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Volume One: Homecoming

Chapter Two: Alexander, Joanna, and Elizabeth

Edited By: Todger

Summer 2000

Alex walked into the kitchen he saw his mom Elizabeth standing over by the coffee maker, She stood about average height with shoulder length wavy brown hair. As his eyes ran downward he knew whoever said real women had curves, meant his mother. She was, as he put it, voluptuous. Maybe a bit heavier than most people thought was an ideal weight, but it was in all the right places.

She wore a simple yet revealing white cotton negligee with lace trim. It wasn’t hiding much from the way the light poured in through the window. It had large plunging arm holes, which went down to her waist, and showed off more than a little side boob. He could remember when she was pregnant and it would show off even more of her breasts as her belly would pull the arm holes forward. As the light poured through the negligee he could make out the rest of her huge hanging milk filled, watermelon sized, tear drop shaped tits, with her hard succulent nipples poking through the fabric. The back was cut low and showed off more than an ample amount of her natural tanned skin. His eyes went downward to wide baby making hips and nice round ass which had more than a bit of a jiggle to it. The gown stopped at her knees covering her juicy thighs but showing off just a bit of her thick curvy legs.

“Good morning mom.” He said as he came up behind her.

“Oh Shit.” She yelped; jumping a bit as he noticed that she had one of her breasts out clutched in her hand and had a coffee cup in the other. He watched as a jet of milk squirted from her caramel brown nipple and out onto the counter as she turned to look at him; her face red with embarrassment.

“Alex, you scared the crap out of me.” She said as she turned toward him blushing. She quickly tried to tuck the breast back into her night gown with one hand while pulling the sleeve back over her shoulder with the other and then she wrapped her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

“Sorry.” Alex said trying not to laugh.

“What are you doing here?” She grabbed him and hugged him tightly, her huge breasts pressing against his chest and stomach. He missed his preteen days when hugging her meant getting a face full of her breasts, though they were much larger now after having the baby, his little sister Francesca. By now he was a good half a foot taller than her as they pressed against his upper abdomen.

“I live here – I think.” He said with a smile as he hugged her warmly rubbing her back.

“I meant you weren’t supposed to be home till later.” She said as she slightly pulled away from him though keeping her body pressed against his, her nipples rubbing against him, as she playful smacked his chest.

“Jo and I left early this morning to get on the road before every other college student in the country.” He shrugged.

“Smart thinking, where is Jo?” She asked looking over his shoulder.

“She had to use the bath room.” He shrugged.

“So what were you doing when I scared you?” Alex asked grinning.

“We are out of milk so I figured…” He couldn’t help but smile as his mom’s face turned red with embarrassment. She wasn’t shy about breast feeding around him. This had in turn, even led to her changing shirts in front of him when he had come home for a break. But being caught drinking it herself was a little over the top not to mention hot as hell.

“Well if it’s good enough for the baby right?” He said trying to lighten the mood and relieve a bit of her embarrassment.

“Precisely.” She looked at him and smiled as she grabbed a paper towel cleaning up the milk. He couldn’t help but notice her breast wobble a bit from side to side as she did. He had always admired his mother’s large tits but they were huge now that she was breast feeding all the time.

“Guess that means I have to settle for black.” He said as he opened the cabinet and grabbed a coffee cup down. He could really use the caffeine.

“You want some?” His mom asked.

“What?” He said looking at her a bit puzzled, wondering if she had just said what he thought she had said.

“Some of my milk silly.” She said as she looked at him and smiled holding out her hand for the coffee mug.

“Well I am a little old to be breast feeding but I am game if you are.” He teased.

“What?” She looked at him funny.

“You asked if I wanted some of your milk.” He said with a smile and pointed to her tit.

“Not what I meant smart ass but.” She playfully smacked his arm.

“Hey you said it.” He shrugged.

“We’ll be my guest then.” She said as she pulled her strap down and pulled out her tit again for him.

“What?” He said stunned by what she had said calling his bluff as she stood there with her tits out. Her areolas where large, light brown, her nipples where about as thick as a nickel across and just as long, sticking out like a radio dial waiting to be turned.

“If you really want to try it, knock yourself out. Not like you never sucked on my tit before.” canlı bahis She said pointing to her tit.

“Okay.” He shrugged, trying not to seem too excited. He bent down and tilted his head and took her tit in his mouth as she took it in hand holding it up helping him, locking his lips around her areola as he felt the nipple touch his tongue. It took him a second of sucking before his mother’s milk began to flow. As it did he began to suck harder enjoying the soft trickle of her milk into his mouth.

“Oh.” She moaned softly. He pulled back thinking he had done something wrong.

“Too hard?” He asked.

“No just not used to it. Actually fills kind of nice, these damn things get so sore and I haven’t pumped yet today.” She said as she put her hand on the back of his head and pulled him back to her tit. He sucked on it for several more seconds, getting a bit bolder, he ran his tongue over her nipple. She shuddered softly at the sensation but didn’t stop him. His cock was now rock hard he was glad he was wearing slacks and not jeans.

“What are you doing?” He heard over his shoulder. He stood up and turned to see Jo grinning.

“Umm.” He said whipping breast milk from his mouth.

“Alex made a smart ass comment about breast feeding so I dared him to try some.” His mom said as Jo came up and hugged her not even giving his mom a chance to put her tit away.

“Hey Aunt Liz.” She said as she hugged her tightly. Alex couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey Joanna.” His mom said as she stroked the younger girl’s hair.

“So how was it?” Jo said letting his mother go and looking at him smirking.

“Hard to explain but not bad.” He shrugged. “You got a little…” he pointed to Jo’s shirt where his mom’s tit had leaked onto her shirt.

“Shit.” Jo licked her hand and then rubbed the spot as she pulled the shirt taught. Alex laughed at her.

“You care to try some too Joanna?” His mom laughed as she smiled at Jo.

“What the hell.” Jo shrugged as she bent down and clutched his mom’s tit and put her mouth over her nipple and began to suck. Alex could feel his hard on rubbing against his cotton boxers begging for relief.

Alex fiddled with his cell phone in his pocket and pulled out his camera.

“Smile.” Alex teased as he held up the camera. He expected her to pull away but Jo smiled, kept on sucking as she turned slightly towards the camera. His mom laughed but put her arm around her and kissed her on the forehead as they both looked at the camera. He snapped the picture and smiled. Only happen in his family he thought.

“Well?” Alex asked as Jo took the nipple from her mouth.

“Not bad.” She said licking her lips.

“Missed some.” He teased as a trail of milk trickled down his mother’s tit. His cock jumped in response as Jo leaned down and licked it up running her tongue along the underside of his mom’s tit.

“Jo!” His mom jumped turning bright red as she playful pushed the laughing red head away from her breast.

“Let me see.” Jo said as she came up and took his camera looking at the picture he had taken. He hoped she didn’t delete it like she did with most he took of her.

“So do you want some of my milk with your coffee?” Mom asked looking at me.

“I’ll take some.” Jo said with a smile.

“What about you Alex?” His mom smiled at Jo and then looked back at him. He debated between the coffee and excusing himself to take care of another growing problem.

“Yeah sure.” He nodded.

“So have you been home yet?” His mom asked Jo as she got down another coffee cup for Jo.

“No we came here first. Mom and Sis are probably still in bed.” Jo replied as she handed him back his camera, luckily she didn’t delete it. “Send that picture to me later.” She smiled with a wink.

“Your sister misses you something fierce.” Mom replied as she clutched her breast, turned back toward the counter and began to squeeze it into her cup.

“I heard she been spending a lot of time over here, I hope she hasn’t been to annoying.” Jo said.

“Not at all, you know you two or always welcome here, besides she helps out a lot with the baby and I have been teaching her to cook.” Mom smiled. “Can you get the sugar Alex?”

“Yeah sure.” He replied as he leaned over and kissed her on the cheek.

“Not what I meant smart butt.” She smiled.

“Need a hand?” Jo asked as she came up on the other side of his mom.

“What?” His mom looked at her puzzled.

“I can do the other boob if you don’t mind otherwise it’s going to take a while for you to fill two cups.” Jo said with a smile. Alex thought about making a joke about her filling two cups nicely.

“Sure I guess.” His mom said as she let the other strap down and bared both breasts. As the night gown slid down a bit, the straps stopped at her elbows. The front showed off tummy and the top of her lace white panties. The plunging arm holes as well showed off a bit of her panties and her juicy thighs. The back showed off her panty clad ass which didn’t come all the way up showing a bit of ass cleavage. It wasn’t like bahis siteleri he hadn’t seen her in her panties before but damn if it wasn’t making his dick throb. Jo took the cup in one hand as she grabbed his mom’s tit in the other and began to milk her.

“Let me know if I am doing it too hard.” Jo said as she softly squeezed her tit and tugged lightly at her nipple. The sight of mom and Jo stroking breast as they squirted into the cup made his throbbing member jump. He thought about taking another picture or a video with his phone but decided against it.

“You’re good.” Mom said with a smile. They talked for a bit about college and stuff Jo finally let go of his mother’s tit and pulled the strap back up. She put her fingers in her mouth and sucked the milk off of them.

“That’s enough for me.” Jo said as she took her cup and walked around to where he had put down the sugar. His cock jumped again in his pants.

“That enough milk for you.” She said as she held the cup out for him.

“Yep.” He nodded, truthfully though he really wanted to watch her play with her tit some more. He looked down at her still her bare breast watching a little trickle run down her massive melons. “Um mom, you got a little.” He said pointing to her tit. His mom ran her finger along the other side of her breast along the milk trail to her nipple and took the milk to her mouth.

“There all better.” His mom smiled and winked as she pulled her night gown back up and fondled her tits as she put them back into the cups of her night gown. He could now beat a midget to death with his cock he thought.

He took the cup and began to add sugar to his and his mom’s glass as Jo went over and poured herself some coffee and then brought the pot over to him pouring it for them as his mom got spoons. They all stirred and Alex was the first to try any since Jo had taken longer to stir hers as she had loaded it down with sugar as usual.

“Well how is it?” His mom asked looking at him, her boobs wobbling slightly as she stirred.

“Not bad.” He replied. “Suppose a bowl of cereal for breakfast is out of the question?” He quickly added as she began to cough while taking a swallow from her cup. Her breast jiggling as she coughed.

“Alex!” She said laughing while patting her chest, Jo grinned at him.

“Sorry.” He said laughing himself.

“You two care to join me in the living room?” His mom said as she pointed toward the living room.

Alex, Jo and his mom sat on the couch talking about what they had missed and what they had been up to. He couldn’t help but notice his mom arm around the back of the couch stroking Jo’s hair as Jo showed her pictures of their college life on her phone. He knew it was nothing but part of him had pictured his mom and Jo engaged in some hot lesbian sex after she had told him about his mother’s lesbian experimentation during her own college years.

Alex glanced up to see his Sister Nicolette coming down the stairs.

Spring 1999


“Knock, knock.” Alex said as he knocked on his parent’s door; or his moms anyways. He hadn’t gotten used to the idea yet, he half expected his dad to come out of any room of the house at any time.

“Come in.” He heard his mom say. He walked in to find her sitting on the bed with several boxes spread out across it. She was dressed in one of dad’s old shirts and he could tell she didn’t have anything on underneath. Only a couple of the buttons were fastened around her bust showing off the top of her breasts, while her pregnant swollen belly stuck out from underneath. Her brown hair pulled up in a loose bun; a pair of glasses sitting on her nose. His mom had never been what he would call shy about her body, however now that she was pregnant half her clothes didn’t fit or where tight as hell on her. She’d had to buy all new bras and even then they didn’t stay on long as they came off after she left work.

“Hey baby.” She said smiling and looking up at him from over her reading glasses with her smoky quartz eyes.

“Hey mom, what you doing?” Alex said walking into the bedroom.

“Going through your dad’s stuff, seeing what to keep and what to throw away. She said as she grabbed the box she was going through and set it aside. She flashed him her panties before closing her legs.

“Need any help?” He said sitting down beside her.

“No this is something I need to do. I have been putting it off long enough.” She took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes as she rolled her neck.

“Where is sis?” He said moving behind her and beginning to rub her shoulders.

“She went out with Candy and Kitty for a girl’s day. Damn that feels good.” She said as she sat there rolling her shoulders and neck.

“I think she is doing better, she actually slept in her bed last night.” Alex said. His sister had been crashing in his room like the old days when she would get scared. “I had trouble falling asleep without her cuddled up next to me.”

“I know what you mean. It feels weird sleeping alone. I usual end up cuddling with a pillow.”

“Well you’re bahis şirketleri always welcome to crash with me.” Alex joked.

“Well if I didn’t like to sleep in the nude I might take you up on that.” She smiled back at him. Alex kept his thoughts to himself, but she was more than welcome.

“Umph.” She said grabbing her stomach as she bit her bottom lip.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Just your little sister letting me know she is awake.” She said rubbing her belly.

“You want to feel?” She said looking back at him.

“Yeah sure.” He shrugged as he moved around to her side.

“Here give me your hand.” She said, as he turned slightly and lifted up the bottom of her shirt showing off her silk panties. Alex could make out her pubes just below the thin fabric, the outline of her mons. He couldn’t help but notice they were slightly see through showing of a bit of her muff. She put his hand over her belly inches above panties.

I don’t feel anything.” He said after a couple of seconds. The one thing he did feel was an erection building as he stared down at her tight panty clad pussy admiring the mounds of her pussy underneath.

“Give it a second.” She said. She moved his hand down as it brushed her panty line. Sure enough the little one soon began to kick. “Feel it.”

“Yep.” He said with a smile. Though he wanted to feel something else he thought wanting to move his hand downwards. He softly rubbed her belly with his thumb.

“I have been meaning to talk to you.” She said putting her hand on his and squeezing his hand.

“About.” He shrugged.

“I have noticed you realized I’m not wearing a bra around the house.”

“I am sorry mom.” He said sliding his hand away slowly.

“It’s okay sweetheart, actually a little flattering.” She smiled at him as she nudged him with her shoulder. “I just need to know if it bothers you, seeing me like this because I will be breast feeding soon and you might be seeing a lot more of me.”

“No I am cool with it.” Alex shrugged.

“Good.” She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“So what is all this.” Alex said looking at the boxes wanting to change the topic.

“Dad’s junk he had piled in the closet, tax papers, Miscellaneous junk, you name it.”

“Those two boxes of stuff are for you. Stuff I figured you might want, and his porn.” His mom said pointing to the end of the bed.

“What?” Alex said a little taken aback as he went to the end of the bed. His mom had been a little more understanding than most moms growing up when it came to puberty and what not. She had always been willing to answer any questions he might have had. She had giving him his first couple of dirty magazine after she had caught him looking at her lingerie catalog. Bought him his first pack of condoms, or packs technically not knowing his size, when he had started showing a real interest in girls and jokingly offered to show him how to put them on if he needed help, at least he thought she was joking. Though she had encouraged him to try them on and see what size fit best.

“Think of it as your inheritance.” She teased.

“Wow! way to go dad.” Alex said looking in the box, at a bunch of old magazines and what not. Picking up one of the magazines to see two very well endowed girls pressing their breasts together on the cover.

“Yeah your father had a thing for big breasted women.” She smiled.

“Really I would have never figured.” He grinned looking at her; she just shook her head at him. An old small envelop fell out onto the bed open.

“What is this?” He said picking it up as several old photographs fell out onto the bed. As he looked down he couldn’t help but notice all of them were of his mother in several stages of undress.

“Oh my god.” His mom noticed the pictures and rushed over gathering them up in a hurry. Alex was speechless.

“I didn’t know your dad still had these.” She said frantically trying to get them together. She held them away from him and looked at them before looking up at him and the dumbfounded look on his face. “Your mom was quit a looker in her younger days.” She smiled as she walked over to the dresser.

“No you’re more beautiful now.” Alex said with a grin.

“Thank you baby.” His mom stopped and smiled, blushing lightly. “I better put these up.” She said opening her top dresser drawer putting them in with her bras and panties.

“I am going to put these in my room.” He said picking up one of the boxes. “I’ll come back for the porn in a minute.”

That night, Alex sat on his bed going through the boxes, most of it was hunting stuff and other guy stuff mom had no use for or had no idea what in the hell it was. Some of it Alex would keep, he had found his dad old hunting knife which he would give to Jo as a keep sake, she always seemed to like it. Though he wasn’t sure how good of an Idea it was to give a redhead a weapon.

He put the box down tired. Alex grinned looking down at the porn box, Dad’s old collection of dirty magazines. He picked up the box and set it on the bed looking up to make sure he had locked the door as he began to lay them out onto the bed. Although in good condition, most looked decades old judging by the picture quality; probably from dad’s teenage years before he had mom big breasts to play with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32