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Editor’s note: this story contains scenes of incest or incest content.


A Baby Girl Is Born: Alone Time With Daddy


He was a local author and business owner, powerful, intelligent, and looking for a young woman to share his life and his bed. He had met hundreds of women and none of them were the right fit. He had a taste for the taboo daddy/daughter type relationship, but the modern emancipated women he’d met were not willing to play that role. They didn’t want to give over any power in a relationship. Until one day…

Previously in a public library conference room, behind a locked door…

She lay in front of him until she caught her breath and felt like her legs weren’t as shaky. He helped her sit up and she blushed at the puddle she’d made on the table. Luckily the blanket took the most of it but there were still a few puddles where her squirts soaked through. She blushed once she noticed them but he told her to dismiss them. “Sadly no one will ever know that this came from your hot little kitty.” He teased with a wink.

She giggled as she searched for her clothes. It was then that she noticed why he still had that hunger on his face…his cock (still bound by his trousers) was about to burst through the seams! He noted where she was looking and taking her hand and pressing it against his hard throbbing cock said, “Ah yes. Look at what you’ve done to your daddy!”

She started to apologize but he shushed her by placing a finger across her swollen lips. That same finger that he had held deep inside her pussy and she could detect the faint scent of her musk on it. It was such an erotic moment, bringing a reality to what just transpired between the two of them. “You’ll have plenty of time to help daddy with this but not here. I’m taking you home. My home…your new home…our home.”

Who was this man who wanted to claim her as his baby girl?! Why did he have such a seductive hold on her and why is she doing everything he asks and commands of her without question?! She was being sexually brainwashed slowly into being the perfect daddy’s baby girl. She wasn’t putting up much of a fight, but she didn’t care because her body screamed for this attention.

From the moment he devoured her tender lips she decided to throw caution to the winds and give herself over to the desires of this man…this daddy…her daddy. She loved how he coaxed her into putting all her naughty thoughts that made her wiggle in her seat to words and then making her profess them out loud. Her cheeks flushed red thinking about the things she’d said in front of him and to him…words that have never graced her sweet trembling lips before.

God he wanted her…he needed her! He loved seeing her shy little blush when he pushed her to talk dirty to him or when she lay back on that table, pushing her fingers in and out of that sweet cunny pretending he was finger fucking her. She was so hot whispering those dirty words about her wetting daddy’s fingers then his cock. She was a natural, but he would still have to continue her verbal education. He imagined their future as her still being his blushing baby girl, but with a naughty streak that could make a eunuch cum. She was so unbelievably ripe and ready to be grabbed up and savored…devoured by her captor. This was the baby girl he’d been searching for…his baby girl!

He’d undone his belt and zipper but had stopped there. Not here, not yet bahis firmaları he cautioned himself and yet his thick cock was demanding its share of her delicious body. He wanted to deflower his baby girl in his bed…soon to be their bed. There he would sample every part of his baby girl and make her cum more than she ever had thought possible. There he could coax so many loud, thunderous orgasms from her virginal body and he knew he could make her squirt gallons of her sweet nectar.

Mmmmm…His already throbbing cock jerked and his heavy balls drew up just a little tighter at the thought of being bathed in her fountain of cum. He couldn’t get a hold of his thoughts and knew he was going to have to rectify this situation before he unlocked that door. He grabbed her hands and drew her once more to the sofa they started out on and pulled her down next to him. “Baby girl, daddy has a confession to make. You’ve made his cock so hungry it almost hurts.”

“Oh my gosh! I’m…I’m so sorry daddy.” She said with a little girlish giggle accompanied by a hardy blush. “What should we do?”

He loved that she included herself in the solution. He slowly pulled his zipper the rest of the way down and reached into his trousers to ease his cock from its confines. She gasped at the first sight of his thick, throbbing member. It was dark like the rest of him, uncircumcised and she could see a thick vein running the length it. It looked hungry…hungry for her! How was that going to squeeze inside of her?! The sight of him, despite her fear of the pain that was surely going to come with their first time together, made her pussy walls ache for something more.

“Well baby girl, daddy is going to teach you one way to stroke a cock. This is only a short fix to get us home OK?”

“OK.” She said breathlessly.

He started by showing her with his own hand how to stroke it and then reached for her small hand placing it at the base. “Now do what you just watched daddy do, sweety.”

She was struck by the heat she felt in her hand and it’s satin over steel hardness. She started stroking him up and down slowly at first, watching how his cock head swelled even more and pushed its way out. She kept thinking Oh my God! His cock is huge and he is going to fuck me with it…a lot!

The sight and feel of her small pink hand wrapped around his throbbing piece of man meat was driving him insane! He was groaning and coaxing her on, “Ooooooh baby! That’s it sweety…just like that. Now, do that just to the head!” His breath was getting heavier and his hips were starting to pump up and down, “Oh fuck baby girl! You do that so good! Look at what you’re doing to your daddy, making him drip just like your sweet little kitty did on the table!”

She was struck with the sudden desire to bend down and take that swollen, wet tip into her small, hot mouth. He watched as her desire grew out of control and she did just that! He was too far gone when she moaned on his swollen cock head and he felt it all the way to his inner most soul! “Fuck baby! Daddy’s gonna cum…daddy’s gonna cum!” he growled. But she wouldn’t let up! She latched on to his hips and sucked even harder…just like she’d read in his novel.

He started shooting hot cum into her little mouth but she was unable to swallow it all. He could see and she could feel his frothing seed dripping down her chin and over her hand as she was still stroking him…like all good baby kaçak iddaa girls are supposed to do he thought. He finally had to lay his head back and close his eyes the pleasure of his release was so great. He opened his eyes when he felt her remove her mouth, and slow her stroking. He looked deep into her flushed face, wet with his seed and saw a deeper desire in her eyes.

“Did I help daddy? Do you feel better now?” she grinned pleased with her work.

She was now half kneeling next to him with her butt up in the air which afforded him access to give it a quick smack. She jumped a little while letting out a small gasp as that swat warmed her little cunny more than she expected. “Mmmmm…yes, you made your daddy feel much better, and you surprised him too. You’re a little minx aren’t you sweety.” It was more of a statement than a question. “I assume you learned that from reading naughty books like mine.” he teased. This conversation gave him an idea.

“I have learned a lot from those novels even if I haven’t actually experienced much. Well…until now.” She blushed and smiled a coy, little smile.

Oh…she was just begging to be devoured without mercy, and that’s just what he’s going to do. He smiled a devilish little smile and said, “Let’s get cleaned up and I’ll take you home. But first I have a little homework I would like you do for me before we leave. OK?”

“OK daddy.” she smiled.

Curious about what he wanted her to do, they walked back into the library stacks where he handed her a small piece of paper with the code for a particular book written on it. “Go find this for me and stay there. I’ll come find you. I have a few more reports to pick up at the front desk. OK?”


As she turned to start her search he quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her to him, “Baby girl,” he whispered softly, kissing her lips before sending her off with another swat.

“Daddy…” she whispered back. She could melt in those eyes…so deep and dark. She felt like he could see right through her…right down to her most secret desires.

The library was very large and she had to walk quite a distance to find the right stack that held the book he wanted. As she searched the shelves for the book, she wondered if he’d be able to find her. She spied the prize just as he spied his. He came up behind her as she reached toward the book on a high shelf. She was reaching above her head and he could clearly enjoy a mouthwatering view of those sweet breasts jutting away from her body. Her blouse was floating away from her soft belly making the perfect opening for his warm hands.

“Ah…I see you’ve found it!” he whispered as he slid his hands under that blouse to capture those soft mounds, pulling her into his body.

“Ooh!” she sighed. She loved how he felt pressed against her. He is relentless in his pursuit of me (she thought) and I love it!

He was nuzzling her neck and breathing in the scent of her hair when he said, “Now turn to page 54 and read the passage you find there to me.”

She was trying to turn the pages and concentrate on doing what he ask of her but the entire time he was nuzzling her neck, nibbling her earlobe, and fondling her breasts, disrupting any concentration she had left. She finally found the page and began to read quietly out loud. Just at that time he slipped one large warm hand inside her panties and began to slowly tease her already wet clit. The passage kaçak bahis spoke of a daughter breast feeding her daddy while he stretched her tight pussy on his fatherly cock. After she finished the passage, she was breathing heavier and had to lay her head back on his shoulder to allow him better access to her neck. She was melting under his mouth, hands, and fingers.

“Baby, do you like what you just read? Your hard little bell is swelling up and getting creamy wet under my fingers.”

She quietly moaned yes. She knew he was going to make her cum again on his fingers, but she had to be quiet…anyone could hear them. Anyone could catch them for that matter, and that danger set her on fire.

“I want us to do this.” he breathed in her ear. “I want to make your breasts full of milk so you can let daddy suck on those beautiful nipples while I bounce you on my cock. Do you want that too baby girl?”

She could only shake her head yes because she was cumming on his fingers again. He could feel her entire body shaking as she wet his fingers with her sweet honey. He slowly pulled his hand from her panties, bringing his fingers to her lips and said, “Taste yourself baby. Taste your sweet cream for daddy.”

She opened her lips and he placed his wet fingers on her tongue. She closed her mouth, felt the slickness of her essence on her tongue, tasted her sweet, musky flavor, and was reminded of when he had placed those same fingers on her lips before and she could smell herself on him. He felt the heat of her mouth and the silkiness of her juices on her tongue and groaned when her tongue curled around him and she began to suck. He slid his fingers from her mouth and held her closer to him, taking a moment to devour her sweet lips once again. He tasted the sweet honey cream that still clung to her tongue and felt his cock harden even more.

“You make me feel like I’m going to faint!” she breathed.

He hugged her tighter and asked, “Do you like how your little pussy tastes? Do you like feeling daddy’s fingers playing with your pussy?” He whispered against her lips, “Tell me baby…use your words. Daddy loves to hear you say naughty things.”

“Yes daddy, I love you playing with my pussy. My little kitty loves how rough and thick your fingers feel…teasing my clitty, sliding up and down between my creamy wet slit,” She was panting now, “and I love tasting me on your fingers.”

“Good girl…you know just what naughty words to say to make daddy’s cock stay in a perpetual state of hardness, so I think it’s time to get you home and into bed.” he moaned into her ear.

They left the library, leaving her car there. As they walked through the parking lot he kept her near him with one strong arm wrapped around her waist, reminding her that she was now his and he would always be by her side. Once they were settled in his SUV she asked about stopping by her apartment to get a change of clothing and he said, “Baby girl…you aren’t going to need clothes once I get you home. I will always want you naked and ready for me when you are spending alone time with daddy.”

Her body began to ache, “You want me naked all the time?”

“Oh yes baby girl. I want to be able to see your yummy curves and watch as your breasts bounce when you move…mmmmm…having access to those rosy nipples makes my mouth water.” his fingers teased her straining nipples through her blouse while his deep brown eyes caressed her from head to toe as if she were already naked, “Yes baby…I want you naked all the time.”

Her head was spinning, her heart was pounding, and her clit was throbbing…he wants me naked all the time.

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