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All characters in this story are over 18 and completely fictional.


The doorbell rang. Lara answered it, her pussy tingling in anticipation, she’d told him exactly what she’d wanted and now was finally going to get it all.

Jack was in the doorway, he was dressed causally but was a picture of dominance. He walked inside and kissed her passionately then she lead him to the bedroom. Every step she took she was hornier and hornier her panties drenched with wetness and her nipples stiff under her bra.

As soon as they were in the bedroom Jack told her to strip down to her lingerie and get on her knees. He dropped his pants and presented her with his growing cock. She licked up and down his shaft as it grew, sucking on both of his balls.

They were almost too big to fit in her mouth and she knew he’d kept up his end of the deal. When it was as stiff as it would get she started slowly sucking up and down his cock, taking it down her throat as she sucked his shaft. For his part Jack enjoyed the blowjob, feeling how warm her mouth was. He reached down and held her enormous tits, it was more than one hand could hold and he couldn’t wait to pay them some attention later.

Jack stopped her sucking on his cock, and told her to get on the bed. He took off her bra, letting her boobs free of its confines and sucked both her huge tits, flicking her nipples with his tongue while his hands started to play with her pussy. Lara kept grabbing his big arms as he slowly teased her into cumming, fingering her dripping pussy until she gasped with a hard orgasm.

He looked at her and asked if she was sure she wanted it hard and rough, she only grabbed his cock and asked if he was sure güvenilir bahis he could give it to her. Jack smiled and said she had no idea what she’d gotten herself into. He made her lie on her back with her head just off the side of the bead. Standing over her face he dipped his balls into her mouth and started to grab her tits.

He hadn’t cum for two days, so his balls were as full as they would ever be. He then guided his cock into her mouth and started to slowly fuck her face as she lay on the bed. Soon he started grabbing her tits harder and fucking faster. Spit coated his cock and Lara gagged as he fucked her face harder. He pulled out to let her breathe for a moment, her eyes had watered and her make up was messed up, it turned him on so much he almost shot his load right there and then, but he pulled back, and told her to spin around.

Guiding his cock into her pussy he pumped her hard and fast. His entire slippery length was slamming into her wet pussy, his balls slapping against her ass. Lara was screaming as she came holding her legs back with each orgasm, jack was pounding her while he grabbed fist fulls of her huge tits. He flipped her over and put her into the doggy style position, the inside of her thigh was wet from her cum, her hair was everywhere.

He grabbed her hair and put his cock in her mouth, she sucked it hard, trying to pull all of the cum out of his cock but he released her head and took his slippery cock back to her dripping pussy. Sliding into and out of her pussy he lubed up his finger and slid it into her ass, it was tighter than her pussy was but he knew that after today it was going to be a lot less tight.

He squirted more lube onto his fingers türkçe bahis and lined the entrance ready for his cock. Lara’s ass was tingling, she hadn’t been fucked in the ass for months and was sure Jack’s huge cock was just what she needed. He took out his dripping dick and pushed the head against her asshole. It slid in slowly and despite Lara’s best efforts, with a lot of resistance. Jack slid his entire length into her ass, his balls resting against her wet pussy. He pulled all the way out and back into her dripping snatch, his balls hitting her clit.

His dick was moving between her holes with each stroke, and her ass was still as tight as before, every time he pushed into it Lara would shiver with pleasure, a massive orgasm building up slowly. Jack could feel his dick being the hardest it had been for a long time, it was so hard that he thought it would explode. He hadn’t fucked asshole for months and Lara’s ass was taking his whole thick 8 inch cock without complaint.

He grabbed pillows and propped them under her hips so her ass was high in the air. He then tied her hands to the side of the bed and her ankles to the other side. Jack leaned in to whisper in her ear, he buried his cock deep in her pussy. She was pinned down, his huge arms encircled her had handfulls of her big tits. His cock slowly came out of her dripping pussy, but as soon as he was at her ass his entire length was buried inside of her. He was going to give her the ass fucking she’d been craving for so long.

He reared up and pounded deeper and deeper into her ass, he filled it up so much she thought it would be at the back of her throat in no time. He fucked it deep, then shallow then hard and fast then soft and güvenilir bahis siteleri slowly. Her pussy was dripping from cumming and his cock was still ploughing into her. She was incoherent, just moaning and quivering as his dick rammed into her. He pulled out of her ass as she came again, and untied her arms and legs. Lara’s back door had been thoroughly fucked and Jack’s cock was as hard as it had ever been.

His balls were swollen and full, waiting to explode everywhere but first he had to have her tits. He flipped Lara onto her back for the last time, they were both sweaty, his dick was dripping with her pussy juice and the lube, his balls had droplets of her cum clinging to them. He told her to get onto her knees and hold her tits. He put his thick cock between her boobs and told her to squish them together, it disappeared behind her fleshy melons.

He fucked her tits with his cock, her juices lubricating it as it slid between them. Her breasts surrounded Jack’s dick and soon he felt like he was going to explode. He took his dick and grabbed her hair again, fucking her face and watching her gag on his hard cock. Just as he felt his balls about to erupt he pulled out of her mouth and aimed his dick at her boobs. Lara told him to empty himself on them, his dick shot out stream after stream of thick white, ropey cum, the first few hit her just below her jaw and then shot after shot hit her on her tits.

Jack was moaning as his balls blew out more and more cum and after what seemed like an eternity he had finished. Lara had smoky eyes and dribble from her face fucking, her entire upper body including her huge tits was covered in thick gooey cum and both her holes were sore from being so utterly pounded. She cleaned up his dick, licking her juices and what was left of his cum off his cock. The cum on her chest was glistening, but she just turned onto all fours and got ready for him to blow the next load right up her ass…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32