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The following is a continuation of the Betty Jean Saga. You will have to read my previous stories to fully understand the characters that have taken us to this point. I am not a writer! My stories are part fact and part fiction intended for enjoyment and entertainment purposes. If you don’t like them don’t read them.

My name is Betty Jean an eighteen year old girl who is dating a tall good looking guy by the name of Will. I had just spent the weekend with Will at a motel, I was surprised when Will invited his friend Juan to join us for sex. I did not want to share myself with another man but, at Will’s insistence, I reluctantly let Will and Juan use my mouth and pussy over and over again. The result was that even though I was pissed at Will, I had experienced a mind blowing orgasm,I left feeling very confused but also sexually satisfied. I was thinking about the future which included marriage, a home, and children. I was unsure if I was on the path to achieving my dreams.

I spoke to Will the following weekend expressing my concerns for our future together as a couple. Will insisted I was still his “girl” and would do anything to keep me as his girlfriend. We went out on a date and talked at length about our future as a couple. I surprised Will by not having sex with him at the conclusion of our date, a first. The next day a bouquet of roses and a gift wrapped box arrived at my apartment. My roommate Mary was already home from work when I walked in and saw the roses and the gift. Mary stated that someone must really like me as the roses are beautiful. I went over to smell the very fragrant dozen red roses.

I wondered what could be in the expensive looking gift wrapped box. The card was from Will which thanked me for being a wonderful girlfriend and hoped that I would enjoy the special present he had purchased for me.

I ripped open the package and about fell over when I viewed the contents. As I slowly removed the contents, Mary let out a squeal. In the box I pulled out a frilly red bra, matching red frilly thong, a black garter belt and a pair of black fishnet stockings. I was surprised, stunned and shocked, all at once, to say the very least. My humble farm girl background had never allowed me to wear anything like this. I had only seen such attire in Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Upon looking at the tags it was confirmed that they were purchased at Victoria’s Secret. I told Mary that I couldn’t wear anything like that as it would make me look like a hooker.

Mary told me I had a great body that the lingerie would make me look “hot and sexy!”

I told Mary that I was going to send it back to Will and have him return the lingerie. Mary said I should at least “try it on before making a final decision.” I reluctantly agreed. picking up the lingerie as I headed to my bedroom. As I got undressed and began to put the undergarments on I noticed that all the items fit me perfectly. I emerged from the bedroom with Mary exclaiming “look at you girl!”

I have to admit I did feel like a hot,sexy babe even though I was uncomfortable wearing this come fuck me outfit. Mary said something was missing and went into her bedroom bringing out a pair of red 3″ heels. This completed the outfit and made my short legs look longer and sexier. Mary had me turn around a few times to model it for her. Mary exclaimed that I “looked good enough to eat.” (another story)

Will called me later that evening and asked me how I enjoyed the flowers and the “special present”. I told him I loved the roses as they bahis firmaları are my favorite flower. I also told him the lingerie made me look, “like a hooker.” He asked me if I was wearing the lingerie at that moment. I told him that “I was” to which he told me he had “a perfect image as to what I looked like in it.” I asked him if he was playing with himself as he talked to me. He said he wasn’t but that it was “a good idea.” Feeling a little naughty I told him to picture me all dressed up in this outfit with me giving him a slow blow job.

He told me, “lie down on the bed and to start playing with your pussy,” which I did. He told me to,”imagine my fingers were his cock and to fuck myself.” I stared to moan and groan as I worked my fingers in and out of my wet pussy, all the time thinking about Will’s big cock fucking me. We dirty talked for awhile with Will telling me he was cumming. I told him, “I wished I was there to help him clean up his cum with my tongue.”About the same time I had a nice little mini orgasm of my own.

Will asked me if I was up to going to a motel with him for the weekend so he could see my new outfit. I told him I would if it would only be the two of us. Will assured me we would have a good time. He told me to wear a nice dress with his “present” underneath. I was anticipating a great weekend with the man I had fallen in love with, and his big wonderful cock.

I splurged and went out and purchased a sleek black dress that was low cut to show off my cleavage. It came about three inches above my knees, showing allot of leg. With Mary’s borrowed 3″ red heels I was looking hot, even if I do say so myself. I also went to my beauty shop and had my hair and nails done up.

Will picked me up at my apartment and kidded me asking me “where Betty Jean was?” He could not believe the transformation as I usually wore a blouse and an old pair of shorts on our dates. He informed me, “You look like every man’s dream.”

We proceeded to our little restaurant 30 miles East of town and enjoyed a meal with some sexy small talk. I couldn’t help but notice that Will was staring down my blouse every time I leaned forward. Will kept telling me how fabulous and sexy I looked. We proceeded to the motel in town that we had stayed at before. Upon entering the room we engaged in a long, hot, passionate kiss. We unpacked our bags, smoked a cigarette and Will mixed us a drink, our favorite rum and Coke. We had a lengthy make out session with the both of us exploring each others body with our clothes still on. About a half hour later I felt a little sick to my stomach and told Will I had to go to the bathroom. I was in the bathroom for some time as I was feeling sick, with the room spinning, my vision a little blurred.

I emerged from the bathroom to see Will with his friend Juan and a big black man in the room. I was feeling sick but for some reason sexy at the same time. I heard Will say something about “the X is working, I think she’s ready.” Will introduced the big black man as Marcus another one of his friends. Will then told me to “remove your dress so they all could see his present.”

I didn’t want to remove my dress but felt helpless not to do so. I removed the dress standing there in my little red frilly bra,thong, with the black garter belt with the fishnet stockings and Mary’s 3″ red heels. I could feel the guys eyes ogling me and mentally stripping my lingerie off. I heard various comments like “wow She’s a goddess,” “What a piece of ass,” and many more comments that I couldn’t make out.

Will kaçak iddaa took me over to the bed and laid me down removing my bra and thong in the process. For some reason instead of being angry with Will I was incredibly turned on by these 3 men ogling my naked body, except for the garter belt and fishnet stockings. As I laid on the bed. I could hear them talking, but couldn’t make out what they were saying. I could hear some shuffling as they removed their clothes. Will walked over to the bed and stuck his cock in my mouth which I eagerly started to suck on his very erect cock.

Marcus commented,”that’s one damn fine sets of knockers and sweet looking pussy!”

About the same time I could feel two mouths begin to suck on my firm tits, paying special attention to my large nipples. Eventually someone worked their hand down to my pussy, which by was now dripping wet with anticipation. Suddenly a finger started to massage my labia and clit. I laid there moaning with a cock in my mouth, someone sucking of my tits, and someone massaging my outer lips. All this attention was driving me over the edge with lust. Will then pulled his cock out of my mouth only to be replaced by Juan’s cock, which wasn’t as big as Will’s but still good size. The two fingers were still working my labia when I felt another pair on fingers begin to work their way into my now gaping pussy. I moaned and tensed up as the fingers started a steady in and out fucking motion.

Juan took his cock out of my mouth and now Marcus was standing before me with the biggest cock I had ever seen, probably ten to twelve inches long. Marcus immediately inserted his huge black cock in my mouth. Marcus’s large cock was stretching my mouth, as he was larger than the other cocks I had just sucked on. As I was sucking on Marcus’s cock the fingers withdrew from my pussy and someone started to eat my pussy out. Who ever was giving me a tongue bath was very good at it as it started to moan loader and squirm all over the bed. I grabbed the head of my pussy lover and drove his head and tongue deeper into my pussy.

I was breathing very heavily as I heard someone say that I was “Will’s girl and he should have the first fuck.” Will mounted me and drove his huge cock into me in one thrust. Will continued pumping my pussy, as I wrapped my legs around his back encouraging him to fuck me harder and deeper. After several minutes will took his cock out only to be replaced by Juan’s cock. Juan started to screw me like a man possessed, he lifted my legs over my shoulders and pumped me for all he was worth. After a few minutes he grunted and emptied the first load of of many loads of cum I was to receive that evening into my cum oozing pussy.

Marcus was quick to take Juan’s place and slammed his big black dick into me with all his force. He said,”lets see how this little white girl likes big black cock!”

Even though Will and Juan had stretched my pussy out I still felt a little pain as Marcus stepped up his assault on my pussy with his big cock. Marcus was the first black man who had fucked me, a first that I was sure I wouldn’t forget. About the same time Will shoved his cock into my mouth and started to face fuck me fast and furious.

After quite awhile Marcus let out a groan and filled my pussy with his cum. A short time later Will shot his load down my throat and all over my face. I could feel the cum oozing from my pussy, running down my leg and ass from the two big loads that had been deposited there. I was beginning to feel exhausted, but still kaçak bahis I felt horny wanting more of the wonderful cocks that were pleasing me. It wasn’t long before I got my wish.

Marcus laid down on the bed beside me grabbing my head guiding it down to his cock. As his cock filled my mouth I could feel it growing back to life. In no time I had him erect and hard as a rock. He then rolled me over on top of him positioning his cock at the entrance of my pussy. I started to slowly, gingerly lower myself down on his cock. I took it slow taking a little bit more of his huge cock each time I lowered myself on his cock. After a short time, I was able to lower myself all the way down on his cock With his cock completely in me he started to thrust up into my pussy. He grabbed the back of my head and lowered my tit into his mouth. My sensitive nipples were more than ready for his eager mouth as I alternated shoving one of my tits into his mouth thoroughly enjoying the sensation his cock and mouth was giving to me.

In the midst of my ecstasy I felt a warm liquid running down my ass as well as a finger being inserted into my ass. I was startled at first as I was still an anal virgin. After the initial shock they started to work their finger in and out of my ass which was beginning to feel real good. Soon they started to work a second finger into my ass which was now beginning to hurt. As I tried to resist this anal penetration, Marcus held my head down so I couldn’t move. Suddenly the fingers were withdrawn and I felt the head of a cock beginning to work it’s way into my ass.

I shouted, “no it hurts,” but to no avail. It was a burning, searing sensation which was hurting like hell. I could feel the head pop into my ass which gave me a short temporary relief from the pain. They then began to work their cock slowly in and out of my ass going a little deeper each time. Between Marcus’s big cock in my pussy and this large cock being inserted into my ass I felt like I was being ripped in two.

The two guys were beginning to work up a rhythm as one pulled out the other one would slam into me. It wasn’t too long before I started to relax and enjoy the fucking I was receiving, in both my pussy and ass. Juan had moved around in front of me shoving his hard cock into my mouth. I couldn’t believe that I was taking three cocks at once, but most of all enjoying it. I now knew that Will was the one fucking my ass which pleased me that I had lost my anal virginity to my boyfriend.

As all three continued to fuck me, I felt my body tense up, convulsions wracking my body, I was breathing heavily, my heart was racing a mile a minute. I knew my climax was going to hit me any time. When the orgasm hit, it did with a vengeance as my body shook , I let out a scream, “I’m going to cum ooooooohhhhhh!” Wave after wave shook me with unbridled pleasure until I collapsed on Marcus’s Chest. As I laid there I could hear Marcus and Will let out a groan, filling my pussy and ass with their spunk.

I was exhausted, but the guys had other ideas. The rest of the night was a repeat as I was mounted me on someone’s cock as another one penetrated my ass and the third cock was slid down my throat. I couldn’t believe that I was actually encouraging them to keep fucking me. I had never wanted to be fucked so bad in my life. It wasn’t finished until they all had fucked my face, ass and pussy depositing their loads in each orifice. I always enjoyed sex, but I never imagined it could get this good. At some point in time I passed out fast asleep.

I awoke the next morning with a throbbing headache a very sore mouth, pussy and ass. Will was asleep next to me, as I wondered what had happened to me last night. Did I really want to know?


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32