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Silage season had started on the farm. In order to see my husband I would have to go ride in a piece of farm machinery. And being his birthday, made it an even bigger reason to go out. The big 4 0 hit him. All the jokes about being old were now upon him. Which I used at my convenience when appropriate.

I drove out to the farm. It was scorching hot this weekend. Found the swather sitting in the field not moving. But seen the silage machine down further. So off I went. Not sure if he would be there or not.

I slowly drove along that piece of the road. From that distance, I wasn’t sure if he was there or not. And it appeared like there was the other guy there, whom I do not like. Then he waved. I waited on the road. The tractor drove up the swaths picking it up. It seemed to take forever.

Then they stopped to fix something. Which I learned later they were having trouble with. So being not a very farm oriented girl, and not really caring if the pieces of crop were cut too long or not; I continued to wait.

Wayne jumped in the van. He wanted a ride to the farm yard to talk to the “other guy”. After talking to him, he wanted to take the truck to the pastures to check on the cows. Being a very wet year, the pastures were wet, and foot rot was a common thing to happen.

We loaded some pales of chop in the back of the truck and I drove down to the first pasture. Fond bahis firmaları memories are from this pasture. Quading around in the first paddock naked one summer, when mosquitoes weren’t so bad. Getting fucked on the quad just merely a week earlier. With four kids, it is hard to get alone time at home. So you do what you got to do!!!

I drove around the pasture for a long time honking. No cows. Finally at the opposite end of the pasture we found them. Doing the usual farmer stuff, we finished up in this pasture. Down the road we went.

Reynolds’s pasture was next. Wayne opened the gate and I drove in. His hand touching me, teasing me so slightly. As I joke about his age, it doesn’t seem to take much to turn to the Old Guy on. And today was no exception.

The pasture was bumpy and the “girls” did their fare share of bouncing. His hands still managing to tease me, with his other one undoing his jeans. Taking my hand he placed it on his hardened cock. If this is what older age does to a guy, I am all for it happening.

All this time I was still driving, trying to avoid pot holes, and stones. As we came around the bluff of trees, the cattle were all there. But they would have to wait. The pales of chop sat in the back of the truck. We sat in the front, with the air conditioner blasting.

Wayne started to take his pants right off, and I followed suit. Getting kaçak iddaa older and finding vehicles are built smaller than they used to be is always a chore in itself.

The cattle started coming around the truck. But they remained in the far distance, with their tongues lashing into the pales.

I leaned over after I took off my shorts and panties and grabbed his cock in my hand. With my knees on the seat, I lowered my mouth to the piece of meat. Opening as wide as I could, letting it slide in and out as I fucked his cock with my mouth. The taste of his cock in my mouth was tantalizing my taste buds for more. Bobbing my head up and down, going down as far as I could.

My hand holding the shaft near the bottom. With two fingers pushed back, I grab his balls. Tickling them as I continue to hold his cock. He moans out.

Releasing my mouth. His erection just standing up, wanting more. If it could speak, it would have said “Pussy, pussy. I want to fuck pussy!”

For that is what it got. Wayne pushed me up. And continued to push me onto my back. My head being too far up and it touches the door. He told me to move back more. I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted me from the seat and moved me down. The steering wheel still in an awkward place. But it would have to do for now.

Pushing my legs apart, he forced himself between them. The radio still on. The kaçak bahis coolness from the air conditioner still blowing. He cock finding my pussy hole immediately. Sliding in so eagerly. Like it had never fucked my glory hole before.

He started banging me. Bringing back memories of my teenage life. The cars that we frequented. Back then we were fucking and hiding from parents. Today we hide from kids. Weird huh!

As his cock heaved in and out, it didn’t take long for Wayne to give me what I love. The feel of his cum dripping out of my hole. The smell of sex.

As I lay there, I looked upward to the window behind me. The eyes belonging to a cow glaring in. The vehicle continuing to move in sequence with cows eating out of the back.

I started laughing. As it was then I realized that Wayne’s fleet net radio for the fire department was under my ass. I thought it was the seatbelt that was pressing against me.

The button which you press to send out messages to other members who are carrying fleet nets, and are on the same frequency, could hear it all. Wayne said it wasn’t on. But it was then that someone spoke back.

“Are you done already? No, I am not finished yet, keep going Tami. Fuck him good!”

Smacking him with my hand on his arm, he quickly turned the fleet net off.

We got dressed, not saying a word.

Wayne got out and checked the herd, feeding them a few pales of chop which they hadn’t got into.

Getting back in the truck, I drove out of the pasture. Looking at him, I smiled.

Do we care that someone heard us? Not a chance in hell!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32