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Hi this is my very first submission and it is a short erotic scene with a little bit of everything. I appreciate any and all feedback and encouragement. I couldn’t find an editor so I did it myself, I’m sure I missed a few things. If anyone wants to edit my future stories I would love to hear from you. All characters are over the age of 18.


It was the garden that drew me through the dimly lit hallways past the whispered invitations, walking in heels that sunk deeply with each step into the warm wet grass. I bent over to remove my shoes, tugging at the strap, stepping out, I took longer strides leaving them quickly behind. I felt a breath pursuing me; I trotted with anticipation choosing to not look back, knowing he was there, knowing he would follow.

He came from behind enveloping me and pinioning my arms to my side, for a moment I pushed against him but then subsided allowing the grip to soothe, to suffocate me. I felt the bite first on my shoulder then my ear a sucking slide that distracted me from his hand crumpling my skirt, gathering me up so that the warm moist heat of the night matched the growing wet heat of my body. I could smell the musty smell of dirt and leaves along with the sweet smell of sweat and my own fluids making a slow roll down my inner thighs.

I felt the work roughened tip of his finger slide in the side of my panties I felt his surprised excitement at the unfashionable thicket that met his burrowing fingers, he tugged the curls as his hand moved over my full mound enjoying the thickness of my outer lips. Squeezing, he pressed more of my nectar out; using two fingers he spread the lips wide brushing my nub with his thumb.

He gathered my moistness on his fingers, abandoning my center to draw his hand up and pressed his fingers into my mouth, at first I resisted but he insisted, pressing his fingers firmly against my lips. After making me clean the sweet thick juice off, he lowered his hand once again spreading my lips more widely and aggressively and I felt a kiss of wind at my center, he played with my clitoris squeezing and pulling it both lightly and firmly.

I tried to move away from his demands fearing the sensations as much as I craved them. He shifted slightly so he could reach deeper between my thighs to explore the tight cavern entering first with one finger, which he curled to stimulate my g-spot. He thrust in and out over and over until an ache built causing my legs to quiver, then added a second finger then a third, which stretched me to the edge of discomfort.

Harder and harder he drove into me with his fingers until I began a keening cry from my throat he placed his hand over my mouth to muffle the sounds, and I exploded in orgasm, my tight sheath spasming so intensely that I could feel my heart beating in my clitoris. My weight was being supported by his chest and hand when he removed it canlı bahis I sunk to the dirt in front of him, spent and exhausted.

I made no protest when he grabbed a handful of my hair and guided his cock to my lips using the wet head to gloss my lips before pushing past them into my warm mouth. My tongue tasted the sour sweet cum on the large head of his cock and my teeth gently scraped his smooth shaft as he forced my head back and forth. Deeper he pressed, my nose tickled by the pubic hair at the base, his balls swinging like a pendulum bumping my chin.

I quickly became excited and began sucking deeply on the shaft playing with the tip with my tongue, sliding it out completely so that I could lick up and down and lower my head to take his balls gently in my mouth. Nuzzling and leaving them finding the spot below his sack I gently sucked and nibbled until he quivered and grabbed my head and thrust his cock back in. He fucked my mouth aggressively, holding my head in place, so that he could control the speed and pressure until he began to spurt in my mouth, pulling out so that he could mark my chin and face, wiping his prick off, and then running a finger over my lips.

For a moment there was stillness and then I heard the impatient rustle of his jacket and felt something around my neck, a stiff collar and silken leash, which he tugged persistently until I stood. He guided me back through the garden and the hallways. My head bowed as I struggled to follow, my embarrassment keen, I felt the eyes upon me, the tittering laughter and imagined what they must see. The errant woman who strayed from my master, and would now be at his mercy, the thought both humiliated and excited me as I envisioned what was in store for me.

I blinked as the door opened and the brightness of the room warred with the shrouded hallway. He pulled me into the bathroom suite, turned on the shower and then impatiently began to strip off my dress tugging the arms down to expose my breasts, he couldn’t resist cupping the full mounds and pulling at the nipples elongating them as he pinched them.

He bent over mauling my breasts, and biting my neck and ears, marking me. The steam began to settle in the room from the heat of the shower, he stopped his exploration to finish stripping me, and then undressed himself, his heavy erection caught my attention, its large head fascinated me, its stout girth was mesmerizing, I saw the cock was thickening, surprised at its readiness so soon after it had been drained. I was startled when he grabbed me by the arm and turned me toward the shower slapping my bottom smartly to show his impatience.

Entering the shower behind me he began to wash me aggressively, soaping my face, breasts, arms and soft belly. Then he washed my hair, using his fingers like a comb, pulling to get the tangles out of my hair. I closed my eyes reveling in the rough luxury. bahis siteleri He turned me around and began to soap my pussy lathering it heavily and rinsing it off with the shower wand.

Turning me again, he began to wash my ass, spreading the cheeks and using his soapy fingers to invade my hole. I tensed startled at the suddenness, until he slapped my bottom again and held me tightly continuing his cleansing stimulation. Finally he rinsed me completely and handed the soap over to me.

I took it and began to lovingly soap him concentrating on his chest and stomach. Reaching around I began to lather his back pressing my breasts into him, feeling the tickle of his chest hair I ran the soap up and down his back, luxuriating in the feel of his strong body. He became impatient with my languor and grabbed my hand bringing it down to his erect cock and began lathering himself with the soap in my hand. I got the message and finished washing his shaft then knelt to wash his balls and legs.

He turned around, I hesitated only for a moment before I began to wash his bottom, using my soapy fingers to slide into the crack, cleansing his asshole, as he had done for me, I rinsed him and when the last of the soap was gone I began to nuzzle him with my mouth and tongue. Licking him on his rim, stimulating him so that he had to put one arm on the shower wall to keep his balance.

He spun quickly, suddenly impatient to leave, grabbing me by the arm he pulled me soaking wet from the shower. Wrapping himself in a towel, he ignored my wet body and shivering skin he marched me over to the high wide bed and pushed me down, my back supported by the firm mattress, my legs falling over the edge.

Something in his eyes caused me to creep backwards and with intent of purpose he threw his towel aside and pursued me, grabbing my wrists he held them down as he crawled under my legs causing my upper thighs to rest on his shoulders. Using his nose and mouth he burrowed through the curls, past the thick warm lips to the wet center.

He dove into my pussy licking and biting, using his tongue he speared my pussy imitating his cock he got as deep as possible until I was screaming trying to get away from the intense feelings. He began to kiss up the soft round of my belly pausing for a moment to rest his head on the full pillow of my stomach, biting and nibbling he made his way up to my breasts.

Releasing my hands he began kneading the huge lobes, stimulating my nipples with the rough sandpaper of his cheeks and chin, then biting them and sucking on them he began to raise himself slightly so that he could place his cock between my thighs to dry hump me, allowing the thick shaft to rub against my plentiful curls. He then raised himself up to straddle my chest and he mounded my breasts around his cock and began to thrust in and out so that the tip would bounce against bahis şirketleri my chin with each forward movement. I raised my head so that I could stick my tongue out to flick at the head.

Suddenly he pulled away and pushed me on to my side I felt him leave the bed and heard him rustling with something I tried to peek to see what he was doing but he came back quickly pressing into the bed and flipping me onto my belly. He had me bend my knees causing my buttocks to be raised in the air. He crawled behind me giving me several quick slaps across my cheeks; I flinched and could feel the warm redness appearing on my skin.

He reached down to finger my wet pussy working my wetness into a froth he covered the head of his penis with it and then guided the shaft into my pussy. He thrust deeply for a time and I used my inner muscles to clamp down on him. He grabbed my ass and began to spread my cheeks so that he could watch his cock slide in and out of my pussy. He thrust deeply for a moment and ground his hips into me so that if felt as if his cock were up to my waist.

He dropped his hands, I felt his movement and then felt the slick smear of cream on my asshole, he continued to thrust and at the same time used his thumbs to enter and stimulate my asshole. I felt him slide his cock out of my pussy moving up to my second hole. I thought of trying to escape again but the anticipation overwhelmed the fear. I forced myself to relax as he began to press into my virgin ass.

The first pressure caused me to suck in my breath and tense back up; he slapped my buttocks a few more times. He continued his attack pressing through the tight ring; I felt the overwhelming feeling of suffocation, as the breath seemed to completely escape from my lungs. He got about halfway in and he rocked back and forth slowly entering and exiting pushing in a bit further each time until he finally pressed his entire length inside of me.

I bit down on the pillow to keep from screaming out, I completely opened to his thrusts. Sensing my submission he let himself go, quickening the tempo until he was pounding me, slapping me as he thrust over and over. I found myself pressing back, to gather more of him, the pressure was stimulating me into a frenzy, into a pleasure that was quickly becoming overwhelming, I wanted to fight and cry out but help myself still.

Feeling his balls banging my pussy, thumping my clitoris, I wanted more, more, he reached around and under and began slapping my pussy with his open hand and curled his finger and began to scratch the itch that was developing just under the hood of my pussy lips. I heard moans that I didn?t recognize as my own orgasm, I lost all control, all reserve, any desire to maintain my composure was lost to the vibrations this man was creating in my pussy and ass.

At last he pressed in, shooting his seed, he let out a deep grunt and slumped over my back letting his cock ooze out of my body. He rolled over, first shoving me away, while he took a long drink of water, then grabbing me by the back of the neck he pulled me into his side he let out a sigh.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32