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All characters are 18 years or older. Sorry for the delay. This piece took a little longer to weave together. It was a lot of fun writing and I hope you enjoy it.


Warren Harrower: Arch Mage and Former Primarch of the Family

Loki Sutekh: Trickster Deity and Red Player

Nick Shaw: Founder and CEO of Numenor Technology [Iron Rain]

Louis: Archaeologist and Black Bishop for Yog Sothoth [Spell, Crook and Handle]

Gabrielle De Courtney: Inquisitor and Head of the Ordo Hereticus [Spell, Crook and Handle]

Yog Sothoth: Great Old One and Black Player [Spell, Crook and Handle]

Aaron Atwater: Illusionist possessed by ancient demon [Possession is 9/10ths the Law]


This piece takes place a year after the assassination of the black king. The imminent threat of the Thanatons awakening has pushed the four players to make war upon one another. Each is striving to seize the ship S.S. Miskatonic and its unique power plant. While Warren and Nick strive to understand this alien technology the other players are out to take or destroy the ship if necessary.


South Pacific:

The six hundred foot Numenor cut through the water at nearly fifty knots. It like the ship it was trying to protect was caught within the eye of the hurricane. The air above it was torn by some kind of spatial rift. It had opened with little warning and out of the gulf of deep space a swarm of winged insect like creatures. The hideous things were carrying some sort of device in their pincered manipulators. Nick Shaw stared skyward at the monstrosities and watched in horror as the gleaming metallic cylinders released jagged beams of energy. The sea boiled where the beams touched and the armored exterior of his ship blackened where the weapons struck.

“Hard to port,” he screamed as Surfer piloted the ship.

“Master Nick, this ship wasn’t designed for this sort of combat,” the A.I. said as the ship shuddered as it attempted the extreme maneuver.

“Don’t care,” Nick said as he raised the gauss rifle to his shoulder. “Power up the auxiliary generator and get ready to pop the guns,” he said as he dodged a brilliant beam of energy. “Fucker!”

Nick squeezed off a shot and watched the thing explode as the hypersonic projectile made contact. He knelt and switched the weapon to full auto. He grits his teeth and smiled as he pulled the trigger and held on. The cluster of demonic insects scattered as a full half their numbers perished in the first onslaught of the gauss rifle. But there were hundreds more remaining and more coming through the rift. We need to close that goddamn rift!

“Surfer any ideas on closing that portal,” he asked as he reloaded the rifle as he rolled out of a collective blast from the demons.

“I have word that someone is working on that,” he replied. “Auxiliary generator is online and at full power. I await your word.”

Nick raised the weapon once more when a brilliant white flash forced him to close his eyes. He looked over at the Miskatonic and the light had come from that direction. Warren what the fuck man? Nick blinked away the spots before his eyes and looked up to see the sky closing up. But it was creeping closed and thousands of those things would be on top of them soon. He tried to take aim when the ship suddenly altered course again. He was thrown off his feet and he tumbled towards the boiling sea. His gauss rifle spun away into the depths. Nick felt his grip slipping on the smooth exterior of the helipad.

“Rogue wave,” Surfer called out and the Numenor turned into the wave.

Nick cursed as the next course correction broke his fragile grasp and sent him tumbling headlong to follow his weapon. He slid ten feet towards the edge when someone grabbed him by the wrist. He blinked away the salt spray and saw the smiling face of his savior. Akira Kusanagi had three points of contact as she held him from falling. She was bodyguard, lover and confidant. Nick found a new grip and they hurried for the command deck. Nick paused long enough to glance upward and forward. The dark wave rose up like the hand of god.

“Sweet Jesus,” he cried as he sprinted for the open door.

The crashing roar of the wave struck the Numenor head on and the valiant craft endured. The holographic presence of Surfer stood in the captain’s position on the bridge. Nick and Akira stood panting and gasping as the ship broke free of the wave’s remnant. The ship shook again as the concealed gun ports opened and the eight gauss cannon roared to life. The weapons spat death skywards and the last ripple of the rift snapped shut leaving the demons to scatter but not for long. There were determined to bring down the Numenor no matter the cost.

“How is the Miskatonic doing?” Nick asked and the Numenor turned towards the largest cluster of the hovering entities.

“She is unharmed. There is some sort of energy screen protecting it. At the center of that bubble is Warren Harrower. He is the source of that power.” Surfer said as the ship suddenly veered to port.

The whine of the gauss cannons filled bahis firmaları the air as it fired at eight separate groups of the enemy. Some fell instantly while others were able to repel the deadly projectiles. The enemy shifted grouped and regrouped. The gauss cannon were no longer effective. Surfer paired the cannon now and the twin firepower took out a few smaller groups. All too soon four cannon were required to damage the smallest group.

“Master Nick, I have detected a signal passing between the creatures,” Ghost, another A.I. said over the loud speaker.

“Send the frequency and everything we know to Warren,” Nick ordered. “Any chance we can jam their communication?”

“I have been attempting just that but I have been unable to generate a counter signal yet. I will continue.”

“We are running out of time Master Nick,” Surfer advised. “We have an estimated two minutes before the gauss cannon are completely ineffective. These entities are testing the full limit of their capability. They are being very logical about it, sacrificing small numbers to test us. I suspect we will be dead in three minutes time.”

“Great, fucking great,” Nick snarled. “Maybe we should try and lure them into the hurricane.”

“Concerning the hurricane,” Surfer commented. “There is a strange atmospheric anomaly. I cannot get a proper reading because of the growing geomagnetic field.”

“What could cause that?” Nick asked as the ship lurched starboard now.

“Unknown, but if this continues at the current rate the discharge could be as high as a terawatt of power. If it is friendly it could wipe out the entire host of the enemy. If it is hostile we will not feel a thing.” Surfer said. “What do you advise Master?”

“Get out of here Surfer,” Nick said. “I’ll take the helm while you upload to the nearest satellite. In case this goes sideways someone needs to know what happened here.”

“I am unable to comply sir…” Surfer began.

“Dear god what is THAT?” Akira said pointing to the wall of swirling air surrounding the eye of the hurricane.


Warren stood on the top deck of the Miskatonic. The hurricane had formed around it and Shaw’s ship, the Numenor. Some very powerful entity had laid a trap and they had fallen for it. Warren felt the buildup of power above them. Ever since he had finished his training with the Arch Mage and had taken seven out of the eight transfers of power required to take on the heavy mantle his senses had reached a whole new level of sensitivity.

“We are so fucked,” he shouted to Shu and Bian Rong. “Somebody wants us dead in a very bad way.”

“Who,” Bian asked looking up at the sky. “Warren… WARREN… what is that?”

“Aw hell,” he cursed. “It’s a gate. A very big gate that leads to god knows where.”

Warren looked over as the Numenor broke off and tore away drawing the attention of the things pouring in from the air born portal. He prepared the massive shield spell to protect the ship until Louis and the others were done below. If they could succeed then there was hope for a success encounter with the thrice damned Thanatons. Shu cried a warning and Warren cast the shield spell just in time. Several groups of the things that had been summoned strafed the Miskatonic. As he sustained the shield he drew on the huge amount of power from the storm around them.

With a roar he dropped the shield and unleashed the bolt of scintillating energy effectively closing the portal. Warren instinctively ducked as he restored the shield spell. Another more colorful curse passed his lips. Bian hopped in place as the gauss cannons were revealed and began pounding the demonic invaders. She clapped her hands until she saw how quickly the things adapted. Bian turned to speak with Warren but his eyes were closed and perspiration had popped out on his forehead.

“What is he doing?” Bian asked Shu.

“He is using the energy of the trap as a weapon.” Shu said. “If he is successful he can destroy the creatures in one fell swoop. If he fails we are dead. They are a hive mind and will adapt enough to finish us off.”

“I should have listened to him,” Bian said. “I should have stayed home.”

“What and miss all the fun,” the armored woman said as she appeared from below.

“Gabbie,” Bian squealed and hugged the Inquisitor. “How are things down there?”

“Louis is at a crucial stage,” she said. “The smallest mistake and we won’t feel the blast.”

“What are they doing,” Bian asked. “I have been left out of the loop, again.”

“All I understand is this. They are taking a large sample of those green crystals from the metallic sphere. If they can study it they might find a weakness in the Thanatons.”

The gauss cannons fell silent. The air was charged with energy. Warren’s eyes snapped open and he spoke a single syllable. The world went dark as a massive bolt of black lightning lashed out from the wall of the hurricane. The fingers of the bolt reached out for the invaders and destroyed them to the last. Warren crumpled to the deck shaking as he pulled his body into a fetal kaçak iddaa position.

“Inquisitor… Inquisitor we have sonar contact,” a uniformed figure called out from the wheel house.

Gabrielle raced to the wheel house while Bian rushed to Warren’s side. Gabrielle flew into the room and stared at the recently installed sonar scope. She watched as whatever it was rise from the depths. She glanced at her subordinate at the helm and shrugged. He told her what the device was showing them. Whatever it was it was huge and moving fast. She took the Lord’s name in vain and headed below decks.

“Inform the Numenor… we’ve got company!” Gabrielle said as she slid down the ladder. “Louis… we need to hurry Louis!”

She raced to the engine room and stopped cold. Louis was tracing the sixth and last Master Rune on the surface of the black metallic sphere. She felt the power coming off the thing. It was intoxicating and made her feel light headed. So much power, she licked her lips and fought the urge. One of the professors turned to her smiling like an idiot. He walked over to the Chief Inquisitor and whispered so as not to disturb the critical process.

“We are almost ready to extract the Thanatite,” he whispered in her ear.

“Thanatite,” Gabbie whispered back.

“It was Louis’ suggestion for the name of the crystals. You are a lucky woman.”

“Tell me about it,” she said smiling. “I just wish we weren’t in this situation.”

“It was inevitable I am sure,” the professor replied.

“No… NO… this is all my fault,” she confessed. “This whole thing is my fault.”

White Queen Takes Black King:

One Year Earlier:

The Chapter House was all abuzz with the word of the birth. The son of the Linguist and the Chief Inquisitor had come into the world. It was a boy and he was healthy as a horse. Mother and child were resting. The Linguist was standing guard and seemed indefatigable. He rarely slept and ate even less. It took the Lady herself to order him to eat and sleep. He reluctantly left their side and got some rest. It was the night nurse that had found her crying. Gabrielle wiped her tears away as she rocked her child to sleep. She had just finished breast feeding him and his appetite was enormous for a newborn.

“Lady, are you alright?” The nurse asked.

“Yes, I am going to miss him,” she replied stroking her son’s brow. “A few scant weeks and then he will be in Rome to begin his training.”

“He will make you proud,” the nurse said smiling.

“He will shake the very foundations of everything you hold dear,” another voice spoke. “Leave us.”

The nurse turned and left as the scarlet clad woman sat in the chair Louis had brought in to watch over mother and child. Gabrielle stared at the woman and knew she was anything but mundane. She was far too beautiful to be mortal and the power radiating from her outstripped anything Gabrielle had ever felt before.

“Who are you, no, what are you and how did you get in here?”

“I have many names but I have been using the moniker of Loki Sutekh. What I am, well that is difficult to explain to a limited being such as yourself. As to how I got in here, I simply walked in the front door.”

“Loki Sutekh… the trickster god,” Gabrielle whispered and clutched her son closer to her breast.

“I mean you and yours no harm,” Loki said smiling. “I want to hire you.”

“I am not a mercenary. I am the Chief Inquisitor of this Chapter House. I am not interested.”

“You haven’t heard who I want dead. If you succeed you will place your dear lover Louis in a better position than he could ever hope to ascend to on his own.” Loki purred. “Isn’t it worth your time to listen?”

“Who do I have to kill,” Gabrielle growled.

“I knew you had it in you,” the trickster said smiling. “Here is what you need to do.”

Gabrielle held her child and shook from her ‘touch’. The power flowing through her body made her giddy and had driven away the fatigue and pain of childbirth. She not only felt back to her old self, the Inquisitor felt better than she ever had. In a few days she would slip away and remove one of Louis’ chief rivals. He would never know what she had done. She would with malice aforethought kill the mother fucker that stood in her lover’s way. It was the least she could do after all the pleasure and joy he had brought into her life.

“That’s right,” she said tickling her son under his chin. “Mommy is going to kill the bad mother fucker for daddy, yes she is… yes she is…”

The touch of the goddess haunted her for many years that followed. It had awoken in her a gift to rival that of her dear Louis. It would continue to grow and blossom until she used it to lever the world’s axis and change the course of history. Her son smiled up at her with his silver-blue eyes and chubby cheeks. He would have a great destiny, the goddess had told her so and goddesses don’t lie. The night nurse returned and took her son from her arms. His head was lolling to the side drunk on her milk. Gabrielle smiled and got out of bed. The pain and lethargy kaçak bahis were gone. She changed into workout clothes and went to the Chapter House’s gymnasium. She began slowly still a little cautious after giving birth earlier today. But she soon realized that the Lady’s touch had healed her completely.

One hour later she was performing physical feats she would have attributed to her lover Louis. Her speed, agility and stamina were apparently limitless. She ordered the Chapter House A.I. to lock down the gym and keep everyone out without exception. When she was sure she was alone she tried it. She attempted the idea that now blazed in her head. Oh it had just popped in there but where had it come from? It didn’t matter she just had to attempt the impossible. She brought both her hands up and made a kind of clawing gesture as if she were holding a fighting pike in her hands. She willed it into existence. Nothing happened at first but over a minute she felt something. There was the smell of ozone in the air and a crackling sound, faint at first but it quickly grew louder and louder.

“Well I’ll be damned,” she said as the shimmering blue staff appeared in her hands.

It was irregular and mostly insubstantial at first but over the next few hours it became more and more defined. By the time the headache struck the staff was a blazing blue weapon that was as solid as anything carved from wood or cast in metal. She took a break to shower and change into clean clothes. She released the lockdown and went to morning prayers and ate breakfast with the others. Everyone, especially Louis, commented on how good she looked. There was color in her cheeks and even the baby fat seemed to have disappeared over night.

“We should take a walk and get some fresh air,” Louis suggested.

“I’d like that Louis,” she purred. “We have a son! We have a child, you and me!”

“Yes we do,” he said smiling brilliantly.

“I would do anything for you, you know that don’t you?” She said suddenly feeling the fear of losing him somehow.

“Gabbie relax, I love you too,” he said taking her hand in his.

After breakfast they walked the grounds of the Chapter House. Neither of them had been outside since she went into labor. Even though it was cold the air felt amazing as it caressed her skin. She looked at him and oh when she saw his strong aura and strength blazing so prominently she just wanted to take him and prove how much she loved him. But the doctors had told her no sex for a few weeks at least.

“How is it going,” she asked him. “The rebuilding of Nighthammer estates, is it going well?”

“It’ll be finished soon. The Sidhe and the other Fae are helping out as much as they can. They are providing a lot of the wood and other materials I need for next to nothing. It will be gorgeous when it is finished. I can’t wait for you to see it.”

“How is your sister and your mom?” Gabrielle asked taking his arm and leaning close.

“Well sis is fine and mom is ready to pop any day now. I am a little worried. The Fae have offered to guard and protect him or her but I am worried Yog Sothoth will take it away to some hell dimension or another. It haunts me to no end.”

“Send your child to Rome Louis, let them be raised and trained together. There they will be safe.” She offered and saw the panic in his eyes.

“I know but… the thought of not raising one child is painful enough but both of them. I just don’t know. I want to watch him grow up, take his first steps, run and fall down and scrape his knee. There are so many memories I want to have with my child. I respect your decision to send our son to Rome. I just don’t know if I could do that to both of them.”

“It isn’t an easy choice. I want the same things you want. But he will be a force to be reckoned with. He will drive the darkness out from so many places. He will make us both proud.”

Louis nodded but his expression told her that he didn’t want a champion for a son. He wanted an ordinary child that would have an ordinary life. Louis hated the responsibility that had been placed on his shoulders. Gabrielle was about to mur… eliminate a competitor of his without his knowledge. She would eradicate this being without a hint of remorse and terminate with extreme prejudice. Louis was her world even more than Rome. Louis was her love and her life.

They walked amongst the barren trees. The trees had shed their leaves for a more stark appearance just as she was about to do. She was going to shed her morality and kill someone in cold blood again. Why did it bother her? Rome had called on her to slay evil over the years and it never upset her one iota. But when the goddess had called her to arms for Louis’ sake she rankled deep down inside. She shivered suddenly remembering her touch. The simple brush of her fingers on her naked skin. Her body quivered and reacted to the memory.

She pinned Louis to one of the larger trees. Her kiss was hungry and fierce and so damn needy. As she pressed her body against his he kissed her back. She unzipped him and found her lover so hard and in need of her attention. She stroked his rigid flesh slowly. He moaned into her mouth as she teased him. She thought of all the lewd and naughty things she wanted to do to him. Gabbie broke the kiss and dropped down to her knees.

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