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Party Games – Truth or Dare

Part 4 of the Best Friends (Suzanne, Carla & Jack) series

(Dedicated to my muse, J. You turn me on! xx)


Suzanne shut the door to Jack’s office quietly and made her way back down to her room. Looking in the mirror the curvaceous redhead took in her somewhat dishevelled appearance, dilated pupils and flushed face. She was aroused and frustrated from her “meeting” with Jack, and she knew she wouldn’t be able to sit down for a while after the punishment he had just administered to her so she pulled off her dress and lay down naked on her stomach on the cool linen sheets, relishing in the sensation of the cool crisp cotton on her hot bare skin. Jack had just given her a proper old fashioned spanking, and god it had turned her on!

When she had tentatively opened the door of his office earlier he had said, “What a bad naughty girly you’ve been Suzy. I’ve warned you about playing with my wife without permission haven’t I? ”

Then he had made her bend over his lap with her face to the floor, and had pushed her dress up over her head to humiliatingly expose the twin globes of her rounded panty-less bottom.

Moistening at the thought she felt underneath herself now to rub herself at the thought of how turned on he had made her, whacking his palm against her arse cheeks again and again, while her what a naughty little slut she was. As the stinging increased so did the throbbing and dampness of her pussy. But, frustratingly he knew what she wanted, and so as part of her punishment he had eventually pushed her down between his legs and made her suck his cock until he came, before making her stand up and dismissing her, knowing full well how aroused she would be now, with streams of cunt juice running down her thighs as she walked out of the door.

The sheets were now damp with her milky sex liquid as she rubbed herself harder – reliving the humiliation and shame of being spanked like a naughty schoolgirl, like sucking off the headmaster in his office before being told to leave. Her clitty was solid and swollen now, and her frantic fingers were sending waves of pleasure through her, but when she thought of Jack’s massive cock and how much she needed it inside her right now, she knew she needed more. So, reaching across into the bedside table drawer she pulled out her biggest vibrator. 8 inches of silicon pleasure at the touch of a button.

Raising herself on all fours she pushed her hot reddened bottom in the air as she positioned her favourite toy underneath her dripping pussy, and groaned in pleasure as she sank down onto the huge shaft so that it was rammed way up inside her when she flicked the switch to make it pulsate and rotate.

The ears sent out orgasmic rhythms against her clit- making her sweat and pant as she rode it up and down underneath her – imagining herself riding Jack’s hot, throbbing piston – grinding herself against him as he grabbed her hips and forced her mound harder and harder against him. She did the same to the vibrator, closing her eyes to immerse herself in the pleasure both her fantasy and the sex toy were giving her together.

She was so nearly there, as she flicked the switch once more to increase the vibrations to the most powerful level, feeling the juices gushing down out of her over her hand as she drove her body down hard onto the rigid pink fake penis, until she finally felt herself convulse and shudder with the intensity of the stimulation it was giving her and gasped in delirious pleasure at the massive climax which overwhelmed her.

Closing her eyes she sank down onto the bed and began to doze, exhausted with the days sexual encounters so far. She thought about the erotic encounter this morning between her best friend Carla and Luis the hunky young gardener, before their lesbian tryst at the picnic beside the river, and finally, her frustrating punishment from Carla’s sexy and domineering husband Jack for failing to ask his permission to play with his wife.

She fell asleep exhausted, until waking later on she noticed the sky had turned a peachy red and glanced at the clock. Ahhh! Six pm! Jack had told her they were having friends over to dinner and to make sure she dressed up. He had also instructed her sternly to leave her panties off or he would be unhappy with her.

Showering, she soaped her curvaceous figure all lathering creamy bubbles over her smooth milky skin, running her hands over her large plump breasts, narrow waist and soaping her smooth, shaved pussy – rinsing off the sticky love juices from her soft inner thighs.

Drying herself off she pulled on a tight ruched black dress which showed off her narrow waist and pushed the top of her succulent breasts up so that the tops spilled out above the low neckline. Obediently omitting to slip a pair of panties on she applied some thick black mascara and red lipstick before stepping into a pair of 6 inch sequined black stiletto heels.

A quick glance in the mirror told her she looked good, which was confirmed when she entered the lounge to see the assembled company’s bets10 appreciation. Carla, herself dressed in a tight pink striped dress which showed off her beautiful golden tan and equally curvy body, came over to give her a lingering kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear how amazing she looked before introducing her to the assembled party.

“This is Roberto and Dina,” she said as she indicated a glamorous looking couple, he with long dark wavy hair and a dark handsome complexion, and her a petite, impeccably made-up blonde in a tight fitting black silk trouser suit. They’re Italian, friends of ours from the village,” she said ” Roberto works in advertising and Dina is an interior designer.” Looking enviously at Dina’s gorgeous fitted designer trouser suit which clung to her petite frame, Suzanne could see why.

“And Jack of course you know!” Carla added laughing, and Suzanne glanced nervously up at him to see him drop his glance provocatively and obviously to study her rear, assessing it for any visible panty line, to see if she had obeyed his command before giving her a naughty wink and smile.

“And finally, we wanted to make up numbers and he’s in need of practising his English before heading off to college so Jack decided to invite Luis,” Carla continued, while giving Suzanne a naughty pinch on her arse and whispering in her ear that Jack had some naughty games planned for later on in the evening which they would all enjoy, and Luis would certainly spice things up a bit. Remembering the session they had both had with Luis, Carla’s hunky young gardener earlier, and of Jack’s penchant for sexual games, Suzanne felt herself moisten between her legs at the thought of the after dinner games, her bare thighs sliding juicily against each other as Carla ushered them all into the dining room for dinner.

For the next hour or so the drink flowed and Carla brought out delicious course after course. The jokes got saucier as the evening commenced and tongues were loosened by wine. Seated with Jack on her right and Roberto on her left she flirted with the handsome Italian and he with her as she felt Jack’s leg pushing her thighs apart under the table, and his hand caressing her inner thigh when no-one was looking. As Roberto gazed in open admiration at her the rounded half domes of her breasts (so much bigger than his petite wife’s small pert ones) , she felt Jack’s had move higher and higher until finally his fingers grazed her naked pussy groove. As he reached with his other hand for the wine bottle to refill her glass he leant close to her and murmured so that only she could hear “No panties to get in my way! Good Girl! Sir is very pleased!”

“And now let’s move to the lounge for some after dinner games,” he said, removing his hand from her moist pussy slit as he stood up and ushered the guests out, raising his hand to his nose and sniffing the heady aroma of aroused female as he did so.

Back in the lounge everyone sat down expectantly. Suzy sat in the middle of the sofa as the glamorous Roberto and Dina sat in the armchair to her right, Dina on he husband’s lap while he caressed the back of her neck languidly. Luis took the armchair opposite them as Jack produced a large box and placed it on a coffee table in the middle of them all. On it were written the words “Truth or Dare”.

“This is a little after dinner game which I’ve made up over the years for the titillation of our guests. Roberto and Dina have played it before but I’ll explain the rules for Luis and Suzanne since it’s their first time,” Jack said. Suzy looked over at Roberto and Dina. She looked flushed and excited and Roberto was now opening fondling her small pointed breast with one hand while stroking her neck with the other.

Carla now came in from the kitchen and positioned herself on the sofa next to Suzanne, gently caressing her leg as she sat down with an obvious heightened anticipation of the game to come.

Jack, still standing, continued “So the game is simple. There are two piles of cards one marked Truth and the other marked Dare. Everyone takes turns and picks a Truth Card. You must answer the question truthfully, but if you can’t or are unable then you must pick a dare card and no getting out of it! And that’s it really he said…except that there are a few wild cards which we’ll find out about later.”

“So, who wants to start he said,” looking around the gathering, at the excited, expectant faces.

Roberto offered and leant forward to pick up a truth card and read aloud “Have you ever had sex in a public place?” he read. Roberto looked at Dina who gave a barely perceptible nod, and he bent to kiss her hungrily on the mouth before continuing,

“When I first met Dina we went to the cinema to see an X-rated French movie. It was a Wednesday afternoon and there were only two other men in there. Watching the erotic movie in the dark made us both feel very sexy and we played with each other until I couldn’t help but pull Dina onto my lap and fuck her there and then.” Dina giggled and added “It was so erotic being there in this bets10 giriş sleazy movie theatre with two old men jerking off to the movie, while we fucked each other in the darkness.”

Suzy watched rapt as Roberto, aroused by their confession to the others now blatantly started rolling his fingers across Dina’s hardened nipple, clearly prominent through the sheer black silk. They kissed passionately while the others looked on, and the sexual tension in the room increased dramatically.

Seated next round from Roberto was Suzy and Jack pulled out another Truth card and handed it to Suzanne. On it was written “Tell the group about a gay or lesbian encounter.” Blushing, Suzy glanced at Carla. She wasn’t sure that her friend was ready for her to share their picnic today so she handed the card back to Jack and asked for a Dare card. Glancing at what was written on the card he smiled and placed it back at the bottom of the pile, before reminding her that she had to go through with the dare once chosen. Suzy nodded and picked the uppermost card, reading aloud “Kiss the person on your left on the lips.”

She turned to Carla and looked at her best friends soft inviting pink lips, happy to have this legitimate excuse to kiss her. As everyone watched she bent across and kissed her friend gently on her soft rouged lips, unable to help herself from deepening the kiss when she felt Carla sigh and part her mouth to welcome her best friend’s eager tongue inside. Suzanne slipped her tongue deep into Carla’s soft wet mouth and they forgot about the other four people watching them as they kissed passionately, their tongues fighting with each other as they revelled in their mutual attraction, lapping and sucking at each other with pent up sexual tension after admiring each other’s bodies throughout dinner and thinking about the picnic earlier.

Eventually, remembering where they were, the girls pulled apart, lipstick smudged and eyes bright with arousal. Looking around the group Suzanne noticed that Roberto and Dina were now kissing and feeling each other furiously too, obviously turned on by the girls passionate lesbian kiss,while Jack and Luis were both watching the girls avidly with enormous bulges in their trousers.

‘OK everyone, back in position,” said Jack, regaining control of the game. Roberto and Dina pulled apart as he handed Carla a truth card. She read it to herself and smiled before reading aloud. ” Tell the group one of your unfulfilled sexual fantasies.”

And no lying Carla – or I’ll know” said Jack, before adding, “I forgot to mention that if anyone knows or suspects an untruth then they can challenge and if the group vote in favour they are forced to perform dare. Go on then darling!” he encouraged her.

Gulping she looked Jack in the eyes as she said “To share our bed with another woman,”

“Good Girl!” Jack said moving across to sit the other side of Carla on the sofa to Suzy and kissing her as he put his hand up her dress to caress her inner thighs.

Luis leant forward to take a card and read it to himself before putting it back in the pile. “Sorry, I will have to take a dare!”

Jack stopped kissing Carla but his hand continued to feel her leg as he read out the Dare card. “Touch someone’s in this room’s crotch who you are attracted to.”

Getting up from where he was sitting Luis moved across the room and knelt in front of Suzanne. Everyone watched expectantly as he parted her legs and put his hand up inside her dress, smiling with excitement when he felt her smooth shaved mound and realised that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. He continued to rub her slippery vaginal crack, his fingers slipping inside her moistened gash.

Unable to help herself and turned on by the thought of everyone watching them, Suzy lay back against the sofa and opened her legs wider to enjoy the sensation his fingers were creating in her – her skirt ruched up and her legs apart to expose her hairless, creamy, wanton pussy to everyone in the room. She felt herself moan helplessly, just as Luis removed his hand to go and sit back down, leaving her frustrated and breathing heavily as she sat up and smoothed her dress back down.

By now the sexual atmosphere in the room could have been cut with a knife as Dina picked up the 6th truth card. It was another sexual fantasy question, and Dina confessed to wanting her husband to tie her up and blindfold her and penetrate her tight virgin arse while she was helpless and unable to do anything about it.

“God darling! Really? That is such a turn on – feel how hard you’ve made me!” and Roberto reached for his wife’s hand and opened the zip on his flies, forcing her to touch him in front of everyone. She rubbed him as they all watched her masturbating her husband before pulling his stiff member out and kneeling in front of him to take him in her mouth. Suzanne opened her legs and openly masturbated too as she watched, unable to help herself at this blatant sexual act being performed willingly and erotically in front of them . They watched as Dina’s small perfectly made up bets10 güvenilir mi mouth swallowed all of her husband’s swollen erect knob, deep-throating him as he groaned and moaned “Si, Dina – take it all!” She used her hand to rub him as her pretty red lips slid up and down his well greased pole, sucking and lapping at the tip before swallowing him whole again.

Eventually Dina stood up and apologised to the group “I’m sorry darlings but I think I need some time with my husband right now – don’t break up the party though she said with a wink as she led her husband off to a guestroom, his swollen cock still jutting out through the front of his trousers.

As they left the room the others all looked at each other hungrily, all well aware of what the Italian couple were about to be doing to each other in the privacy of the guest room. Suzanne wondered if Jack had cameras in there too which he could watch later.

“Still want to play?” Jack asked and the others nodded eagerly.

“OK then, whose turn? Roberto has gone so it must be Suzy’s,” he said with a wink. Suzy picked up a truth card which asked “Do you have a favourite sex toy and when did you last use it.” An easy one that one she thought, as she confessed to having 8 or 9 and her favourite being her large pink rabbit vibrator which she used this afternoon. Jack gave her a knowing glance before picking a card for Carla who read it and laughed.

“What is your favourite sexy book and when did you last read it ” Carla answered that it was a book called The Taming of Tracey Trix and that while she often read it when Jack was away on business, she hadn’t needed to read it at all over the past few days. She gave a quick lustful glance at her strawberry blonde friend as she said this and Suzy felt a rush of longing and arousal.

It was Jack’s turn next and he picked a card and laughed – turning it around he showed it to the group. It said “Wildcard – Dare someone in the room to do something of your choosing! They cannot refuse the dare, without leaving the game!”

Replacing the card under the rest he thought for a minute, his eyes flickering between Suzy and Carla, before declaring, “I nominate Suzy.” He looked into her bright green eyes, her pupils large and alert with her sexual arousal, knowing full well her penchant for being dominated and told what to do, as he ordered “Lick my wife’s pussy and make her cum!”

Suzy sat motionless as he repeated the dare. She glanced helplessly at her best friend – looking into her large blue eyes and raising her eyebrows. What had passed between them had been private up until this moment (or at least as far as Carla was concerned – unaware as she was of Jack’s hidden cameras and telescopic viewing of them both at the picnic earlier that afternoon). Jack was looking at her challengingly, and sighing to herself, she knew that she was by now so turned on that she was unable to refuse to do his bidding.

Sliding down onto the floor in front of her friend she reached up and under her skirt and felt for the thin black lace French knickers she knew her friend would be wearing tonight. Rubbing her fingers across the damp gusset she could feel the soft plump lips underneath, already puffy and swollen which told her that her friend was not going to mind this in the slightest. She slid the sheer lace material down her friend’s toned thighs and off each foot, taking care not to snag them on the black high heeled sandals she was wearing. Pushing her legs apart she ran her fingers gently up her stocking-clad legs to the naked soft inner thighs above the lacy black stocking tops. Here she gently massaged the sensitive flesh and teased her friend, barely skimming her aching mound each time her fingers circled upwards.

Luis moved closer for a better look as Suzy played with her friend and Jack was watching on the sofa next to them, rubbing his fingers over his wife’s breasts as Suzy continued her slow erotic massage.

Suzy could see the juices glistening on her friend’s plump outer lips and gently inserted a finger to run it slowly and sensuously the length of her silky hidden pink folds. Removing it she looked at the two men and her friend as she inserted the sopping finger into her mouth and sucked the musky milky juices off it. Carla watched her and moaned gently as Jack pulled on one of her rock hard nipples. Suzy repeated and wet her finger again, except this time she moved over to Luis and let him taste and smell her friend’s aroused and juicy cunt. She did the same for Jack before finally pushing her finger in between Carla’s plump rouged lips, allowing her to taste and smell herself.

“Are you ready baby,” murmured Jack huskily to his wife as she licked at Suzy’s finger.

She nodded and spread her knees wide apart to expose her glistening pink cunt slit to Suzy, who inhaled the heady intoxicating smell of her friend’s feminine arousal. Jack pushed a strap of her dress down to reveal one firm tanned breast with its hard aroused peak. Suzy pinched and pulled at the hardened nipple before bending between her friend’s legs and approaching her pussy with her mouth open, her tongue snaking out to lap at the soft neatly trimmed quim before her hands parted the outer lips to gain better access to the soft puffy inner lips and the swollen nodule of her aroused clitoris within.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32