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This is a work of fiction, based on no true experiences or actual people.

** The Happy Ending 5 – Raina Takes Center Stage **

Michele awoke at her usual time, getting up promptly and having her first shower of the day before brewing her morning tea and making some toast. She turned on the news as she normally did, letting it remain in the background as she considered the day’s plan. She needed to make some small modifications to the Syb table so they could test the new sensor tool and techniques in a position that was closer to their normal therapy positions. It was the only way to accomplish their rather ambitious objectives and prepare Raina for her first ‘real’ client. She pulled her tablet PC over and brought up the illustrations of the existing table. It should be a simple matter of loosening the mount for the tool and re-aiming it; but she would have to try it to be sure. A second cup of tea and she was ready to start her day.

Michele’s regime always included a quick three miles around the countryside, whatever the weather. She donned her running shoes and headed out, taking deep breaths of the cool morning air as she ran at her normal brisk pace. She always found it exhilirating to run through this open country, on roads where there was never much traffic. The smells were of fresh flora, the sounds of local fauna and mother nature, and the three miles goes beneath her feet in about fifteen minutes. The run always left her refreshed, with a clear head and ready to tackle the day.

Today was no different, and after another quick shower to rinse off the perspiration she headed to the lab for some development work on the Sybian. On her way she picked up a small kit of hand tools she would need and her tablet PC with the specifications and drawings. Since she would be testing her mods on herself, she pulled one of her plugs out of the cabinet, lubed it up, and gently inserted it in her ass so she would be ready. Her body let out a subdued tremble, bringing a quick flash back to the previous evening’s pleasure.

Michele shook it off and got to work, mounting the sensor tool on the Syb before setting the knee pads in place to make her measurements. She needed to provide a stable platform that could simulate a massage table while the Syb did the job of the ‘client’ for these tests. She worked on fabrication of secure mounting brackets for the pads, hopping up to test positioning three or four times before she felt pretty certain about the overall function and decided it was time for the first ‘penetration test’. She pulled off her shorts and climbed up on the apparatus, reaching back to withdraw the plug from her backside before nestling up to the Syb tool. The height was about right, close enough to start; but the angle of the tool was definitely too vertical. She would have to be sitting up to affect penetration.

An hour of adjustments and trials and Michele declared the setup ‘ready to go’. With another two hours before her assistant would arrive, she went to the office to do some more formal analysis of the previous test results and a procedural document for today’s tests. In order for the data to be correlated, they would need to try and duplicate the ‘depth control’ offered by the ‘hand insertion’ method; but now the control would be with the hips of the therapist moving her body to insert the sensor tool in her orifice without being able to see it. Definitely a two-person job again. With the procedure in outline form, Michele worked on a data correlation routine to provide a measure of ‘real time’ checks. The correlation routine would run in the background as data was collected, comparing the real time data with the same data from the previous test. Some delta was to be expected; but large deviations should indicate a flaw either in the procedure or the setup – and the correlation routine would set a flag to alert them. Michele decided a verification was in order, and set things up for a dummy round before climbing up and working the sensor tool into her rear. She reached over with a toe to start the data collection, and completely relaxed her anal muscles. Sure enough, at the end of that test phase the correlation alarm sounded. Success!

Michele got a quick bite of lunch before Raina arrived. As usual the cute blonde came through the door early and ready to work. Michele took her into the lab and showed her the modified Sybian and went over the test procedure. “I think I should be first up again, and I’ll be doing a couple of random ‘correlation fails’ to make sure we both know what to do, okay?” Michele suggested.

“Um.. yeah I understand that.” Raina replied. “So when it’s my turn, do you want me to do the correlation fail thing too?” she asked, lubing her personal ‘prep plug’.

“No, I don’t think that’s necessary. I’ve tested the code in a basic way, and the fails I’ll do during my test should be enough to have confidence. We just don’t want to go all the way through a test cycle and not know the data is canlı bahis bogus.” Michele replied, reaching down to pull out her plug to get ready. Raina finished inserting hers and nodded with a smile. “Okay. Let’s do it!” Michele said, climbing onto the ‘table’ to position herself for the test. “Okay, reset the capture and let me know when we’re ready.”

Raina took a moment to reset her own senses, then used the touch screen to reset the capture processor and timer. “Ready when you are.” she said, moving to a location that would enable her to monitor the penetration. She waited until Michele had the tip of the tool in position, and called the test initiation. “Timing in three…. two… one…” then she waited for her mentor to apply pressure before starting the timer. She watched the display, noting the response of the top sensor trace as Michele clenched her anal sphincter. “Ten seconds.” Raina called.

This would be the first time either of them had tried the next insertion change, and Michele knew it was up to her to get it right. It could be tricky, as she needed to push her hips back to slip the tool into her anus; but only a half-inch or so, then hold it there for the phase time of thirty seconds while clenching. Raina called for the next position and Michele eased her hips back to take the tool in her anus.

“Good” Raina said, watching the sensor tool move to the first mark. This would be a good test of the position of the Syb and the angle, as her mentor strained to hold her hips in place. Raina glanced at the capture screen. “Both traces responding. Looks good.” she said.

Michele struggled a little; but managed to keep it together until her assistant called “ten seconds”, then readied herself to move to the next position. As soon as Raina called the timer, her hips moved until her protege called “okay”, then she clenched, sensing the depth of the tool in her rectal channel.

The remainder of the first cycle went without a hitch, and Michele decided that mid-way through the second cycle she would induce a ‘correlation fail’ event. When she did that, Raina correctly called “Correlation fail, resetting data capture in three… two… one…” as she’d been instructed to do. Michele then reset herself and clenched again, this time getting past the correlation check.

“Good work. The correlation check works well!” Michele declared, retaining her position as they resumed the cycle. This time she made it to the final cycle without going ‘over the top’, and finished the test successfully. The ‘correlation fail’ went off four times during the last cycle; but she expected it since the first pass had included an orgasm she didn’t have this time through. She dismounted, cleaning herself and the sensor tool before donning her shorts. “Okay girl, you’re up.” she said. “Keep in mind – especially this first cycle – that second phase is a tough one. Just try and relax.”

Raina reached back to withdraw the plug in her ass, then clambored up onto the apparatus as her mentor applied a coating of lube to the tool and reset the capture process. “Okay. I’m ready.” she said, easing her hips back until she felt the tip of the tool against her asshole.

“Timer start in three… two… one….” Michele called, starting the timer as soon as Raina’s anal ring pressed against the tool. As expected, the second phase was tense; but Raina did a fine job of holding her hips steady with a half-inch of the tool spreading her anal ring. The test moved forward without a hitch, her protege performing admirably and showing remarkable control of her muscles. As happened with Michele, Raina made it well beyond her ‘climax phase’ from the first test without succombing to the stimulation. Again the correlation warning sounded for every cycle beyond the mid-point of phase seven where she had her ‘event’ the first time. Raina made it halfway through phase ten, then simply couldn’t hold back. The convulsions inside her bottom set the traces dancing as they had before, and Michele gently stroked her cheeks as she recovered from an intense orgasm. “Great job sweetie.” she soothed the girl, feeling the trembles through her palm on the girl’s butt cheek. “Just relax now…” she added, giving her buttock a squeeze before moving to the computer to stop the capture and upload the data. It had been a successful test.

Raina slowly recovered, easing her hips forward until the tool slipped free before slowly climbing down. She wiped herself and the tool, then walked up behind Michele to rest her hands on her mentor’s shoulders. “How’d we do?” she asked.

“Really, really well sweetie. I just ran the full correlation tool on my datasets, and other than the two places we expected it looks very good.” Michele said, her fingers moving over the keys. “Now we’ll take a look at yours.” she added, looking up to give Raina a smile and wink. The results of the run were very similar, and the two women cheered their achievement with high-fives before Raina pulled on her shorts bahis siteleri and they headed back to the office.

Michele poured them each a glass of wine and they sat at her small conference table. “To a successful test” she said, clinking her glass to Raina’s. They both took a sip and set the glasses down. “Okay. I think the most significant part of today’s test is that we were both able to control both insertion and muscle activity for the full cycle of the test in a position that approximates the primary position we would use for LSR therapy. That was a big win for the project.” she began.

“Agreed for sure. I was surprised when you were able to do it. Amazed when I managed to get through it – at least most of it.” Raina giggled.

“Yes, well that would actually work well in a live therapy scenario. If you went through ten phases just like that on a real cock, then went over the top and enjoyed a little something for yourself – you can bet the client would blow as well.” Michele responded. “That is if he lasted that long” she added.

“So do we do the same cycle with Rod tomorrow?” Raina asked.

“Yes – well – you do anyway.” Michele replied with a chuckle. “If you want me to I’ll be in the room; but…”

“No no, I’ll be fine.” Raina told her. “Rod knows the drill anyway.” she added.

“Yes he does sweetie. I’m sure we’ll be fine. I want you to think through what your concerns are about Greg next week.” Michele said. “I’ve done the therapy with him; but he’s not Rod.” she added.

“He still thinks of it as … sex..?” Raina suggested.

“Exactly.” Michele concured. “I’ll have a serious chat with him before you get started, and will monitor the therapy room just to be sure.” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, Greg Miller is a good guy; but I know when he gets a look at your cute round butt he’s going to want something different than ‘therapy’.” she added.

“I’ll do my best to keep it clinical.” Raina told her. “And I can handle myself.”

“Okay.” Michele replied. “Hang on sweetie. This is going to be quite a ride.”

They wrapped up their debrief before Raina headed home for the day. Michele thought briefly about calling Joe over, then decided her rear had seen enough duty during the past twenty-four hours and a quiet evening at home would do her some good. She grabbed her tablet, locked things up, and went back to the house to scare up some dinner. She hit the hay a little earlier than normal, was sound asleep in minutes, and slept like a log.

I got up early enough to shower and take some time to think about the upcoming session. Michele had sent me a message letting me know the basics about what they were trying to achieve, and part of that was giving Raina a chance to fine-tune her therapy techniques for another client – her first ‘real’ client. She didn’t tell me who that was, and I didn’t need to know. I knew how I would feel if I wasn’t involved in the development effort and I had an opportunity to slide my dick into Raina’s fantastic rearend. I dressed and headed to Michele’s, ready to participate in some training.

Raina arrived on time for a change, thirty minutes before Rod’s appointment. Michele greeted her and they sat down for a briefing to make sure Raina understood what the objectives were. She was to treat Rod as if he were just a client, coming to her for a full massage and LSR therapy. It was clear enough. “I sent him a message last night to let him know the plan. He’ll be coming in as a client for massage and LSR therapy.” Michele told her.

“Got it. Okay!” Raina responded. “Gotta go get things ready for my client.” she added, giving Michele a wink as she headed into the therapy room. She closed the door behind her and went to the cabinet, pulling out her personal ‘prep tool’ and the bottle of special lubricant. She applied a dollop of the viscous fluid to her finger and reached back to smear it around her anal ring, then coated the plug and slipped that into her hole. Then she removed her shorts and panties, then replaced the shorts, hiding the panties in the cabinet before placing the lube bottle carefully on the recessed shelf on the side of the table. She carefully arranged the sheet and blanket on the table, replaced the face towel with a fresh one, then chose her favorite music to put on in the CD player. When she returned to the lobby, Rod was already there. “Go on in when you’re ready Rod. Anything special today?” she asked.

“Nope. Just the usual tuneup” I replied, trying to act as ‘normal’ as possible.

“See you when you’re finished Rod. And thanks again.” Michele said with a smile.

“No problem.” I responded, heading into the therapy room. I closed the door as I usually would, then stripped and climbed onto the table, covering myself to wait for my therapist. I only had to wait a minute before the door opened, then closed again.

“You ready?” came Raina’s soft voice.

“MmmHmmm” I responded. Then all tension seemed to be drawn bahis şirketleri from me through her fingers as she worked my muscles with her surprisingly strong hands. The massage was amazing, for some reason it seemed different; but perhaps it was my mood. She found every hot spot and worked them until the heat was gone. I rolled onto my back and she worked my shoulders, neck, and arms as well as any masseuse ever had, then moved down to knead my feet and toes, my calves, and finally my thighs on her way up…

Raina knew her skills were good, and worked her client’s body as only a good therapist could. She was working her way up his thighs when she realized how natural this really was. Her fingertips teased at his inner thighs, which he spread slightly to give her access. She let her fingers tease at his balls, bringing a twitch from his organ under the sheet. “Ready for a little LSR?” she asked in a soft voice. She deftly unfastened her shorts and let them fall to the floor.

“Ready” I responded. Relaxing my legs as Raina climbed up on the table. I’d taken special care to clean my genitals, even applying a tiny splash of cologne to my pubes – just in case. I was glad I had as I felt the warmth of her breath on my privates, then the light lapping of her tongue. My cock twitched involuntarily and I felt her soft fingers wrap around the partially erect shaft as her lips encircled the head. “Mmmmm…” I moaned as her tongue swirled around my crown.

It was nice that Rod had taken extra steps to make the oral service more pleasant. She took in a deep breath and smelled the fragrance of his cologne, and immediately went to work with her lips and tongue. His penis quickly achieved full erection, and she continued her strokes for a few minutes for good measure before reaching over the side of the table to bring up the lubricant bottle. She wrapped her hand around his shaft, leaving only the head exposed, and lifted her mouth from his sensitive flesh. She squeezed a healthy dollop of lube onto the penis, using her forefinger to spread it. Then she swirled her tongue around the soft skin before applying another dollop which she coated his shaft with using her hand. She pushed the sheet up to expose his loins and moved up to straddle his hips as she quickly dried her hands. Without looking directly at him she said “here we go”, and she reached back to position his organ at her ring. She took a deep breath…

I felt the little wrinkle of Raina’s anus as she settled her hips back, then the squirming of her sphincter as she worked at the very tip of my dick with her outer ring. Ever so slowly she worked her anal port down over my crown, her muscles squeezing gently as my penis slipped inside. For what seemed like an eternity she gave my cock the most exquisite massage with her nether channel, her rectal muscles clenching and releasing as she moved an inch down, then back up. “So nice… sooooo nice…” I mumbled, doing my best not to just grab her hips and slam my dick up her butt. I felt her muscles release, then the slow movement down as she captured the full length of my cock inside her ass. It was heated velvet heaven in there, the buttery-smooth chute gripping my organ like nothing before. She gently rippled her muscle rings up and down my meat, truly massaging it far more effectively than any other means. I felt the involuntary twitch, then the controlled relaxation of her rear as she let my tension subside before proceding. “ohhhhh…. such control Raina… feels so good…” I moaned softly.

She smiled to herself at the praise, pleased that Rod recognized the element of control she was exercising. She did enjoy the responsiveness of a real organ back there, feeling what she did and giving her genuine organic feedback. She gently lifted her hips, dragging the smooth walls of her rectum along his penis as she gave it small clenches from her outer sphincter. Those little bursts of sensation would travel up his dick until finally she captured the head with a stronger squeeze, bringing a gasp from the man. As before she immediately relaxed her hole, letting him recover before resuming her therapy. There was even an element of control over the man’s sex, her asshole willing him toward a peak, then drawing him back from it. Without exerting any clenching force she proceded to slide her smooth, slippery channel up and down his shaft, moving in slow strokes taking several seconds for each traversal. Tiny twitches from his organ told her she could put him over the edge any time she wanted; but for now this felt nice.

Michele had never done this before. Relaxing all the muscles so my cock was simply cradled in the warmth of her bottom as her chute glided up and down. It was the most exquisite sensation I’d ever felt. I opened my eyes to find Raina smiling at me. I returned the smile and added a wink, then gave her a conscious twitch of my dick in her butt. Her response was to give me a quick three-count of thrusts, In/out… in/out… in… and she held it there with my meat buried in her hole – and began rippling those muscles up and down the length of my sex. A big twitch came, followed by another. “Ohhhhfuck… sorry… can’t…. AHHHHH” I groaned, unable to hold back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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