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This story was …inspired by real events…my own pregnancy and birth of my child and how Ray enjoyed sucking on my milk filled tits… So that where it came from…So here is the next story of my baker’s dozen.

I hope you enjoy them…if not, oh well…can’t make every one happy. Can only make myself happy and I’m trying.

Drop me an email…if you like…

Wet and waiting Carrie

Now on to the story;

This happened back when I was eighteen and a senior in high school. I had to walk home one afternoon as i had gotten in trouble had had the keys to my car taken away. When i got home I found I had forgotten my key and had to walk around back to get in and i passed my sister’s window. My sister, who was one year older than me, had gotten knocked up and she had just had her baby about a month earlier. As I walked by the window I saw her feeding her baby. Her long black that hung down her bare back looked wet like she had just got out of the shower. I guess the baby had cried to be feed right after she had gotten out of the shower because from want I could see she was naked. She held her baby in her lap. The sight of her swollen, bare breasts with erect thick pink nipples jutting out made my cock stiffen in my pants and rooted me to the spot.

The baby finished feeding and she stood put him into his crib next to the bed. My cock jerked at the sight of her perfect heart shaped ass. Then she turned around facing the window. My sister began rubbing her breasts, I could see milk leaking out of each nipples. Edging closer her window, I tried to hide in the shadows, but she saw me. She made no effort to cover up her swollen breasts or her down covered pussy. canlı bahis

I started to walked away embarrassed but she said, “Come to my room right now or I’ll tell our parents you were peeking at me!”

I knew I had to do as my sister said. As soon as I was in her room and the door was shut, she smiled and said, “Suck the milk out of my juggs,” and thrust an oozing nipple up to my mouth.

At first, being freaked out, all I did was just lick the milk leaking from her swollen nipple, but she pulled my face hard against her juggs and said, “Suck it…Damn it!”

When she pulled my face against her soft jugg, milk squirted into my mouth. The taste was strange at first, but it was sweet. Soon I found the best way to suckle her. I opened my mouth wide, surrounding her silky smooth areola with my lips. Then I sucked her nipple deep into my mouth and swallowed. The suction of my swallowing kept a steady stream of milk flowing until her juggs was empty and softer than when I started.

By the time she offered me her other jugg to suckle I was pretty excited. Nervous but knew I had to try I placed my hand on her bare thigh. When she didn’t push it away I brought my hand up and between my sister’s thighs. When she didn’t push me away, my hand found its way up between her legs to her fuzzy pussy. Excited I gently pushed two fingers up inside of her. Feeling her moist lips separate and her wet hole grip my fingers was incredible. My sister spread her legs a wider giving me better access to her pussy. I ran my thumb up her slit and when she inhaled sharply I knew I had found her clit. I began rubbing my thumb back and forth against her clit. She moaned as I rolled my thumb from side to bahis siteleri side and plunged my finger in and out of her.

I kept up a steady rhythm, sucking…,rolling…,thrusting…,sucking…,rolling…,thrusting. Just before I sucked the last drop of sweet milk from my sister’s second jugg, she clamped her soft thighs shut and climaxed all over my hand.

I had heard about brothers and sisters having sex together and was so excited I had to asked, “Are you going to let me fuck you now?”

My sister giggled, “I can’t let you fuck me,” she said, as she pushed me away, “But I can take care of this!”

She rubbed her hand over my swollen cock. Kneeling in front of me, she released my cock from its prison. When it flopped in front of her, she began to licking it. Her tongue sent shivers of lust up my spine as she licked my shaft up from my aching balls to the leaking tip.

After a few minute of hot tongue licking, I tried to thrust my cock forward and into her mouth. As my cock head pressed against her lips, she took the hint and placed her lips on my purple crown. She held my shaft in a tight grip and slowly leaned forward. Her lips separate and slid down my shaft about half way. When I tried to pump my cock into to her mouth she tightened her grip. I got the message she was in control. When she back off till only my cock head was in her mouth, her tongue would flick from side to side and circled my cock head as she stroked my shaft with her fist. Then she would take me about half into her mouth and apply suction to my cock.

This wasn’t my first blow job but it was all too exciting. Quicker then I would have liked I felt the churning in my balls and I moaned bahis şirketleri I was going to cum and tried to pull away from her. All the girls that had blew me and made it clear they weren’t into swallowing and I figure my sister wasn’t either.

A muffled, “No, I want it,” made me stop trying to pull out of her mouth. Her fist moved faster and faster as her tongue swirled around my cock head. Too quickly, I felt the spasm in my balls as my cum shot up thought my shaft and into my sister mouth.

Weak-kneed after cumming, I couldn’t resist her as she stood up, the corners of her mouth dripping with my cream. Her lush, firm lips touched mine and opened. Her hot cum-covered tongue wrestled with mine as we kissed, sharing my cum.

She broke the kiss and said, “Same time tomorrow or else,” then she pushed me toward the door. I was outside in the hall way before I noticed that my still-hard cock was sticking out of my jeans. I barely had my cock back in my pants before our mother came around the corner.

Almost every day after school for three months it went the same way. Most of the time it was like our first time me sucking on her tits and fingering her at the same time. But there were days the she didn’t need her juggs drain but she still let me fingered her till she got off. No mater want I did she would always suck me until I blew my load in her mouth. Afterwards I’d ask her if we were going to fuck one day and she just giggle at me and throw me out the door.

Then I came home one day and found out that our parents were making my sister put the baby on formula so she could get a job and over night my fun ended. Then about eight months later our cousin Sara had a baby and one night she called and asked me to come over saying she needed the same relief I had given my sister and just as suddenly as it had ended I was back in business. But I didn’t get to fuck Sara either…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32