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Janie was walking to the baby sitting job she had agreed to take on during her summer break from college. She had baby sat for this client almost all the way through high school, so it seemed natural that she would return to the job when she had came back home a month ago. Her client was Mr. Woodbury, a widower for the past 4 years. His late wife had given birth to their first child only a short 4 months before the horrible car accident that had taken her life. Mr. Woodbury, Michael as he told me to call him, had talked to Janie’s mom soon after the funeral and had asked if she could help out with the baby when he had evening appointments. So, that was the beginning of her baby sitting career.

The first meeting between her and Michael had left Janie fantasizing nightly about the older man. Michael was a handsome man by anyone’s standards. He was 40 years old, stood about 6 ft 2, and from what she could tell, had an amazing build. His lightly graying black hair was kept fairly long, his bangs tending to fall across his eyes. His beautiful deep grey/green eyes never seemed to miss a thing, always aware and studying. A strong squared jaw and the poutiness of his lips always had commanded her attention. So all in all, Michael Woodbury was a handsome and extremely sexy man.

As she thought about him, she glanced down at herself. If Michael was considered an Adonis, she would be considered a plain jane. Her long, black hair hung in a thick curtain down her back to end above her tailbone, emerald green eyes hidden behind ugly glasses, and a thickness to her body that was more than just curvy. The only thing she had going for her was her ample cleavage and bubble ass. Which she kept hidden under loose fitting clothes. Janie had decided long ago to never outshoot her limitations, meaning she never allowed her dreams to go past fucking his brains out. She shook her head to rid her self of the self loathing that was fast approaching as she walked up the walkway to Michael’s small but upscale house.

She rang the doorbell and waited for him to answer, slightly swaying foot to foot nervously.

She was just about to ring the doorbell again when the door was flung open, “Shit, Janie, I’m sorry. I am running so behind! Come in, Come in!” Michael called out as he had already turned, and was running down the hallway only wrapped in a towel.

Janie stood there and gaped, her imagination running wild and free at the sight of his naked back. She was absolutely shocked and turned on by him answering the door practically naked. She was still staring down the hall when he came back out a few minutes later, dressed in a nice suit with his hair slicked back away from his fresh shaved face. She was so lost in her day dream she didn’t even notice he was now standing in front of her and waving a hand.

“Janie? Are you ok?” his deep, raspy voice finally breaks through to her, making her jump slightly.

“Oh! I’m so sorry, Mr. Woodbury! I guess I got caught up güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri in, um, uh, my to do list after you get home. I mean after I leave. ” She stammered out nervously, already feeling the blush creeping up her cheeks.

His generous mouth split wide into a smile as he spied my cheeks reddening.

“Ah, I think I understand, Janie. You got yourself a hot date tonight, do you? Lucky guy, I say.” he joked, not realizing the real reason for her blush.

“No, I don’t date! I mean, No guys around here want a girl like me, all frumpy and plain. I have had a few dates back at college but they just end up leaving after the first couple dates. And I’m really not sure why I just told you that.” she uttered fast.

“Well, speaking for men with brains and good taste, I think you’re a very beautiful young lady and you should hold out for a guy who can appreciate that.” his eyes bore into mine deeply.

For an awkward few seconds, we stood there and stared deep into each others eyes. His sudden shake of his head and cough broke the moment.

“Oh, uh, little Katie is in bed already. She had a hard day of playing so it tuckered her out. She should at least sleep until I return tonight. I would say I should be home around ten, maybe a little later. I have a late dinner meeting with some prospective clients. As usual, help yourself to anything in the house, and if you need me, you have my cell number.” he mumbled quickly, seeming a bit nervous.

“Ok, Mr. Woodbury. Me and Katie will be just fine. I will check on her often. Take as long as you need, I don’t have anywhere to go.” I replied softly, and held the door open.

She watched him walk to his car and slide into the leather seat gracefully, the movement of his body was intoxicating to say the least. As he pulled out of the drive, she turned and closed the door. The feeling that had flooded through her when their eyes had locked was dangerous. If she’d had any courage or confidence at that moment, she probably would have kissed him and then asked questions later. As it was, she was not courageous and couldn’t fathom ever hitting on Michael and it ending well. So she shoved the feelings away and headed to the back bedroom to check on Katie. She was sleeping peacefully, her little arms hugging the teddy bear Janie had gotten her the day she had to left for college. No other woman had been around the little girl long enough to really have the motherly effect like Janie. So the day that she’d had to leave, Katie had taken it hard. Hence, the soft and cuddly teddy bear.

Janie turned, quietly closing the door as she headed back down the hall towards the kitchen. She was rather dry mouthed after the events that happened, so she grabbed a glass bottle of high priced water. Smiling softly, remembering that Michael had bought this water just for her, knowing she didn’t drink soda and couldn’t stand coffee. God, how she wished she was thin, attractive, and Michael’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri type.

With a sigh, she plopped down on the couch and proceeded to the kill the next hour watching absolutely nothing on tv. Janie stands and walks around the house again, peeking into Katie’s room quickly while she was up. On the return trip to the living room, she sees Michaels bedroom door was left open in haste. Curiosity driving her, she enters the room and studies his personal space closely. He was definitely very manly if his choices of colors and furnishing had anything to say about it. Of course, the main attraction of the room was the huge mahogany king sized bed, the linen a indigo blue and light grey diamond pattern. The duvet looked wonderfully soft and comforting, urging her to crawl up and wrap herself within Michaels scent. Pure will drove that thought from her mind, and she turns to head out. The blinking light on his computer catches her attention and she automatically walks towards it to shut it down for him. He must have forgot to do it himself because of the rush. She moves the mouse so the screensaver unlocks and shows her the desktop. Her mouth pops open in shock at the image staring back at her. Michael had a picture of her as his wallpaper. It was a picture that had been taken last Halloween. Unbelievably, a friend had talked her into buying the revealing school girl costume for a party they had been invited to.

Janie had to admit, it was a great picture of her and it definitely showed off her assets very well. The white button down dress shirt fitted her ample tits tight, and was unbuttoned to reveal the lacey edge of her white bra. Of course, she had on a short pleated skirt that fell mid thigh. White thigh high stockings with a glittery band at the top, and black pumps completed the outfit rather well. Her long black hair had been braided into pigtail braids that had laid on her tits enticingly.

The picture had been taken by her friend, so she wasn’t sure how Michael had gotten it. No matter how, it was incredibly flattering and surprising to see he liked it so much that he wanted to see it every time he got on his computer. Dismissing it quickly, the hope of him desiring her was squashed. He must only like it because she smiled in this picture. Which hardly happened in pictures.

The past year had done its job mostly as far as expanding her experiences slightly with men, meaning she had indeed lost her virginity but it had not been a pleasant experience. So the mixture of fear of repeating her mistakes, and the strong possibility that Michael would reject her, firmly put a leash on her desire to act upon her attraction to him. But that didn’t mean that she didn’t fantasize about him, every night. The ideas that flew through her mind at night probably should be outlawed but she couldn’t seem to help the raw desire from turning rather wicked in her thoughts. She leaves his room quickly, and heads back to the front güvenilir bahis şirketleri room.

In fact, the ideas were flying about at this moment as she laid back on the couch, resting her head upon the armrest. Her hands, with a mind of their own, began to slide up her plump belly to cup her large tits and thumb her stiffening nipples through the thin peasant top. The leather couch made a light squeak as her jean clad thighs spread wide. Janie began moaning and moving her hips up and down, her fingers pinching and pulling on her stiff nipples more aggressively. The clothes were in the way but she didn’t dare strip, so she just pulled her shirt above her chest and slipped each full tit from her white lace bra. White, milky flesh spilled happily from the confinement to rest upon her belly, her hands now wandering down to unzip the jeans fully, allowing access to her fingers. The moment her fingers slipped against her wet and throbbing pussy, she moaned long and low. Using her thumb and forefinger to roll her clit around lazily, she moved the other hand back to tease her tits. The pleasure and naughtiness of doing this in Michaels house, on his couch, drove her orgasm to speed upon her quickly. Her legs flew open wider and trembled, her chest heaved as she came hard and fast.

As the world stopped shaking, Janie quickly sat up and straightened her clothing. Just in time too because she just then heard Michaels car pulling into the driveway.

“FUCK!” she whispered, panicking. She double checked her clothing and hair, scared that he would be able to tell what she had done. She glanced at the clock and saw it was only nine. He was coming home early.

As the door opened, she was bent over at the waist, making sure there was no evidence left on the couch, not even considering her jeans now had a dark wet spot from her cumming. Janie looked over her shoulder and blushed furiously. Michael stood in the entryway to the living room, staring at her full, rounded ass.

“Um, Janie? The meeting was a lot quicker that I had anticipated, obviously. Did you lose something? You need some help?” his voice cracked a bit and he walked beside her.

“Oh, Michael! Shit, I mean Mr. Woodbury! I thought I had dropped the remote under the couch, but I see it on the table now.” Janie practically shouted, then cringed as he leaned down.

Janie about passes out when Michael leans down and presses the side of his head right against the part of the couch her ass had rested when she had came and slid his hand under the couch to make sure. She saw his eyes widen and his nose flare as he takes a very deep sniff. A small shiver races down his body and he stands up quickly, looking to her curiously.

Before he can say anything, she mutters “I have to go, Mr. Woodbury. I, uh, have a summer reading list I should get started on.” Turning on her heel, she races out of the door.

Michael stood there and a slow smile spread across his face, spotting the bear sitting on the bookshelf facing the couch. What Janie had not known, was while she was at college, he had purchased nanny cams disguised inside of the bears scattered around the house. So if his guess was right, he would have some very hot and excellent jack off material of Janie masturbating on his couch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32