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A little preface to the story:

I recently had the fortune of meeting someone in real life and they had the audacity to accuse me of being uncreative. Needless to say I was insulted and quickly fired off the first submission below. After receiving profuse apologies; I challenged her to show me her creative side which she gladly responded and so the story of Lauren and Grey began:

Getting home alone; you check your e-mail and absent mindedly sort through the snail mail unable to focus. Drifting back to the silly grin still pasted to your face caused by thoughts of Grey crossing your mind.

Walking into the bedroom, you begin to get undressed, but can’t help but be distracted by how wet you are. Looking at your reflection in the mirror; you slowly begin to remove your dress. Looking at how the lacy turquoise underwear clings to your moisten mound. You rub your hands across your bra; feeling your nipples harden to the touch. You naturally think how wonderful it would be to have a man’s hand, Mr. Robinson specifically; his lean, smooth, long fingers repeating the nonchalant, respectful glancing touch of your swollen breast. The desire to replay what just happened minutes ago on the corner of 9th and 72nd.

Nice guys are so hard to fine; always married or gay. Limits! Rules!

You undo your bra and begin to pinch and tug at your swollen nipples. “God how I love to make out”, you say half out loud.

A girlish giggle squeaks out as you think of him; you wonder if he is masturbating yet…completing the circle? The look in his dark eyes as you read his palm and described in great detail how his sexual cycle was not completed and his vow to work on that.

The thought of that turns you on. You fall back on the bed and begin to squeeze your nipples with one hand as your other hand lightly runs up and down the length of your crotch. The feel of the lace teasing your moist slit makes your mind wander to him.

How wonderful his thick swollen cock felt against your hip as he kissed you good night in the cool Manhattan air. Your head filled with visions of him lying in his motel room; his hand on that full thick shaft stroking it, confident that you were foremost in his mind: thinking about him thinking of you with his hand expertly gliding up and down the smooth flesh of his throbbing cock. The rush you felt from seeing it outlined perfectly through his tight slacks. You slide the underwear to one side. Your pussy now completely wet your fingers teasing the folds of your pussy lips.

His fingers taking over in your mind and begin digging deeper into your wetness; the tips of his fingers curling right up against the inside of your wet cunt hitting the g-spot. That little canlı bahis patch of roughness making you quiver to the touch. You move your other hand down to your clit; the very tip of your finger simulating his tongue.

You can’t help but think about being there. Watching, listening….kissing.

Lauren’s Response:

Later that night, as he walked back into the bright lights of his hotel lobby, his mind raced. He reviewed his long to-do list of business items he needed to cover the next day, and itemized the calls he had to make the next morning. As he strode onto the elevator he caught a look of himself it the elevator’s mirror.

Hair wild from the wind he notices he was flushed, and it wasn’t from the walk in the fresh spring air. He couldn’t help but smile as he snuck a mental thought back to just 15 minutes earlier when he’d been holding her on the street corner. Instantly his cock stiffened a little as he remembered the warmth of her back as she pulled him closer to lick his neck and suck his earlobes. He lingered on the thought and pictured her, with her eyes closed; lips in motion…A chill ran down his spine at the thought of the low moan she’d made into his ear as he’d squeezed her tighter.

The elevator doors opened and he walked down the hall to his room. Opening his door, he promised himself he was just going to enjoy the evening for what it was: a delightful chance meeting, in a bright fun city. He wasn’t going to feel alone or wish for anything more.

Heck! His life was entirely complete and very satisfying. This was just harmless fun.

He started undressing. Packing away his clothes for his flight the next day as each item came off. He tried to think about the weekend and all the plans with the kids, but thoughts of her kept slipping in.

He turned the TV on; maybe that would help focus him. Keep his mind busy. Or at least get it to shut up for a second. Within minutes, he knew it was pointless. Grabbing his phone, he sent her a quick email with his hotel’s number and the room number.

She’ll get it. She’ll call. Standing still for a second, now wearing only his briefs he suddenly didn’t want to wait for release anymore. He rubbed himself on top of the cotton, and within seconds was hard. His rigid cock tugging at the now bulging material; aching to be released. Walking into the bathroom, he ran the shower and once naked stepped in.

The water was hot and strong —just what he needed to relax and let the tension flow away. He soaped himself all over and soon was soaping his hard organ, sliding his hand over the shaft, working the head. He couldn’t help picturing her there; her mouth on him, him on top of her, her on top of him. He couldn’t bahis siteleri stop the flood of images and they came faster and faster as he got closer to cumming. However, behind him he heard a solid knock on the door. At first he thought it must be the room door next to his, but he heard it again. Stepping out of the shower, he grabbed a towel to cover him and went to peer out the peep hole.

He was surprised. He had definitely not thought she would come. He opened the door smiling. “Wow. I wasn’t expecting this; a phone call maybe, but you here? Ugh….I guess I am sort of speechless.”

She smiled back at him with her eyes: “What can I say? I’m a sucker for a great make-out session. And I figured if we only have tonight, and that’s it, can’t we just enjoy it, with a little abandon?”

He stepped aside to let her walk into the room. As she passed he realized she’d changed into tight jeans and a white T-Shirt under her coat. Gone were the fishnet stockings and designer wrap dress. Still starring at her, he then realized she was noticing the towel and his special lump. She giggled. “Uhm, have I caught you at a bad moment.. or is it a good moment” she said very suggestively.

He couldn’t help but laugh nervously. This isn’t what he’d bargained for. He thought she’d call. They’d have phone sex. He’d relax and the whole thing would be incredibly mellow…he found himself a little thrown.

To buy time, he excused himself and went to turn off the shower. Standing in the privacy of the bathroom, he finished toweling off as he tried to figure out what he should do now. Did she want to fuck him? Or just tease him?

Should he try to fuck her? Sure he wanted too, but that wasn’t the deal. There wasn’t supposed to be any guilt. This was supposed to be fun and light. His head was spinning and his erection was fading fast. He grabbed his briefs and put them back on, not knowing what else to do.

He walked back into the room and realized she had turned off the TV, and all the lights except for one. Her coat and shoes were off, and she was propped up in bed looking straight at him. Her gaze was intent and mischievous. She patted the bed, suggesting he join her. Not knowing what else to do, he obliged.

She took his face and started kissing him. Soon he was partially on top of her, and his cock was back in full fighting glory—begging to have all layers removed between it and her wet folds. His hands wandered down her body and pulled her to him, so he could rub his dick between her legs. She moaned the same way she had earlier. Bull’s eye he thought as pushed against her harder; their tongues continuing to dance in her mouth.

His hands found her breast, and gently grazed bahis şirketleri her nipples. He wanted her to think he didn’t dare touch them. He wanted her to want him to touch them. A minute later as her hand played across his nipples he teased her again.

She whispered: “You are such a tease. I love it.”

Hah…he thought if she only knew. He wasn’t interested in teasing.

Rolling off her he made room for his hand to slide between her legs. Rubbing her firmly over her jeans he began building up a rhythm. She bucked against his hand, again and again. Was she actually going to cum? This quickly? Now?

He stopped touching her and sat up.

“OK. So I said make-out…but I can’t deal. I want more. I want to watch you make yourself cum, while I’m touching myself. Will you do that?” Her breathing was fast, her face flushed as she responded. “Oh that is so not fair. Getting me so close then stopping. Umm…Fine. Yes, yes.” She swung her legs off the bed, and quickly unbuttoned her jeans before pulling them down. She wasn’t wearing anything under them.

“Your turn” she said, sitting back down on the bed not bothering to take off her T-Shirt. He removed his shorts and felt a little instant relief. He grabbed his cock and started touching himself to get her started. She just starred at it, as though she’d never seen one as long and as thick. Adjusting her legs wider and wider she positioned herself so he could see her clit and the mouth of her slit. It was wet and glistening in the soft light. Still starring at his cock, she started rubbing her clit in little circles with her right hand, rubbing her breasts with her left. Her eyes never left his cock.

“Fuck I want you inside me” she said. “But at the same time, I love the wanting.”

“Finger yourself” he replied. “I want to see that. I want to pretend, your fingers are me—fucking you. I swear, I’m going to cum so hard when you do that.”

Moving her left hand down to her pussy, she slipped two fingers into herself as her right hand continued to work her clit. Her left hand plunged deeper and deeper into herself as she concentrated on feeling like it was his cock forcing deeper and deeper into her. Her fingers were slick with her excitement and they glistened each time she pulled them out before plunging back in. She built up speed; finger fucking herself faster and harder.

Twisting on the bed in front of him, she was slowly working her way down the bed, and was soon flat on her back. Bucking against her fingers she raised up her hips, all the while still working herself with two hands. Her cunt was so close, so wet, so ready…He was mesmerized and within seconds…with a strong burst of sound…he was cuming.

Watching his cum shoot up, splatter on her thigh and the sheets she started coming too. He watched and felt her as she shook the bed, gasping, twisting and again moaning…

She opened her eyes, and smiled at him.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32