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I switched off the vibrator and lay down flat on my back to try to catch my breath for a minute. Now I had two guys with raging hard-ons staring down at me. I sat up, placed the vibe on the coffee table, and grabbed my drink. It was warm by now but I was thirsty and didn’t care. I finished it off and put the glass back down.

I looked at one cock then the other and said, “What shall we do next guys?”

Rick said, “Get me wet babe.” Which meant he wanted a blow job.

He climbed up on his knees to my side. I leaned back on my left hand and moved my mouth toward his cock. I grabbed the base with my right hand and started to lick up and down the smooth shaft. I began to stroke him slowly as I put the head into my mouth, sucking & swirling my tongue all around it. I teased him for a bit this way as Jared moved to my right side and began to kiss and nibble on my right breast & nipple. Again with the moaning, lol. I started to bob my head further down on My hubby’s cock, taking more in each stroke until we hit our usual rhythm. I knew it wouldn’t be long before he came, so I was kinda surprised when he pulled away from me.

He looked over at Jared and said “Your turn man”

Jared got on his knees next to me, told me to lay back on my elbows, swung one leg over my belly, and straddled my tits, his cock staring me in the face. I started to reach up & guide it to my mouth when he pushed my hand away. He scooted up a bit to about an inch from my lips and told me to open my mouth. Who was I to argue?, lol.

I stuck out my tongue, which if you know me you know it is quite long, and ran it around the purple head of the first new cock I was about to taste in two years. The head was larger then Rick’s but the length and girth seemed about the same. He placed one hand behind my head and steadied it as he slid between my lips, placing only the head in my mouth and holding it there for me to lick & suck on.

It was about this time that I felt Rick slide off the couch to kneel on the floor between my open legs. I felt the tugs on my lower lips that I know so well as Rick began his favorite pastime, playing with my pussy. We have spent more than a few evenings with him playing with it for hours with his fingers, mouth, and my toys. All I have to do is lay there, hahaha. It usually ends with him so worked up and me so exhausted from multiple orgasms that a quick hand job is all either of us needs, but that’s another story.

Meanwhile, Jared is working on a slow rhythm sliding his cock in and out of my mouth while still holding the back of my head. This was completely new to me, as when I blow Rick its just that, I blow Rick. Whether I’m on my knees or he is on his back, he will watch me for a bit, and if I’m going to make him cum he will put his head back and close his eyes when he gets close. And he has NEVER touched my head while I güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri do it, much less hold it firm and fuck my mouth.

Jared was giving me about half his shaft now. Not being able to see what was going on between my thighs added to the sensations I was feeling down there, remember, he is well practiced. Jared pushed more of himself in my mouth while continuing his slow pace, I liked it. Rick stopped for a second and I thought I was about to feel his wonderful mouth on me when I heard the vibe switch on. My first thought was, “Oh Shit.”. I rarely use a vibe again after I cum the first time cuz I get to vulnerable to it. It has gotten to the point of me having orgasms back to back to back until after 5-6 of them in like 3-4 minutes I start to blackout. One of these times its going to give me a heart attack, lol. So using a vibe more than once is usually a no-no.

I heard Rick say, “It’s ok Rach, I’ll just use it a little.”

Its not like I could answer at the moment so I grunted my approval. He was true to his word and went into his tease Rachel mode, lightly running it up and down next to my hood, making my clit poke out further. God might have given me little titties, but he made up for it by giving me a larger than average hood, clit, and labia. More sensation & fun for me I figure. So anyway, as Rick was making me crazy Jared slowly pushed the whole length of his cock in my mouth til my nose was pressing up against his underbelly, he held it there for a second then withdrew before sliding it all the way in. He began fucking my face a little faster now, pulling my head off & on of his cock. I had never experienced being mouth fucked before and it was awesome.

This went on for just a minute or two when Rick started touching my clit with the vibe for just a few seconds at a time, causing me to twitch and jerk about. Jared slowed his pace a bit as Rick worked me into a frenzy. I could feel my thighs and belly begin to twitch and knew I would come just as soon as Rick maintained contact with my clit for any longer than 5 seconds. Jared slowed even more as he realized what was happening.

It was getting harder to breathe with Jared’s cock head in my throat. I tried to pull my mouth off his cock but he now had both hands on my head and pulled hard, burying my face just as Rick put the vibe on my clit and lightly pushed, holding it there. I managed to get my nose free a bit so I could breathe just as my clit exploded. I tried to let out a scream but only managed a muffled series of yelps as Jared held tight with my every move, his cock stuffed in my mouth.

This was about the craziest shit I’d ever done. I have had Rick’s cock in my mouth while I came during 69 before, but this was completely different. Now there were two hands holding this strange cock buried balls deep in my mouth. There wasn’t güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri a damn thing I could do about it but squeal as every muscle in my body shook and my pussy caught fire. Rick pulled the vibe away at the same time Jared finally relaxed his grip and let me pull my mouth off him. My legs trembled and I was gasping for air.

This was fucking wild!!! Nothing like this had ever happened before. Rick will fuck me hard but he has never been the least bit rough with me but….it made me melt. I had all these diff thoughts racing thru my head while I was breathless. I let out one long loud grunt and fell onto my back covered in sweat.

The waves started to slow and Rick popped his face up and asked me if it was good. Fucking comedian. I finally looked up at Jared, he was grinning ear to ear.

In-between breaths I said, “Jesus…. Fucking…. Christ…. that..was…. incredible.”

Rick laughed and Jared remarked, “Yeah, I think she liked it. Didn’t you Rach? You liked having my cock shoved down your throat when you came didn’t you?” I just stared at him.

“Tell me you liked it Rachel.”

“Yes I liked it.”

Jared asked “Do you want me to do it some more?”


“Do you want me to cum in your mouth?”


“Say it to me Rach. Say I want you to cum in my mouth.”

My head was still racing and I glanced at Rick, he nodded his head “yes”, and I heard myself say, “Jared, please cum in my mouth.”

“Ok then Rachel, since you said please.”

I propped myself up on my elbows again and moved my legs together in a more relaxed position to give my muscles a break. As I was doing this Jared leaned over and whispered something to Rick. Rick nodded in approval and I figured he was just making sure everything was cool with him, how wrong I was.

Rick decided to watch this time and lay down beside me. Jared inched back up along my chest, grasping me by the back of the head again, pulling my lips to the tip of his cock. He told me to get it wet enough to go back in my mouth first. So I began to give him a tongue bath like before. I had never had these feelings of submission before but I was giving in without a fight. Once he determined his dick was wet enough he slid it about halfway in, not stopping with the head this time. He slowly picked up the pace and depth of his thrusting until he was balls deep, firm grasp on my head.

I looked into my husband’s eyes and he said, “Damn Rach, that’s so fucking hot, take it all babe, that’s it.”

After a few minutes Jared became covered in a sheen of sweat and I got an intoxicating whiff of his musky scent as my nose pressed into his flesh on every deep stroke. He slowed down almost to a stop. I figured he was about to make his last run at my throat any second now. Then when he was all the güvenilir bahis şirketleri way in he stopped.

Jared looked to Rick and said, “I’m ready.”

Rick nodded and slid back off the couch where I couldn’t see him. Again, just as I was wondering what was going on, I heard the familiar buzz of the deadly clit vibe. I tried to protest, no way could I handle it again this soon. But Jared tightened his grip on me and Rick forced open my thighs and knelt between them, going into tease Rachel mode again. As soon as that happened Jared began to fuck my mouth again.

I heard Rick say, “Just let me know when.”

Jared gave me a few slow strokes, pulling all the way out before plunging back in. My clit started to electrify from the vibrations all around it. As my body responded to the vibe Jared picked up his pace, not fully withdrawing as he got faster & faster. His sweat was flying into my face with every stroke, causing them to water up from the slight salty sting. I didn’t know how much more either one of us could take it.

He began thrusting deeper and faster now. Jared was outright fucking my face as hard as he could. I could feel Rick pull my hood back and spit on my throbbing clit. The force of him thrusting into my face was making my nose sting which caused my eyes to water even more. He stopped for a split second and yelled, “Do it now!”

Jared gave me about 4 more deep hard thrusts which took about the same amount of time as it did for Rick to hold the vibe on my overworked nub for me to cum violently.

Jared shouted that he was cumming. I could feel his cock throb and felt the first hot shots of cum hit the back of my throat.

Again he held my head tight as I tried to pull away. My own orgasm was wracking my body as my mouth filled with cum. I tried to scream again but with my mouth full of cock and hot semen. it was just a loud gurgle.

Rick took away the vibe from my clit and I couldn’t take anymore. I couldn’t breathe again and I began to choke a bit and spit half a mouthful of Jared’s cum at the base of his cock. It ran down his balls dripping on my tits.

As soon as I began to choke and spit Jared released my head and I fell back onto the couch, wheezing. I lay there helpless as the spasms took my body, teary eyed, covered in cum and breathless. Jared squeezed out the last of his load on my belly as I swallowed what sperm was still in my mouth. Jared finally lifted himself off of me and fell back onto the couch next to me.

Rick got his first look at me with his buddy’s load all around my mouth and on my tits.

“Oh shit Rach, I gotta cum right fucking now!”

Rick quickly moved from between my legs to straddle me with his cock right above my already cum covered tits. He grabbed his cock and started stroking it hard and fast staring right into my eyes. He quickly let out a monster groan and began to cum. The first couple of shots hit me right on my neck and rolled into my hair. The rest of it he deposited close range all over my tits, mixing it in with Jared’s, while rubbing his cock all over my tits, making sure that each nipple was covered in warm sticky cum.

End of part 2

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32