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*All characters in this story are 18+*


It was my senior year and my first time getting in trouble. Today I found myself caught skipping class with my best friend Talia. What can I say? It was her 18th birthday last weekend and we hadn’t gotten a chance to celebrate yet! Our English teacher, Mr. Heywood caught us leaving and gave us detention. Talia and I heard the bell ring and realized we were going to be late for his detention now too. Great, I thought, even more trouble now.

We walked in and saw we were the only ones there so our late entrance was hard to hide. Talia sat her slender body in the front row seat right in front of Mr. Heywood and I followed. “Well ladies, nice of you to finally join me. Since you can’t bother to show up to my class today and now can’t seem to find time in your busy days to get to detention on time I have no choice but to call your parents.” I pleaded with him to please not call my parents, I will be in so much trouble. He told us his mind was made up and it seemed hopeless.

I looked over at Talia and wondered why she wasn’t freaking out. When Mr. Heywood had his back turned I shot her a text asking. “I have a plan, follow my lead and give me your underwear.” she replied. What?! Why do I have to give her my panties? Talia’s plans never failed me so even though it sounded weird I obeyed. I was wearing a white pencil skirt so my white thong was easy to slide off. I noticed she had slid her cute red panties off as well. I handed them to her and she threw them to the side. She then proceeded to take off her shirt revealing her white under shirt. It was very hard to miss the fact that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her perky 34 C tits looked great and her nipples were poking out. I followed suit, though today I had my bra on, my 38 DDs almost spilled out of my pink tank top.

Mr. Heywood finally turned around and his eyes seemed to grow wide and I could have sworn I heard a quiet moan escape his lips. I noticed he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off Talia’s very visible nipples as she bent down to pick her pencil up that she dropped. At this point I am beginning to see what her plan is. I’ve never seduced an adult before, but we seduce the boys in our class all the time so it can’t be that much harder can it? Not to mention Mr. Heywood is the best looking teacher in our grade. He’s only in his mid 20’s. His arms look like he never misses a gym day and his salt and pepper hair is quite attractive. I look at her canlı bahis and wink as I pull my shirt down low enough to where the tops of my nipples are now showing. I then walk up to Mr. Heywood’s desk and ask if I can borrow a pen. He appears to be speechless so I just grab one off his desk and return to my seat.

A few minutes go by and I look over at Talia. She has her legs spread under her desk and Mr. Heywood appears to be mesmerized by her pussy. I follow her lead. Talia then gets up and walks toward him. He finally pulls his gaze away from my pussy and looks up at her. Talia leans in and says “Mr. Heywood I think we can come to a compromise here.”

“Oh yeah? What would that be?”

“Well I’ll let you in on a little secret. Savannah and I like to experiment with each other quite a bit and if you agree to not call our parents, maybe we can include you this time.”

Mr. Heywood looked at her with surprise, but didn’t say anything so Talia leaned in and nipped his ear with her mouth. She sat on his desk right in front of him and spread her legs. His eyes grew wide with excitement as he finally realized today was his lucky day.

I rubbed my pussy a little under the desk as I realized this was slightly turning me on. Mr. Heywood noticed and it must have made him hard because Talia then said “Oh Chris, it looks like you’re ready to play with us.”

Mr. Heywood was still a little apprehensive so he asked “Um, what exactly do you two do together?”

“Well,” Talia said as she walked over to me. “we like to explore each other and pleasure each other” she then grabbed my face in her hands and stuck her tongue in my mouth.

“Oh um, well, that does look like fun…” Mr. Heywood trailed off.

Talia was now back next to Mr. Heywood. “Oh it is very fun Chris, it makes things very wet.” she said as she grabbed his hand and put it up her skirt. At this point Chris couldn’t take it anymore and finally let loose. He stuck one finger in Talia’s pussy and I heard her familiar moan. As his finger was moving in and out of her I walked over to the desk taking my shirt and bra off, revealing my breasts. I rubbed them in Chris’ face. He took one of my nipples in his mouth and began sucking it, twirling it with his tongue. I let out the moan I had been holding in for the past ten minutes. I helped Talia out of her shirt while she unzipped Chris’ pants. Immediately his cock sprang out. Eight inches, not bad at all, definitely enough to fill me up I thought. bahis siteleri

I took Chris’ member in my hand and slowly started stroking it while Talia and I made out in front of him. She had slipped out of her skirt and Chris was pushing mine to the floor wanting to get a look at me. Talia took his dick from me and pressed her lips to it until his entire shaft was in her mouth. If there was one thing I knew about the girl it was that she was the best cock sucker around. I got on my knees in front of Chris and started sucking his balls to match Talia sucking him off. Chris seemed to enjoy it as his pre cum started flowing.

All of a sudden Talia stopped. She turned to me and said “Savannah, I think we need to show Chris what we do in our spare time and make sure he really is into this trade. I don’t want him calling our parents, do you?” No I replied as I got on Chris’ desk.

“Oh ladies this isn’t necessary, you guys don’t need to stop. I promise I won’t tell anyone about this.”

“But Mr. Heywood…” Talia started as she got on the desk with me.

“Don’t you want us to be nice and wet for you?” I finished as Talia started kissing my nipples, working her way down my body. She got to my thighs and kissed all the way to my shaven snatch. Of course I was already wet down there. but I loved when she ate me out so I certainly wasn’t going to stop her. She finally reached her destination and darted her tongue in my slit. “Mmmm.” At this point Chris is jerking himself off at the sight of Talia going down on me in front of him. Talia was running her tongue up and down and swirling it around my clit. I grabbed her by the hair and forced her head closer to me. Damn, she was so good at this I knew I was going to cum any minute. “Ahhh. You taste so good.” Talia said coming up for air. “Don’t stop, get back down there and make me cum for Chris.” Just like that she went back to work making sure to lick my pussy from top to bottom. Soon I was climaxing all over her cute face.

She stood up and gave Chris a big kiss so he could taste my juices. His dick was now even bigger since he had been stroking it the whole time.

“Okay, I think it’s Chris’ turn. He looks like he wants to try some of my pussy doesn’t he?” Talia said.

“Oh yes, he’s been staring at it for the past 25 minutes and look at that cock.”

Talia straddled Chris and slowly lowered herself on to him. I watched as her pussy engulfed his throbbing cock. She began going up bahis şirketleri and down, moans escaping every time she went down. She started off so slow but soon was bouncing. I got on my knees and took Chris’ balls in my mouth. I could hear him groan. With every bounce I could tell Talia was getting closer to climax and I imagined Chris was too since Talia’s pussy is so tight. Soon they exploded together, Talia’s body withering and Chris’ cum was dribbling out of her snatch. I licked it up as it reached his balls.

To my surprise, Chris got up immediately and pulled me up to my feet. “It’s time for your pussy to get some love too.” He said.

“Is that so? Are you going to fill me up with that cock just like you did with Talia?”

“Yes I am” he replied as he spun me around and bent me over the desk. Soon I felt his cock penetrate my pussy and a groan escaped his lips.

“I forgot to mention her cunt is even tighter than mine Chris, doesn’t she feel good?” Talia said.

“Oh yes she does” he replied as he began drilling his dick into my pussy. Every time he enters I get closer to climax, moaning over and over. “Oh my god, fuck me Chris.”

At this point Talia seemed to have recovered because she was sitting in one of the desks in front of us fingering herself. “Why don’t you let me help with that?” I asked her.

She crawled onto the desk and laid in front of me, her bright pink pussy spread wide. I didn’t hesitate to bury my face in it. Her juices tasted so good and her moans sounded even better. Here I am getting fucked from behind by my English teacher while eating my best friend out. This is not how I was expecting my detention to go, but boy was I glad it did!

Chris is going faster and faster making me moan into Talia’s pussy. “Fuck her harder Chris! Fill her up with your cum!” Talia yelled at him through her groaning.

Chris grabbed a hold of my tits and began fucking me like I’ve never been fucked before. The head of his cock feels like it’s hitting my wall and it feels so good I know I’m going to climax all over him soon, but I want to make Talia cum first. I begin shoving one finger in and out of her snatch while circling her clit with my tongue. I begin sucking on her clit which I know drives her wild. She begins to cum. Her body is shaking and her moans are so loud. This just makes Chris fuck my cunt even faster and that is just enough to throw me over the edge. “oh my god!” I screamed as my climax comes over me and I feel my pussy walls contracting on his cock. Chris is still pushing into me and I feel a hotness come over me as he shoots his cum in my pussy. All three of us are gasping for air as we finish our orgasms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32