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(Preface: The original Geisha’s were entertainers of men, from singing to conversations and the ancient art of sex. It is said many geisha do not preform sex acts as is the custom today due to taxation of the profession. Many tea houses in Japan offer geishas to this day. Women often choose to go to Geisha schools for it is an honoured and profitable profession. This is a fiction story come right out of my head. But I did research the Geisha to get my information. I wrote this for erotic-fun, and because I was born in Japan and dabbled in my roots. I wish to thank my friend and editor for if not for her this story would not be as great a story as she has helped me make it. Thanks Rach.)

The two men walked over the tiny bridge of oriental style that arched over the man made pool filled with colorful fish. The garden was lovely, filled with junipers and bright flowers of all kinds. The typical Japanese style landscape was immaculate, divided with wooden and rock walkways and floral delights. The dwelling was elegant hard wood slatted with the tiny trimmed windows with white backing.

“Looks like Mr. Miyagi’s house don’t it.” commented the tall, slim soldier.

“Yeah, pretty neat huh?” replied his comrade.

The two service men of the U.S Air force were stationed in Tachikawa, Japan. Out for a little R and R with nookie on the brain. Their quest for entertainment had led them to the Japanese tea and bath house on the edge of the village. Better known as the House of the Geisha. They walked up to the door and knocked, stepping back they admired the establishment.

“This is a Tea house?” Danny asked.

“Call it what you want, it’s still a Geisha house.” Joe replied.

They waited for long, silent moments, looking at each other, then back around the landscaped garden. The door finally slid side-ways, revealing a Japanese woman in full kimono dress and hair up in a shimada: where the hair is pulled back into a full bun.

The two men went to cross the threshold as she stepped back, allowing their entrance. Suddenly darting back in front of them she began chattering in Japanese, pointing to their feet. They didn’t understand a word she said, but they took the hint to remove their shoes before continuing.

“Why do you think they always make us take our shoes off?’ Danny asked as he bent to remove his first boot. Tall and slim, Danny was a scrapping young man with sandy, blonde, military short hair. Swiftly removing his other boot, he stood patiently as Joe continued to wrestle with his first boot.

“I don’t know, but it seems like we spend a lot of time doing this.” Joe said, slightly frustrated at the endeavour. Joe was the aggressive one, stern and always on edge.

Their shoes removed, they entered the house. The tiny lady bowed low as they walked in upon the hard wood floor. She pointed to the shelving that was for their shoes to be placed. The room was spacious with several tables and a small coffee like table with a small Bonsai tree in it’s center.

“Where’s the all the ladies?” Joe asked.

The Yakata, little Japanese woman in charge motioned for them to sit and they each took a spot at a table, sitting on the floor. Just then a wall slid to the side and another woman came in with a tray and set it on the low table before them. Bowing low she knelt and began pouring two small cups of liquid, as the other lady slipped from the room. Another woman came in with a Shamisen, a small lute-like instrument and knelt in a corner and began immediately to play.

The little lady with the tea tray, was adorned with small flowers in her tightly arranged Shimada. She gently handed each a cup from the table and smiled, keeping her eyes down at all times. Placing her hands in her lap, she sat there patiently, graceful in her kimono of red flowers and white swirls.

“Wow, this place is great.” Danny said gingerly holding his tea cup, looking around the room in awe, marvelling at the craftsmanship of the wooden trims.

“Yeah, ain’t like the chicken ranch in Texas.” Joe replied laughing. Setting his cup on the table, he looked at the lady with her head down. Reaching out to raise her head up, he made her look at him. She submitted to his gesture as he lightly held her chin, staring intently at her soft, dark eyes and pale, painted face.

“Are you supposed to take care of us…I mean gonna…” he stammered just as the door slid open again and four Japanese ladies entered. All in a row they bowed low, sinking to kneel in the open space on the floor. The lady that was before them poured and refilled their tiny cups as they studied the new women. They looked at each other and smiled.

“Well things are looking up, huh Danny boy?” Joe said with a large smile on his face. The lady Yakata, that had answered the door came in and knelt at the table with the two men.

She spat some words at them in Japanese, “Hanadai, Maiko.”

The two men looked at each other, not having a clue what she had just said. Assuming she was asking güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri if they wanted a room and a girl Joe blurted “Well pay the lady Danny, see if that’s what she wants. ”

Danny took out his wallet and laid some money on the table. The women looked at it but didn’t move or reach for it, just chattered some more words excitedly.

“O-hanadai.” She said, seeming excited.

The two men looked at each other and Danny laid more money on the table, causing the woman to start chattering even more as if angered. Danny’s eyes widened and he put all the money he had on the table. The women yelled something and got to her feet, bowing briefly before scurrying from the room, leaving the money sitting on the table.

“What does she want?” Danny asked.

“Heck if I know.” Joe replied.

The four women kneeling on the floor never stirred, all had their heads down and the little lady at the side of the table remained still, only moving to refill their cups after each drink. The player of the shamisen kept strumming away at her instrument, filling the room with her soft music. Then a man came in, his kimono partially open. His full, round belly hung out as if he had quickly thrown his clothes on.

“He’wo gent’emen, what I do fo’ you.” The man asked in broken English.

The two sitting at the table looked at each other then at the man. Joe spoke up quickly.

“We want to humm…well…we were told we could…perhaps find a women to…humm…take care of our…needs.”

“Well certainly. You no have O-chaya?” The man asked.

Danny and Joe looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders. Joe looked at the man puzzled and Danny looked at the lovely lady sitting at the table with them, giving a confused look.

“I see, well Geisha house right place for you. The house require you have sponsor,” the man said as they remained silent. Looking at the money on the table he smiled. Reaching down he took the money and began counting and smiling rather largely.

“Oh’ ki’doky, huh..yes this do fine.” The man replied, “All Geisha require sponsor, it is strict rule in negotiations.” The heavy set man said. ‘No worry, I be you O-chaya,” and turned to walk away.

“Excuse me.” Danny blurted.

The man turned while still counting the many bills he had just acquired.


“Huh, is that for all these women?” Danny asked, gesturing to the four women still kneeling before them.

“Oh no young man, you choose one each p’ease, unless want more than one and that will require more funds.” He stated, pausing to look at the two young men. Danny and Joe looked at each other.

“Oh no. One a piece will be just fine.” Joe answered.

“Ok, each you choose one, they do rest.” The man said eyeing them a moment, then slid the door to the side and disappeared, leaving Joe and Danny alone with the girls.

“He’s their pimp, huh? Joe asked.

“I think so.” Danny replied.

They looked at the girls still kneeling silently in a row. Each one was lovely, each dressed a bit differently. All of them had pale painted faces and were brightly dressed with flowers and red lips.

“Well you choose first Danny, you paid for this.” Joe said impatiently.

Danny looked at all 4 women and each had their own beauty and styled hair. He pointed to the woman closest to him, the one who had been pouring their tea. She was looking at the floor in front of her.

“I’ll take this one.” He said looking at Joe then looking back at her, nodding.

Joe had his eyes directly on his choice of the lovely ladies and pointed. “That one,” he spat.

Joe waisted no time as he got up and went to his selection. Walking up to the woman, he reached down and pulled her to her feet. The little lady that poured the drinks spoke a few light words in Japanese to the girl, who stepped slightly behind Joe, patiently waiting for his direction. Joe looked behind him and giggled.

“She’s a little shy, huh?” he asked.

“Is customary.” Spoke the little women who had been pouring their tea. Danny and Joe looked at her in amazement.

“You speak English?” Danny asked inquisitively.

“Oh yes.” She replied. “Is custom to walk behind man always, never front of.” Motioning with her hand for him to go down the hall. She said softly. “Pease’, go tis’ way.”

Following the direction of her quickly, waving hands, Joe began to walk down the hall, smiling broadly as the young geisha followed close behind him. Looking over at Danny, who was finally getting to his feet, Joe gave a positive nod of his head and smiled from ear to ear.

Danny looked at his choice of ladies, while Joe disappeared down the long hall. He mimicked Joes earlier movements, reaching down he gently went to take her hand.

“Oh no,” she whispered, shaking her head. “I Maiko, mizu-age, I train the Geisha way.”

“So you can’t be with me, Maiko?” Danny asked, curiously.

“No, I Miko, I be a Maiko is proper Mizu-age, is training güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to be Geisha.” She said. Danny just looked at her more confused. “I assure you, you want experience Geisha.” She replied. Danny looked at the three ladies that still knelt on the floor, then back at Miko.

“I have made my choice.” He said with a smile as he firmly grasped her hand. She shyly looked up at him as he guided her to her feet.

“Hi, my name is Danny.” He said, still holding her hand. She softly looked into his eyes and then a small smile rose from her lips. Turning she spoke to the girls still kneeling on the floor, swiftly they rose and left silently through the sliding door.

Looking back at Danny, smiling she said. “I am Miko.” With a very short squat that was obviously a Japanese courtesy.

Then she motioned with her hand in a dancers way, palm pointing upward towards the great hall. Danny understood the gesture and began walking that way.

The hall was long as he caught a glimpse of Joe before he slipped into a room and the door slid shut. His little Japanese lady walked briskly behind him as he walked the corridor with curious eyes. Her dress was tight around her body and ankles, barely allowing room to step. She slightly short stepped down the hall, trailing close behind him.

She finally come to a spot and opened a sliding door and entered, Danny looked down the hall and couldn’t tell that there were any rooms. Or that any sliding doors existed, they must just know where to open the doors since he couldn’t see any door knobs, such as he was accustomed to.

Following her into the small room he saw a large bath tub as the little Geisha slid the door behind him shut. She walked to the tub and turned the water on, checking its temperature before beginning to remove her clothes.

“Huh? We going to take a bath now?” Danny asked, the Geisha looked at him silently, never stopping as her kimono dropped. His eyes shot wide open at the sight of her standing there in a funny looking set of panties. Her ko-itten, was bright red, a wrap that started at her waist. Swiftly she unwrapped the material from around her body and continued unwrapping till she got to her breast and then laid the long cloth on a rack on the wall. He was so taken by this sight that he hadn’t even begun removing any of his clothes yet.

“Hey Danny, that you.” Danny heard Joe yell from the next room.

“Yeah,” Danny replied he began taking his shirt off, watching as his Geisha sat on the edge of the tub, pouring some kind of powder into the water, stark naked, with no shame, or no acknowledgement.

“Hey Joe, you taking a bath too?” Danny asked inquisitively as he began to remove his pants.

“Yeah this is great.” Joe yelled back, Miko walked over to the wall that Joe’s voice was coming from and slid the wall to the side that was actually another door. Joe was laying in a bath tub, while his Geisha was washing his shoulders. She was perched naked on the rim of the tub and looked up at him for a moment before continuing to wash Joe. She was lightly singing and humming while she did this, engrossed in her task.

Miko took Danny by the arm and led him to the tub. Danny took off his pants, a bit shyly, and put a foot in the water to test the temperature. Finding it perfect, he stepped in confidently, slowly sinking into the warm water. Looking over he could barely see Joe sunken in his tub. Miko sat on the rim of the tub with a soft, wet cloth in hand, and began rubbing his shoulders. Hungrily he stared at her as she moved gracefully, dipping the cloth repeatedly into the water as she cleansed his back.

Miko’s nipples were hardened little brown protrusions, her skin all one tone, no tan. Her lips painted bright red in contrast to her white face. Bending closer, she cupped the water with her hand, gently pouring it over his shoulders. He sat in the warm water as she washed him with smooth strokes, enjoying the attention she paid to his body. She came around to the side of the tub and climbed in one foot at a time, settling slowly in front of him in the bath, all the while humming a little jikata tune.

“Hey Danny, how you doing over there man?’ Joe called.

“Just fine, this ain’t what I expected. Where’s the beds?” Danny replied.

“Don’t know, hope this ain’t a misunderstanding.” Joe yelled out, as his Geisha’s hands and wash cloth were rubbing his cock and lower tummy.

“Huh, I don’t think so, maybe they don’t have beds.” Danny shouted back, watching Miko confidently run the cloth over his entire body. Danny couldn’t resist as he reached up and cupped Miko’s breast. She never flinched at his tentative touch so feeling braver he squeezed her rounded flesh lightly. Bringing up his other hand he fondled both of her soft firm breasts. She moved the cloth under the water now pulling on his cock as she cleaned him, using the other hand to push him backwards.

“You relax.” Miko said sensing his tension, lifting onto her knees, güvenilir bahis şirketleri she reached up to his shoulders and began massaging them. Her breasts moved gently, mere inches from his face as she rubbed him. Eagerly he captured them with his hands, squeezing her gently as he flicked his tongue out to sample her taste.

Joe was enjoying the same treatment but far less patiently as he dragged his Geisha closer and began kissing her wildly, pulling roughly at her bare breasts. She submitted but never missed a beat as her hands and cloth continued cleaning his body. Eagerly he ran his hand down between her legs, to her unshaven bush and fiddled to find the slit. The Geisha let out a slight noise as she took the cloth and wrung it out above his head. As the water trickled streams in his hair, his mouth fell to her shoulder and his finger found her hole. Undisturbed she continued to soak his hair, grabbing a bar of soap and rubbing it in. She lathered him up quickly, running her fingers firmly through his hair.

A Japanese woman quietly entered the room, with an arm load of towels and kimonos. Gasping at her unexpected entrance, Danny released his Geisha, shyly moving to cover himself up some. Setting half down on a stand Danny’s room, she moved briskly through the opened doorway to Joes’. When she got into the room Joe was in, Joe kept on toying with his Geishas’ body and even reached out and tried to slap the ass of the towel carrying lady as she put the stack down and exited.

The Geisha in the tub with Joe stood up in the water, with Joe still pulling at her breast and puss. His hands reluctantly dropped as she stepped from the tub and reached over for a towel. Swiftly wiping herself off before wrapping it around her. Then taking another towel and holding it up as a gesture for Joe while she mumbled in Japanese. Joe realised tub time was over and stood up, even though his cock had gotten half-hard with his playfulness.

She started patting Joe down with the towel and drying him off, but Joe took the towel from her. “Here let me do that little lady,” he said. Taking the towel and drying himself off, he watched as the Geisha slipped into a fresh Kimono and then took another and held it up for Joe.. He stepped out of the tub and slipped straight into the kimono. She took Joes hand with a couple words and gestured him to the door.

“Hey Danny boy, looks like I’m headed to the next level. Muster up marine, semper fi. Holler if ya need any help.” He said loudly, laughing as his Geisha followed him from the room. Joe started walking, continually looking back at the Geisha to check where he was supposed to go. She motioned for him to stop a few doors down and slid open another room, stepping back to allow him to enter.

Danny was laid back now and Miko was sensually rubbing his whole body with the cloth and he was enjoying every minute of it. He was exploring her body with light squeezes of her firm, perky breasts. She leaned way forward, her breasts practically in his face as she took the cloth and rang it out above his head and the water trickled down into his hair. With one hand she rubbed the water and soap in while the other cupped and kept dipping into the water and back to his head getting his hair soaked. He couldn’t resist tasting her breast, leaning forward he sucked at her nipples, watching as they got hard instantly.

She gracefully rose from the tub, stepping carefully out onto the wooden floor. Miko reached for a towel, patting her skin dry and wrapping it firmly around her. Fetching another towel she held it up for Danny with a soft smile. Danny rose up, standing still as she began to wipe the water off him. Raising his arms a bit to help her dry his torso he smiled as she carefully wiped away the beads of water. Satisfied with his upper body, she knelt down and began to wipe each foot and leg, swiftly working upwards. Carefully she lifted his balls and dried him fully with the soft towel, as if she had done this many times before.

Standing up, she reached for a Kimono, holding it open so he could put an arm in and then the other. She even tied the front for him as Danny hungrily watched her every move. Letting her towel drop to the floor, she put the other robe on and tied it in a bow also before taking his hand with a large smile on her face. Danny smiled back, incredibly attracted to the sweet girl. She pointed out the door and Danny began walking down the hall, pausing as she softly touched his sleeve. Sliding another door to the side she gestured for him to enter. The room was spacious with a large mat on the floor, a large armoire and a very small table to one side. There was already a cup and small container on the table. He reached for it to pour his cup but Miko reached quickly and took the container and poured it for him. Danny smiled at her way of doing things for him.

“P’ease, you sit.” She said, extending her arm out to the table.

She walked to the armoire and opened the large wooden doors. She displayed with both hands outwards, like Vana White on Wheel of Fortune, for him to see the many things that the armoire offered. There on the door hung rope, riding crops, whips and chains of some sort. On the shelves were countless dildos and lotions and many things he had no idea what they were, much less what to do with them.

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