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Miami was hot and sweaty. Donna had wanted Jamie to act like her, but she decided to inform Robert as soon as Donna was out of earshot. He probably would have guessed anyways.

“So,” He smiled hungrily as they made it to their hotel room. “She said she trusts you?”

Jamie almost burst into tears, “W-We can’t do it again!” She announced.

“You didn’t seem to care before,”

“Well I do now.” Jamie whimpered. “And now I don’t know if I should tell Donna the truth about everything or not.” She admitted. “I know that would be hard on you-“

“She’d take everything from me.” He admitted. “Or at least try. You know she said so herself.”

“I know.” Jamie sat down on the bed. “I feel like such a whore.”

“If it’s any consolation, I too feel that you are a whore.”

She scowled at him despite how turned on that made her. “Nice.”

“In the best way possible.” He shrugged and sat beside her. “Donna and I have been drifting apart for a while and getting bored of each other. She started the lies, so I saw what we did as totally fair.” He put a hand on her knee, “I have an idea.”

“Does it involve telling more lies?” Jamie asked.

“No. In fact, I think we should make even more things to tell the truth about.” He said. Jamie gawked at him. He fished the camera out of her bag. He certainly was audacious. “I think,” his free hand wrapped around her midsection and pushed her towards him, “You should do exactly what she told you to do,” He began to unbutton her blouse, “And we’ll take pictures of me, and the woman I’m with.” He grinned at her. Jamie should have slapped him, but she didn’t want him to stop. “If she brings it to court, I say they are pictures of Donna. It was her name on the plane tickets, and I have witnesses from work who can say they saw a woman fitting her description with me.” Her blouse was unbuttoned and he lightly pulled it down over her shoulders. “That solves all my problems.” He handed her the Camera. She held it loosely and looked at it nervously.

“But,” Jamie was finding it harder to resist now that her bra had been unclasped and his strong hands started work on her pants. “I can’t betray my sister like that.” a strong hand speared through her waistband and pushed deep into her loosening clothes.

“Tell her I made you do it.” He whispered in her ear from behind. “Or tell her I thought you were her, and you needed to keep your cover.” He touched her clit and she silently gasped. “Then you can show her the pictures.” He massaged her tits and pussy. She leaned back into his overpowering body. “Tell her you hated every moment.” He lightly bit an earlobe and felt her waistband fall to her ankles. Now she was functionally naked. She looked into the Camera and pressed down. A flash cemented her fate.

“Okay.” She shivered as he kissed her neck and slid his hands across her thighs. “Yes!” She cried as he tickled her sopping wet pussy. Her arms were strait as she held out the Camera. She felt him grow against her backside. “Robert!” She cried out as she felt him tear off her clothes and throw her onto the bed. She was now completely naked, wielding nothing but the Camera.

“I want to hear you say it.” He said, fully dressed over her naked body. “I want you to beg me for it. We are in this together.”

Jamie was panting wildly. “Please,” Her legs were wide with want. Her tongue lapped her teeth to keep from drooling, “Cheat on her. With me.” She said. “Take me instead.” Her heart fluttered. “And then,” She gripped the bed, beckoning him with her eyes, “We’ll tell her,” canlı bahis She was lost in thought. “No, I’ll tell her,” She bit her lip, “That I love you.” She squirmed her naked body in desire, “Do you love me?” Her voice pleaded. She didn’t need a yes. She just wanted an answer. “Please don’t lie to me. You can have me either way. Even if I’m just some whore to you, I’ll be happy with that.” She admitted, “But I want to know.”

He freed his manhood, keeping himself clothed as it popped out, “Yes.” He seemed pensive, and somewhat surprised at his own words. “Yes I do love you.” Jamie almost choked. He loved her. Her eyes watered. “In fact.” He took a knee beside her and inched his hand across her bare thigh. He circled around her pussy, his middle finger going slick between her asshole and dripping cunt and tickling her midriff, She shivered with glee as he muttered, “I’m starting to love you more than her.” He took the Camera, made sure everything was in it, smiled, and took the picture.

Jamie was the worst kind of woman. She took her sisters man and felt nothing but pride. She won. She beat her. For once, Donna lost something, and it was something that really mattered. And she had photographic evidence to go with it. She felt him enter a digit into her the way a man was supposed to love a woman and groaned far louder than she should have, nearly loosing grip on the camera. It felt far better than before. “Oh my god!” She gripped him tight and he gripped her tight, dragging his strong finger from deep inside her and seizing her G-spot. “Ahh!” She curled forward and embraced him. “Robert!” He loved her. He really loved her. “Fuck me!” She screamed. “make me your bitch!”

“Of course.” He smiled an evil, conniving grin. He had her. She wanted him to have her. He removed his finger and left her painfully empty before slapping her pussy with his stern hand. She moaned and seethed. She loved it. “Naughty girl.” He slapped again, more sternly. “Harlot.” He slapped, “Home wrecker,” He slapped again, “Traitor.”

“Yes!” She whispered. “Yes!” She grunted, “Yes!” She shouted. “Ah!” His next slap landed squarely on her clit and then began to rub. “Robert!” She screeched. “Not yet!”

“You’re already going to cum?” He asked. “What a slut.” He quickened the pace. She bore her teeth and squeezed her eyes shut. She lost her grip on the Camera. “We’re going at it all night Jamie.” He roughly massaged her pussy.

“R-R-Robert!” She squinted open her eyes to find his other hand ready with the Camera to catch her cumming. She seized as her pleasure quickly overcame her like a beast pouncing upon prey. Donna was going to see everything. She came and bucked and saw several flashes, one after another as her body contorted to the will of her lover. It was so fast to overtake her. She had no chance of resistance. His expert hands continued to draw out her juices as her climax died down, quick to leave as it was to arrive. “Y-You,” She started coming down from her surprising orgasm, “You meanie.” She laughed as her body rocked his hands, “That wasn’t fair. EEP!” Her legs were pushed to her head to put her ass in the air. Her knees were reaching her ears.

“You’ve been stretching.” He noticed. Jamie giggled awkwardly. He took a picture of her ass, pussy, and face all close together. “Now then,” he put his well greased finger into her asshole with relative ease. She sighed as it went in and felt more whole. He handed the camera to her. His now-free hand entered her pussy with two wide fingers.

“Oh!” She moaned again. The fingers griped bahis siteleri her pleasure as the finger in her butt pierced deep and opened her wider. She snapped another picture as she climbed higher in pleasure. “Robert, just put it in!” She begged. She was still panting from her previous orgasm, “I want to feel you. Stop toying with me!”

“But you are my toy.” He said sternly. Before she could argue he fucked her g-spot silly with his strong, raking fingers. He gripped and thrust and gripped and thrust until she found her chest moaning for him. Loud, dirty, wet sounds came from her pussy. Every breath was loud and lewd and uncontrolled. She couldn’t speak, she only babbled. She lost her grip on the camera and it rolled away. Her pussy squelched in a humiliating fashion as she came close once again. Her open mouth began to catch her own juices flowing and raining down. She tasted like sweat and citrus and felt terribly conflicted on how perverted it was to drink herself like that.

“R-o-ah-ah-ah!!” She tried to finish his name between thrusts, “b-e-r-r-rt!” He put a second finger into her asshole and quickened the pace. She gasped, “Rah!-Ah-Ah!-AH!-AH!-AHHH!” She felt the urge to pee and realized what that meant at her angle. She couldn’t stop him even if she wanted to, and she certainly didn’t. She had heard of female ejaculation but had never felt it before. “AHH!” She called out again as her body tensed and her eyes rolled back. It was coming again, so soon after the first. She really was his slutty toy. She felt her self respect pool in her gut and leave her through her sopping wet pussy. It burst and broke out of her in the grip of orgasm. She lost it all as she came on her own face with Roberts fingers in her ass and her head between her legs. She was screaming and grunting and moaning as her own juices dribbled all over herself like a rain of sex and pleasure. “Roooooobert!” Her voice shook, “Rooooooobert!” He removed his fingers as she continued to shake and drip and dribble. She found a puddle of her own sex and juices pooling on her chest. She also felt the slow drip of her pussy again on her face and lips.

“Ah!” She called out as he let her lay down again. Her spine relaxed back to normal. Her whole body was wet from sweat and sex. She was exhausted.

“Oh!” She was flipped to her heaving chest. She felt his bare cock press against her asshole. There was a flash as he took a picture of her before fucking her butt. The bastard was going to keep going. Her mind was filled with nothing but fuck and he filled it with even more with a slow push. “Ahh!” He eased into her and cleaved her mercilessly. He slapped her ass, “Gah!” She had forgotten how to use words. She felt good and dumb, like his cock was in her skull now, fucking away any fear of insecurity or intelligent thought she had before. She had no responsibilities, just sex. She heard another click and saw another flash as it sat halfway inside her.

“No slacking off.” He ordered. “Fuck my cock with your ass.” Jamie smiled and giggled in pain as she tried to support her body on her shaking limbs, her arms on the bed and feet on the floor. The sadistic charm of Roberts words had fueled her body as she bumped her rump against his sleek suit. She felt his pants lightly touch her dripping womanhood with each pound. He didn’t move much at all as she pierced herself on his lance. Incoherent syllables burst from her whorish maw with each beat. All her strength went into ramming her dirty hole against a married man. Her muscles burned and snapped like kindling. Her body felt bahis şirketleri like it was going to break. Everything was so sensitive. She felt each pounding thump in her pussy, clit, tits, brain and everything in between. He felt her penetrate all through her.

“Gahaha!” She felt an orgasm like no other start from a tingling in her spine to her toes and fingers. She felt her whole body getting fucked and she felt everything beginning to burn and explode in pleasure across her entire body. It trickled across her in branching strands. The current of the electric ecstasy tingled and struck through her. “AHHHAHAHA!” She was laughing and cumming and crying and screeching as she curved her spine and pushed back to the hilt, clenching on the fullness of his cock and desperately clinging to him as she came. Her panting breath tried to keep pace with her body. It was long and mindbreaking. Her skin felt like a sex organ as the bed sheets clung and scratched and slid across her flesh. Her shudders finally faltered and she tried to rest and catch her breath for perhaps a few seconds, or a minute, or two. She could not tell. She was as wet and limp as a boned fish when the shudders of orgasm left her.

“Well?” She heard Roberts voice as if it were far off. She was ready to pass out, “I’m not satisfied yet.” She moaned in understanding. Could she even push herself up? Her ass wiggled on his cock and she pushed her chest deeper into the mattress and curved her spine even more. She was done. Her body was through. “Pitiful.” He slapped her ass and it felt like a slap on her clit. She shook and sobbed in pleasure. “So selfish.” He was right. The words stung like a good spanking. “You came so much, and I’m not even halfway there yet.” He gripped her hips and fucked her. Her throat opened wide and air was fucked in and out of her lungs from the force. “Well, I guess I’ll satisfy myself then.” Her reactions were animalistic now. Her groans were guttural. Her mind was blank for everything except the understanding of her purpose. At this moment, she was a tool, a happy, broken in tool. “Since, you know,” She was coming close again. It should not have been surprising, she was on the coattails of the last climax and had never truly gone down. He was just fucking it forward and higher into another peak. “I love you.”

She let out another shriek of primitive pleasure as he came inside of her. Her body tensed one last time with all it’s power and she lost herself to the feeling of a lighting bolt tearing through her and burning away any sense of shame of disgrace. For a while, she felt nothing but bliss and screaming joy as he pumped her rump like beating a drum. She heaved air into her lungs just to cry it out and shudder at the collapsing structure of her body and psyche in the throws of servile sex. Each wet thrust of the cock injected his power into her core and greased the gears of her orgasm further. The intensity increased and overcame her until she lost all sense of the world and felt like she was floating somewhere between life and death.

In time, she didn’t know how long, it felt like forever, she felt aching in her body and pounding of her heart washing away the mists of carnal obsession. It was slow as she realized she was empty, and held tight from behind. They were under the covers and the sun shone from beyond the window. She must have passed out. Her body felt weak and painful, like she’d run a marathon. “Hey there.” She heard Roberts commanding voice and remembered everything he had said last night. Her body was covered in Goosebumps just from the memory. “You ready to head back?”

“Oh wow.” Her voice was hoarse. “Can we do that again sometime?” She begged.

“Only if you are a good girl.” Robert chuckled. “But first, we have to deal with your sister.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32