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(It was late autumn of 1960 and I, David Shaw, was 20 years old and was following my hobby of bird watching. I had unfortunately been detained by Amelia Wiff-Naseford, headmistress, for being an alleged ‘Peeping Tom’ in the grounds of ‘Dentwood Finishing School for Tall Girls aged 18 to 20 years old’. There were 120 girls registered at the school. Clearly I was not a so called ‘pervert’ but I could not prove it.

I had decided not to get the police involved by agreeing to submit myself to the traditional ‘Punishment Rules of the School’ as applied to Peeping Toms. This involved being stripped naked and spread-eagled on the headmistress’ study carpet, and fettered with ropes and leather straps to metal rings set in floorboards. I was then required to orally pleasure the ‘whole’ school. This is part ten of my tale.)


Behind me I could hear the thud of high heels on the carpeted dressing room floor.

“What the hell has been going on here?” bellowed Miss Amelia Wiff-Naseford standing in the doorway.

“I, I can, err, can explain,” I stammered to her, reverting back to my somewhat pathetic puppy-dog self.

“I can clearly see what has happened; you have just deflowered the daughter of the French Ambassador to the UK, Monsieur Jean-Paul Barbier. Who the hell do you think you are ‘Mr. Perverted Peeping Tom’? This could ruin the reputation of the school you bloody idiot. What the hell is going on here? I gave no one permission to loiter in the shower changing rooms after dressing and certainly did not allow permission for sexual intercourse. Now get back to your dormitory, all of you, and do your homework.”

Miss Wiff-Naseford dismissed the French girls making up Class 1B. I threw the urine-sodden knickers which Angelique had draped over my face towards Miss Brongniart. She picked them up and walked out with them grinning at me.

The French Ambassador’s daughter stood up and wiped her semen dripping crotch with her knickers and hobbled out, still reeling from my intensive rodgering. They left the shower room dressing area and I was left alone with the insane head teacher.

“Under my skirt Tom, give me a proper orgasm, immediately,” screamed the mad bitch of a headmistress raising her grey tweed skirt and petticoat to waist level.

“I will only feel better if you canlı bahis make me ‘come’ between my legs, now get on with it lad.”

I knelt in front of her as she dropped her heavy tweed pleats over me and shook them down again. I worked my head up the narrow space between her thighs and petticoat. I could tell she was sexually aroused.

The stink from her cunt appeared far more intense than the eighteen-year olds I had orally serviced recently. Clearly Miss Wiff-Naseford was a formidable character especially when ‘on-heat’. Her odour was sickly sweet and filled my nostrils with the smell of ripe ammonia and savoury primitive smells. I was intoxicated by her pheromones and breathed in her mature and distinctive natural scent.

I could not express clearly how I felt but suddenly began to appreciate my nose being pushed into the head teachers dribbling orifice. She had a fierce bouquet between her legs which had a primeval animal attraction.

Miss Wiff-Naseford reached up slowly behind her skirt and into the waistband of her stained undergarment. She slid off her damp French knickers over her suspenders and down her dark brown stockings. She kicked me to one side as she stepped out of them. I resumed my position with my head up her skirt probing her now naked hairy outer lips with my tongue.

She pulled my face into her. Rubbing herself up and down against me. Her juices lubricated the prominent parts of my nose, lips and chin which became slippery with her secretions. She told me to stop again and pushed me out of the way as she unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor in front of me.

“Put it over there ‘Tom’.” she stammered squeakily, clearly worked-up and not in complete control. I did as she told me to, carefully folding it, feeling it’s weight.

“Get your head back under my petticoat quickly lad,” she continued in little gasps.

Again I slid my head under the tight confined space between her thighs and her long white lace edged petticoat. It was very slippery and smelly and my tongue entered and re-entered her fleshy lips now resembling a rare exotic fruit in colour and texture.

Her lubrication bubbled out in a consistent stream covering my face in slime. I felt as if I was actually part of her vagina, a mere appendage providing her bahis siteleri with pleasure. She was violently pulling my face into her wiping her pubic area all over it in a circular and up-and-down motion. Her hands gripped me like vices as she pulled herself into me squirming sensuously and fervently.

“Oh this is heavenly, oh Tom, Tom, Tom, make me come, make me come,” She cooed with a far away expression. We continued for several minutes then suddenly she spasmed, then orgasmed, her whole body shaking and quaking.

“Oh yes, oh yes, heavenly, oh yes,” she mewed in a girlish way, clearly enjoying the waves of pleasure gripping her.

She held onto me and continued rubbing her genitalia in rapid movements tensing up for her second orgasm which welled up from deep inside her drifted over her and shook her furiously.

“Oh yes, you bastard, yes you sweet little pervert, oh yes, oh yes,” her shrill voice echoed around the room. I could hardly breathe with her slimy mucous blocking my nostrils.

She still held on bucking wildly, rapidly and incessantly rubbing her clitoris firmly up and over my slippery nose; my tongue muscles felt numb through all the effort I was putting in to help her orgasm.

For many minutes we continued like this. The atmosphere under her nylon petticoat was very hot and humid and crackled with static discharge. I felt that the front of my face was being slowly eroded away by her frantic furious frottage. My face could not take much more of her onslaught. Suddenly she stopped, shuddered and clamped her inner thighs around my cheeks. Her grip was almost painful.

Wave after wave hit her as her vaginal muscles quivered, juddered and spasmed around me. She swore violently, shaking my head like a terrier with a rabbit with her strong thighs.

She swore again, disengaged her legs from my head, and finally stepped off me, her underwear drenched through.

She looked at me behind her steel rimmed spectacles and smirked in a very self satisfied way, wiping herself with a towel. She threw me her knickers and told me to wipe my face with it.

“Well ‘Tom’ it appears that you do have your uses, and I understand from what I overheard earlier that you and Class 1B intend to do ‘sexy things’ tonight in their dormitory ‘Tom’. They are going to do ‘sexy bahis şirketleri things’ to you and you in turn will reciprocate no doubt by doing ‘sexy things’ to them ‘Tom’, What a lucky young chap you are, all those ‘sexy girls’ all doing ‘sexy things’ to you, all night Tom. Just think you will be spending the whole night doing ‘sexy things’ to each other. Lots of ‘sexy things’ Tom, ‘lovely sexy’ things.”

In my nakedness Amelia Wiff-Naseford could see from the state of my erection, which was like a twitching ramrod, that I was not far off an orgasm. I clenched myself trying not to come. I closed my eyes with tension.

I stood up concentrating on trying not to come.

“Sexy things ‘Tom’ all that naked flesh, all those tall young strutting French girls all wiggling their hips, and bending over and shaking their breasts at you all doing ‘sexy things’ to you Tom, all those lovely ‘sexy things’, all night long Tom.” said the taunting headmistress kneeling in front of me, her mouth breathing on my purple knob end.

“All those beautiful ‘sexy things’ Tom,” she said torturing me. “All that lovely smooth young French flesh.”

I felt her warm wet lips grip my foreskin while her cool hands fondled my balls, squeezing them, then scratching them. She scatched the insides of my thighs and stomach. Her nails scratched me everywhere. She flicked at my exposed glans with her tongue and gently but firmly sucked me into her mouth. She pushed a long finger slowly into my anus and moved around it just inside my sphincter.

I held onto Miss Wiff-Nasefords ears under her bun of greying hair. I pushed my pelvis in rapid short motions for several minutes, groaning at her, telling her she was a dirty forty-year-old slut, as her lips gripped me tightly.

The sensations were all too much. I felt seminal fluid making it’s way up my penis.

Her glasses were steamed up as she looked up at me with her attractive but challenging eyes.

“Sexy things” she gurgled as we built up the rhythm. I could hold back no longer and immediately pumped seven rapid globs of semen into the headmistress’ mouth and held myself to her, ensuring that she swallowed the lot.

“Oh you bloody stupid little pervert,” she said wiping her mouth with the towel, her saliva and my semen dribbling down her chin.

She tried to spit it out but I smiled at her and said that I enjoyed her doing ‘sexy things’ to me.

I felt that the score was roughly even.

(Continued in part 11)

I apologise for the brevity of this chapter.

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