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So it started by me sitting at home watching TV. Have no idea what I was watching, but it was funny.

You came in and stood in front of me wearing a tight black skirt and button up blouse. You widened your stance a little and you skirt hiked up just a bit, enough to show the inside of your thighs. You began to unbutton you blouse from the bottom and to reveal a black corset. You come a little closer and begin to hike your skirt slowly as you walk to me.

When you are within a couple of feet of me your skirt has risen just enough to show me that you have not worn any panties and a thin line of hair was leading me to your freshly shaven lips. You divert my attention to your breasts as you unlatch the top of the corset and expose your firm round breasts and erect nipples. You run your hands up across them and down your torso, over your hiked up skirt, and across the thin line of hair to your wet clit. You run your fingers across yourself and then finally up into yourself. You let out a small moan and your hands retreat bahis firmaları back to the corset that you finally remove. You look over at the couch to your left and make your way to it. With your wonderful ass facing me, just visible under your skirt, you pull the skirt up across your hips, you crawl up onto the couch, knees on the cushions and one hand on the bracing yourself against the back. You spread your knees apart from each other and push your hips out, giving me a spectacular view of your shaven, wet pussy.

I immediately unbutton, and unzip my pants so I can pull my rock hard cock out of my pants. As you run your free hand down your breasts, abdomen, and into your wet slit I begin to run my hand up and down on my engorged cock. Your fingers begin to to move faster and faster across your clit and into your pussy. My stokes get faster and faster…

I finally cannot contain myself. I get up off the couch and turn you onto your back. I place our ass at the edge of the couch, spread your legs across my shoulders kaçak iddaa and begin to kiss down your legs. Your hands wander across your legs, my hair, my neck, and your breasts. My tongue gets closer and closer as a run my hands up under your ass and pull your wet pussy to my tongue.

I run my tongue across your lips, clit, and into you… over and over again. I begin to suck on your clit while I run a finger up inside of you and begin to move it in and out against your ever-tightening pussy. Your legs begin to press against my shoulders and I feel your body tensing against me. Your moans become louder until both your body and your breathing peaks, and then deepens. I fell an increased wetness against my tongue and retreat back up your legs with my lips.

I remove my shirt and admire the dripping pussy in front of me, and decide that i want to watch you cum again. I inch up to your pussy with my hard cock and run it up and down against your clit. It gets wet quickly and slide it into you just a bit. I pull out and kaçak bahis slide into you more, teasing both of us. I finally press myself into you as far as I can go and hold it there while we both enjoy the feeling of being filled and covered. I slowly grind myself against you while I watch your breast being kneaded by your hands. We begin to move faster and faster. I pull farther out of you and slide back in… over and over… faster and faster… Your pussy tightens around me and I feel the muscles across your body tighten as you cum all over my cock sliding in and out of you.

I pull your skirt off and turn you over onto your stomach on the couch and with your knees on the floor. I slide my cock between your wet shaven lips from behind, and begin to push in and out of you. I run my hands across your back and down under you to your breasts. I squeeze them in my hands and run my fingers over your nipples. I start pushing faster and faster… harder and harder. I can feel myself ready to explode as your pussy clamps down on my hard cock. I press deep into you and both of us cum onto each other as our bodies tighten against each other.

I pull out of you, slide you up onto the couch, and curl up behind you for a nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32