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Kelly was a quiet, submissive girl that you’d often consider the type you’d meet at the library. Soft-spoken, eager to please, jovial but plain. Mousey hair in a neat ponytail on a pale, thin figure. Not the type you’d notice quickly. Not the type that stood out or demanded attention. By no means unattractive but not the type that would make your jaw drop. She was pleasant, punctual, dressed moderately and with her glasses on, was more the type you’d ask to help with your assignment. Certainly, not the type you’d expect to see in the final of an amateur porn night hosted by one of the largest adult entertainers in the world. However, there she was, standing nervously in front of the camera with the other finalist while twenty men smiled back.

It had all started innocently when Kelly had discovered that the cable company never locked the adult channel on her paid subscription. She was never billed for it and even though it was never requested, she had found herself often having a quick glance to see what was on. As time went by, her visits to channel 999 became more frequent and as a result, her knowledge and perception of sex became more tainted.

Kelly was far from experienced. Sure, she had previously entertained a few boyfriends and on one drunken occasion had even ventured into a one-night stand, however, her partners could be counted on one hand and while she believed she had ticked off most sexual experiences, channel 999 had broadened her horizon to a whole new world. Apparently, there was still a lot for her to truly discover.

Double penetration and interracial sex had become her new fantasy and she had spent many a night touching herself to the television as scene after scene of hardcore entertainment played. None of her friends would have ever believed her late-night habits and as her viewing hours increased, so did her libido and collection of toys. Kelly had amassed quite a collection including various anal beads and dildos of all sizes. Underneath an angelic, plain façade, grew a devilish internal desire. One that until now, Kelly had not allowed to escape.

The contest had been advertised for several weeks before Kelly, in a rare moment of indulgence, had decided to enter. It was to be hosted by ‘Red Entertainment’, known to be the leader in online adult entertainment and they had proudly produced a long line of highly successful adult stars. This brand-new show and concept promised to deliver an amateur to the big time with the eventual winner promised a full-time lucrative contract and feature DVD. It would cast an unknown star straight into the limelight and Kelly had been intrigued.

In truth, she had never expected to pass the audition but had spent hours fussing over her appearance and outfit. She had ordered a taxi and scurried out the apartment block to avoid detection, not that it would have mattered as no one would have recognised the girl in the big boots, short dress, G-string and revealing plain white shirt with long, straight, dark hair draping down to her shoulders. It had won the ‘Red Entertainment’ team over and after only a few short questions of ‘would she, had she, could she’ Kelly had been granted access to the next stage, an actual interview.

Here things had gotten a little more serious as the panel berated her with sexual questions that she would have normally been far too embarrassed to answer. Had she had anal? Did she enjoy facials? Had she ever had a threesome? Did she watch porn? Did she like being watched? She answered all honestly and admitted not knowing her limits or how she’d react to certain situations. Apparently, her innocent and youthful look mixed with her new-found bravado and exuberance had earnt a tick from the selectors. She was chosen as one of only ten girls to enter the show.

Kelly had spent the week between the interview and round one brushing up on her knowledge of the pornographic industry and learning the lingo. She had watched porn from numerous categories and had tried to prepare herself for what was to come. She had even joined an online sex app and experimented with first a boy from a suburb over and then a girl from her local area. She was excited to allow her devilish side access to the world and her confidence had grown with each passing day. It was a new, more confident version of herself and she loved the attention her new style and attitude was receiving.

Round one was simple. The ten girls were each required to put on a strip show and the judges would each score the girls. The two girls with the lowest scores would be eliminated. The surprise had come when the host announced that the judges would be twenty men, selected at random from the businesses online membership and as a result, a wide range of men had gawped, clapped, cheered, and hidden their excitement as girl after girl strutted her stuff and performed her routine.

Kelly was vastly unfamiliar with the stripper pole but was smart enough to realise that the crowd, full of amateurs like herself, would canlı bahis appreciate seeing a little more than first expected and she had managed to bend and grind in a fashion that gave the men more than they bargained for. Her tactic of ensuring she made eye contact with every judge in the room at various times during her routine earnt her a score that at least put her into the second round, a result that only fuelled her confidence.

With eight girls remaining, round two had raised the stakes with the girls asked to put on a ‘JOI’ type showing which would again be judged by the twenty lucky members. After having it explained that JOI meant ‘Jerk Off Instruction’ Kelly had recognised that she would be required to play with herself and vocally encourage the men in the room to feel stimulated.

Kelly having worked on her routine, slowly removing her clothing and encouraged the men to do the same before slowly fingering herself and flicking over her rear passage. She ensured the judges kept a close eye on her movements as her fingers explored her body while she softly narrated her movements. Eventually, she had produced a six-inch dildo, careful not to select an oversized replica so as not to intimidate the judges who were all trying to put themselves as the direct recipient of her oral torture. As she slowly grew towards her own orgasm, she knew from her study and from watching many late-night movies what often sent the guys over the edge. As she felt the wave tingling her body she looked towards the judges and begged them to cum on her face.

The judges may have remained fully clothed, as per the rules, but several showed obvious signs of arousal and temptation. She was confident of making it into round three and her assumption had proven correct as two other girls were asked to leave. She and six others remained.

With each round, the stakes had grown with the third round requiring the girls to perform hand-jobs while the fourth round tested their oral skills. The production company had hired some of their expert men to act as the recipients while again, the twenty members had been asked to grade the girls on the enthusiasm, technique and vitally, watch-ability. With each round, another two girls were asked to leave and Kelly had thrown herself into the role, excited to work with experienced men who produced large members and toned bodies. Her eagerness, appreciation and raw desire seemingly won over the judges and she had enjoyed every moment on route to the final.

It was here, standing next to a stunning blonde that the reality of her situation dawned on her. The production company had raised the stakes extravagantly and it was finally clearer exactly why the twenty members were so excited to be a part of the contest.

The production company would be filming the final segment and had turned the final into an out and out gameshow. The winner would be rewarded and lavished with prizes on way to her new-found fame while the loser would bow out at the final stage, to go back to her previous life, hoping to avoid being recognised by friends or family.

The host, camera upon him and microphone in hand explained the rules to the online audience.

‘Here we have twenty lucky members of our online website and two beautiful girls who have flashed, toyed, tugged and sucked their way into the final.’ He said crudely while waving a hand to acknowledge the two girls who grinned awkwardly into the camera. ‘Each girl will take it in turns to select a man from our twenty members to be on their team and the girls must pick wisely as they will be relying on luck, skill and sexual deviancy to win them the final.’ He continued. ‘Once each of our finalists has picked their team of ten, the game will commence.’ He paused to survey the members behind him. ‘Each member has been selected based upon their viewing habits and each is currently holding a dice. When it’s their turn in line, girls will roll the dice for their man with the result deciding how they are required to get their man off!’ A lucky roll and the girls might hit their member’s pique interest which is important because the first girl to successfully bring her whole team of ten to conclusion will win! That’s right folks at home, the first girl to make all ten guys cum, using only the method shown by the dice, will win a full-time contract with Red entertainment!’

Kelly looked around at the guys who were all obviously very excited and eager to get going.

‘Now I know your keen to know what each number represents.’ Continued the host. ‘So, let us explain to you at home and to our two lovely ladies what each roll could represent. Ready ladies? He asked, facing the girls.

Both nodded while the blonde clapped her hands and giggled into the camera.

‘Rolling a one means you can only use your hands. Two means you can only use your mouth, three means you can you those fine pussies of yours while four means it’s going to take your ass to get these guys off.’ He motioned towards the members bahis siteleri and Kelly took note of those who roared and egged the host on.

‘Now.’ The host continued. ‘That leaves us with a five and a six and these two numbers could make or break your career before it even gets started!’ he glanced back at the girls who both looked confused.

‘A five will mean a pass! Great for the girls as that’s one closer to the end of the line and that winning feeling. Horrible for the member as it means he will have to go home untouched.’ A disappointed moan escaped the lips of the group behind him. ‘However, rolling a six, means that the member will not only get to choose his number but will be required to stay while the next in line also gets his turn, meaning our girls will have multiple cocks to deal with at once!’ Again, a roar erupted behind him as the men got even more excited.

‘The first girl to successfully work her way through her ten-man team will win.’ The host spoke directly into the camera before turning to face the blonde. ‘How do you think you’ll go today?’

‘Oh, I’m excited to get these boys off!’ She exclaimed, practically shouting into the camera.

‘I hope the dice play nice.’ Kelly smiled as the microphone was pushed to her chin.

‘Let’s picks our teams!’ The host shouted into the camera, announcing the game was ready to begin.

Kelly had paid close attention to the group and was careful to pick men who had shown the most excitement, she had surmised that they would be the quickest to finish as their excitement would surely get the better of them. She also chose both dark-skinned members. If she was going to lose here, at least she might play out one of her fantasies.

As the men formed two lines of ten, the girls were given an area each. Inside their designated area was a simple double bed, lounge and a wooden dining room table. Each girl would have a camera filming their interactions and once a guy had finished, the next man would be ushered into the area for the girls to deal with. As each man entered, the girls would roll a dice onto the table with the resulting number designating their method of stimulation. If either girl broke the rules by using multiple methods, then they would be required to finish the current member but then have him return to the end of their own line. Both girls knew the extra time it would take to force a second climax so soon.

Both girls accepted the rules, shook hands, pretended to wish each other well and after sharing a fake kiss and pose for the camera, it was time for the game to begin.

Kelly surveyed her team and prayed for a couple of fives. Her first member was a slightly chubby middle-aged man who she was sure would only last a few seconds regardless of the method, behind him stood two young men, barley out of their teens, again, Kelly surmised they would be too inexperienced to last long. The two black guys behind them would be interesting…

Her daydream was cut short by the blast of a whistle, signalling the game had begun.

The first man in each line earnestly rushed into their designated girls’ area. Kelly waited for him to touch the table and then rolled the dice for all to see. The little cube bounced and rolled along the table before coming to rest, a three clearly showing.

Kelly wasted no time and bent over the table, quickly she pulled up her skirt and pulled down her G-string, almost in the one motion, baring her smooth, flawless pussy. ‘Fuck me.’ she said, bending fully over the wooden table, spreading her legs and beckoning him to enter her from behind.

The man took heed to her invitation and roughly grabbed her hips while taking his already erect penis from his underwear holster. Kelly glanced back over her shoulder to see the man had about four inches sticking out from under his belly. She braced for impact and impatiently backed up towards him, eager to get started and noticing her opponent was already on her knees, bobbing her head eagerly back and forth while her first participant stood before her.

Kelly felt as the man fully entered her and started to viciously thrust away. Just as she was starting to get used to the sensation, he grunted and withdrew from her body, his seed splashing across her back and backside.

Kelly stood slightly shocked at the speed in which he had finished and for a moment almost felt unappreciative before remembering the game and welcoming the onrushing teen. She waited for him to arrive at the table before bouncing the dice before them. This time the dice showed a one. The boy couldn’t quite hide his dismay and Kelly almost felt sorry for him.

Quickly she turned him around so that she was behind him and pulling down his pants she was surprised to find the teen was fully erect and showcasing a large, thick, 9-inch penis. Kelly stood behind him so that she could mimic the action he would do to himself as she had often recalled how her previous partners had found hand-jobs strange, bahis şirketleri the awkward angle and unusual technique bothering them. It also allowed her to whisper into the man’s ear and she quietly told him how badly she wanted to make him cum. It certainly had its desired effect and she felt him tense between her fingers before shooting his load onto the floor and into her hand. Two down.

While she waited for the third to arrive, she allowed herself a quick look over to her opponent, noticing she was still kneeling before her first recipient.

Her rejoicing was shot lived as she herself knelt to take her third in line after rolling a two. Her lips barley making contact when she heard the disappointed groan of an opposing member rolling a five. Both girls were two men down.

Kelly looked up at the young man standing over her, ensuring to make strong eye contact. She grabbed the back of his backside in her hands and using only her mouth, inched her way along his average sized penis. Slowly she took him in, noticing as his eyes glazed over. Using her tongue, she flicked the tip of his penis back and forth and once he looked back, making eye contact she forcefully lunged down his shaft, his bulbous head hitting the back of her throat as she made a gagging noise, never once breaking eye contact. She withdrew him fully before thrusting herself fully down the shaft again and repeated the motion until she felt a hand on the back of her head, his eyes rolling to the back of their sockets.

She gagged as his fluid shot down her throat, but she was determined not to swallow and moved back far enough that she could pool some of his cum on her tongue. Once he had finished and withdraw himself, she proudly showed the camera his deposit for proof before raising an eyebrow suggestively and swallowing the load. Whether she won or not, she was embracing the role.

Her impromptu bravado was cut short as she watched the first dark-skinned man casually walk over towards the desk, no scent of being rushed or hurried. Immediately, she began to ponder her decision to select the two darker skinned gentlemen. Sure, she was curious and keen to try her first interracial encounter. She even wanted to see for herself if the stereotype of big cocks were true. However, as he calmly stuttered over to her, she sensed that their interaction would be anything but brief.

He locked eyes with her with a smile while she threw the dice down the table. It bounced and rolled before coming to rest on a 6. His eyes glistened with excitement while Kelly felt her insides tense. She was going to have to let him choose and worse, she’ll be dealing with both the dark-skinned men at once. Her mind wondered to all those interracial double penetration videos she had watched before. Her body tingled.

‘I choose anal.’ He said, flatly.

Kelly’s body twitched in response, but she waited as the next man was ushered over. He again took his time to arrive at the table, seemingly oblivious to the crucial time element of the game. Behind them, Kelly heard her opponent call her fourth recipient over. Kelly was winning 5-4 but she had two guys in front of her.

She rolled the dice and a sudden thought popped into her mind. Oh shit, what if he also rolls a 6? Would she have to take three guys? What if he rolled a four? Surely, she wouldn’t be expected to take them both in her ass? She shuddered at the thought and glared at the dice. ‘Be kind’ she inwardly pleaded. Her fears slightly eased as the dice rolled in favour of a blow-job. She’d have one at each end.

The men slowly began to take off their cloths while Kelly pondered the best position where she could comfortably take both men. She decided she’d lie on the bed with her back to the mattress, her head slightly off the edge of the bed. She’d never experienced this kind of thing before but she’d watched it often and this was always a good position. It would allow both men to have their way with her and she hoped that would speed up the process. However, for now, both took their time.

Behind her another man rushed forward, eager to get in on the action. Her opponent had levelled the score.

Kelly lay on the bed, her attention turning back to her own team. Her eyes widened as she saw the rumours and stereotypes to be true. The first erection, soon to be aimed at her rear, stood only half erect and was massive. She figured it would be nearly in double figures by the time it was at full tilt. The second man, approaching her mouth had already started stroking himself to become hard. He also produced a long, thick, dark member. She gulped and prepared herself.

The cock at her mouth arrived first. Without any appreciation for her welfare, he simply grabbed her by the throat and shoved himself inside, his dark pulsating meat forcing her lips wide apart as he lunged forward. Her eyes watered as he thrust deep and harsh, enjoying her prone position and savouring the unusual angle.

Kelly tried to refrain from gagging, somewhat regretting her chosen position as lying upside down meant her saliva and spit had nowhere to go. She gulped deeply with every thrust, timing her throat to soften with his inward excursion and swallow when he withdrew.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32