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It had been one of those days; not so much physically draining, as psychologically. Ben felt as if he’d had his brains beaten out with a club for the last eight hours.

Isn’t there a law that says Fridays should be easy days? he thought.

To make matters worse, he had originally taken the day off, but had to come in to “problem solve” for his client. Normally, he loved his job, but on days like this, he wondered if he was charging enough for his services.

“The world is full of idiots, and I have to deal with every single one of them,” he swore out loud – not for the first time that day – as he climbed in his Jeep for the drive home.

He started the engine, reached over to a cluster of buttons on the dashboard, and opened all four windows simultaneously. Cool mid-September afternoon air flooded the cabin. He took a deep breath, in through his nose, and then out slowly through his mouth.

“First things, first,” he said, reaching for the CD player. “This kind of day calls for The Boys!”

He pressed play, and then dropped the Jeep into drive as the distinctive first note of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night” sprang from the speakers.

“But when I get home to you, I find the things that you do, will make me feel alright…” Ben sang along, as his mind turned to Gaby.

Gabrielle would be at home waiting for him, he thought.

Tomorrow – Saturday – was her birthday. They’d be having dinner with Gaby’s parents tomorrow evening. Tonight, however, they’d be having dinner and celebrating alone, hence his taking the day off.

“So much for the best laid plans of mice…” Ben said, as he turned the wheel and guided the Jeep to a parking spot in front of his trusty, regular florist.

Good thing I already bought her gifts.

The thought made him smile.

“Yes, her gifts,” he said, with a short laugh.

“Hello, Ben,” the florist said, as soon as Ben opened the door. “Special occasion, romantic weekend, or are you in trouble again?”

“Tommy, if I ever stopped getting in trouble, you’d be out of business, my friend,” Ben answered.

“The usual, Ben?” Tommy asked.

“Nope, a dozen roses,” Ben answered, “it’s Gaby’s birthday.”

Within a few minutes, Ben was back on the road, with a slim lead on the afternoon rush hour.

When he arrived home, he could hear Gaby moving around in the kitchen.

“Hey, Babe,” she called out.

“Hey,” he answered. “How was your day?”

“It was good,” she said. “Everything stayed pretty quiet.”

He took a few steps and stood in the kitchen door. Gaby was standing in front of the sink, washing a glass. She wore only spandex shorts and a sports bra.

Ben moved up behind Gaby and placed the roses on the counter next to her.

“Happy birthday, Babe,” he said.

He reached out, took hold of her shoulders, and pulled her backward slightly, as he leaned forward against her.

“You know it drives me crazy when you dress like this,” he said.

“I know, but I can’t exercise in full battle armor, just to keep you from getting a hard-on,” she giggled.

He leaned in closer and kissed the side of her neck.

“Ohhh, I’ve been needing that,” she cooed.

As he continued to kiss her neck, Ben slowly slid his hands off her shoulders, downward to her breasts, cupping them with his fingers and running his thumbs across her nipples.

“Hey, what do you think you’re doing?” she whispered.

He pulled his lips away from her neck.

“Hmmm, judging by how fast your nipples are getting hard, I’m turning you on,” he answered, with a smile.

“Well, cut it out,” she said firmly. “You need to take a shower and get dressed, so we can get to Giuseppe’s on time.”

He continued holding her and kissing her neck.

“Mmmm, dinner can wait,” he mumbled.

She moved her hands up to his and squeezed them. He pulled her back against his body.

She let out a long sigh as he trailed his tongue down to her shoulder, but then her body straightened and she pulled his hands away from her breasts.

“No way,” she said, “no dessert until after dinner! Go take your shower.”

“Tease,” he said, as he took a step back from her.

She turned to face him as he slowly walked toward the kitchen door.

“You’d better make it a cold one,” she said, as she laughed and stuck out her tongue.

Ben didn’t follow her suggestion regarding the temperature of the water. He let hot water run over his body for a long time; feeling it wash away the last of the day’s stress. He took his time, hoping that Gaby would come join him, but she didn’t.

Slightly disappointed, but looking forward to returning home after dinner, he dried off slowly.

He wrapped the towel around his waist, opened the bathroom door, and took the three strides required for him to reach the bedroom door. He stopped dead in the doorway…

On the other side of the bedroom, Gaby stood next to a taller woman. They were both facing away from him – looking at themselves in the mirror hung on the closet door – so they didn’t see him. They were dressed nearly identically.

Gabrielle canlı bahis wore a short, low-cut, form-fitting little black dress. On her feet, she wore a pair of black three-inch heels with straps that ran up – crisscrossing – to the middle of her calves. Her legs were covered in black thigh-highs. Her lower arms were encased in black, elbow length, satin opera gloves. In the mirror, Ben could see that she had a choker around her neck and black sunglasses hiding her eyes. To top off the entire ensemble, she wore a neon pink bob cut wig to cover her brunette hair. Ben even knew what he couldn’t see…what she had on underneath. He knew she wore a sheer, black thong underneath that sexy LBD.

He knew this because he had bought this entire outfit for her as a birthday present. A few weeks earlier, on a day Ben knew Gaby had to work late, he had surreptitiously gathered all the information he required regarding the size of each article of clothing he needed to purchase. He already knew the locations of the stores he would need to visit to find them all. He’d taken all the items from the several bags he had collected during his shopping trip, and placed them all in one large box, tied a red bow around it, and placed it in the back of the closet – not really hiding it – with a note attached that read, “Do Not Open – this means you, Gaby.” He had intended to give it to Gaby after her birthday dinner.

Despite wearing the same type of sunglasses as Gaby, and a neon purple wig, Ben recognized the woman next to Gaby. It was Whitney, their neighbor from down the hall. Normally, she stood just a hair under 5’10”, but in the calf-high boots she wore, she reached six feet. She had slightly pouty lips, which Ben could see reflected in the mirror, and the curve of her ass was unmistakable – Ben had seen her in tight jeans more than enough times to remember it well.

Whitney’s dress was skin-tight, though it came farther down her legs than Gaby’s did. Her black stockings had a diamond pattern to them. And, like Gaby, she wore opera gloves and a choker.

“I guess my warning didn’t help,” Ben said.

Both women jumped slightly, startled by his voice.

They turned to face him.

“You know me,” Gaby said, “I can’t stand not knowing what’s inside the box.”

“Yes,” Ben said, “but I only remember buying one of those outfits.”

“Well, last week, I found the box” Gaby began. “I opened it and tried on the outfit.”

“Hmmm, so much for the surprise,” Ben said.

“I thought I’d spring a little surprise on you,” Gaby said with a smile. “Whitney is kind of my birthday present to myself.”

Whitney smiled at Ben and let her eyes move slowly down to the towel wrapped around his waist.

“We went out last weekend and bought all the stuff she needed for her outfit to match mine,” Gaby continued.

“And are you going to share your present?” Ben asked.

“I’m sure we can work something out…if you ask nicely,” she answered.

“What about our dinner reservations?” he asked.

“Don’t you think you should get dressed first?” Gaby asked. “I’m pretty sure Joey has a ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service’ rule at his place.”

“Oh, I thought we were going to skip straight to dessert,” Ben said.

He took another step into the room.

“Uh huh, I’m sure you did, my dear,” Gaby said, rolling her eyes. “But you owe me a birthday dinner. Get dressed!”

Ben pulled the damp towel from around his waist and flung it into the hamper as he walked across the room to his dresser.

“Are you two going to get ready?” he asked.

“We are ready,” Whitney said, staring at his cock, which was already three-quarters erect.

“You’re going like that?” he asked.

“Why not?” Gaby asked. “What’s wrong with the way we’re dressed?”

“Not a thing to my eyes,” Ben said, as he pulled his boxer-briefs on.

The two women sat down on the edge of the bed and watched Ben.

“What?” he said, when he saw them looking at him, “are you going to watch me get dressed.”

They nodded and smiled.

“OK,” he said, laughing, “but I only take tens and credit cards, no singles!”

“Oh, Baby, put it on,” Gaby teased, as Ben slowly pulled his pants on.

Whitney giggled, but didn’t take her eyes off Ben.

It didn’t take him long to dress. As he finished preparing, he turned toward his dresser. In the mirror, he could see Gaby and Whiney looking at each other and whispering. Being momentarily unobserved, he slipped his hand inside the top drawer. He pulled a small, black velvet box from behind a few pairs of socks and quickly slipped it in his pants pocket.

“OK, I’m ready,” he said, as he turned to face the ladies.

“I certainly hope so,” Gaby said, as the two stood up and walked toward the bedroom door.

Gaby decided that they’d take Ben’s Jeep to the restaurant. Ben opened the driver’s side back door for Whitney. She stepped up and in, then slid across the bench seat as Gaby got in after her. They both smiled at Ben as he closed the door.

Their table was waiting when they arrived at Giuseppe’s. As the waiter led them to their bahis siteleri seats, every eye was fixed on Gabrielle and Whitney. The men tried not to stare in front of their wives and girlfriends. Many of those women “tsk-tsk’ed,” and more than one made a comment regarding, “those tramps beings allowed to dine at this establishment.”

As the three pondered what to order, the waiter poured wine for the ladies. He gave Ben a sideways look, as if he were thinking, you lucky bastard!

Not long after their dinner arrived, the owner of the restaurant – a longtime friend of both Ben and Gabrielle – came out to say hello, and to wish Gaby a happy birthday.

He didn’t stay long and returned to the kitchen after giving Ben a knowing wink.

The three made small talk while they ate. Ben noticed that neither of the girls had a second glass of wine. And, over dessert, Gaby and Whitney decided they wanted to go dancing.

The club – a place Whitney suggested – was perfect: crowded, loud, and dark. After waiting a few minutes, they were able to get a booth in a back corner.

Leaving Ben at the table to order drinks, Gaby and Whitney moved toward the dance floor, holding hands.

As he watched, the girls danced to three songs, steadily moving closer to each other. By the end of the third song they were holding each other close and moving their hips together.

They came back to the booth and slid in next to Ben, one on either side of him. They both leaned against him. Their skin was hot and slightly damp from sweating.

“Did you miss us?” Gaby teased.

“Like the shore misses the tide…like the leaves on a tree miss the wind,” Ben said, looking in her eyes.

“Oh, God,” Whitney said.

“I warned you he was sappy,” Gaby said above the music.

Ben smiled at Gaby.

“Hot out there?” he asked.

“Very, I needed this,” she said, reaching for her drink.

He turned to face Whitney.

“Did you have fun out there?” he asked.

She didn’t hear his question over the music. He moved his face closer to her ear to repeat himself.

“Oh, yeah, Gaby’s a great dancer…she moves so well,” she answered. “But I guess you already know that.”

When the two women were ready to dance again, they dragged Ben onto the floor with them. They began dancing close, pressing their bodies against him, and each other. They teased Ben. Each time he reached out to hold either of them, they’d push away his hands and nimbly move just out of his reach. As the song continued, the women took turns dancing closer to him, then moving away, still without allowing him to touch them.

When the song came to an end, Ben went back to the booth, while Gaby and Whitney headed for the restroom.

Ben ordered another round of drinks, which arrived just after the girls returned to the dance floor. They danced to one more song before slowly walking back to the booth, holding hands.

They slid into the booth, this time both on the same side – Gaby sat next to him, with Whitney on the other side of her. He handed Whitney her drink.

“I think we should head home after this drink,” Gaby said to Whitney.

Whitney nodded as she sipped her Rum and Coke.

“What do you think, Baby?” Gaby asked, turning to Ben and sliding a hand to his inner thigh.

“Sounds good to me,” he answered, while looking at Whit.

She smiled at him.

Ben again held the Jeep door open for the ladies. Whitney entered first, sliding over to the passenger’s side. Both Ben and Gaby watched her ass as she climbed in. Gaby turned and smiled at Ben. She got in, but before she let Ben close the door, she grabbed him and pulled his body toward hers. She kissed him deeply.

As he kissed back, she wrapped her arms around him and turned her body so that her knees were on the seat. She was leaning out of the Jeep slightly and he wrapped his arms around her.

Suddenly, Gaby’s body jumped and she let out a yelp, breaking their kiss.

Ben looked at her.

“Whitney grabbed my ass,” she told Ben.

He laughed as he settled Gaby back in her seat. Then he leaned across her body toward Whitney.

“Hey, Lady, that’s my girlfriend,” he told her.

Whitney smiled at him.

“Not for much longer if you don’t get us home quickly,” she said.

Ben backed out, closed the door, and turned to climb in the driver’s seat.

When he looked in the rearview mirror, he saw Gaby and Whitney in the middle of the back seat, kissing, their arms wrapped tightly around each other.

After pulling out of the parking lot, Ben adjusted the mirror so he could see as much as possible of the activities in the backseat.

Whitney had moved her mouth to Gaby’s neck – one of her most sensitive spots – and her hands to Gaby’s breasts. She squeezed Gaby hard, making her moan softly.

Again kissing Gaby’s mouth, Whitney let her right hand slide down Gaby’s body toward her lap. Although Ben couldn’t see where Whitney’s hand went, judging by the look that swept over Gaby’s face, he had a pretty good idea.

Gaby broke their kiss. Her head fell back and she let out a gasp.

Ben bahis şirketleri struggled to concentrate on the road ahead while his eyes fixated on the rearview mirror. He watched Whitney slowly back away from Gaby as Gaby slid her ass toward the passengers side and then laid down on the back seat.

Ben adjusted the mirror again, and tried to raise himself in his seat, but he could no longer see Gaby. He saw Whitney’s arms moving, and he caught a flash of Gaby’s knees in his mirror. Moments later, a pair of black panties flew between the seats and hit the dashboard.

Gaby’s left foot followed her underwear between the seats – coming to rest on the center console, beside Ben. Ben picked up the panties and draped them over the gearshift, then ran his fingers over Gaby’s ankle.

Whitney turned her body and dropped to her knees on the floor of the back seat. She leaned over, lowering her head into Gaby’s lap.

Gaby gasped when Whitney tongue touched her inner thigh, and Ben turned his head to catch a glimpse of them.

Inside a darkened police car, an officer observed the Jeep weave slightly several times as it came up the road, passed, and continued on. Thinking this would be a DUI stop, the officer flipped on the lights and pulled out to follow the Jeep.

It took only a few seconds to catch up.

Ben, though still having a difficult time concentrating, saw the police car pull up behind him and swore to himself as he moved to the side of the road.

As he brought the Jeep to a stop on the shoulder, Whitney’s tongue touched Gaby’s clit for the first time.

Gaby cried out and grabbed at the seat back.

Ben quickly turned to tell the girls about the cop.

Whitney leaned back slowly and looked at Ben.

“Don’t stop,” Gaby nearly yelled.

“Baby, there’s a cop behind us,” Ben told her.

It took a few moments for his statement to register in her mind.

“What did you do?” she asked, finally.

“I don’t know,” he answered, “just be cool and don’t make any sudden movements.”

As Ben lowered the driver’s window, Gaby tried to push her dress back down over her hips.

The officer slowly walked up beside the Jeep. The beam of a flashlight lit the inside of the vehicle partially blinding Gaby as she lay sprawled across the backseat. Whitney, wiping Gaby’s juices from her chin with one hand, shielded her eyes with the other.

“Tell him I’ll blow him if he lets us go,” Whitney said, with a laugh.

“I don’t think that’s going to help in this case,” Ben told her.

“Why not?”

“License and registration, please,” a decidedly female voice demanded.

“Certainly,” Ben said. “What did I do, Officer?”

“I observed your vehicle weaving as you drove past me. Have you been drinking this evening, Sir?”

“No, Ma’am,” he answered immediately, “I don’t drink alcohol.”

As Ben reached to retrieve the requested documents, Whitney leaned her head between the front seats.

“Mmmm, tell her we’ve been bad and need to be handcuffed,” she cooed.

The officer looked at Whitney and then into the backseat at Gaby.

“I’m sorry, Officer,” Ben said, “I was a bit distracted and not paying enough attention to the road.”

Ben handed over his information. The officer examined the license for a few moments, moving her flashlight between the card and Ben’s face.

She noticed the panties wrapped around the gearshift.

“Are those two OK?” she asked, motioning toward the back of the Jeep with her flashlight.

“Oh, yes, they’ve had a few drinks, and now we’re on our way home,” Ben told her.

“Mmmm, hmmm,” the officer said. “And, you haven’t had anything?”

“Not a drop, Officer,” Ben said, “I’m the designated driver.”

“More like the designated dick,” a voice said from the backseat.

The statement was followed by giggling.

Ben sighed and looked at the cop helplessly. He thought he saw a grin momentary crease one corner of her mouth.

The cop aimed the beam of the flashlight into the backseat one more time.

“I’m going to let you go with a warning, Sir,” she told Ben.

She handed his documents in the window.

“Please pay more attention to the road so you can get home alive.”

“Yes, Ma’am; thank you,” Ben said, as the officer walked back toward her patrol car.

He exhaled a long, loud breath.

“You bad boy,” he heard Gaby say.

“Yeah, I’m a regular John Dillinger,” Ben laughed.

He put the Jeep in gear and pulled back onto the road.

“That cop was hot,” Whitney said. “We should have invited her to join us.”

Gaby reached up and pulled Whitney down on top of her.

The cop followed them for several blocks, and then turned off. The rest of the trip home was uneventful – aside from the moans emanating from the backseat as Whitney finished making Gaby cum with her fingers and mouth.

When Ben pulled in his parking space, Gaby and Whitney didn’t wait for him to open the Jeep door for them. They climbed out the passenger’s side door and almost ran toward the back door of the apartment building. Ben removed Gaby’s panties from the gearshift and followed slowly, searching in the semi-dark for the key he needed to get in. He found Gaby and Whitney leaning against the brick wall next to the door, kissing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32