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She looked down at her watch, and back up at the big display board on the wall. “Ten more minutes,” she said to herself, then briskly walked away from the board, towards the luggage drop off. Staring at the bags going round and round on the carousel, she waited. “Oh! There’s one, excuse me, excuse me,” she said, squeezing past the crowd of people by the carousel to snag an orange bag off the line.

Setting the bag down, she immediately spotted another bag, his green military duffel bag. She grabbed that quickly and added it to the orange bag. “Hmm, one more, I think…” she mumbled to herself, standing patiently with the bags, trying to avoid the other people pushing past her to get to the front of the crowd.

Closing her eyes for a minute, she leaned against the bags for a bit of support. It had been a long six months. Sure, after the first two or three, the time seemed to go by faster, especially after she had gotten a job, but it still wasn’t fast enough for her. Now, finally, the day had come for her sweetheart to come back home, to her. She was so excited, and a little anxious, to see him.

The noise of the crowd blended together, creating a dull roar of background noise, lulling her to sleep on her feet. She heard the footsteps of strangers come and go past her, sometimes stopping to wait near the luggage carousel for their own suitcases, and some just walking past her to some other destination.

A pair of booted feet clomped her way, and she heard the person stop somewhere behind her. Then suddenly she felt a pair of hands grab her sides from behind, and she nearly screamed out loud, but instead gave a startled yelp and jumped slightly. Whirling quickly around to face the stranger, she was about to give him a piece of her mind, then stopped, her mouth slightly open, when she noticed who it was.

“Jake!” she squealed, seeing his familiar face, then launched herself at him. He caught her in his arms, twirling her around a few times, and hugging her close. Giving her a quick kiss on the lips, he put her down, smiling at her. “Anne, you look beautiful. Oh, and I got the other bag,” Jake added as an afterthought, holding a black suitcase up to show her, “so we can get out of here.”

Anne grinned back at him, glad of the compliment. He had seen the dress on the webcam when she bought it, but the snug black fabric still brought out a great reaction from him. She wore black heels to go with the dress. He was wearing his usual black Dickies and a tan colored tshirt, with his tan combat boots. The pants seemed a bit loose on him, though, but she knew he had lost weight while he was there. Anne had trimmed down a bit herself while he was gone, and she was proud of herself for the accomplishment.

He picked up the green duffel bag, and she grabbed the orange backpack, pulling out the extendable handle, and rolling it behind her. Finally, she thought as she walked slightly behind him, enjoying the view, they could both go home.


As Jake walked out the automatic sliding doors, he stopped outside to wait for Anne. “Come on, slowpoke,” he teased. “You get up in front, you know where the truck is,” he added, grinning at her. She stuck her tongue out at him briefly, then gave him a quick kiss as she passed by him. “You just want to watch the nice view,” she mock-scolded over her shoulder, then wiggled her butt at him, laughing.

“So?” he answered simply, goggling at her luscious behind. “Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm, I’m glad you got those dresses. That one fits you very well,” he said, his voice a deep rumble. She said nothing in reply, but walked a little faster, her hips swaying a little more with her longer stride, and he shook his head, laughing, then picked up his pace to catch up to her.

Anne stopped at the back of the truck, setting the bag down. “Let me open it real quick and you can pop the bags in,” she said, then hurried to the driver’s door, heels bahis firmaları clicking in the cool night air of the nearly empty parking lot. Reaching in, she turned the key just enough so the power would come on, and rolled down the back window. The radio came on, too, country music filtering through the truck. “Ok, you can put them in now.” While he was throwing his bags in the back of the truck, she moved some of the stuff off the seats.

She had bought a few things before picking him up, so she wouldn’t have to make any side trips after they left the airport. Nothing was perishable, so it was safe to leave it in the car for a prolonged period of time. She moved her purse to the front of the console, then stretched over the front seat to reach the plastic bags in the passenger seat, one foot slightly off the ground.

As she was relocating the bags, Jake called to her from the back. “Hey, you can close the window now.” Reaching back, she closed the window, then went back to moving the rest of the bags. “Jake, are you going to drive back home, or do you want me to drive? I know you’re probably tired, so…hey!” she yipped, surprised when he grabbed her hips and pulled her towards him, until she could feel him press into her soft behind. She groaned slightly when she felt the hard outline of his rigid cock pressing against her soft flesh, and it didn’t help matters when he started rubbing slowly against her.

“Jake,” she gasped, trying to breath normally, “what are you doing?” He chuckled darkly, and she turned to look back at him, and saw the mischievous smile on his face. “What do you…THINK…I’m doing?” he said, thrusting hard against her when he said ‘think’. She groaned a little louder as she was pushed further on the seat, and now she was practically laying down, her bum sticking out of the truck, head resting on the console.

She giggled a little, then sighed at his obviously overflowing hormones. “Honey, we’re still in the airport, for heaven’s sake, we can’t do anything right now…” she tried to explain, then trailed off when his hand slid under her dress, creeping towards the outline of that tempting ass. “Tsk tsk tsk, what a naughty little girl you are, not wearing any underwear…” he growled softly, and she could feel his cock pulse happily in response to this new discovery.

Anne moaned when she felt Jake caress the bare flesh of her ass, then he moved his hands to the front, exploring her soft, warm body. His hot, rough hands skimmed over her mound, and trailed up her stomach, to her breasts. “Ah, and no bra either,” he said, and she could hear the predatory smile in his voice. “Now, what was it you were saying about not being able to do anything? Obviously you were wanting me…to do something…since you aren’t wearing anything underneath this dress,” he whispered in her ear, nipping and licking at the sensitive lobe, making her shiver slightly underneath him.

“Jake, you’re driving me nuts, stop it. We can’t do anything here, it’s a public airport, what if someone walks by and sees us?” she said, her heart racing. “Mmm, you DID ask me if I wanted to drive…” he laughed lightly. “You know that’s not what I meant…ahh…” she moaned in midsentence as one of his hands slipped back down between her legs, the other cupping one of her breasts. He leaned forward, pressing his body into hers, so she couldn’t get up, his throbbing cock trapped between them.

He let the tips of his fingers trail against her slit, and he wasn’t too surprised that she was already wet. “I think your body is telling me something different,” he said softly, nibbling her neck. “Ohh, Jake…let me turn around, I want to see your face.” He reluctantly pulled away to let her adjust. She straightened up, pressing her body against his for support, looking up at him with an evil grin, then turned around and pushed the driver’s seat all the way back, as far as it would go, then lowered kaçak iddaa the back until it touched the seat behind it. He grinned back at her. “I like the way you think, woman.” He said appreciatively, and she laughed.

“Climb on up, honey, this’ll be a night to remember,” she purred, patting the cushion. Happy to oblige, he hopped up in the seat, his hands going to his belt, but she slapped them away. “Nuh uh, not yet. You wanted this so bad, you’re going to have to wait.” She scolded, then smiled at him. Slowly, she got in the truck with him, moving his limbs around a bit so she could close the door. “I’d hate for the battery to die,” she explained, a sheepish smile on her face.

He mumbled something incoherent in response, as she slid her sexy little body against his. His hands went back under her dress, roaming her body freely, and she leaned further into him, pressing her lips softly against his. He responded, kissing her back, his tongue probing between her lips gently for entry, and she parted them, darting her own tongue out to meet his, tasting him for the first time in six long months. She growled in frustration at that first taste, and kissed him harder, pulling his body closer to hers, wanting more.

He growled back, his hands no longer roaming, one on her plump asscheek, the other stroking her slit, making her moan and grind against the tormenting hand.

“Oh, god, I missed you so much, Jake.” She mumbled against his lips, rocking slightly against him with each stroke. “I missed you too, baby, I missed you too,” he said hoarsely. He released her buttcheek and replaced it with a breast, kneading the soft flesh, pinching the hardened nipple gently between his fingers, teasing her naked flesh. Unable to bear it any longer, she pulled away from him slightly so she could unbuckle his belt and unzip him. She heard Jake’s sharp intake of breath when she reached in to pull his throbbing penis out, and she gave him a catlike smile.

“You like that, baby?” she purred, slowly stroking his rigid member up and down, occasionally lingering at the head, rubbing his precum around the smooth crown. He snarled in response, a carnal look in his gaze. She leaned forward again, capturing his lips once more, still stroking his hard cock slowly between them. He kissed her hard, biting her bottom lip gently, then thrust his fingers deep inside her without warning. “Oh!” she cried out at the sudden movement, automatically trying to move back and withdrawal the fingers, but his other arm held her tight against him.

He moved his fingers in a fast ‘come hither’ motion, sending her bucking against him, and moaning loudly despite their current location. She was still holding his hard cock, in a rather tight grip, but no longer stroking, mesmerized by what he was doing to her. “Anne,” he whispered, “please, I want you…I want to be inside you, right now…” he groaned, unable to take her writhing body on top of him, and her moaning in his ear any longer. She kissed him one more time, then pulled away, releasing his cock, and reaching over to the passenger seat.

“What are you doing?” he asked her, quirking an eyebrow. She dug around in her purse for a moment, found what she was looking for, and straightened back up in the seat, waving a foil package in his face. “You know you probably won’t last long, since it’s been a while, and you’re so…excited,” she said, smiling, “and I also don’t want to make a mess,” she added, a slightly pouty look on her face. He grinned, giving her a long, slow kiss to take that look off her face, then leaned back and waited.

Slowly, she opened the foil package, then pulled the condom out, and rolled it down the length of him, taking her time. He tried not to show his impatience throughout this entirely too slow process, and he barely just managed, but she still knew how he felt. Besides, that was half the fun, she thought to herself. Once that job was done, kaçak bahis she raised herself up slightly, with him holding her dress out of the way, and guided him inside her. They needed no lube, for she was plenty wet herself to solve that problem.

He groaned when she settled herself on top of him, and he was completely buried inside of her. She gasped slightly when she felt his penis throb inside her. “Oh, shit…” he whispered, his voice so low she could barely hear him. “That feels sooo good, Anne…damn, you’re tight…mmm…” he moaned, trying to control his unpredictable orgasm.

She stayed still on his lap for a moment, waiting for him to adjust to the feeling, and reel in his wayward hormones, so he could control his orgasm better. Once she noticed he had better control of himself, she started rocking back and forth against him, keeping a slow, steady rhythm. “Yeah, just like that…” he whispered, his eyes half closed and slightly glazed over. While she moved slowly on top of him, she kissed and nibbled her way up and down his neck, to his ears, and back to his lips, making him thrust his hips in the air, begging her to go faster.

Eyes closed, she shook her head, a barely perceptible motion, continuing her slow pace, enjoying the feel of his throbbing, rock hard penis sliding in and out of her. Oh, how she missed that wonderful feeling, of being filled completely with her lover, his arms wrapped tightly around her…

Her eyes flew open, a gasp escaping her lips, when his talented fingers found her clit, and started rubbing vigorously. She cried out from the unexpected sensation, her hips moving faster of their own accord. “T-that’s c-cheating,” she gasped, barely able to speak, due to his teasing, stroking fingers. “There’s no such thing as cheating when it comes to this, sweetheart,” he replied through slightly clenched teeth, while she rode him hard and fast.

He could tell she was getting close, he could feel her pussy muscles convulsing around his dick, nearly making him lose what little control he had left. Knowing she was about to come without her having to tell him, he stopped rubbing her clit, grabbed her hips, and pulled her roughly up and down his hard shaft, helping her go faster without dislodging himself. Anne was constantly moaning now, her breathing ragged, pounding into him as hard as she could, sucking and nibbling on his earlobes, then his lips, going back and forth between the two, getting closer and closer to the edge with each slick thrust.

“Ohh, fuck, Anne, I’m about to…to cum…oh, shit,” he cried out. “Oh, yes, baby, cum inside me, I’m almost there…” she whispered, her hands wrapped around his neck, holding on for dear life. That one whispered sentence undid the last thread that held him back, and cum erupted out of his cock, spurting the thick, white liquid into the condom. “Oooohh,” she cried, bucking against him, as her own orgasm overtook her when she felt the cum moving down his shaft and filling the condom.

They held each other tightly for a moment, her pussy muscles milking the remainder of cum out of his softening cock. They kissed each other thoroughly for a few moments, letting their own orgasms abate slightly. After a while, Anne moved off Jake’s lap, letting his spent cock slip out of her dripping hole, slapping wetly against his thigh. She giggled, then removed the used condom, rummaged through her purse again, and pulled out a worn blue towel, first wiping herself off, then handing it to him so he could clean up.

Opening the door, she climbed out of the truck, holding onto the door for support, as her knees were a bit wobbly from the position she had been in. She pulled her dress back down, straightening it so it would properly cover herself. Tossing the wrapper and contents in a nearby trashcan, she walked over to the passenger side, opened the door, and hopped in. As he zipped up his pants, he looked at her with a slight smile on his face. “I guess I’m driving, huh?” She smiled back at him, buckling her seatbelt. “You said it, sweetheart.” And they both were laughing as he pulled out of the parking lot and headed for home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32