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Since I was a young girl, whenever my parents wanted to go for the evening out or travel by themselves, they always took me to stay with my aunt Grace.

Let me start by giving you some background. Aunty Grace is my mother’s sister, actually they are twin sisters. Uncle Robert, her husband and my father are cousins. When they tell this relationship to other people many joke with them and tell them that they kept everything within the family.

They have two children; my cousin Ruth, who is 1 year older than I am, and Markus who is 5 years older than I am.

I always thought that something was unusual in that family. Let me explain. Aunty Grace insisted that we children all went to bed at 7.30 in the evening. That is not an unusual time for preteen children, but I found it strange that they kept the same system as we grew up became teenagers.

During my stay with them, I always shared Ruth’s bedroom with her. Markus had his own bedroom. Ruth and I, being almost the same age, always went well together. Markus always respected me and I sometimes thought that he was too protective in my regard.

Aunty Grace was always very strict with Markus, so much so, that he was petrified when she called his name in an angry voice. It seems that even Uncle Robert feared aunty Grace.

I was always curious as to why aunty Grace locked us inside the bedrooms. Ruth used to smile and tell me that one day I will know. I could not help hearing, each time I was there, aunty Grace giving orders to Uncle Robert and sometimes Uncle Robert’s voice pleading forgiveness to her. The sounds that I used to hear and still hear, I learned as I grew up that these were sounds of spanking. Aunty Grace must be spanking Uncle Robert.

As I mentioned, Aunty Grace was a strict person, especially with Markus. She still maintained the old traditional punishment that must have been abolished in the beginning of the 1900’s. She spanked both Markus and Ruth in the presence of the whole family. Markus had to put his trousers down, just enough to expose his butt cheeks and in no time aunty Grace would turn that pink flash into a blood red colour.

Ruth was made to lift up her skirt and aunty Grace used to gather the panties to form a sort of tanga and expose Ruth’s butt cheeks before delivering her punishment.

She made no exceptions and it was not the first time that I misbehaved and felt by butt cheeks beaten and feeling red-hot after receiving the same treatment Ruth would normally receive.

When Robert reached his 18th birthday, I observed that aunty Grace stopped telling him to go to bed at 7.30, but instead she used to instruct him to go and lock us girls in our bedroom.

Then I was 13, and the curiosity was eating me. Ruth used to tease me by just smiling and telling me that I will learn what was going on one day. I insisted that she tell me and promised her that I will not tell. After a lot of time teasing me she finally told me that once her mother forgot to lock the door behind her and she sneaked out of the bedroom and took a vantage position by the staircase where she could see what was going on downstairs without being seen herself.

She related to me what she saw and I thought that it was too bizarre to believe her. I thought she was pulling my leg and did not ask her another question. She continued that as now Robert was of age, probably her mother was training bahis firmaları him like she trained her father. This was too much for me to believe and I kept silent.

When I became aged 16 my parents thought that I was old enough to look after myself and they did not take me to stay with aunty Grace as often as before.

When I was 17 and Ruth became of age, she related to me her mother’s birthday present. Her mother introduced her to her naked father and her naked brother. I just remarked that it was good for her and changed the subject and asked her how she liked the present that my parents gave her. I thought that she was continuing to pull my leg from the previous time that this subject came up.

When a seed is sown in fertile ground it grows. That is what happened to me when Ruth mentioned her mother’s birthday present.

Week after week and month after month the bizarre story that Ruth told me kept running through my thoughts. What if it is true? I decided that if my aunty Grace would ask me what I wanted for my 18th birthday I would ask her to give me the same present she gave to Ruth.


Three weeks ago was my 18th birthday. It happened to be during the midweek and I had to work. The first one to phone me and wake me up to give me the best wishes was my cousin Ruth. Then my parents came to my bedroom and they too wished me a happy birthday. Mum told me that she planned a surprise birthday gift for me, but it had to wait for the weekend. I noticed my father lower his head and blush a little bit. I wondered why.

After having breakfast and as I was about to leave for work, aunty Grace phoned and she wished me a happy birthday. She asked me if there was something in particular that I wished for my birthday. I thought of taking the opportunity and told her that I did not know what Ruth got for her birthday but I know that she loved it and I would like to have the same present, I asked her.

“That can be arranged” she told me, “but it has to be in the weekend.”

“So this weekend I am going to receive two surprise presents as mum also told me that she has something for me this weekend.”

I heard aunty Grace burst out with laughter. “Yes dear I guess it will be quite a surprise for you” she told me.

So aunty Grace must know what mum’s present is already, I thought. I became more curious than ever. Surprise presents are surprise as the word implies and I thought that I would spoil their fun, and perhaps even mine, if I found out what the presents were.

I was anxious waiting for the weekend to arrive. The seconds ticked away like hours, the minutes like days, the hours like months and the days like years. Finally Saturday morning arrived and I was up early. I went downstairs and prepared breakfast for myself and for my parents. I called mum that their breakfast is ready and asked her if she wanted me to take it up to her bedroom. She replied that they will come down and have breakfast in the living room.

They hardly finished off their last bite of toast that I asked her at what time she was going to reveal to me the contents of her present. She smiled and told me that we were all going to aunty Grace so I would get one big surprise. I observed that dad did not lift his head, neither did he look at me nor passed any comment. “Well” I said to myself “men are not as sentimental as us women” and left it at that.

Mum kaçak iddaa told me to be ready by 11.00 as at quarter past noon we all had to be at aunty Grace’s house for lunch. “And my surprise presents?” I asked.

“And your surprise presents too” she replied.

Driving to my aunt’s house seemed like a journey to the moon. It seemed longer than usual especially as none of us uttered one single word along the route.

When we arrived and dad parked the car in the driveway, I saw Ruth coming out of the house and she came to greet us. She said that she had a letter to post and asked me if I could walk with her to the letterbox which was located in the street parallel to theirs. I gladly accepted to accompany her so it will give us some opportunity to catch up on gossip since we last met some months ago. Again my curiosity started playing and I was tempted to ask her if she knew about my presents but I knew that even if she knew she would not tell me.

We returned about fifteen minutes later. When I was about to enter their house, Ruth asked that she would blindfold me. “Ah! She is part of the conspiracy” I said to myself. I smiled and turned around so that she could tie the knot of my blindfold at the back of my head. She led me in and asked me to keep still and quiet and that I should remove the blindfold when told to do so.

“Hello my dear” aunty Grace’s said “how would you like to live like a little queen or princess?”

I laughed. My mind became more confused as to what the surprise presents might be. “Well, I do not mind” I replied laughingly.

“Well, if you say you do not mind it” mum’s voice said from behind me, “then you shall start it from now” she told me by removing the knot of my blindfold.

I could not believe what I saw the moment my eyes were open again and the blindfold removed completely. There in front of me stark naked and down on their knees in a line were my uncle to the left, my cousin Markus in the centre and dad to the right. They were all wearing one item, a collar around their neck and a leash hanging from that collar.

Aunty Grace, mum and Ruth each took a leash in their hands and presented it to me.

“The men are here to serve your every wish from this moment onwards, and now that you are the last one to become of age, there is no further scope of keeping this activity secret within the family. Now they shall remain naked always at home to serve us females” explained aunty Grace.

“And from tomorrow” mum intervened “it will be your father who will prepare breakfast for you and come and serve it to you in bed – naked of course” she whispered aloud laughing.

“These are our presents to you” aunty Grace continued “they shall do as you tell them; you can do what you want to them; but please do not kill or injure them as they be useless. You can punish them if they do not obey you and you must humiliate them as much as possible.”

“So all these years aunty, you were, how shall I put it, training them to serve us. I noticed during my stays here that you commanded uncle Robert and I also sometimes heard him plead with you. But when did you (turning to my mother) mum, train dad.”

“Well dear, while you were staying with your aunty here, I was busy at home training your father for this big day. You were a child and you would not have appreciated it or understood. Now you are a woman and you appreciate kaçak bahis it more when you have a male at your complete disposal.”

“Thank you aunty. Thank you mum. I never expected such an unusual present.” I told them while I went and kissed them both. “Now what must I do with these 3 naked men?”

“Well” said Ruth “give them the baptism of fire.”

“And what is that?” I asked.

“We instructed the males that they must not touch themselves for 3 days and I guess that now they are loaded and all need some relief.” Ruth explained. “All you need to do is to call them one by one to stand next to you and you jerk them off” she continued laughingly.

I noticed that all the men bowed their heads to the ground and all were blushing and avoided eye contact with me.

As I did not know from where to start, Ruth called her brother to come near me. He was quite excited and was already hard. I just loved the feel of the smooth skin of his penis and enjoyed the feeling of his manhood throbbing in my hand with my every stroke of up and down its length. When he shot his load he thanked me.

Both uncle Robert and dad had a flaccid manhood. Mum instructed dad to approach me and suggested to me to play a little with their balls to get him excited and hard. When I felt he was hard I just repeated what I did to Markus. Uncle Robert received the same treatment like dad and aunty Grace encouraged me even more than mum did to humiliate her husband.

Dad’s voice was, sort of – broken, when he thanked me for what I did to him. I guess he was too embarrassed having me, his daughter, handling his penis.

“So, aunty; mum, you told me that I can do anything to them.”

They both nodded their confirmation.

“There is one thing I always dreamt doing to men.” Saying this I told the males to kneel down on all fours and spread their knees. I walked behind them and enjoyed watching how their balls hanged and how vulnerable there were in that position. I surprised everybody when in three quick steps I steeped behind each one of them and kicked them in their balls. The poor souls fell to the ground all moaning and holding their package in their hands.

“Oh! How I longed to try that myself. I heard many girls say how painful it is when boys are hit there and I wanted to experience it myself.”

“Don’t do it too often as you may damage them.” Mum advices me laughingly.

Life at home changed completely for me. Even when I visited aunty Grace’s house things changed and I must say they changed for the better – my better.

At home I introduced some changes. Whenever I touched dad’s testicles they slip from between my fingers unless I grab the whole lot in the palm of my hand. Also as the room temperature is not too warm, the testicles just go up close to his body and I could hardly find them. To solve this problem I went to a pet shop and bought a small collar with a bell that people normally buy to tie around kittens necks.

It was a good size collar to tie around dad scrotum and lock his testicles in a small conspicuous package.

Another introduction at home was a new method of saying thank you to dad. I tell him to hold his penis up against his tummy, thus exposing his balls better to me and then I slap his balls as a way of saying “thank you”. I do not slap them to hard as otherwise it would look like a punishment but hard enough to inflict sweet pain to remind them who is in command.

There was another positive note with this new situation: I am always on time at work as dad comes every morning to weak me up and serve me breakfast in bed – naked of course.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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