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This is a totally true story of how time away from my wife overseas heightened my quest for sexual satisfaction and self gratification. I am a 28 year old male. About 6ft tall with a stocky build, short black hair and bright blue eyes.

After reading some stories on Lit and thinking about my hot wife waiting for me and the things we would do on my return, I was feeling just a little horney. However, both my wife and myself had told each other that we would not play with ourselves so that we would be wild with passion after 3 weeks. One week in and I was feeling too hot for this deal. In my mind the rules had already changed to “no cumming”.

I decided to take a bath and so I got the water running and stripped out of my clothes. I then went naked to the kitchen and to the fridge to grab a couple of beers. Even as I did this, my mind was coming up with a totally new idea.

The water was nice and deep and I stuck in one foot. OUCH!! Just a little too hot. I ran some cold in to level the temperature. When I eventually lowered my body into the steam, it was still very very warm as the water hugged my naked skin tight.

I lay there for a moment or two, just resting. Then I began to let that new idea grow in my mind again and as I did so, my cock grew hard and the head stretched hard, pulling the skin tight around the base as it outgrew it’s outer coat and searched for attention. canlı bahis Bobbing on the surface among the suds.

I slowly sat up and reached down for a beer. I cracked off the bottle top and took a nice long sip. The cold fizz felt so good on my lips as I swallowed some before parting my lips just enough to let the cool fresh beer seep out and down my chin and across my nipples. Nipple stimulation drives me wild. Sometimes I swear I should just get breasts. The contrast from the hot water off the bath, to the ice cold beer, coupled with the fizz on the surface was electric.

My cock twitched and strained but I ignored it and proceeded to tip cold beer direct from the bottle onto one nipple and then across my torso to the other. The bubbling and the “hot to cold” sensation of this foreign liquid was as good as my imagination had created it to be. There was no way I could stop at my nipples now.

Gripping my shaft tight I pulled the forskin right down to the base to totally expose the sensitive head. It was red from the heat of the bath and I lay it against my stomach and proceeded to pour cold beer up and down the length. My hips bucked as this totally new sensation took over. I closed my eyes as my whole body tensed as I soaked in a new level of pleasure.

It had been a long time since I tried any kind of anal stimulation but I was quick to roll over in the bath bahis siteleri to my hands and knees. I arched my back so as to push my hole upwards and then guided the bottle round behind my legs. Slowly I poured the beer and adjusted my aim until the cold stream was running down the crack in my cheeks and perfectly over my hole. Again the combination of the “hot to cold” and the fizz was just indescribable.

Feeling very very horny I knelt up and pulled back hard on my cock again to give it another beer bath, pressing the top of the bottle onto my open cock head, letting the pre-cum stick to the bottle before bringing it up to my mouth to consume the remaining drops of beer and pre-cum.

Putting the empty bottle down I lay back into the water and washed myself off. I began to play with my nipples, dragging my nails hard across them before pulling and pinching them hard out from my chest. Wincing at the pain that always gives me such pleasure. My right hand automatically moved for my cock but I stopped it and brought it back for further nipple play. This happened 3 or 4 times as I teased myself over and over through nipple play, totally denying my cock the attention it so desperately needed.

Finally I let my hand slip down and pulled my skin tight once again. I then discovered something I had not tried before. I resisted the instinct to beat off in “rapid fire mode” and instead bahis şirketleri I made a gentle hand over hand motion. Once hand sliding down the shaft and not gripping until reaching the base where it held the skin tight, making way for the next hand. Leaving my shaft exposed in this way again left me open to such amazing sensations as my hands massaged the most sensitive parts, only helped by the lapping of the hot water.

I soon loved this new naked shaft technique and was suddenly out of control. My left hand pulled my foreskin very tight at the base of my cock while my right hand beat off up and down the shaft without mercy as if the skin were there as usually. The head bulged and grew red, then purple as I was tortured by extreme pain and pleasure all at the same time.

I relinquished this attack. One thing remained. It had been so long but I was hot, horny and wet. Feeling feminine, I hooked both legs over the bath sided and arched my back. My right hand found it’s was down my body and my middle finger teased it’s way into my tight ass hole. Once I had adjusted to this old feeling, I picked up pace as I slid the finger in and out of my ass in the water, teasing my nipples with the other hand and giving my cock a stroke every now and again.

I sooooo wanted to beat off like there was no tomorrow but instead I stopped. No cumming until I see my wife in 2 weeks!!!

I got out of the bath, dried myself and put on some night clothes. I opened the other beer and sat down and wrote this story. All true. All fun!

I hope this story brings you as much pleasure as the real thing did for me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32