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“Tomorrow starts the process for your auditions…. A 10 stage process to test you…..Stage 1 will be a massage, you come back with stage 2………” Gary pressed the send button, he had enjoyed watching Sarah last night, and he had enjoyed seeing her hands exploring her own body. Now it was his turn to have some fun and make her work.

“Stage 2 – sexy striptease” his phoned beeped almost instantly and he was just as quick with his reply……”stage 3 – blow job”

“Stage 4 – 69” again without hesitation the reply flashed onto his phone. “Stage 5 – bent over” Gary felt a familiar stirring in his groin, the thoughts of earlier and the thought of what was to come almost getting the better of him.

“Stage 6 – cowboy” Sarah’s replied pinged in. “stage 7 – reverse cowboy” Gary knew it was a copout but he also knew how much he loved that position…..the control, the depth of one body inside another body. “Stage 8 – over your desk at work” Gary smiled.

“Stage 9 – anal” Gary wondered if that was a step too far…..but decided to go for it.

“Stage 10 – threesome” and with that the challenges were set…

“That’s settled then…..our 10 stages……night” Gary singed off his text.

Sarah had been surprised at Gary’s suggestions and the 10 stages, but she also knew that she could still give him a few surprises……

“Stage 1 and Stage 2 have to be combined. Picture the hotel room, gentle music playing in the background. Slowly undoing the buttons of your shirt, keeping eye contact as I slide the shirt off your shoulders, lay you down on the bed. Undo your belt, buttons and fly and pull your trousers down. Standing at the end of the bed, I begin to unbutton my own shirt, keeping the front covering my breasts to maintain my innocence, turning round, sliding the sleeve of my top down my arm canlı bahis revealing my bra strap as I do, sliding the other sleeve off and allow my top to fall to the floor, showing the tattoo running down the length of my back. Turning round, my breasts still covered with the thin lace of my black bra. My nipples standing erect, poking into the lace.

Climbing on to the bed, I get you to lay on your front. Moving up to the base of your back, reaching for the massage oil, I drip it on to your back, the cold sensation sending tingles down your spine. My hands touch the base of your spine and begin to run up to the nape of your neck, gliding up and down the skin, working my way to your shoulders, my fingers working into your shoulders, feeling the stress melt with my touch. Working my hands all over your back, occasionally leaning forward for the lace of my bra, just to touch your back. Moving down massaging your thighs, and calves, oil being rubbed in easing the motion of my hands. I step off the bed; you turn over, still just in your boxers. I undo the button and zip of my trousers and allow them to fall to the floor, to show matching black lace thong and black stockings.

I move back on to the bed, kissing from your stomach up and across your chest, my fingers trailing a line from the waist of your boxers, up to your lips as I allow my mouth to move to yours and kiss you gently. My hands reaching up to your shoulder line and continuing to massage as you kiss me passionately, your tongue exploring my lips as your arms reach to my back and undo the clasp on my bra, allowing it to slide from my arms, my breasts exposed, nipples erect with pleasure, waiting to be played with, sucked, nibbled and kissed. Getting you to turn on to your front, I straddle you and continue to massage your back, the intensity growing as my own bahis siteleri pleasures begin to enhance, your hands reaching down and running along my stockings, sending tingles through every inch of my body. I replace where my hands are massaging with kisses, covering the outline of your shoulders and running down your spine. Feeling you wriggle beneath me, I allow you to turn over, your hands instantly move to my chest as my fingers run a line down the centre of your chest to the waistband of your boxers. As your hands massage my tits, rolling my nipples between your fingers, I slide your boxer shorts down to release your hard cock. My hands reach to your balls and cup them gently, rolling them gently with my hand, your cock twitching, longing to be touched, I oblige and move one hand, gently wrapping my fingers around you, the massage oil still on my hands allowing ease of movement as I move up and down from the base of your shaft to the tip. My mouth taking the place of my other hand and licking your balls, your hand running over my thong, feeling how turned on I am, and running over my stockings as my hand works your cock. Shall I move onto stage 3?”

Sarah knew that this would have the desired effect on Gary, she moved to the door of his office and stood leaning on the doorframe as she watched him reading the text. Stirring on his chair as he did. He looked up at her and smiled, then began to type his own message. Sarah’s phone beeped “YES”

She returned to her office, sat down and began to type.

“Stage 3:- your hands running over my stockinged legs as my hands are cupping your balls and running up and down the length of your shaft. Feeling you harden in my hands.

My lips kissing your neck, kissing your shoulders, moving to your chest, gently biting your right nipple and kissing across your chest to bahis şirketleri your left and gently biting. Kissing down your stomach, over your belly button and down to where my hands are. My tongue licking your balls as my hand continues to work your hard cock gently. My tongue touches the base of your shaft and runs the length to the tip, flicking over the tip of your cock before running back to the base, taking your balls into my mouth and gently sucking. My hand moves back to playing with your balls as my mouth moves to the tip of your cock. Your hips pushing towards my mouth as you long to feel how good my mouth is. Obliging I kiss the tip; feel your body tense at the sensation.

My mouth glides onto your hard cock, sealing around your shaft as my head moves up and down, taking you deep into me. The tip of your cock touching the back of my throat. Keeping you deep in my mouth my tongue flicks out on the base of your shaft, my hands still cupping and playing with your balls. Drawing slowly upwards my tongue running along your cock as I do, taking you out of my mouth completely, I wrap my hand round the base of your shaft and take the tip in my mouth.

My hand works the base of your cock as I circle the tip with my tongue and my mouth. My hand moving quicker and my mouth sliding further down as I increase the speed. Moving up and down on the head of your cock faster, my hands still working the base and working your balls, feeling you begin to tense, continue to suck you and work your cock, your hips thrusting yourself deeper into my throat, your movements speeding up as your orgasm builds. I take your cock fully into my mouth again and work up and down, each time the tip hits the back of my throat making me gag, taking you as deep as I can as you explode a hot stream of cum down my throat with a groan of pleasure. Keeping you in my mouth, ensuring I get every drop of your orgasm. Feeling your body relax in ecstasy, I withdraw my mouth completely and look up to your eyes to see the smile I’ve just put on your face. Stage 4 is waiting……”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32