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Monday had arrived, and far too quickly for Molly’s liking. As she shuffled in her chair she couldn’t help but think back to the life-changing weekend she’d just spent with Bob. She looked across the desk and there was Bob, grinning back at her. Bob winked, knowing why Molly was fidgeting so much, why she was unable to get comfortable.

Bob remembered how this time the previous week she had been planning to introduce the naïve, innocent little Molly to the world of lesbian sex, and let her mind run through the weekend they had just spent together, and how easily Molly had immersed herself in that world.

Bob had been surprised at how willingly and how quickly Molly had taken to the various acts performed on her and required from her. She’d gone from simple kissing to being fucked with a strap on in the first day, and beyond that over the following two days. Bob had enjoyed being bent over in front of the mirror while Molly ploughed into her with the big black strap on dildo, their reflected eyes meeting. She’d also enjoyed the tenderness of holding Molly as they fell asleep again afterwards.

They’d hardly left Bob’s flat that weekend; a quick run to Ann Summers to get a couple of things in Molly’s size. Bob had gone into the changing room with Molly to see how they looked, and couldn’t help herself. As Molly stood there in a short pleated red and blue cheerleader’s skirt and low cut and incredibly tight top to match the theme, Bob’s fingers worked their way into her knickers and she started to rub her clit.

Molly noticed this as she was checking out her reflection, and instinctively turned and dropped to her knees. She pulled Bob’s jeans down her thighs, past her knees and brought her panties to join them. She slid her middle and index fingers between Bob’s dripping lips and started to suck and lick her clit. Bob bit her knuckles as she came for fear of being banned from the shop. Sure, the staff could probably guess that when two girls go into the changing rooms together with only one outfit, something is amiss, but why give them a reason to come check?

Bob had pulled Molly to her feet and kissed her, licking her own juices from her cheeks and lips. “I’m buying you that outfit!” was all Bob could manage as she re-dressed herself. Molly smiled. She knew that Bob found her attractive, but hadn’t realised that she had this much power over her.

They’d left the shop and hurried back to Bob’s flat where they spent the rest of the weekend exploring and fucking each other. They’d gone through most of Bob’s toys and costumes, and had taken numerous showers together to clean up and refresh themselves.

The weekend was running to a close, and as Bob sat on the sofa with Molly’s head in her lap watching TV, she stroked Molly’s hair and thought about the one thing she hadn’t done to Molly yet. Given she’d come so far and tried so much Bob thought she may as well try for this too.

She ran her hand down Molly’s naked body — they were so comfortable with each other, and the flat so warm there was no need for clothes any more. Her hand trailed down Molly’s side, stroking up and down, but moving more down than up, so she was eventually going to reach her firm little arse.

Her hand started to circle Molly’s buttocks and Molly let out a little ‘mmmmmm’. A positive start. Bob then brought her hand back to the small of Molly’s back and centred it on her spine. Again she pushed down, this time letting her fingers run into the cleft of Molly’s buttocks.

Bob made tentative in-roads towards Molly’s star, slowly circling it with one finger. Molly tensed slightly but didn’t stop Bob’s explorations. She raised her head and with an anxious look said, “Be gentle, please.” Bob guessed that someone in her past hadn’t been.

In her usual blunt style, Bob asked, “Have you ever been fucked up the arse before?” Molly nodded. “And it hurt?” Another nod. “Not enough lube?”

“Just spit.” Bob shook her head. Why did so many guys do that? They’d want all the lube in the world if the roles were reversed, but for some reason when they had the power, they were often very stingy! “What happened?”

Molly sat up and turned to face Bob to recount the tale of how she had been at a college party and the guy she’d been hopelessly in (unrequited) love with had started flirting with her, and taken her outside to the garden. They’d kissed and he’d started to grope her boobs before moving his hands lower. Molly had grabbed his wrists and saw a fiery disappointment in his eyes.

Not wanting to lose the chance because of her period, she told him why but dropped to her knees and unzipped his jeans. Almost immediately he’d grabbed hold of her hair and started to fuck her mouth aggressively. A few minutes later he was pulling her to her feet and pushing her up against a wall, her arms only just strong enough to keep her face from the brick.

He pulled her knickers down and tucked the hem of her skirt into its waistband, spat on his fingers and rubbed it against her arsehole. güvenilir bahis Molly was panicking and paralysed by the thought of what was about to happen to her. She couldn’t find the words to ask him to stop, or even the voice for a scream.

Before she knew what to do she felt his cock pressing against her, and then a burning sting as it pushed inside. He let out a groan and growled in her ear “Goddam, you feel so good and tight!” Without giving Molly time to adjust to the unwelcome intrusion, he started to push in further until she felt his bollocks against her buttocks. He started to fuck her with long slow strokes, but these soon became a frantic pummelling as he got closer and closer to his orgasm. Molly bit her lip and cried, praying he would finish soon.

Her prayers were answered as he pulled out of her and spun her to her knees. He pushed his cock past her lips and started to fuck her mouth again, pulling out as he came, covering her face, hair and blouse with his cum. He wiped his dick on her cheek and walked away as he straightened his clothes, probably to brag to his friends about what he had just done. Molly left, not even caring that her new jacket was inside or that her friends might wonder where she was. She’d cried for hours after that but never told anyone, so great was the pain and the shame she’d felt.

Bob hugged her tightly and stroked her hair as the tears came forth again, the memories reopening the wounds. “Do you want to do this?” she enquired, not wanting to ruin what she had with Molly.

“I know you’ll do it right; you’ve made me feel so good with everything else, and I know you can do it with this too — just be gentle.”

“Let’s do this in bed then, nice comfy bed, with much more room than this couch.” Molly smiled and got up, pulling Bob to her feet.

Bob lead Molly to bed and laid her down before climbing on next to her. She could tell that Molly was nervous and wanted to take the pressure off her. Wrapping Molly into her arms, Bob started to tell her how beautiful she was, describing everything in detail. Molly smiled and there were no more tears.

Bob leant forward and kissed Molly’s forehead, her eyelids, her nose, both cheeks and then eventually worked her way towards Molly’s lips. Her kisses were gentle, tender to the point that they almost tickled. Molly pushed her lips towards Bob’s in a show of passion and Bob responded. She wanted Molly to be comfortable before she progressed, and this was good enough to prove it!

Rolling on top of Molly, Bob entwined her fingers with Molly’s and pinned her hands beside her head. No real force, just enough to suggest who was in charge. “Do you want this?” Molly nodded and mouthed the word yes. Bob turned up the dial a little and attacked Molly’s mouth with her own, nipping her lips with her teeth and pulling gently, landing little kisses on her lips, but not lingering long enough to satisfy Molly’s growing needs and finally planting her lips on Molly’s, advancing with her tongue until both were dancing inside each other’s mouths.

Bob could feel Molly’s nipples hardening against her own breasts, much as Molly could almost certainly feel a mutual reaction. Bob decided to was time to move on and retreated towards the foot of the bed, just enough that her face was level with Molly’s magnificent mammaries. Bob loved them! She’d spent so long thinking about them and imagining how they would feel in her hands, beneath her tongue, but she was not even close to the pleasure they gave!

As she had done so many times in the past 48 hours, Bob took one of Molly’s breasts in each hand and began to gently flick her tongue across her nipples, one then the other. Molly let out a small gasp followed by a frustrated groan every time the contact was made and then broken. She wanted more and was going to take it.

Molly wrapped her arms around Bob’s neck and pulled her face closer to her bosom. Bob began to devour the firm flesh before her, licking, nibbling and sucking around Molly’s nipples before straying towards the light brown nipples, which were screaming for attention.

Immediately Molly felt her breathing quicken and the moisture between her thighs flow more quickly. “Put your fingers in me, Bob, please.” She pleaded. Bob released Molly’s left breast and brought the hand to Molly’s dripping pussy. She slowly stroked the pert little clitoris, rubbing her fingers along both sides of it, then directly over the top. She rolled it between her finger and thumb and Molly came. A near animal howl erupted from her throat and she spasmed before collapsing back on the bed.

All strength had gone from her body; her breasts were rising and falling rapidly as she struggled to pull the air into her chest. Bob took this moment of complete vulnerability to move further down the bed and bury her face into her lover’s pussy. Her tongue danced around her lips, her clit and finally probed her opening.

Bob licked up and down Molly’s cunt, probing between her lips; Molly continued türkçe bahis to groan and whimper. Bob pushed Molly’s legs into the air and rested them on her shoulders to get better access. She let her tongue continued to move softly over Molly’s pussy for a while longer, before moving slowly lower, and towards her goal.

Molly trusted Bob so greatly that even when she realised what was about to happen she stayed relaxed and let it. Bob kissed Molly on the buttocks, one and then the other, moving towards her anus slowly, but surely. She glanced up between Molly’s thighs, making eye contact with Molly, knowing that she’d be watching. Molly gave a weak smile — her strength still not returned after the mighty orgasm she’d just had — nodded.

Bob now had all she needed and started to lick up and down Molly’s crevice, lightly touching her puckered star on each pass. As she became more convinced the twitches and flinches were do to with the minute dose of pleasure, rather than a fear of pain, she pushed harder and more insistently, beginning to focus on the only hole she had not yet claimed.

Her tongue fluttered across its surface, delving deeper and more determinedly into Molly. Molly let out a groan and Bob knew she was sold. She just had to take her time and keep pace with where Molly was. She continued to work her tongue into and around the tight little opening until she could feel it relax and allow her to push further in.

She stole another quick glance up at Molly who was still watching as her lover ate her arse, giving her pleasure she never thought possible. Their eyes met and Bob moved her finger to the entrance of Molly’s arsehole and made the slightest of contacts. She felt Molly push against her and watched as her finger disappeared to the first knuckle. She pulled it back out and watched as Molly’s hole quivered and slowly closed again.

She pushed her finger into Molly, again Molly pushed back and Bob’s finger moved in to the second knuckle. She held it there a while and slowly twisted and turned it, all the while Molly’s pussy juices were flowing into her crack and around Bob’s finger, lubricating it as well as any synthetic product could. She didn’t want to risk this drying up and things getting uncomfortable so she broke off for a moment, kissing up Molly’s body and to her lover’s lips. Molly could taste herself, but didn’t care. She just wanted this woman, needed her.

“That was great!” she enthused. Bob smiled and reached into the drawer by the bed and pulled out a tube of KY and a small strap-on.

“It’s only just beginning — I’m a long way from being finished with your arse yet,” Bob grinned, “I’ll have you begging for more by the time I’m done with it!”

Molly could imagine that she would be begging for more — she had done for just about everything else that Bob had done to her this weekend. Bob kissed her on the mouth again, their tongues fighting a frantic battle, briefly broken off to allow the pursuit of a greater pleasure.

Bob returned to her previous position between Molly’s thighs, with her shoulders against the backs of them, pushing them in the air, opening Molly up to her attentions. She squirted some of the KY onto her fingers and rubbed it to warm it. She then let her finger brush lightly against Molly’s hole again and watched as her legs quivered, and her body opened to accept it.

Molly was growing impatient, wanting to feel Bob’s fingers — and her dildo — inside her. She knew this was different to what had happened at college, and she couldn’t wait for it to really happen. Just as she was about to ask, Bob slid her finger all the way inside her and held it there, allowing Molly to adjust to the feeling, not wanting to rush things and spoil the moment for her girlfriend. She slowly withdrew her finger until just the tip was inside before pushing it back in again. She started to speed up and Molly muttered “Oh God, yes!” which Bob took as a cue to lube up another finger and use that too.

Another disappointed sigh from Molly as Bob pulled her finger free and added more lube to it and its neighbour. “Don’t worry — it’s coming back!” and with that she pushed both fingers against Molly’s arse and watched as they were slowly absorbed. Tentatively, she pushed a little harder, twisting her wrist slightly as she did.

Molly felt the intrusion, welcomed it, it felt so good that she regretted letting one incident deprive her of such an intense pleasure for so many years. She wanted to feel Bob fuck her arse, wanted to watch the dildo slide in and out of her arse. She felt she was ready for it, but would let Bob work at her own pace — after all if she was wrong, and she wasn’t ready, she knew how much it could hurt, and didn’t want to lose the memories she was storing away right now.

Bob now had both fingers buried in Molly’s arse and started to fuck her with them again, slowly to start with, but getting faster when she felt she could. She was listening to Molly’s groans and knew that she was erasing güvenilir bahis siteleri some of the trauma of past events.

She pulled her fingers out of Molly’s arse and grabbed the dildo — catching the look of excitement on Molly’s face. She held it up next to the fingers that had just been removed from Molly’s arse and said, “It’s not much bigger than my fingers. I think you’re ready for it — what do you think?”

“Just fuck me! Fuck my arse Bob, I know you won’t hurt me.”

Bob smiled and stepped into the harness, pulling the straps tight. She grabbed the KY again and squirted a big glob onto her hand.

Just as she was about to rub it on, Molly scrambled to her knees and took hold of the toy. She dipped her head, her mouth open and repeated one of the acts from their first night together, only this time the plastic prick in her mouth was somewhat smaller and easier to deep throat. Bob uttered a silent prayer to God for sending her Molly, who was perfect. Hot and horny, trusting and willing to try pretty much anything and everything!

Molly raised her eyes as she continued to slide her mouth up and down on it. Bob decided that it would be a shame to stop her, but didn’t want to let her arse close up again. She reached over her back and started to rub the lube between her cheeks, working it deeper and deeper inside the tight little opening. She slid two fingers in and out easily, deciding to add a third — couldn’t be over prepared now could you?

As the third one breached Molly’s sphincter, she tensed and Bob thought she’d gone too far too fast. Molly began to shudder and moan around the impromptu gag and Bob realised the full potential of her lover’s pleasure receptors — she’d heard of people orgasming from anal, but never experienced it.

Molly rolled onto her back and held her legs up and open, “Fuck me! Fuck me now — take my arse!” she groaned. Bob squirted more lube onto her fingertips and rubbed it along the shaft of her dildo. She positioned it at the entrance to Molly’s arse and looked up. Their eyes met and Molly nodded, a hint of apprehension glimmered and disappeared as Bob pushed her hips forward.

Molly’s hands twisted themselves in the sheets and she bit her lip as the slender toy worked its way inside her. Bob’s eyes flicked between Molly’s face and her arse — she loved to watch both, but could never decide where to focus.

After what seemed like a careful eternity, Molly felt Bob’s pelvis against her buttocks. She’d done it! She’d taken a cock up her arse — and it felt good! REALLY good! She released the sheets and reached down for Bob’s hips, pulling them into her further, increasing the full sensation she had.

Bob leaned down and kissed her lover tenderly. “Are you ready?” Molly nodded and Bob started to withdraw, only stopping as the ridged tip caught in Molly’s sphincter. She leant back into her and started to bury the dildo again, watching as Molly’s arse devoured it, making light work of the task.

“Faster!” Bob was surprised by the call, but was sure that it was right. She started to pound her lover faster and harder and Molly loved it all. A steady stream of groans and shrieks were unleashed as Molly overwrote the bad memories and associations she had with anal.

Bob was even more surprised when Molly rolled on top of her and started humping up and down on the dildo. As she rode, her full breasts were bouncing up and down, Bob’s eyes following them as they did. Bob raised her hips slightly giving Molly a deeper sensation and laid back to watch the show. She could feel an orgasm of her own starting to build up — the base of the dildo had been thumping her clit for about twenty minutes now, and watching Molly’s frantic display was getting to be too much to bear.

Bob gripped the headboard and screamed as she came. Molly was providing a harmony seconds later as she too reached the peak of her pleasure, and collapsed on top of Bob, both women breathing fast.

Eventually Bob found the strength in her arms to hug Molly, and rolled her onto her side. Molly wriggled downwards, for fearing of losing the sensation of fullness — she simply wasn’t ready for that yet. Molly looked into Bob’s face “I love you.”

Bob smiled, “I love you too, you horny little minx!” Their lips met and they kissed softly, neither having the energy for another round.

Eventually Molly slid up the bed enough for the dildo to slide out and she looked down at it. “Do you think I can take the black one?”

“Not yet, but one day. We need to train you up gradually or it’ll just hurt.” Bob rolled unfastened the harness and rolled towards her drawer again. She returned with a box, pictures of the contents on the front.

“Buttplugs?” Molly asked. Bob nodded and opened the box to reveal four different sized plugs. Molly reached for the smallest and giggled, “This is no challenge — it’s smaller than the dildo I just had up my bum!” She threw it back in to the drawer and focussed on the next one. That too flew through the air and landed in the drawer, as it was the same size as the dildo. The next one was bigger though. She looked at it, weighed it in her hand, circled it with her fingers and looked at Bob. “What about this one? Can I try this one?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32