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I woke up only an hour later. I didn’t feel any better rested, as I had yet another sex dream, this time involving my sister pleasuring me like the girls in the photo series. I had no idea what was coming over me, but I couldn’t stop thinking or dreaming about sex. I felt like I was going to cry again, but I took a few deep breaths. Nothing had happened and I hadn’t done anything wrong. I probably just needed to cum then my mind would settle down. I reached down to start masturbating, but before my hand even got past my belly button I heard the garage door start to open.

“Shit,” I muttered to myself. My parents were home and I knew they’d want to get to work with loading things into the truck they’d rented for Jill. I sighed and pulled myself out of the covers. I was surprised to find I still had the thong on. I didn’t even notice the wedgie anymore, but I pulled them off and left them on the floor. I found a box just inside my door and upon opening it was shocked to find it full of underwear and a few items of clothing. I picked a pair out from the top. It wasn’t quite a thong, but it looked a lot smaller than any pair of panties I’d owned before. The tag read “VS Cheekster XS.” I tried them on and they seemed to fit quite well.

The yellow underwear rode up between my cheeks, revealing about the bottom half, but covered the top half and my crack. I decided I was willing to give this a try and pulled on a pair of knee length shorts, a sturdy bra, and an old t-shirt. I headed to the bathroom and then back to my room to grab some socks and shoes. I rounded the corner and was startled to see Jill in my room with her back to me. She had the thong I had napped in and was raising it to her face. I saw her inhale deeply through her nose and then shudder.

Shit shit shit! I knew I had been very aroused and must have left the thong soaked. I quietly backed out of the room and hid in the bathroom until she left. When I went back to my room the thong was gone. I headed downstairs where the rest of my family was. I felt my face burning as they welcomed me and we talked. We ate a quick snack and then started loading things out. Jill managed to get me alone and ask if I’d found the box of things in it.

“Yeah, I found all the panties and clothes. Thanks a bunch! I’m wearing one of the pairs now and it seems to fit nicely,” I told her.

She beamed at my happiness and asked “Did you find the surprise hidden at the bottom?” Confused I told her I hadn’t, and she suggested I take a look before bed tonight. Anxious, I just followed her back inside to grab another load of things. She was working in a tank top (sans bra by the looks of her nipples) and a pair of old jeans with plenty of holes that were slung low on her hips. I hadn’t heard my parents mention her new boobs at all, so I figured she must have warned them ahead of time.

Jill bent at the waist to grab a couple of lamps and it gave me the shock of my life. Sticking out of her pants was the same grey lace band of the thong that I had been wearing earlier that day! She straightened up, but the thong stayed sticking out. I tried to act busy, but must have looked surprised or something because she winked at me as she left. The rest of that night she walked around with her thong sticking bahis firmaları out but my parents never mentioned it and I tried desperately to avoid talking with her about it.

The rest of the move and dinner were uneventful. Jill told my parents stories, but seemed to manage to leave out all the sex that I had heard about.

I was exhausted and knew I wanted to spend some time alone, so went up to bed early. As I said goodnight Jill winked at me again. Confused I went upstairs and brushed my teeth, but when I walked in my room I remember what Jill told me. I dug to the bottom of the box and found a purple dildo with a note wrapped around it:

Emmy – I hope you will get some use out of this. A friend bought me this as my first vibrator and it served me well. I put a new battery in it, as I know you probably need some relief tonight. Hope you enjoy it as much as I have. – Love Jill PS. Sorry if I freaked you out today. College and Europe have gotten me in bad habits about being open with my sexuality. PPS. The bottom twists to turn it on.

I twisted the bottom and almost dropped the dildo as it started vibrating. I giggled a little bit and turned it off and got ready for bed. I tried to fall asleep, but found myself distracted. It’d been a rough day and everything seemed to be conspiring to make me act like a slut. I didn’t want to wake up in the night, so I decided I would try out the vibrator my sister bought me.

I grabbed it and snuggled back under the covers. I quickly found it was too hard to maneuver it while wearing my pajama pants, so I eased them off, leaving me in a t-shirt and panties. I played around with the knob and found I could adjust the intensity of the vibrations. Starting on low seemed like a strong choice, so I set it to low then eased the tip down on the outside of my panties.

“Ah fuuuuck,” I hissed as it made contact with my clit. I felt my hips starting to involuntarily wiggle a bit. I couldn’t believe how good it felt! No wonder that girl on the internet was so wet. I pushed the tip down past my clit, knowing I would cum very soon if I didn’t. With my left hand I pushed the crotch of my panties to the side and eased the tip of the vibrator just inside me.

I kept my hand steady, and flexed my hips upwards, sinking the toy about halfway inside me.

“Uuuhhhhhhggg!” The dildo sank in easily. Shit I must be soaking wet down there. I eased the dildo in the rest of the way and started rotating the tip around slowly. After several minutes I found myself turning the vibrations up a couple of notches.

“Aw gawww,” I moaned. My hips seemed to be moving on my own as I fucked myself with the dildo.

Suddenly music blared through the wall from my sister’s room. Startled I froze, the dildo pushed fully into myself. Oh fuck, I thought. I must have been getting kind of loud. Embarrassed I started to pull the dildo out and try to sleep, but I somehow found myself pushing it back in. I started working my hips again.

Fuck it, I thought. The music is up so loud no one will be able to hear me. I turned the vibrator to high and brought it to my clit. With my other hand I shoved two finger inside myself.

I was lost. I knew I was probably making a lot of noise, but right then I just didn’t kaçak iddaa care. All of the frustration, sexual or otherwise, of the past day was building and I knew I was going to have a monster orgasm. The pressure built, then suddenly released in waves of pleasure that seemed to last for hours.

My orgasm may have only lasted a minute or so, but it might as well have lasted all night, because the next morning I was woken up by my mom, who opened the door and peaked in.

“Come on honey, we have a busy day of things to do and it’s time to get up. Can you wake your sister up on the way to the bathroom?”

“Yeah…sure…” I responded lazily without opening my eyes. The door closed and I groaned as I sat up. It was about then that I realized I had kicked the covers off and had apparently fallen asleep without cleaning up last night. My panties were still pulled to one side and the vibrator lay on the bed between my legs in a giant dried wet spot. Shit shit shit. My mom just saw that aftermath of my first ever vibrator session! She was probably in her room with my dad, discussing how to punish me!

I started to panic, but then remembered my sister went through all of this years ago! She must have been caught doing something like this and could probably clue me in to what I was in for. I quickly headed to her room, opening and closing the door behind me. Jill was curled up under a sheet, still asleep. I tip toed over to her and gently shook her awake.

“Jill, wake up! I really need some advice right now.”

Her only response was to grown and pull the sheet tighter around herself, so I did the next thing that came to mind, which was to rip the sheet off her. I had learned a lot about my sister yesterday, and right then I learned that she also slept totally naked.

“I’m up, I’m up!” she groaned and rolled over onto her back. She was making no attempt to cover herself, but it wasn’t like she had anything to hide from me after yesterday. Her long legs were splayed and her nipples were hardening in the cool morning air. I tried not to look, but couldn’t help take in her elegant body.

“Jill, something awful happened! So last night…Well. Uh.” I didn’t know how to explain this. I could feel myself blushing at the thought of admitting I had used her dildo.

“Emmy, it’s fine, I know you were masturbating last night,” she said without opening her eyes. “I turned up my music so you could have some private time, it sounded like it was getting pretty intense.”

Why me? That was all I could think as she told me that. I couldn’t believe I was so loud my sister had to cover for me like that. I felt like crying and felt Jill wrap her arms around me and draw me close in for a hug. I was standing next to her bed so the result was her arms wrapped around my butt and her face being pushed straight into my crotch. My exposed and recently shaved crotch. SHIT SHIT SHIT! How the hell did I forget to cover myself before I left my room!?

Jill must have felt me tense as she giggled then groaned in apparent pain. “Ugh. I had way too much to drink yesterday. Listen Emmy, it’s fine. I’ve been caught masturbating a number of times, and you didn’t even have anyone walk in on you. I once caught Brian masturbating and he told me he kaçak bahis walked in on Mom once. Just pretend nothing happened and everyone else will as well.” She lightly kissed my pubes and rolled onto her back and held her temples.”

“Bu-but that’s not even the whole story! This morning Mom came in to wake me up. When she left I realized I had fallen asleep without cleaning up and at some point I kicked off the covers and Mom had to have seen the dildo and the giant wet spot I made, and well you sa-“

Jill started laughing, but that quickly turned to groans of pain. “Emmy, you know how I mentioned a friend bought me that as my first vibrator? Well, that was actually mom. She caught me using a vegetable and she thought this was probably a little bit safer.”

I don’t think my eyes had ever been so wide. My sister had just admitted to me that she stuck a vegetable in herself and our mom caught her! She just delivered that little bomb without any leadup or warning, and she didn’t seem embarrassed at all! Well, I certainly felt the embarrassment for her.

“Damn, Emmy, you look like I just told you your cat died or something. I wasn’t the first girl to experiment with vegetables and I certainly won’t be the last. Just be thankful I am here to guide you right.”

“Yeah, I guess…”

“Speaking of things to be thankful for, I would be eternally grateful for some water and painkiller.”

Grateful for the distraction I quickly turned to leave the room.

“Don’t forget to fix your panties” Jill called to me right before I reached her door. I stopped suddenly. A day ago I wouldn’t even have left my room in just a pair of panties, and now I was about to walk out into the hall with my lady bits dangling out. I really needed to pull myself together. I fixed my panties, peaked my head out into the hall and then scurried back to my room. I got my bathrobe and then left Jill her medicine before heading to the shower. I stripped off the robe and my shirt, leaving me in only a pair of panties.

I pulled the panties down my legs and was shocked to find them wet. I couldn’t believe I was aroused again. Normally I wanted sex about twice a week. Nick wanted way more than that, and he could usually get me going pretty easily but this was crazy. After last night there is no way I should be this wet, and it wasn’t like anything arousing had happened this morning! I had only managed to expose myself to my mom and sister. That thought didn’t sit well. What if I was turning into one of those girls on the internet who got off showing themselves off. I started to worry, but then Mom knocked on the door.

“Hurry up honey! We really have a lot to do today, so get ready!”

Startled, I jumped in the shower and quickly showered. I don’t know why, but I found myself practicing a bit of the shaving Jill had taught me yesterday.

After the shower we all ate breakfast and the next few days were uneventful. I didn’t wear any more of the panties Jill gave me, but didn’t throw them out. I was just too afraid of their power over me and needed to calm down some. Jill and I decided I wasn’t ready for a shopping trip yet, but she promised to go with me when I was ready. I texted Nick some, but held off on sharing any of this still I knew how I felt. I was actually sad to help Jill move in. She had an apartment off campus with a few friends, but I felt like I was just startin to connect with her. We each promised to visit later that summer before I went off to college.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32