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Erica’s Hot Summer

This is the follow up story to “Erica, My College Virgin”. You do not have to read it for this story, but if you want context as to this story, please do. This story happened the summer before we met. This story is true according to what Erica has told me. I did add some “embellishment” for the details she left out.

It was a beautiful summer day in Ohio. The sun was shining with a light breeze in the air. It was Saturday, so Erica did not have to work at her summer job today. Plus, Erica had a date planned for that evening.

Erica finished up her chores for the day (she grew up on a farm with sheep and chickens) and decided to take a shower before her date. The hot water felt good running over her body. Erica lathered up some soap and started washing herself. Her fingers lingered on her 18-year-old, 34-C breasts, sudsing them up and lightly running her fingers over her nipples as they became hard. Despite being what could be called an “athletic” build from working on the farm, Erica had quite prominent breasts. Not many of her girlfriends were blessed with the chest she had.

Then Erica slowly moved her hands down to her pussy, carefully washing it, sliding her fingers past her nut-brown pubic hair to her outer lips. She did not mean to masturbate, but she could not help herself and gently rubbed a finger along her clit, sending shivers up and down her spine, feeling so good. Erica thought about her boyfriend, Tim, whom Erica had been seeing for a few weeks now. They had had a lot of fun together. Erica had a simple attraction to Tim. He was handsome, and available. Living in the country, their simply was not a lot to choose from. He was somewhat of a “bad boy”, but that made him that more enticing for Erica.

However, Erica realize she was running late so she reluctantly stopped herself and turned off the water to get ready. She grabbed a towel to dry off and stepped out of the shower and went to her room to get ready. Erica put on Her bra and panties, and a nice sleeveless shirt and a pair of loose-fitting shorts. She lived a pretty sheltered life. Church on Sunday, prayer at meals. This meant that her underwear and bra were the standard white cotton panties and white, conservative bra. Erica went back to the bathroom and blow dried her hair and styled it just perfectly. She completed her look by applying a very conservative amount of make-up.

She finished right before Tim’s truck pulled up their long driveway. Erica told her parents “bye” and got into his truck. Tim leaned in for a kiss but Erica pushed him away. “Not in front of my parents!” she said. Tim smiled. “She is so worried about what her parents think of her”, he thought.

Tim had recently finished his stint in the Army and was now back home trying to figure out what to do with his life. He was about six feet tall, with an athletic build that he got from his training in the Army. He still wore his dark hair cropped short, but had started to grow a moustache and goatee, as the local fashion was going. He had almost olive skin…an almost Italian look.

Tim put his truck in reverse and backed out of the drive. They made light conversation as they drove to the local canlı bahis saloon he favored, the Kodiak. The Kodiak is not exactly what you would call a “dive”. It was a local beer hall but had a sand volleyball court outside. Tim would play pickup volleyball and Erica would watch, sipping her Coke (she was only 18 after all). She always liked it when it was warm and Tim slipped his shirt off. His muscled pecs turned her on.

Tim finished his game and grabbed a beer. They talked a bit and decided to order some food. So far in their relationship, they had gone slow. Much slower than Tim would have liked. But Erica was firm in her resolve, rooted in her conservative mid-Western values. Sure, they had made out some. Kisses evolved into French kissing and hands began to roam somewhat, but Erica was insistent that his hands stay about her waist. Tim had even ventured to cup her breast during one make out session, over her shirt. Erica went stiff at this. Tim, however, was not deterred and kept kissing Erica and rubbing her breast, trying to find her nipple under her bra. Erica finally let her guard down…somewhat, and moaned as his hand touched her breast.

Erica was so different than the girls he met in the Army. Most of the girls he met there were “floozies”, ready to give blow jobs, and more, in exchange for drinks and food.

Erica was different. She was not “high maintenance”, but much more of a challenge. He wondered if he could break her resolve. He was convinced she was a virgin, due to her upbringing. He would love to de-flower her young pussy.

They hung out at the Kodiak for a couple more hours. Being a small town, friends showed up and they talked and laughed. However, it was starting to get late. Erica still had a curfew at midnight and she did not want to break it. So, at around 11 PM, they paid their bill and went back to Tim’s truck. He drove them down the country roads back towards their homes (Tim’s home was only about a mile down the road from Erica’s). It did not take long and soon they were near Erica’s house. Erica told Tim to slow down. He looked at her quizzically. Then she said, “there it is…turn here”. He was not sure what was going on but he turned down dirt road that led into a local tree farm on their street. It was pitch black outside, with only the moon providing light. They got to the end of the dirt road and he stopped, and began turning the truck around. Once he got turned around, Erica told him to turn off the truck.

Once they were parked, Erica leaned in to give him a kiss. Tim had an “a-ha” moment at this. A nice private place they could make out some before going to her house. Erica’s initial inexperience when they first started dating had disappeared and they began French kissing deeply. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close.

Fortunately, he had one of those “old style” pickups with the front bench seat. Tim’s hand moved up to cup her breast and this time, Erica did not stiffen up at all. He took this as tacit approval and began moving his thumb over her shirt and bra, trying to find her nipple under all the fabric.

Erica moaned deeply and Tim broke the kiss and began kissing her neck. Erica did bahis siteleri not know this was an erogenous zone for her, but she soon discovered it. Her nipples became hard and she could feel her panties starting to get moist. Erica pulled him closer, loving his touch and kisses. Tim moved his hand down her stomach to them hem of her shirt. Still kissing her neck, he pushed his hand up under her shirt until he cupped her bra covered tit. Erica did not resist. Tim thought “it is now or never…I’ve gotten blow jobs for less work”. He then moved his hand higher and found her bra strap and pulled it down her shoulder. At this, Erica did stiffen, but did not stop him.

With her bra cup freed of its support, he pulled her left cup down and then cupped her virginal breast, skin on skin. He instinctively found her nipple and rolled it between his thumb and fore finger. Erin could not help it and let a moan escape from her mouth. His fingers moving on her nipple made her even more wet. Erica pulled his face from her neck and kissed him deeply as he massaged her breast and nipple.

Then Erica did something that even surprised her. In her lust, she reached down and undid his belt buckle and snap. She then started to pull his zipper down. However, in the position they were in, both leaned in across the bench seat, she could not get it all the way down. She broke their kiss and gently pushed him back by his chest. He leaned back and she was able to get his zipper all the way down.

Now, she was at a crossroads. She had never touched a man before. “Was this too fast”, she wondered to herself. However, she had gone this far. She then reached her hand in and found his hard cock under his boxers. She stroked his shaft over the cotton, feeling its hardness. As she got to the top of his dick, she felt wetness on his boxers. “Did he come already?”, she thought. She was so innocent, she did not know about how men pre-cum when excited. He stayed hard and she continued to play with his cotton clad cock.

Tim loved the feeling of Erica’s hand on his dick. He thought “turnabout is fair play” so he reached for Erica’s shorts. She was wearing loose, draw string shorts. Since she did have a zipper to unzip to give access, he decided to move his hands up her pants leg. Her shorts were short enough, but certainly not immodest, that he could move his hand all the way up to her crotch. As he moved his hand up her thigh, Erica pulled his boxers down to expose his cock.

She moved his boxers down and reached in and grabbed his hard dick. She had never touched a man’s penis before, and especially not an erect one. She marveled in its hardness, feeling his veins and the shape of his glans. She instinctively began to stroke it and she felt a slippery liquid start to coat her palm. She then realized what pre-cum was…natural lubricant. Tim moaned as she stroked him, and he re-focused on his efforts.

He moved his hand up her shorts and Erica adjusted to allow her shorts to ride up higher. Then she felt it. She felt his fingers outside her pussy over her white cotton panties. Tim positioned his hand so that his palm was over her mons and his thumb was stroking the top of her slit. He had enough bahis şirketleri experience to know where a clit was. Erica was shocked at the feeling. It was as if all the pleasure in the world was being dumped on her. She moaned loudly as he stroked her slit and clit. Tim continued to stroke her while she ran her hand up and down his shaft. Then Tim felt the payoff. The front of her panties started to become soaking wet.

Tim maneuvered his fingers to her panties’ thigh hole, and desperately attempted to move them to the side. He was not sure how far Erica was willing to go, but he was sure he wanted to find out. Finally he got a finger under her panties and pulled them to the side. He pushed his fingers inside her panties, this time palm up, so his fingers were pointed downwards. He rubbed Erica’s pussy, feeling her nut-brown pubic hair on his palm. He then moved his middle finger down until it was riding between her slit. She was very wet.

Erica and Tim were lost in a sea of passion. French kissing, rubbing, licking, massaging. Tim decided to penetrate Erica. He moved his middle finger down until he felt her hole. Kissing Erica, he pushed his finger down and in, until it slid into her hot, soaking pussy. Erica moaned and being penetrated for the very first time. Even when she touched herself, she had never put a finger inside her. She had just rubbed her mons and clit. She felt no pain…perhaps her hymen had been broken by bicycle riding or horseback riding. His finger slid in with no resistance, and soon he added his fore finger. Erica felt full.

Tim was elated with his accomplishments. He had gone from first base to third in one night! He was finger fucking Erica and she was stroking his dick. However, Tim realized he had a problem. He could feel his orgasm coming on. He wanted to prolong the pleasure, to perhaps get Erica in the bed of his pickup, and deflower her young pussy. But as inexperienced as Erica was, her ministrations on his cock was having its effect. He could not help himself and soon began to moan and leaned back, breaking their kiss. Erica looked at him questioningly but soon realized the look of ecstasy on his face. She continued to stroke his cock until he let out a loud groan and rope after rope of hot, white cum erupted from the tip of his penis. It landed on his shirt, and some even got on Erica’s arm.

Tim was spent. His cock sent a few more streams of semen out of the tip, and they dripped down Erica’s hand and wrist. His fingers slipped out of her pussy and he lay back. Erica was pleased with herself. Even in the throes of passion, she was worried about going too far. She was pleased she made him orgasm, and that she felt a man’s fingers in her pussy the first time. But she was glad that he did not lose control and try to fuck her then and there. She fixed her bra and pulled her pants back down. Tim eventually came to and pulled his pants back up.

He cranked up the truck and drove back to the road. Soon they were back in her driveway and said good night. He leaned in to kiss her, but she pushed him gently back by his chest. “No, my parents might still be up!” she said. She told him good night and got out of the truck. Tim thought of the irony of it. She had just given him a hand job, and he had just finger fucked her pussy, and now she was worried about an innocent kiss. He smiled to himself as he put the truck in drive and drove down Erica’s driveway….

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32