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I often have days like this when my desires for him boil over. Is it the same with you?

The sunlight shining through the window and the soft chirp of birds stir me in my sleep and interrupt my dream. With my eyes closed and mind still only half awake, I roll over to wrap my arm around your sleeping form, only to find nothing there but empty space on the bed. I open my eyes and the visual confirmation of your absence reminds me – it’s Monday.

I twist my body under the sheets back to the center of our bed, my auburn hair partly covering my face as I close my eyes again. There’s a leftover desire burning between my thighs, perhaps from the dream that ended abruptly a short time ago; or was it many hours ago? It’s so hard to tell with dreams. I don’t even remember it well, the visions flew out of my head as soon as I stirred. But the desire still exists, and I slip a hand down beneath the sheets pressing it between the soft, sensitive skin of my thighs.

Beep Beep Beep Beep

I’m snapped awake by my alarm clock and reach up above my head to turn it off. The shower calls. I toss the sheets aside and slide out of bed, pull my hair out of my face, and sleepily walk to our bathroom. I gradually wake up as I go about my morning business, looking out the window at the clear blue sky and feeling the fresh breeze tickling my skin. I can tell it’s going to be a beautiful early summer day.

Turning away from the sink, I discard my nightclothes on the tiles and step into the shower, my senses coming alive under the spray of warm water. The steady stream pours over my body, washing away any remaining vestiges of the night. I eagerly rub shampoo into my long hair and spread my favorite body wash over my skin, scrubbing myself clean. After rinsing, I enjoy a good soak before I turn the water off and grab a towel, running it firmly over my arms, legs, chest and back. The normally soft fibers seem rough on my sensitive skin, but I enjoy it. I wrap the towel around my head and finish my morning bathroom routine of make-up, hair and some faint body spray.

Once back in our bedroom I stand nude in front of my closet, considering my clothing options for the day. Picking through a drawer of undergarments, I decide to go with black as my theme. A pair of white panties and matching bra to enhance my modest bosom will go nicely underneath the business suit I’m considering. I slip the panties up my legs and reach for a pale blue blouse and my black skirt, finishing the ensemble with a black business jacket. I button up my shirt, looking at myself in the mirror as I do so. Feeling somewhat liberated, I hesitate near the top of my blouse, considering the last button, normally buttoned up tight for a more reserved look. I do have a meeting today, perhaps I should be modest. I button it, but reserve the right to reconsider.

I pull my jacket on and select a pair of black heels to complete the look. I take one last, quick look in the mirror to adjust my hair, wondering what it is that makes me feel so confident this morning. The lovely summer weather? My clothes? Knowing you’re desiring me despite the distance that temporarily separates us? I ponder these things as I head downstairs to grab some breakfast.


It’s afternoon now and I’ve just finished up a lunch meeting with three colleagues. One of them, a man about my age, is quite attractive with natural good looks. He has those eyes, eyes that make me want to melt whenever they meet mine. I’m not sure whether he was flirting with me or not, but whenever he looked my way his smile appeared to grow and his eyes seemed to linger one second longer than they had to. He knows I’m canlı bahis married, but probably figures it’s just a harmless flirt. Or maybe it’s all in my mind. Either way, it excites me to think that an attractive man is looking at me.

I now have a seven block walk back to my office. My intuition about the weather today was a bit off. While the sky is still clear, it looks like the summer heat and humidity has decided to make an entrance. The morning’s relatively cool air has been pushed aside and it’s quite muggy now. As I walk, I try to keep my pace measured so I don’t get too warm, but I’m losing that battle; I can feel a little perspiration under my arms and a slight tingle at the back of my neck where my hair starts. I stop to pull an elastic band out of my purse and pull my hair up to keep it off my neck. I also remove my jacket, but that’s not quite enough in this heat. I have to undo the top button on my blouse, making the swell of my breasts clearly visible to any eyes that might wander my way. In fact, a young man walks by and stares in my direction as I make these alterations. A half smile crosses his face and his eyes travel the length of my body, but I’m not concerned. I feel sexy and confident as I resume my walk, letting my hips sway back and forth more than usual.

I can feel my arousal humming between my thighs by the time I reach the front door of my office building. The hot, sticky weather makes me feel alive, and the eyes of the various men on me make me aware of my own sexuality. I have no desires for them, but knowing they desire me is exciting!

The coolness of the air conditioned office building hits me as I open the door. It’s a relief, but also an indication I must try to get my mind off of my desires and back into my work.

I sit down at my desk and open my email. There’s one from you saying you hope I’m enjoying my day (Oh, am I ever!) and that you’re having a productive time on your trip. You tell me you were thinking about me last night and wishing I was there with you (I know exactly what you mean!) and that you love me. My heart beats faster. I write back one sentence: What would you have done had I been there last night? I don’t normally write things like that to you, but I’m not myself today.

I have a hard time keeping my mind on my work the rest of the day, my mind is buzzing with sexual energy and it’s difficult to contain my desire. I have to tell myself: Focus, Erica, focus. The time ticks by too slowly. A little before five o’clock you send me an email, it says simply: By the time you arrive home, there will be another email from me. Enjoy. At the stroke of five I’m away from my desk and walking quickly out the front door.

I walk the two blocks to the metro and arrive on the platform hoping for a quick commute so I can get home and check my email. Unfortunately, it’s not to be, the platform is crowded with people; the trains are behind schedule. Frustrated, I position myself to survive the onslaught of riders trying to get onto the next train.

It arrives in about twenty minutes. The doors open and passengers disembark. A mob of people with me in the middle surges forward and presses onto the metro car. I’m pushed forward and, finally, as the doors close behind us, the pushing relents a bit. I’m still pressed between a mass of bodies and one of the handhold poles. I barely maintain hold of my purse.

I can feel someone behind me, pressed against my back. I glance back. It’s a younger man a little taller than me. He smiles at me and I return it. He’s close enough I can smell him. It’s a manly smell, enticing, and in my state, arousing. As the train moves the mass of passengers sways back bahis siteleri and forth. I can feel the young man’s hips pressing against my rear. The train stops and starts. I sway back into the man, pressing my ass against his crotch. It’s then I feel it. I think he’s hard! I allow myself a slight smile.

As the train moves, there it is again, the distinct feel of his shaft pressing against my tight bum. I don’t know whether it’s intentional or not, but I enjoy it touching me. After a stop and another exchange of passengers, the train starts again and I’m pressed between my gentleman friend and the pole. The hard metal rod presses against my stomach and mound, his shaft presses back against me. The long wait on the platform had dampened my arousal but it now comes back full force. It’s hot in the car, hot and humid. The heat and mass of humanity makes me dizzy.

I can’t help myself. I press my ass back against him and feel his hardness underneath his pants and then the train is pushing him back against me and me against the pole. My mind is abuzz and my senses are overloaded. I feel a trickle of perspiration on the back of my neck and then a slight dampness between my thighs as the pole presses against my skirt front. I inhale deeply and look ahead of me at a woman who’s staring right at me. Does she know? I wonder. Her tongue touches her upper lip as she watches me. My eyes are wide. I wonder what I look like? I’m pressed against the pole once more and my mouth opens.

And then the train doors open and the pressure relents. The train empties out. I turn around, but he’s gone. The attractive woman is still looking at me. I’m sure my face is flushed. I smile at her, partially embarrassed but still aroused. She smiles back. I straighten my blouse and jacket. The next stop is mine.


After a quick walk from the metro, I arrive home. I climb the stairs to our bedroom, throw my jacket onto the bed, slip my shoes off and pull my blouse out of my skirt. I eagerly sit down in the chair in front of our computer table, open up my email, hoping for something from you. It’s there.

Erica, it reads, if you were with me here last night…

My body has been buzzing with arousal all day but as I begin to read it reaches a whole new level. Your written words inspire me to press my hand against the material of my skirt between my thighs. As your sentences go by, I clench my thighs together and I bite my lower lip.

…After I’d removed your clothes I would turn you over so that you’re on your hands and knees in front of me on the bed. My hand would caress the soft flesh of your rear and then, as my cock grew harder, I’d slap the bare skin of your ass gently, and then slide my finger between your thighs to find your wetness awaiting me…

A whole new level of sexual desire spreads from my loins through my body with my self-touch. As I read, I realize there are things we’ve never done together that you’re fantasizing about doing with me, that you’re expressing to me in this email, but have never spoken of before. This only heightens my arousal. My clothes are suddenly too tight. I pull the hem of my skirt up past my thighs around my waist so that I can easily touch myself through my panties. I press my hand to my mound, my fingers caressing my soft folds through the fabric. I moan softly in my throat as I read on.

…after several slaps your ass would probably take on a reddish tinge, yet you’d plead for me to fuck you. I’d encourage your pleading, telling you to beg me to fuck you. And then I’d take you from behind, my hard cock filling your pussy, bringing us both to orgasm. If you were here, that’s what bahis şirketleri I’d do.

Coming to the end of your email I am thoroughly ready for you. But you’re not here. You’re hundreds of miles away. I want you so badly. God, how I wish you were here to satisfy me in the ways you wrote. I’d do whatever you want right now.

I stand up from the chair and push my skirt down my legs. My blouse is next, tossed to the floor to land beside my skirt. I reach behind my back and unclasp my bra, tossing it aside, my breasts free and nipples hard. I go over to the closet and reach up to the top shelf, removing my only sex toy, an artificial cock made for just these types of moments. I’ve kept it since I was in college, never telling anyone about it, not even you.

I can smell my own arousal as I lie down on our bed, legs parted as I run my right hand down between my thighs and rub my mound through my panties. I feel my wetness soaking through. My left hand teases a hard nipple as I close my eyes and think of you, wishing it was you between my legs. Sliding a hand down under the waistband of my panties and through the dark curly hair that covers my mound, I touch myself directly for the first time all day since the brief cleansing shower this morning. My touch is like an electric shock as I slide a finger into my wetness and then up to my oh so sensitive clit. To intensify the pleasure I pinch my nipple and tug it upward, pulling it taught as I arch my back up off the bed.

I gasp with pleasure and quickly push my panties down my legs. Spreading my legs wide, I plunge my middle finger back into my pussy and then bring it up to my clit again and rub it vigorously. Oh yes, I moan, wishing you could see and hear me.

I reach over and grasp my dildo, coating it with some of the juices from my fingers before I slide it into my wet hole. My body contracts around it as I push it deep, and I moan loudly, daring the neighbors to hear. I want them to know I desire you! Oh God yes, I moan to myself. I close my eyes and think of you positioned over me, lowering your firm body and hard shaft onto me. I’m helpless to resist. In my mind you begin to move in and out, thrusting down into me. I take all of you that I can.

As I fuck myself with the dildo I rub my clit furiously with my fingers. I needed this so badly. Oh yeah baby, I say to you even though you can’t hear. As my pleasure builds I turn over face down on the bed, the dildo still protruding from my pussy, pressing down onto the bed sheets, my tits mashed into the sheets. I imagine you taking a position at my rear, entering my wetness from behind as you wanted to do.

I continue to fuck myself with the dildo as the pleasure builds. Perhaps this is what we were doing in my dream last night. Fuck me baby, I say silently. I’m gasping and moaning as I do myself, imagining it’s you behind me fucking me. My fingers work on my clit as the hard, thick shaft fills my craving body.

Oh fuck me baby. Yes, that’s it. Fuck me! Give it to me. I’ve wanted you to fuck me all day. Oh God yes! I curse like you told me you wanted me to in your email. My orgasm builds and overwhelms me, my thighs quiver and shake. I gasp, moan and squirm on the bed. My writhing body collapses on the shaft as my pussy contracts and pulses, trying to pull it in ever deeper.

My orgasm subsides and I lie on the bed sheets, my desires, at least for the moment, met.

After several minutes I pull myself up from the bed, slide the cock out of my sopping pussy, and go back to the computer, writing it all down in an email to you, to let you know how much pleasure you’ve provided me. I tell you how much I wish you were here and eagerly await your return. I add that it would be nice if we put some of our fantasies into practice some night soon; after all, I’ve been naughty and my rear end needs some attention.

Then I hit “send” and it’s off to you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32