long term, where did she really fit in? They were all going to be graduating from college in a year or two, what then? Alice knew that Todd was studying pre-med and would move onto medical school. Amy would, naturally, go with him. What was she supposed to do? Was she supposed to find something close by the two of them? Then, later on, they’d probably get married, and again, where did that leave her.

Alice thought about Sarah, she didn’t know whether they would be in a committed relationship that would last. She thought about how Amy and Todd would feel about her seeing someone on the side of their threesome. She and Sarah had made out a few times over the few weeks that they’d been seeing each other, but no sex yet. She was taking her time, making sure that it was right, trying to make it perfect, not just for herself, but for Sarah as well. She thought about the role play that she had with Todd and Amy. She enjoyed that dominant feeling she had with Amy. She and Todd could do just about anything with submissive Amy; and they all enjoyed it. She didn’t want that to go away. Yet, she knew that for her own wellbeing and happiness, she needed her own relationship to forge. She needed to know that if she broke away from Todd and Amy that she’d be ok and not just be left out wondering what happened. She knew she needed to talk to Sarah about it. She needed to talk it out with Amy and Todd as well. Naturally, she was nervous about their reaction to her news.

Alice decided that there was no time like the present. She called Amy and told her that she wanted to meet with she and Todd that evening. Amy agreed and Sarah told her that she’d be over to her room later.

Later that night Alice told Sarah that she was meeting with Amy and Todd to let them in on their relationship. Sarah offered to go with her, but Alice wanted to do it alone, but she’d call that night to let her know how things went. Sarah respected Alice’s decision and said she would wait to hear from Alice.

Alice was a nervous wreck as she showered and changed to head over to Amy’s room. She left her room and started the walk and felt the butterflies in her stomach. She worried that Amy and Todd would feel betrayed by her decision to see Sarah. She reached Amy’s door, she took a deep breath and did her best to calm her nerves. Finally, she knocked on the door.

Amy opened the door and looked at Alice.

“Oh, wow sweetie, you look terrible!” Amy said as Alice walked into the room wringing her hands.

“Are you ok? What’s the matter?” Todd said as he looked up from the book that he was reading from his chair.

“Well, you see, err, I.” She said, unable to find the words. “Look, I’m just going to say it, please try to have an open mind. I’ve met someone whom I’ve been seeing now for a few weeks. Her name is Sarah, and she’s really very special.” Alice blurted out.

Alice looked around the room, trying to judge the reaction from the two of them. She looked at Amy, she could tell there were tears forming in the corners of her eyes. Naturally, this made tears start to form in her eyes and she started to choke up a bit. She heard Todd sigh, and that put her over the edge.

“I love you both, very much, but you have to look at this from my perspective. What the three of us have is amazing, I love what we have, and I hate to change it in any way. However, in just over a year, we’re going to graduate. Then what happens, huh? Todd, you’ll probably get an internship followed by a residency some place other than here. Amy, you’ll most likely wait until Todd finds out where he’ll be, then you’ll apply at television stations, newspapers, or radio stations local to where he’ll be. Where does that leave me? Will I go with you? Are you expected to find room for me in an apartment some place? Then what? You guys will probably get married, and there I am, the person who just follows you both around with nothing for myself, how are you supposed bahis firmaları to explain me to new friends and family?” Alice explained this all to them, pouring her heart out.

“Alice, we’d figure it out!” Amy said through her tears.

“Alice, I understand perfectly where you’re coming from. You need to have your own life, your own relationship. I, personally, feel jealous right now, but only because I don’t want to lose what we have. However, I get it. What will happen in the future is anyone’s guess. I just want to make sure we don’t lose you from our lives.” Todd piped up.

“Will we get to meet this Sarah you’ve been seeing?” Amy asked.

Alice was so relieved hearing the words from Todd. “Yes, of course.” Alice said.

Amy chuckled and said, “maybe we’ll grow into a foursome.” Then, she laughed again.

Alice smiled and then her mouth turned down, “I could ask her.” She said.

Amy looked at Alice, “really?”

“It can’t hurt to ask, right?” Alice said.

Alice really thought about it. She had no idea whether Sarah would go for it, she really hoped that if she brought it up, Sarah wouldn’t be offended. Alice knew she would have to broach the subject carefully. She walked back to her room and called Sarah once she closed the door fell on her bed.

“Hey babe, it’s me.” Alice began.

“How did it go?” Sarah asked.

“A whole lot better than I had expected. Actually, they’d really like to meet you.” Alice replied.

“Can you come over here for a bit to talk about it with me?” Sarah asked.

“Absolutely.” Sarah answered and started to get up off the bed.

“Bring your stuff, just in case we fall asleep or something.” Sarah said.

“Just in case, yeah, ok.” Alice replied with a smile which she was sure matched Sarah’s.

Alice did as she was instructed and packed her things for the evening and for the morning “just in case.” She brought her books with her, though she was pretty sure Sarah didn’t plan on studying.

Alice knocked on Sarah’s door and she was met by a very sexy dressed Sarah. Sarah wore a pink and black top and matching panties.

“Wow!” Alice exclaimed as she walked through the door, ensuring it was closed and locked behind her.

“I love that you want me to be a part of your life, even if it means you’ll lose what you have, you choose me.” Sarah said, walked toward Alice and pulled off her bag, setting it on the floor. She leaned in toward Alice and kissed her, deeply on the lips. Alice’s mouth parted and their tongues met. Alice broke their kiss to pull her t-shirt off, over her head. Sarah folded her arms around Alice as they continued to kiss.

Alice ran her hands down Sarah’s back and rested them on the top of Sarah’s cheeks. She pulled Sarah in toward her body with a high pitched ‘yip’ escaping from Sarah’s mouth. Alice proceeded to rub Sarah’s behind through the lacy top and her panties.

“Mmmmm, yes Mommy, I love the way your hands feel. Please rub me, make your baby happy.”

Alice stopped and looked at Sarah. She had no idea that Sarah was a submissive. She had become accustomed to Amy being submissive to her, but now Sarah as well. Could it be? No, this was simply too good to be true.

Alice smiled and tested her new love. “Be a good baby girl and take off my pants,” she said to Sarah.

Sarah got down on her knees and looked up to Alice with doe eyes. “Yes, mommy, straight away.

Sarah reached up and unbuttoned Alice’s pants. Then, she proceeded to take down her zipper slowly, keeping eye contact with Alice. Sarah pushed Alice’s pants down her legs and Alice lifted a leg one at a time to step out of them. Alice reached behind herself and removed her bra hooks and pulled it off. Meanwhile, Sarah hooked her fingers into Alice’s silky panties and pulled them down. Once again, Alice lifted her legs to step out from them. Alice reached down to pull Sarah’s top off of her, revealing her nice b-sized breasts. Sarah moved forward toward Alice and placed her tongue on Alice’s waist and moved slowly down to the very top of Alice’s slit and slowly teased back and forth. Sarah reached back and held onto Alice’s bottom, pulling Alice’s pussy toward her mouth which started happily lapping at her outer lips.

Alice threw her head back, closing her eyes, moaning as Sarah’s tongue danced across her lips and clit. She spread her legs, giving Sarah more room to please her. Alice started to move back, eventually, her knees hit Sarah’s bed and she fell back on it. Sarah’s mouth never left her pussy. She reached forward and clutched Sarah’s hair as her tongue darted in and out of her.

“Oh god, yes baby girl, your tongue is amazing.” Alice tried not to shout as Sarah licked up and down the slit of her pussy, the tip of her tongue flicked down past her perineum and darted over the entrance to her bottom.

Alice grabbed Sarah’s hair and pulled back on her head to keep herself from cumming. She wanted to savor this experience kaçak iddaa and wait. Sarah looked up at Alice, her mouth wet from her own saliva mixed with Alice’s juices.

“Did I please you Mommy?” Sarah asked in a high voice.

“Oh, yes, yes you surely did.” Alice replied standing up.

“Now, let’s see what my little girl has for Mommy.” Alice said helping Sarah up off of the floor, she kissed Sarah, her tongue thrusting into her mouth, tasting herself on Sarah’s warm tongue. Her hands roamed over Sarah’s breasts, pinching her nipples. Sarah moaned into Alice’s mouth as she felt the sharp pain that felt so good course from her breasts all over her body.

Sarah loved this feeling, she didn’t know where it came from, she just always loved being dominated. She’d tried it with men when she was younger, but they were either too inexperienced and didn’t know what to do, or they simply weren’t into it. She had a few women lovers in her life, one of which she’d been very submissive with, the other was not into that life. Now, with Alice, she felt like submitting almost right after they’d met. She’d been almost dominating the way she reached out to cup Alice’s ass on the day they’d met, she really didn’t know what’d come over her. She never acted that way; it was just that she had found Alice so intriguing that she had to know if she’d be into it. When she heard Alice explain that she was in a relationship with a guy and another girl, she felt her hopes dash. However, Alice kept calling her and making dates to see her. Sarah was hooked on her and had planned to tell her that night that she wanted to submit to her and see if Alice would take her as a submissive. She couldn’t even form the words after their phone call. She just kissed Alice and let her take over. Alice didn’t disappoint her, she let her title for her dominant, Mommy, slip from her mouth and it seemed to turn Alice on immediately. They’d have to talk about what they were going to do moving forward and what they’d do about the other relationship. Sarah wondered if they’d accept her and would they do a four-some? She thought it sounded weird, but she’d try it if they asked. In the meantime, she was going to bend over for her Mommy, and simply let her take over. She’d do just about anything with Alice, she knew Alice would never hurt her. She was so wet now as Alice’s hands felt her body all over. She felt Alice guide her toward the bed and Sarah followed as Alice led her and bent over, putting her knees onto the bed and bending over at the waist, raising her bottom up in the air, her pink panties still covering her cool skin. She waited for Alice to take them down and reveal her most private of areas.

Alice really hadn’t expected any of this from Sarah. She loved having Amy’s submission, but now this was something that felt like her own. Amy was ultimately with Todd. She knew that and she respected that. She loved that she was included in their threesome with her, but she wanted to know that she had her own relationship. She didn’t know if they would form a foursome now, probably not. She thought that Todd would never go for it. She couldn’t worry about that right now. She helped guide Sarah onto the bed, and it seemed she knew just what to do. As soon as her knees were on the bed, she bent over for Alice. Her breasts where now pointing toward the mattress. They looked like cupcakes that came to a puffy point. Perfect mouthfuls, Alice thought to herself. Her eyes moved down Sarah’s back, she couldn’t believe how perfect her skin looked, a beautiful golden brown, and nary a blemish or mark on her. Her eyes moved to the pink and black panties covering Sarah’s round bottom. She moved her face closer and laid her face against Sarah’s cool cheek. She rotated her head and kissed Sarah’s bum on both cheeks before hooking her fingers into her panties and slowly pulling them down revealing her perfectly round bottom and beautiful tan pussy.

“Well, look what we have here baby girl.” Alice said.

“Do you like me Mommy? Am I ok?” Sarah said in her best little girl voice.

Alice was instantly wet after seeing Sarah naked and hearing her voice. “You’re so much better than ok baby girl. You’re simply beautiful.” Alice said a bit awestruck as she used her hands to spread Sarah’s bottom wide open. Her pussy was that dark tan with neon pink inside showing through as Alice spread her apart. She looked up and saw that dark brown tight, wrinkled slit of a butt hole with just a peek of pink as she continued to pull Sarah’s cheeks apart. She had to taste her, she had to taste her little girl and claim her as hers. She leaned forward and touched the tip of her tongue to Sarah’s outer lips. Sarah almost jumped forward, but Alice kept a hold of her and eased her with her voice.

“Shhh baby, it’s just me, Mommy won’t hurt you.” Alice spoke calmly and softly.

She continued toward Sarah’s pussy, she licked up and down her tight slit and dipped her tongue inside. Sarah gasped as she felt her tongue along kaçak bahis her pussy. Alice tasted Sarah for the first time, she was so sweet, almost intoxicating. She reached down to rub her own clit just a little as she plunged her tongue deep inside of Sarah who let out a louder gasp and pushed her body back into Alice’s face. Alice hung onto her and pushed and pulled Sarah’s body with her tongue inside, fucking her with her mouth. She let her tongue slide out and flicked the tip over Sarah’s clit sending spasms of pleasure through her body. Sarah moaned and bucked her hips in response. Alice then slid her tongue up Sarah’s slit toward her rear entrance. She used her tongue to form a perfect circle around the opening to Sarah’s bottom. She could feel the tight, wrinkled flesh on the tip of her tongue. Sarah moaned even louder.

“Oh my god, that feels amazing when you rim me.” Sarah sighed, “please, please don’t stop Mommy.”

Alice continued to make a ring around Sarah’s tight entrance. Then, she hit the center and pushed her tongue inside. She heard Sarah sigh and moan as her tongue entered Sarah’s bottom. Alice reached her thumb down and pierced Sarah’s pussy, then pulled it out and ran it down to her clit. She pressed and moved back and forth over her clit as she continued to explore Sarah’s ass with her tongue.

Sarah buried her face in the mattress and bit the blanket. She was bent over; Alice’s tongue was magic in her ass. She had her bottom licked before, but no one had ever entered her ass. Then, when Alice’s thumb entered her and started rubbing her clit, she thought she’d cum right away. She did everything she could to hold off, it took all she had. She loved being with Alice, she hadn’t felt this way about anyone before, she couldn’t believe that Sarah was willing to put her relationship on the line for her. Now, she was doing things to her body that made her hotter than ever. She was exploring places that no one had explored before, not even herself. She knew that now she couldn’t hold on any longer, her body was going to force her to have an orgasm, she wanted to hold it off a little longer, she wanted to feel this ecstasy just a while longer, but no, her body protested.

She pushed her bottom back into Alice’s face, Alice could feel Sarah’s body stiffen, so she knew that she was going to cum. She removed her tongue from Sarah’s rear and plunged it into her pussy, she wanted to taste her orgasm.

Sarah bucked and screamed into her mattress and pushed her body, harder this time, into Alice’s face. Her orgasm ripped through her body as she felt Alice’s tongue thrust into her, she felt her ass stretch as Alice thrusted her thumb into it. Her eyes shot open and she screamed in pleasure. She felt an explosion of her juices squirt from her pussy and into Alice’s mouth.

“Yes, cum for me, cum for Mommy baby.” Alice cooed as she felt Sarah cum and heard her screams of pleasure, even more so after she shoved her thumb into Sarah’s butt. Alice felt Sarah’s body stiffen up and the gush of Sarah’s juices that flooded onto her tongue and down her throat. She loved how Sarah tasted, she loved how wet Sarah got when she came and how she squirted. She smiled with the wetness on her face, a mixture of her own saliva and the juices from Sarah’s orgasm. She leaned up and kissed each of Sarah’s cheeks as Sarah’s body collapsed onto her legs.

Alice moved out from under Sarah’s body and lay beside her. She pulled Sarah close to her and kissed her mouth softly, Sarah returned her kiss.

“How are you feeling baby girl?” Alice asked.

“That was, that was, incredible.” Sarah stuttered, still trying to compose herself. “Will it be like that ever time?” she asked.

“I can’t make any promises, but I hope so.” Alice answered.

“Didn’t you say you wanted to talk to me about something?” Sarah inquired while they lay together in the afterglow of their evening.

“Well, yeah.” Alice struggled to find the words to ask about Sarah joining their threesome. “Try to keep an open mind, ok?” Alice continued.

Sarah nodded and was a little worried about what she was about to hear.

“Ok, well you know that I have been with Todd and Amy.” Alice started.

“Right, as the third part of their threesome.” Sarah said, understanding.

“Exactly. I love them, they’re very special to me. Yet, I sometimes feel like I’m the third wheel, and I didn’t like that feeling. I feel so lucky to have found you, you really make me feel, complete. No matter what I really do not want to lose what we have.” Alice continued.

“Ok? What is the question Alice?” Sarah asked.

“Well, Amy and Todd would really like to meet you. Maybe a little more than meet you, they’re really like to have…” Alice started but Sarah filled in the blank.

“A foursome?” Sarah filled in.

“Well, um, yeah.” Alice said.

Sarah thought for a moment. She really loved what she and Alice had started, but it was all so new. Branching out now, when they’d only just had sex together seemed rushed. On the other hand, Sarah loved Alice, even though they hadn’t said it, yet. She didn’t want to deny Alice what she loved, and if Alice liked this, maybe she would too.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32