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I open my eyes to darkness. Normally, I would be on my feet in an instant, weapons drawn. But right now, I feel completely relaxed. I’m lying on a large, soft bed. I can see no light. There’s a sound at the foot of the bed. I lift my head to find out the source.

I see your silhouette standing just beyond the foot of the bed. You’re outlined in flickering orange light. It bleeds through your blonde hair that sits on top of your head. It traces the gentle curves of your shoulders, the lean but muscular edge of your arms, down to your hips, your equally toned legs, and up the insides of your thighs to the delicate skin between them. The real curves of your body are masked by the slender arms hanging at your sides. But that is remedied soon enough.

You slowly lift your arms to release your golden locks, spilling them down your shoulders and back. The candle light rushes in to embrace you, redrawing itself around the luscious curve of your hips, hugging your narrow waist, and playing at the outsides of your high, heavy breasts.

You start walking toward the bed. The firelight moves with you, sliding around the outside of your body. It sways with your hips, kindling a warmth in my groin. You climb onto the bed, and crawl slowly toward me. The golden flames of your hair have fallen forward, obscuring most of your divine body. güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri But I know what’s there already. My cock begins to stir under the sheets. It’s now that I realize I’m completely naked, covered only by the silk sheet pulled up to my waist.

The cool, smooth sheets tease me, stiffening my organ. It begins to rise as you draw closer. Your hand closes around my silk-enshrouded member, and begins sliding the light fabric up, then down my shaft. Your body moves and flows as you stroke me, imagining what it would feel like inside you.

The firelight is growing with our passion, illuminating more of your body. Every new inch of your body revealed is more appealing than the last. The desire to be inside you gets stronger and stronger until I feel I can’t take it anymore. Your lust grows with mine, feeding the flames behind you with every stroke of my stiffening organ.

Your other hand slides up to grasp the top of the sheet at my waist. In one motion, you let go of my erection and pull the sheet down. The fire flares, casting a bright glow throughout the room as my engorged cock is now freed of its torturously luxurious confines.

The flames die down slightly as you take the painfully solid organ delicately in your hands. You touch it, feel it, caress it as if it were a precious piece güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri of art. Your fingers touch just the right spots, dragging your fingernails along the sensitive underside. You lower your head, and I feel your warm, wet tongue gliding slowly behind your teasing fingernail.

Your tongue swirls around the head as the flames caress your body, teasing me with a little more skin. You’re shivering with lust, despite the fire burning in your loin. You very reluctantly take your hungry mouth from my organ, and raise yourself to a kneeling position. Your hair burns brighter, and the outline of your body reveals a little bit more of your breasts and hips.

You climb up my body until my arousal touches your hairless mound. The fire flares in response. You take me in your hand again, but this time, you don’t stroke it. You guide it slowly, tauntingly between your thighs until the head finds the moist flesh of your cleft.

Your soft folds are even silkier than the sheets that enticed me before. The petals of your flower open to allow me in. Slowly, so slowly, you lower yourself with agonizing patience. The flames fondle you, slipping and sliding over your sweaty skin. The burning light reaches around you, illuminating your firm breasts and hard nipples.

The fire burns hotter and brighter güvenilir bahis şirketleri than ever, as you finally reach the base of my shaft. You feel the head of my organ caress the bottom of your blossom, and begin to grind your hips in circles. The fire moves with you, dances with you, still burning brightly. I can now see your beautiful face, wracked with uninhibited pleasure.

The flames die down as you lift yourself up my shaft, then flare brightly again as you lower yourself. Our eyes meet as you pump my solid cock inside yourself faster and faster. The flames flare and die with each thrust, adding more lust to the fury of your ravenous body.

You hold my gaze for a moment, drowning me in the passion of your soul. You close your eyes and throw your head back, taking your bouncing breasts in your hands. You roll your swollen nipples between your fingers as you drive my cock harder and harder inside. The fire has stopped fading between thrusts, and now only grows brighter and hotter. We’re both moaning loudly, our bodies ascending rapidly through our lust. Faster and harder you fuck me, almost lifting off my cock with every upstroke. Faster and harder until I think I must die.

The fire explodes into the room as our bodies burst into orgasm, enveloping the walls, the bed, and our spasming bodies in flames of pure, white-hot passion. The flames burn and scorch for what seems hours. Finally, they begin to die down, allowing us to gasp for air, then finally breath heavily the thick air. Lower and cooler the flames die, until finally, you collapse exhausted on my chest, where together we lie, smoldering through the night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32