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I think of all the seasons, autumn is the best. I love the way it feels. The earth pauses for a moment and gathers its breath for the icy onrushing embrace of winter.

For a few weeks, the weather is warm and balmy while a big orange-yellow moon floats in the evening sky, fat and satisfied like a man who’s just finished a big dinner.

Just over the event horizon, a green and growing earth waves a farewell to the present moment and a greeting to the North Wind, now waiting impatiently in the wings for its time to come round.

It is a time when the world casts away it’s scanty summer clothing of deep blues, greens and yellows then begins to dress sensibly. Nature stands nude in a drafty closet choosing her fall raiment of yellow and orange.

It is a brief epoch of dry brittle change and going away. It is an interlude of death and the reflection on death as all around us the world dies and goes to sleep for a little while.

Listening to the dry rustling of leaves blowing down the street, we realize that it is too late for that last picnic or to pick the flowers now brown and wilted, waiting for the kiss of spring to reawaken them to light and warmth and life.

It is a time when spirits float on the air and whisper in the night seeking contact with the realm of living beings who still walk about under the sun. The barrier between the two worlds is stretched to gossamer transparency as the spirit world crowds about the shrouded opening seeking to snatch a taste of sunlight and the sweetness of life.

This is not a good time to play with an Oji board.

Not a good time at all…


A few years ago and never mind how many, this happened to me.

Of course, there is a beautiful girl involved. This wouldn’t be much of a story without one. She was a real girl and this really happened. Somewhere or other right now, she’s putting laundry into a dryer or sitting behind a desk at work.

I’m willing to bet around this time of year she thinks back on our experience. I’m also willing to bet that she smiles every time she sees the Cowardly Lion on “The Wizard of Oz” chanting “I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks”.

I can only wonder if sometimes at night her nipples stiffen as she remembers…what happened. I wonder if her hand strays below the sheets, cupping, stroking…moving lower as she relives…that night.

She was a friend in the strictest platonic sense.

Having girl friends that you don’t sleep with is an excellent thing to do sometimes. Occasionally it’s nice to hang out with a woman and not have to talk about your issues or argue about who left the seat up – or down.

Dawn was exactly that Sleepless in Seattle sort of girl. We’d call each other from time to time when we couldn’t sleep or we needed someone to go to dinner or a dance with. Aside from some pretty subtle flirting we respected each others distance while enjoying a relaxed and low key sort of companionship.

She was a slight, dark haired girl given to long, flowing skirts, long flowing hair and a layered approach to fashion. Although she dressed to discourage ogling, anyone could tell she was quite curvaceous or might be if she chose to dress a little differently.

We’d even spent the night together once or twice but only because we’d gone out of town and it seemed stupid to pay for two separate rooms. There was lots of cuddling, but absolutely no sex. Like I said, in limited doses…with someone you really like; its OK.

The last time we’d gone out of town together was about a year ago. The experience had been a little unsettling for me.

We’d both showered and spent the evening watching TV and relaxing…talking. When the lights were out just bahis firmaları as she had the last time, she pulled down the covers of her bed and whispered that she wouldn’t mind a little company. Just as I had on our last trip, I crawled into bed with her.

We curled up together like two spoons and I fell asleep breathing in the scent of her shampoo.

When I awoke later that night, I didn’t smell shampoo, I smelled something entirely different. It wasn’t even a smell exactly, it was a fragile sort of scent coming in somewhere under the radar of my olfactory senses and it was having an unbelievable effect on me.

I had read about pheromones in science articles but I had never really experienced them first hand – until now.

It was like I was getting some kind of faint mental travelogue about what it would be like to have sex with Dawn. The longer I laid there the more brightly vivid the images and sensations became until I realized I had grown perhaps the stiffest erection I could remember having since the age of fifteen.

I could actually feel what it would be like, the slippery experience of her wet pussy as she let me slide into her while her hot sweet breath beat against my face. I wasn’t fantasizing, it was like a movie showing inside my head that I couldn’t turn off. I was horrified when I felt my dick throb slightly and begin leaking a slow drizzling stream of natural lubrication and sperm.

These weren’t just dirty pictures and sensations; these were entire scenarios. In one particularly vivid mental experience Dawn guided my hand to her pussy with a trembling hand while bouncing my distended prick in the other and whispering what she wanted to do next in the most graphic and carnal terms I’d ever heard.

I tried thinking about the weather, baseball, anything but the three dimensional sensory enhanced video playing behind my closed eyelids; nothing worked. My cock just kept getting harder and harder and now began to tingle in anticipation of release.

I tried opening my eyes; it didn’t help.

My cock began to contract intensifying the sensations a hundred-fold. The tingle began to sharpen and heighten to a delightful sensation of almost fucking.

I realized if this kept up I would be spraying hot cream into my PJ pants and on to the back of Dawn’s unsuspecting legs. I quietly backed out of bed and went into the bathroom to relieve myself.

Here’s the strange part. I got into the bathroom and immediately pulled off my PJ bottoms letting my rigid dick spring free when I thought I heard the door open and close.

“Dawn?” I whispered into the silent darkness.

There was no reply and I walked to the entrance of the bathroom, my erection bouncing slightly, cracked the door and peeked into our room. Dawn still slept curled into the same position she’d been in when I got out of bed. I closed the door again plunging the bathroom into total blackness.

Wasting no time, I groped around in the darkness until I found the bottle of complementary hand cream and got to work on my rigid cock at once.

I had just finished smearing the slippery cream over the length of my cock when I felt two warm arms encircle me as a soft warm body pressed against my back.

“Let me…help” I heard Dawn whisper.

She reached down; encircling my cock with one of her soft hands and began to slide it up and down my aching erection. The slippery wet sounds echoed in the cold tile bathroom somehow making the experience more intense. The empty tile room amplified every sound we made.

Dawn was making sounds of her own, sobbing slightly under her breath adding her own slippery cadence to the already lewd cacophony of fluid sounds and whimpers hanging in the cool kaçak iddaa darkness.

I could feel her other hand behind me moving between her own legs as my cock contracted and began to discharge my sperm noisily against the tile wall.

“Oh yes” I heard her whispering in my ear, “let’s get that poison out of your system”

I felt her grip tighten slightly as she shuddered and gasped ,”Mine too.” I could hear her rubbing her cunt rapidly and feel the back of her hand occasionally bump against my leg as she shuddered again, sighing “I’m doing it…with you.

She continued to stroke my slippery and convulsing cock clumsily as she whispered, “Let’s get it out…together.” She gasped and I felt her hand moving even faster as a warm spray started drizzling against the back of my leg while she shuddered clinging to me in the darkness.

I came so hard I almost passed out and when my head had stopped spinning, she was gone.

My erection subsided while I cleaned up the mess on the wall. When I was presentable and again wearing PJ pants, I reentered our room. I got back into bed with her.

She was sleeping in exactly the same position she had been in when I left her and there wasn’t the slightest sign she’d budged in the last 20 minutes or so.

She never mentioned the incident or gave the slightest impression that anything unusual had transpired between us so I chalked it up to pheromones and perhaps a slightly overactive imagination.

She’d asked me to stay over at her place once or twice since then but I’d politely deferred pleading early rising and pressing assignments.


She called me about a week before Halloween and asked what I was planning for the big night.

“Not much” I said, “The kids pretty much quit coming to the house two or three years ago.”

“Maybe if you were a little more attentive to detail they’d still be coming.” She replied, rather tartly I thought.

“Look, I explained already, I was out of candy.”

“Miniature bottles of Jack Daniel’s?”

“I thought their parents might want them.”

“You’re lucky I’m an attorney.”

“Yeah…I am.”

“Which brings me to my point.”

“Which is…?”

“What are you doing this Halloween?”

“I don’t know…the kids stopped coming around two or three years ago.”

“So you said…can I assume you’re free that night?”

“Yeah, what’s up?”

“I have these friends, a married couple who invited me out to their house for a “scary night”.

“A scary night…?”

“Actually, it’s more like a scary overnight, they live pretty far out in the country.”

“How far out in the country?”

“We’ll have to leave by three in the afternoon to be there by sunset.”

“That’s pretty scary.”

“I know, it sounds pretty corny too, but they’re excited about it and their house is actually…rather scary.”

“What? Decorated badly”

“Well, that too.” She said, laughing. Then she grew quiet and said in a funny kind of voice, “They live out on an old farm in this big creepy house they’re trying to turn into a Bed and Breakfast. The house is…well scary. It makes me nervous every time I visit.”

“And you’d like to have me along for moral support, right?”

“Right” she said, laughing.

“OK, I’ll come” I said, “but what makes you so uneasy about the house?”

There was a peculiar silence at her end of the phone and then she said, “I can’t really put my finger on it but whenever I’m there I feel like the house…is watching me. I’ll see something move in the shadows out of the corner of my eye but when I turn to look there isn’t anything there.”

“Have you asked your friends about it?” I asked.

“They don’t notice anything like that. kaçak bahis They act like it’s some kind of Paradise on Earth. Matter of fact Mona mentioned their sex lives had improved a lot since they moved there”

“That’s encouraging”

“So you’ll come?”

“If I’m invited…”

“You are.”

“We might have to share a room…”

“I’ll bear up somehow.”

“That’s my good little soldier.”

I was just getting ready to say goodbye when Dawn said, “There’s one more thing.”


“Whenever I sleep out there I have really weird dreams, really…vivid…odd, disturbing.”

“You make it sound like Hill House.”

“Maybe its just Me.” she said.

“Maybe, but I’ll go along for a reality check.”


A funny thing happened when we stopped at the little town about ten miles away from the farm.

We’d stopped at the shitty little truck stop to stretch our legs and freshen up before we got there. While Dawn went in to use the one unspeakably filthy rest room I stood by the counter waiting and listening to bursts of static issue from the police scanner the proprietor had going.

“Where you headed?” the guy behind the counter asked in a friendly manner.

“When I told him, he promptly grew distant, recoiling as if I’d come out of his crappy restroom holding a warm piece of shit in my hand.

“That’s real nice” he mumbled, “I hear they’re trying to turn it into some sort of hotel.”

When I turned to reply he was walking away from me to a back room door which he opened, stepped into and shut with a distinct click. I heard the sound of a bolt being drawn behind the locked door and then silence broken with bursts of static from the scanner..

When Dawn reappeared, I left a ten-dollar bill on the counter and pumped that much gas into her little car. After I got the gas cap back on and climbed back behind the wheel I heard Dawn start in surprise.

“That man” she said.

“You mean the owner?”

“I guess.”

“What about him?”

“I think he just forked the sign of the evil eye at you.”

“He seemed pretty strange.”

“I guess” she said settling down and smoothing her long skirt against her legs.


We arrived at the farm just before sunset after about five miles of the worst road I’d ever driven. As a corpulent orange sun sunk unwillingly behind the bare fields the house loomed up to greet us.

It was a hundred times worse than Dawn had described it.

Standing in stark silhouette against the psychotic sun sinking behind it; it seemed to leer out of the darkness. Two lit windows resembling eyes glittered with evil malice from an upper floor. The door standing open should have seemed warm and inviting, but it looked like a mouth disguised as a door waiting to snap shut behind me when I walked through it.

I heard Dawn gasp in surprise and then her frightened whisper beside me as we sat spellbound in the diminishing daylight.

“It’s changed, it’s gotten worse””

“What do you mean?” I said, feeling a slight chill come over me like someone had just walked across my grave.

“It’s…different than it was last time, its bigger and…stranger.”

Our whisperings were interrupted by a friendly female voice calling from the porch “Dawn, you made it, come in and meet everyone!”

End of the first part

This is first half of “Moondance” and the only part entered in the Halloween contest. If you liked it, don’t forget to vote!

Those of you who know me realize that I’m only getting warmed up.

The final half will be posted on October 28th, hopefully in time for those who liked the first part to read the conclusion before midnight October 31st.

Just one warning, don’t read it alone…at night with the wind whistling the dry leaves over a dead and desolate sleeping world. You might be tempted to…do things…unspeakable things.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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