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Michelle may have just pleased herself and I knew that she could see that I was longing to thrust my hard cock deep inside her waiting pussy. But it wasn’t going to be that easy was it?

She lay back on the sofa and said “Right, I want you to stroke your cock.”

“I hope you appreciate how I’m helping you Mr Photographer, with my naked body being your visual aid!”

“So come on then, stroke it and while you’re doing that, give those balls a squeeze as well.”

I slowly stroked my cock and could feel how hard and stiff it was. My balls were tight in their bag as I stroked them. Looking at Michelle’s naked body was enough to make me cum there and then, but I knew that she would be disappointed at that. I stared at her shaven pussy, just wishing that I could run my tongue along its length and then tease her lips open before sliding my tongue in.

“Stroke your hand up and down that cock. Does it feel good?”

I didn’t answer but smiled back at her.

“Wrap your hand round your shaft”. “All the way round and run your hand from the tip to the base in a nice slow motion. I don’t want any early explosions.”

I wrapped my hand round my throbbing canlı bahis cock and started to slowly rub my fingers up and down my length. I kept running my hand up and down my cock as she stared at me. I swear at one point she licked her lips!

“Right, I want you to do it fast now.” “Keep wanking that cock.”

She started to cup her boobs in her hands and teased her pert nipples as she watched me pleasuring myself.

“Come on, nice and fast now.”

I moved my hand faster and could feel just how good it felt.

“Are your balls becoming tight?” “Give them a squeeze for me.”

I used my free hand to squeeze my balls while I wanked my cock faster and faster.

She sat there, legs spread asking me to wank my cock faster when all I wanted to do was to stuff it deep inside her pussy.

Michelle lifted her right leg up onto the side of the sofa, leaving her left foot on the floor. Her pussy lips twitched and she ran a couple of fingers up and down her swollen pussy lips.

“Why don’t you use both of your hands and rub your cock on either side.”

Not wanting to let her down I used both of my hands to rub either side of my cock. It felt bahis siteleri good and wasn’t something that I’d tried before.

“Ok, wank it fast again.”

I started to rub my hard cock fast again, hoping that just maybe she’d wrap her lips round it and give it a suck. That wasn’t going to happen any time soon and to be honest I wasn’t complaining.

She took her right hand and licked its palm before wiping it over her pussy lips.

“Come on then, wank it faster. I’m waiting.”

Again I moved back to wanking my cock faster, wanting to please her by giving her a good show of me masturbating.

“I want to have your cock in me, but not yet. Wank it faster you dirty bastard.”

This was so good it was unreal.

“I want to play too but at the minute Mr Photographer, its all about you!”

I knew that and was keen to do exactly as she asked, rubbing and teasing my cock for her. Faster and faster, teasing my thick, hard shaft.

“I think I’m going to grant myself permission to join you a bit, especially as watching you wank has really turned me on.”

I wondered what she was going to do when she said that. She grabbed her right boob bahis şirketleri with her right hand while running the fingers of her left hand up and down her pussy. She moaned as she touched herself again and again.

“You just keep wanking that cock for me.”

She kept pulling at her pussy lips and was gently rubbing her clit as she did so.

“I want you to think about cumming for me really soon.”

I was ready to explode all over her but was keen to do it when she asked. This was pleasure and pain all at the same time.

“That’s it, don’t stop, keep wanking.”

Oh I wasn’t going to stop until she told me to. She kept rubbing that gorgeous pussy of hers and whimpering as I wanked my thick shaft.

I’m going to have to get you to come for me, as I’m so turned on.” “Speed it up as fast as you can and get ready to cum for me.”

My hand moved faster and faster, teasing my cock, making the nerve that runs along it tingle with delight as she watched.

“Are you ready? Walk over to me, okay, I’m going to count down. Five… four… three… two… one…”

I wanked faster and faster, My balls tightening as my cock exploded, warm, thick, white cum all over her waiting boobs.

As I watched she rubbed my cum into her skin, circling her fingers round her nipples as she rubbed my cum into them.

“Naughty Mr Photographer, what shall we do next?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32