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** Warning: Starts off slow, but so should anal 🙂 **

The evening sun was slightly peeking through the dark curtains of their living room. It was Friday and they were spooning on the couch, watching cozy movies.

“I’m getting hungry,” he said as he pulled her deep into him and nuzzled his face into her hair from behind. “Do you want to cook or get something delivered? I could go either way.” He kissed her temple while waiting for a response.

She was deep in thought. 20 seconds went by, and he was watching her. No response.

“Baby? Hello? You there?” He whispered in her ear, realizing that her mind was definitely not present. His whispers brought her back to reality.

“Oh…sorry. I was just thinking…” There was a coy undertone to her voice. She protruded her hips further into him, urging him to hold her tight around her waist. She started slowly grinding against his cock. It felt warm and safe on the couch, underneath their fuzzy throw blanket.

“Mmmm…what were you thinking about?…” She could feel a hard bulge begin to push against her ass as she continued to grind.

“I was wondering…have you ever done anal before?” Her heart started to race as she blurted this out.

He was a little taken aback by the frankness of the question. He realized his mouth had fallen slightly open. “Uhm…”

She blushed and started fidgeting with the blanket. He noticed that her body was tensing up a bit and realized his reaction may not have been best for starting an open conversation. He changed to a more tender tone, “May I ask why you’re asking?”

She was still fidgeting and not looking up at him.

“Hey…” He rubbed her arm and then put one finger under her chin so she would make eye contact with him. When she finally did, he gave her a tender smile. “You know you can talk to me about anything, right? It’s okay for you to ask me that. I was just surprised, is all.”

“Are you sure?” Hesitation exuberated in her expression.

“Of course, princess. If you’re ready bahis firmaları to talk about that, then I’m just grateful you feel comfortable enough with me to bring it up.”

This seemed to appease her worry. “Sorry for dropping a bomb like that…it’s just that I was reading something online today and it was this female sex specialist who was talking about anal orgasms and how they’re supposed to be different from any other orgasm. So, I was just wondering if you had tried it before.” She looked down again, feeling a little overwhelmed by the intimacy of the conversation. She also didn’t know if she wanted to know his answer, but her curiosity was getting the best of her.

He could see that she was being indirect and not able to admit that she wanted to try it. He chuckled and pulled her in close. “Aw, baby. You are so fucking cute, you know that? I just want to squeeze you.” He pulled her in close and kissed her cheek.

Then his voice turned a bit more tender again. “To answer your question. Yes, I have experienced anal sex before…but before I go on, do you actually want to hear about it?”

She took a deep breath and looked him in the eyes. “Yes, I want to know.”

Wrapping his arm around her torso, he rubbed her stomach and took a deep breath, too. “Okay, kitten…It was a few years ago with a long-term girlfriend I had at the time. It wasn’t the best experience because we were both drunk, and we didn’t really plan for it to happen…I kind of felt like an idiot afterwards, to be honest.” He was frowning and furrowing his eyebrows.

She looked up at him. “How come?”

“Well…anal sex is…something that requires a lot of trust in each other and definitely some preparation. It’s not something I would do on a whim again…especially if…” He trailed off and looked into her eyes, searching.

“If what?” She asked. She was genuinely uncertain of where he was going with this.

He laughed gently. “If you’re thinking you might want to try it…” He began to rub her arm instinctively kaçak iddaa again to comfort her. He knew how difficult it is for her to be this direct.

She blushed again for what seemed like the hundredth time. Her heart started to race as she realized she did actually want to try it and that they were actually having this conversation. She didn’t know how to respond.

“Hey…it’s okay for you to say yes. I know it sounds like a big deal – and don’t get me wrong, it is. But, if you feel like you trust me and want to share that with me, then…I’d love to be able to give you that.”

Love for him rushed over her. He was being so compassionate and gentle with her. “Can you tell me more about it?” She asked.

He pulled her in close to him. “Of course, baby. As far as far as ‘doing it’ goes, I have everything we would need to prepare. But first, I’d want to make sure you’re nice and relaxed and feeling very. very. very. loved.” He nudged his face towards her and gave her a deep, soul-sucking kiss.

She was smiling and starting to feel a bit less hesitant. “Do you know anything about how an anal orgasm feels for the girl?”

He looked at her naughtily. “Mmmmm, you’re asking a lot of questions.” He nuzzled into her neck and gave her a few warm pecks. He brought his hand to one of her breasts and squeezed. She moaned at the warmth of his strong hand over her thin shirt. After a few gentle squeezes, he moved his hand down along her side, slowly inching down to her hips. He started to rub gently up and down.

She pursed her lips, trying to hold back a smile. He noticed and moved his hand down into her sweatpants and grabbed one of her asscheeks from behind. Her nipples were getting hard and her heart was pounding. She let out a tiny squeak of surprise.

“It’s okay, princess. You can trust me,” he whispered. He squeezed her asscheek and then started gently rubbing circles on it with his index finger. She could feel the sexual tension thickening in the air.

“The anus, hidden between these kaçak bahis luscious cheeks, is packed with sensitive nerves, making it a very elusive erogenous zone. If you’re with the right partner…and in the right headspace… it can…enhance your sexual pleasure. It’s like, deeper, and comes in waves.” He nuzzled back into her neck so he could continue kissing while she mulled that over.

The deep vibrato of his voice sent shivers down her spine. She even felt her glutes flex as he continued to rub gentle circles on one of her asscheeks. The sensation was somewhere between a tickle and being on the edge of an orgasm. She never realized how sensitive they were.

“That sounds…” Her heart started racing even faster as she realized she was about to admit this out loud…”like something I’d want to try…with you.” The blushing continued.

“Mmmmmm, I’m so happy to hear that, baby. I’d love to take care of you in that way.” He stopped rubbing her asscheek and rubbed her arm again to give her comfort. It made him smile knowing he was able to make her comfortable enough to be that direct.

“Really?” As she realized that her sexual anal fantasy was starting to become a very real possibility, her feelings of insecurity and low self-worth immediately began to take over. She didn’t know if she’d be any good at it. What if this experience was just as bad his past one? What if it ruined their relationship and he couldn’t see her the same way?

He noticed the tension on her face and brought his hand to her cheek so he could nudge her gaze up to him again.

“How about you let me take care of you this weekend? Sleep over tonight, and tomorrow we’ll see what we can do to satisfy this…curiosity.” He winked and hugged her tight, still spooning her on the couch.

She was still feeling a little hesitant, but his tenderness was really comforting. Besides, she was getting drowsy laying on the couch against his warm body and couldn’t imagine driving back to her place tonight.

“Ok, I’ll stay over.” She smiled at him to reassure him that she was okay.

“Good. I’m glad that’s settled. Now, cook together or take out? I’m soooo hungry, baby.” He laughed and hugged her tight. She was suddenly looking forward to the weekend.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32