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Fortunately for me, my last two classes were my higher level classes so I was able to simply assign them some silent reading as well as summary essay of what they read. Doing so allowed for me to remain behind my desk and reflect on everything that had occurred so far. However, I only was granted a few moments of reflection before I was interrupted by the buzzing of my vibrating phone letting me know that I had a new message. It was from Sage and it was a picture message. The picture was of me as I obediently used my mouth to clean off the butt plug that until recently had resided in my own ass with a message that said, “look at my lovely little sub slut.” Since I was so intent on cleaning the toy and getting dressed before the bell rang, I hadn’t noticed that Sage had taken the photos with her cell phone. This initially scared me because she could easily send the same picture to anyone else, but I was able to rationalize that if she hadn’t distributed any of the early pictures then there was no cause for alarm with this one.

I put my phone away and looked up at the clock; I still had more than half the period and a whole entire next before I could see my mistress again. My pussy was already flooded, and I was on edge once again that I was barely clothed in front of my students. As I glanced over the room, everyone seemed to be reading away and not in the least bit focused on my. Feeling better with that in mind I decided to take my mind off of Sage and our meeting, by inputting grades into my computer and checking my school e-mail account. Because I had been so occupied with sage earlier in the week, it became quickly apparent that I had neglected my work and needed to get back on track.

Thankfully, I was able to use the large amount of grading and unchecked e-mails to distract me from my naughty mind, and before I knew it, my second class was coming to an end. As the final school bell rang out and my students began to file out of the room, my mind quickly jumped back to what I had to do in order to be ready for Sage. I eagerly and nervously watched as the final students gather up their belongings, and exited the room. After a few moments of patiently waiting to allow for the halls to clear out some I walked over to my door and closed it. On my way back I began to unbutton the rest of my blouse, and slid of my skirt before reaching my desk. Quickly, I gathered the supplies I needed from the drawers of my desk; something very naughty about stashing such items in a teacher’s desk, the thought of it makes my pussy gush. With the three items in hand I took my place kneeling in front of my desk facing the door. First thing I did was get the gag secured inside of my mouth and snapped securely behind my head. With it in place I immediately become aware of how large it truly is; my jaw is already straining having to hold my mouth open around it, and saliva is started to accumulate inside. Next, I snap one cuff onto my left wrist before applying the blindfold over my eyes. Completely shut off from my surroundings, I take a deep breath before continuing on. All that is left for me to do is lock my right wrist behind me with the other cuff, but doing so would leave me in an extremely vulnerable position. There is no way to know that Sage will show anytime soon, and also there is also the real chance that anyone else might stop by to ask me a question; then I would truly be fucked. However, I know deep down that I must do it, that doing so would be another step in my compliance to Sage and would in turn continue to turn me into the person I was meant to be; a true sub slut.

Taking one final deep breath I push myself to complete my task and lock my right wrist behind me. As the cuff clasps tighter I know in my heart that I chose right and that Sage will be very proud. Now all I have to do is sit and wait for her to arrive. Being blindfolded makes canlı bahis şirketleri doing so extremely terrifying. Every sound I hear I think that it is someone opening my door, and the more I wait without seeing the time pass, the longer it feels. After what felt like an eternity, there is a knock at my door and I immediately froze and held my breath. I had no way of knowing if it was Sage, or another teacher, or even a student who needed help with something. All I could do was wait and listen to find out. Then I heard it, someone had called out my name.

“Oh Miss Watts, are you in there? Its, Jeanne I need to ask you a question about the testing next week.”

I remained silent, and prayed to god that Jeanne would not try the door handle to see if was unlocked, which it was. Jeanne was another English teacher from two doors down the hall and usually kept to herself. We were friendly, but never hung out outside of school. If she was to walk in on me in the situation I was in, it would definitely mean the end of my career. I began to panic as I thought I heard her twisting the knob, but was relieved when I heard her shout out to another teacher who most have been walking through the hall.

“Hey Karen, wait up. I need to ask you a question.”

I was a wreck, and my breathing was erratic. Sweat was starting to form on my brow and lower back, and the pool of saliva inside my mouth began to spill out from my attempts to breathe through the gag. In my head I was celebrating the fact that Jeanne had not opened my door and found me kneeling as I was, but there was no way of knowing if she would be back. Just the idea of almost being caught caused an unexpected reaction, I was now practically dripping wet with arousal and it took everything I had to keep from standing up and wandering the halls looking for anyone to play with me. I kept my composure however and soon heard my door open. At first I was afraid it was Jeanne back to inquire about the testing, but fortunately it was Sage and I could not have been more relieved; before I could react though Sage began to speak.

“A close call with Mrs. Anderson huh? I wonder what she would have said if she had opened your door and found like this. It probably would have blown her mind. Will anyways, let us get started, I think you are going to enjoy this, because I know I am. Let me help you up.”

Sage made her way to me and grabbed one of my elbows to begin lifting me to my feet. Once I was up, she had me turn around and bend over my desk.

“Very nice slut, you have really taken to being my subordinate quite well. Now I am going to use the strap on to fuck you senseless over your desk; does that sound good to you whore?”

I nodded my head and let out a muffled yes from behind the gag.

“I thought you would think so, but before we can begin I have to do something first.”

With that I felt Sage begin to write something on my lower back, but I was unable to decipher what it was.

“Alright, I’m done with that now let’s get to the fun part.”

I heard her looking through my desk for the harness and the dildo so that she could begin fucking me. I was excited and could not wait to have her do so either. It only took a few moments for her to find the items and get them put on and adjusted. Before I knew it she was behind me entering my sloppy pussy. She slowly entered me, and fed me the entire length of the rather large dildo. I could feel my sex stretching to accommodate it. Once the entire length was buried inside me, she pulled back out and began to pick up her pace. The more she continued the harder and the faster she began to pound my pussy. After awhile she found a pace of pulling half way back and slamming it back in as hard and as fast as she could manage. From behind the gag I let out moans of pleasure and breathed heavily as the spit began canlı kaçak iddaa to pool on the desk top after dripping out from the corners of my mouth. Sage reached out and pulled my head back by my hair with one hand while the other held onto the chain that connected the two cuffs. She was unrelenting with her continuing assault on my worked over pussy. I wanted to cum but knew I would have to wait until she allowed me to.

At first I didn’t think she was going to let me, but after what felt like forever, but was most likely only ten minutes. Sage finally spoke.

“Yeah slut, do you like the way I am fucking your cunt? Do you feel like a complete whore as I pound your snatch on top of your desk?”

Once again I nodded, and moaned deeply in agreement.

“I thought so, and I bet you want to cum now as well. Well go head slut, cum for me, cum all over my fat cock as it slams away at your sloppy cunt.”

As the words left her mouth and fell into my ears, I immediately came, spasming out of control and biting down on the gag lodged in my mouth. I could feel the wetness from my pussy flow down my legs as the waves of my orgasm subside, and as I laid lifelessly on top of my desk I felt Sage pull completely out of me, causing me to feel a sense of emptiness. She unlocked my hands, removed the blindfold and gag before speaking to me.

“I hope you enjoyed that, because it will not be happening often, I just wanted to reward you for be so quick to accept your new role in life. From now own for you to gain such pleasure again you will have to do far more to earn it, is that understood?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good, but unfortunately our time together has once again come to an end. However, before we part I am going to leave you with some instructions to be completed between now and tomorrow morning when we see each other again. First, you will have to go home as you are now; I will be taking your clothes and purse with me. Second, you are to take with you the butt plug, but must carry it inside of this bag.”

She handed me a sandwich sized re-sealable bag that was completely see through.

“Third, you are to sleep tonight with the plug inside of you. I want to get your ass ready for what I have in store for it tomorrow. Finally, you will meet me back at school tomorrow, just as you did today, with your makeup and hair done, carrying the plug in the bag, and only wearing a pair of your highest heels; I will provide you with the rest of your attire for the day. Is everything clear sub-slut?”

“Yes, mistress.”

“Good, I’ll leave you to figure out how best to make it out of here without your clothes, but here are your car keys; I wouldn’t want to make you trek all the way home like this.”

As she said that she tossed my keys on to the desk next to me and turned to head out the door with my purse and clothes tucked under her arm. I was left standing open mouthed at what I was expected to do. How was I ever going to make it out the building completely naked? I was once again breathing heavily and hadn’t noticed that Sage had left the door wide open. I quickly ran over to close it, and as I did I looked up at the clock to see what time it was. Unfortunately it was only a quarter to five which meant there was probably still other teachers in the building and that the sun was still up. I knew that leaving my room around six thirty would be best if I didn’t want anyone to see me. Usually everyone leaves by about six on Thursdays in anticipation for the coming weekend and having already prepared themselves for next week during the first half of this one. That reminded me that I had not had the opportunity to make much progress in preparing lessons for next week and could use that as a way to pass the time.

Over the next hour I pretty much had myself planned out for the next two weeks, and even canlı kaçak bahis managed to rearrange the desk to make for a fresh look to the room. When I finally finished and looked at the clock it was six forty-five, and I was exhausted; I only wished I did not have to worry about getting home naked, but was able to better assure myself by remembering that I had done a similar task not merely two days ago by venturing home in only my bra and panties. With everything set for the upcoming week and the plug tucked inside the bag I went to my door to have a peek outside. What I saw made me freeze instantly; the cleaning crew’s cart was just down at the other end of the hall. I completely forgot that on Thursdays they only clean downstairs; vacuuming and sweeping each room and the halls. The only fortunate thing was that they had just started and were at the far end of the hall. Since my room was located about halfway down I had time until they reached my room to come up with the best way to leave unseen; I had to leave before they made it to my room. I decided to wait for the two of them to finish the rooms they were working on at the moment and make my escape once they began work on the next ones.

I waited for a few minutes before they finished the first set of rooms, and only had to wait a couple of moments longer as the cleaned the hallway on their way to the next set. Once they both slipped inside the next two rooms I waited just a few more seconds, making sure they were going to be in there for good and not coming out for more supplies, before I took my first nerve racking steps out into the now empty hallway. Immediately I stopped in panic as the sound of my heels clicking onto the tiled hall echoed in the silence. In my state of panic, I decided it best to hurry the rest of the way to the exit at the opposite end of the hallway before the noise attracted the attention of the crew. My heart was racing a mile a minute as I made my way closer to the exit, and just as I reached it I turned back to make sure I had not been seen. To my delight I had not, but was now nervous about having to go outside. I knew however, that if I didn’t leave now, the cleaning crew would soon be done and would no doubt spot standing naked in the hall except for a pair of hells and fishnet thigh highs.

I slowly pushed open the door to peak out into the dark lot, and to my relief my car was the only one left. I quickly exited the school and hurried over to my car; which would provide me with a relative amount of cover and safety. Once inside the car I set the plug down on the passenger seat, and started the engine. I took no time to ponder driving home in the nude, and simply pulled out of the lot and headed home. Thankfully, the ride home was without incident, as I only leave a few minutes away and there was light traffic out.

Back at my house, I kicked of my heels and peeled of the fishnets before making my way to the shower; I felt I needed to wash the day off of me. As I leaned over to turn on the faucet I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and was greeted with the written message Sage had penned onto my back. I stood in front of my reflection trying to make out what it said. After a few moments I was able to and I was once again shocked. It read, “Sage’s little sub-slut.” I was both embarrassed and proud to have such an intimate note written on me, but I knew that I would have to wash it away in the shower to prevent the chance of anyone seeing it tomorrow.

The shower felt amazing, and was exactly what I needed after such a long and pleasure filled day. After drying off, I retrieved the plug and pulled it from the bag. Applying some lube to it and my tender asshole, I swiftly slipped it inside me so I could finally go to bed. Though it was only a quarter till eight, I was spent and knew I would need my rest for whatever Sage had planned for tomorrow. I fell asleep dreaming naughty thoughts, and thinking about what would have happen had been seen by the cleaning staff. Soon however, I drifted into a deep sleep only to be awoken a few times by the odd feeling of sleeping with something in my ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32