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Stories of sexual encounters while camping have always appealed to me, so decided to write one. Hope you like it.

When I reached my mid-40s, I had a good job, and was in good financial shape. Having a love of the outdoors, I decided to buy a camping trailer, and found a good deal on a used one in excellent condition. When the Labor Day weekend rolled around, I was off to a popular campground an hour away. Upon arriving, I checked in at the office, paid for a spot and hookups, and set out to find it. After winding around on the campground roads, I finally found my spot, and backed my camper onto the concrete slab. While I was puttering around, getting the camper leveled and the water and electricity hooked up, I glanced around at the neighbors. My spot was tucked in a corner of the campground, so my neighbors were set several yards away from me on each side, with trees between us. On one side was an elderly couple in a small camper that was old, but well-kept. On the other was a tiny pop-up camper, with no one around it. Just beyond it was a much bigger rig, and there was a large family around a picnic table. Hoping the big group wouldn’t be too loud, I finished my chores, unfolded a camp chair, and sat down with a beer to relax.

The late summer weather was perfect, and I was well into my second beer when I caught movement out of the corner of my eye, and turned to see who it was. A young man, probably in his 20s, was walking around the pop-up camper. Seeing me, he waved, then started in on raising the upper section of the camper. I watching him for a few minutes, and it was obvious he was having trouble, so I hoisted myself out of my chair and wandered over to offer my help. He was very happy for the assist, and with one of us on each side, we lifted the top into position. Once that was done, I made my way back, and plopped down into my chair again. The young guy continued to get his site in order, and as I watched him move around, noticed that he was very good looking. At this point, I should point out that I am a gay man, having come to terms with my attraction to men as a teenager. Over the years, I had a number of partners, and a few relationships, but at present I was single. I’m 5-10, and lean and hard from my construction job. Still have my hair, although it’s getting some gray in it both on my head and around my cock. Black hair, gray eyes, my partners have always said I’m hot. Don’t know about that, but I like the compliment.

My neighbor was of similar build, but with blond hair. As he walked over carrying a cooler, I felt my cock stir as my eyes roamed over his body, taking in the light colored fuzz on his bare chest, with nicely muscled legs under his shorts. When he bent over to set down the cooler, I wondered if his tight round ass looked as good bare as it did under his shorts. When he stood up, he wiped his forehead, and turned around.

“You look like you could use a beer.” I said, holding mine up.

“Yeah, thanks, that sounds great.” he walked over, dragging a camp chair. He sat it down across from me, and lowered himself into it. I pulled a beer from my cooler, and held it out to him. He popped of the tab, and took a,long pull, then held the cn against his forehead. “Oh yeah, that’s good and cold.”

“Only way to drink beer in my opinion. Where are you from?” I asked.

“A little town north of here. I’m home for the long weekend, then back to college. My family likes to camp, but when you add my cousins, it gets crowded, so I pull this old thing along. I like it, and I get some privacy too.” He took another swig. He was a friendly guy, and we chatted for almost an hour. I was getting some mixed signals from him. He was single, didn’t say anything about girls, but wasn’t effeminate at all. I was mulling around how to turn the conversation to a topic where I could get a better feel, when a voice from the other side of his camper called for him.

“Sounds like it’s time to eat. Want to join us?” he asked.

“Thanks for the offer, but I have a steak thawed. Feel free to come back later, though, and we can continue the conversation.”

He stood up. “Okay, I might just do that.” He gave me a big smile, and left. I went to work, getting charcoal started, and thinking about how this might play out. I wasn’t sure at all that a good looking college guy would be interested in an older guy, but you could never tell. I put a baked potato over the coals for a few minutes, then grilled my steak. Still drawing a blank on how to draw him out on his sexuality, I finally gave up, and enjoyed my meal. After cleaning up, I noticed it was getting dark, so turned on a camp light and sat down with another beer. I must have dozed off, because I didn’t hear him until he spoke.

“Oh sorry, I didn’t realize you were asleep.” He turned to walk away.

“Nope, you’re fine, want a beer?” I stood up and stretched.

“Sure, I’ll have one. Say, what kind of job do you have? You’re in really good shape.”

“I work construction.” I said, handing him a can. “You mean I look good for an older guy?” I grinned at him, curious what he would say.

“No, I mean you just look good, like you get a lot of exercise.”

“Well thanks, I appreciate that. Especially since you’re canlı bahis a good looking guy yourself.” I let that hang in the air for a minute.

He hesitated, then smiled and took a drink. Looking at me, he said “Thanks, I’m a swimmer.” Then he started talking about his college swim team. I was disappointed, hoping for a little more of a response, but I smiled and listened. He was still just in shorts and sandals, and was just a very hot guy. I felt my cock starting to swell, and made no effort to turn my thoughts. Maybe the beer was loosening me up? He stopped talking to take a drink, and I caught him glancing at the bulge in my shorts, then quickly looking away.

“Wow, I’ve been yakking too much, sorry.”

“Nah, you’re fine.” I said with a chuckle. He shuffled his feet, like he had something to say, then looked up at me.

“So, you’re here by yourself. Do you have any family?” he asked. I sensed this might be leading to the opening I was hoping for.

“Nope,I’m single, have been all my life.” He nodded, and sipped at his beer.

“No girlfriend?” There it was. I hesitated for a second, then decided to go all in. if I was reading this wrong, well, the worst would be he’d walk away.

“Nope, no girlfriend. Actually, I’m into guys.” I said this as casually as I could, but inside I was excited as hell, waiting to see how he’d react.

“Oh, really? That’s cool.” He was playing casual too. I pressed the issue.

“Yeah, so how about you?” I asked. I was afraid he might freak out and bolt, but he didn’t, just stood there and looked off into space. Then, he took another drink, and looked right at me.

“Well, I’m struggling with that.” he said. I nodded, I had encountered this before.

“By that, you mean you might be attracted to men, but you’re afraid to act on it? I asked. His expression changed, all pretense at cool indifference gone. Now looked hesitant, almost fearful.

“So if I answer that, you’ll keep it to yourself?”

“Absolutely.” I said with a nod. “I’m not out myself, so nothing to worry about there.”

“Okay then, yeah, that’s it. I had girlfriends in high school, but since I’ve gone to college, I’ve told my parents that I’m too busy. They are fine with that. But it’s really that I’m not into girls.” He stopped, and looked around, afraid someone might overhear.

“Hey, let’s go inside. We can talk about this in private. Sound good?” he nodded, and I led the way to my camper. Once inside, I got another beer for him, and ice water for myself, and we sat on the couch.

“How long have you known?” I asked, getting things going again.

“In high school. Then when I went to college, had my own computer for the first time. Started watching porn, looking at the guys cocks while the girls sucked them off. I discovered a gay site, and really got into it. I’ve had chances to do stuff with guys, but like you say, I’m afraid to take the next step.”

I tried to reassure him. “That’s normal, it’s a big step to take. And once you do, a lot of time you’ll have remorse the next few days. At least I did. I was disgusted with myself, and swore I’d never do it again. Then a week later, it was all I could think about.”

I could tell he was thinking about what I had said, and I left him with his thoughts while I took a leak. On impulse, I took off my clothes, and slipped on a pair of gym trunks. Free of my briefs, my 7″ cock pushed out against the material, bobbing as I walked back to the couch.

When I sat down, he started talking again.

“How about you, when did you know?”

“In high school, like you. I’d eye guys in the shower, then go home and jack off thinking about them.” When I said this, I noticed he blushed. Going on, I said, “I went to trade school, shared an apartment with 3 other guys. Turned out the guy I shared a bedroom with was gay, with some experience. He sucked my cock, then taught me to suck his. Then he had me fuck him. That was when I found out I was a top.” As I talked, I lay my arm on back of the couch, and looked at him. He was looking at the floor, his hands on his thighs, and I could see the outline of his cock straining against his cargo shorts. I kept talking, seeing that he was getting excited too.

“After trade school, I signed with a construction company, and moved to a bigger town. I’ve had a lot of lovers, and a few steady boyfriends. Last one was 3 years ago. Lost him to a heart attack.” When I said this, he looked up.

“That’s sad. I’m sorry, that had to be hard for you.” I got up and refilled my glass, then sat down again, closer this time. Throwing my arm up on the back, I continued.

“Yes, it was. Took me a while to get over it. Then I went on a binge, hooking up with a lot of guys, finally got that out of my system. Haven’t been with a guy for over a year.” I stopped talking, and looked over at him. He was leaning forward, looking at the floor again, deep in thought. What the hell, I thought, I’l ask and see what happens.

“So, have a question for you.” He looked up.

“What’s that?”

“If you’d like, I can help you take the next step.” My heart was beating fast, hoping he’d say yes. For a long minute, he said nothing, just sat there staring at me.

“What would bahis siteleri we do?” he finally asked, in a quiet voice. I slid closer so I could put my hand on his back. He flinched slightly, but didn’t move away.

“That would be up to you, whatever you’d feel comfortable doing.”

“Not sure anything would be comfortable, right now.” he laughed. “I don’t know, really.” he continued.

“How about a hug, something simple?” I let him think about that, and gently rubbed his back.

After a minute or so, he answered, “Yeah, I could do that.” I moved over close, so our legs and hips were touching, and slid my arm around him, leaning over against him and resting my chin on his shoulder.

He hesitated, then put his arms around me, and we held each other. It felt good, holding this handsome young stud in my arms, and I was encouraged by how tight he was holding me. I turned my head, and kissed his neck, making him jerk, but he didn’t let me go. I slid my lips up over his jawbone onto his cheek, and kissed him there, flicking my tongue against his soft skin. He gave a soft moan, and pulled me to him even tighter, so I kept moving, until my face as next to his, then I tilted my head and kissed him on the lips. He moaned again, and pressed his lips against mine. Not waiting, I slid my tongue through his lips and swirled it around his. it was too much.

“Mmmmmmm,” he groaned into my mouth, and I felt him tighten in my arms, then go slack. Pulling away, I looked down at his crotch, where a dark wet spot was growing on the front of his shorts. Looking back at him, he was staring at the ceiling, tears forming in his eyes.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” he stammered.

“Hey, hey, no big deal, it happens all the time.” I said, kissing him on the cheek. “It just means you’re excited, that’s all.”

“You’re sure? You aren’t mad?” he said, tearing up again.

“Hell no.” I stood up, and pulled off my shorts, my cock hard up against my belly. Then before he could protest, I unsnapped his cargo shorts, and pulled them down. His underwear came too, revealing a nice cock laying in a big smear of cum. Then I sat down next to him, took him in my arms, and kissed him again. At first, he held back, but my probing tongue and my warm body next to his overcame whatever inhibitions were left, and he was soon returning my wet kisses. I let my hand slide down his belly to his cock. Sure enough, it was hard again, and I began a slow pumping, making him squirm with pleasure. it took a while, but I was finally able to get him off. He threw his head back, eyes closed, and hugged me around the neck as his cock started to spasm in my hand.

“Ah, fuck,” he gasped as two spurts shot up on his belly. I milked his cock until it went soft, then let him go, and got up to get a washcloth and towel. I returned, and knelt in front of him to clean the sticky mess off him. Then I sat back on my heels and looked at him.

“What did you think? Better than jacking off to porn?”

“Oh fuck, hell yes it was.” he blurted out. Then we both laughed, and embraced. After letting me go, he sat back on the couch. “Can I make you cum?” he asked.

“I’d love that,” I said, sitting down next to him. He turned to me, and took my cock in his hand, slowly feeling it and looking it over. “It’s different,holding one that’s not yours, isn’t it?

“Yeah, it’s really hard.” He continued to fondle me, making me squirm and jerk from the pleasant sensations. I wanted to put my hand on his head, and shove it down on my cock, but I needed to take this slow, so I bit my lower lip and rode it out. He started a nice pumping action, and pretty soon got me off. I lifted my ass off the couch and humped up as the cum shot out up on my chest and belly. I hadn’t cum that hard, or that much, in a long time. 4 big wads, the rest dribbling out onto his hand as he squeezed the last out of me.

“Whew, shit, I liked that.” I managed to get out. He was still on his knees, holding my cock, looking at all the mess of cum all over me.

“Yeah, that was fun. Lots more fun than by myself.” He grinned at me, I could tell he was happy.

I leaned forward to embrace him, and kiss him. I was hoping to get him to stay, but after he returned the kiss, he stood up.

“I better go, I don’t want them looking for me.”

“Yeah, that’s right. See you tomorrow, maybe?”

He thought for a minute. “I think so. They are going for a canoe ride, that will take all day. I’ll come over after they leave.” He put on his shorts and sandals, and left. I cleaned myself up, and fell into bed.

The sun was up when I woke up the next morning. I showered, shrugged on gym shorts and flip-flops, made some coffee, and went outside. The morning air was cool in the shade as I settled down in a chair. I was curious how my new friend would react to his first man-to-man experience, and more important, would he want more? I had already decided to take it slow, let him come to me. After I while, my coffee finished, I went back inside to tidy up. The morning passed with no sign of him, although I could hear voices on the other side of his camper. The commotion went on for an hour, then I saw a truck and large SUV leaving, both loaded with people and gear. I was putting bahis şirketleri the last of the dishes away, when I spotted him walking around his camper toward mine. When he knocked on the door, I called for him to come in. Like yesterday, he was in shorts and sandals, no shirt, hair a bit of a mess, just cute as hell. When he saw me he started shaking his head.

“Man, I thought they would never get going.”

“No big deal, good to see you. How long will they be gone?”

“Umm, mid afternoon, I think. Going on a canoe ride.”

“Sounds good. Want something cold to drink, just made iced tea?”

“Uh, yeah, sounds great.” I poured two glasses, and leaned back against the counter.

“So, how do you feel this morning?” I asked, getting right to the point.

“Um, ok I guess.” He tipped up his glass and took a swallow, then gave me a thoughtful look. “If you mean how I feel about what we did, I’m okay. Last night, laying there, I felt kind of ashamed. Same way when I woke up, at first. Then I started thinking about it, replaying it in my head, and I got real hard, and excited. I realized I had wanted to take that first step, and I had finally done it, and I liked it. A lot.” As he picked up his glass, his hand was shaking a little. I stepped closer to him, placing my hand on his shoulder.

“I understand, I remember having similar feeling after my first time. You’re walking into an unknown area, one that you’ve been told is wrong, so when you break those barriers, there’s a lot of emotion involved. It’s normal, really.” I put my arms around him, and gave him a hug. He shuddered, and held me close, and we just stood there in my camper, embracing. Then we were kissing, hot and wet, our tongues writhing like snakes, and our hands roaming over each other. I stopped long enough to lock the door, and lead him over to the bed, where I slipped out of my shorts, and lay down.

He was nervous, and struggled with his shorts, finally sliding them down and getting in next to me. Then we resumed our heavy making out, finding each others lips and hard cocks. I was very turned on, and it was too much, so I threw caution aside and started kissing my way down his body, stopping to lick and suck his hard little nipples. He made gratifying little gasps, letting me know he liked it, so I continued down his body, kissing his belly, digging my tongue into his belly button, and on down to his cock, lying on his abdomen, hard as a rock. I licked the tip, swiping away the bubble of precum. He jerked, then lay still. I pressed on, taking the head in my mouth, sucking it in and swirling my tongue around it. This made him cry out and lift his ass clear off the bed. I bobbed my head up and down his cock a few times, and he exploded, shooting a huge amount of cum into my hungry mouth. Gotta love young guys, they cum buckets!

After I sucked the last drips out of him, I sat up on my knees. He was wiped out, eyes closed and trying to catch his breath, so I sat back on my heels and waited for him to recover. He finally took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and looked at me with a big grin, followed by a worried frown.

“Yeah, uh, sorry I came so quick.”

I shook my head. “Nothing to worry about, it happens when you’re excited. If you’d gone soft or something, then I’d wondered if you didn’t like it. But you obviously did.”

“Oh, yeah, it was awesome, I mean, it felt like nothing I’d ever felt before.” His expression was a treat, full of both wonder and happiness.

“Good, I’m glad I could do that for you. Now, if you want to return the favor, it would be great. But if you don’t feel ready to do that yet, it’s cool.” I stretched out next to him, and waited for him to respond. He was looking at the ceiling, looking worried again, so I relaxed and let him take his time. Eventually, he turned to face me.

“Yeah, I want to. I don’t know how, don’t want to disappoint you, but I’ll try.” I leaned over and kissed him, which resulted in several minutes of more making out. When we came up for air, I smiled, and shook my head.

“Hey, we all start somewhere. I’m a real easy-going guy, not going to judge or complain when someone wants to suck my cock.” That got a laugh from him, and he seemed to relax. I sat on the edge of the bed, he knelt on the floor between my legs, and took my cock n his hand.

At first, I thought he wasn’t going to do it, just sat there on his knees stroking my cock. It felt good, and I closed my eyes and was enjoying what he was doing for me, then I felt his lips close on the head. I opened my eyes, and saw and felt him suck his lips down on my shaft, and pull the head out slowly through his lips. Aaah, that was more like it. He had no idea what to do, but I gently coaxed him along, and soon he had his lips wrapped around the shaft, sliding them up and down, while licking the underside of the head. At this point, I was very horned up, and it didn’t take long for a load to start building up in back of my cock. Again, I resisted the urge to put a hand on his head, and just let him do it at his own pace. When the moment was near, I gave no warning, and felt my cock spasm as the first spurt blew into his hot mouth. His eyes shot wide open in surprise, but he hung in there, and swallowed each gob as it spewed out. At eh end, he squeezed out one last string, and took it on his outstretched tongue as it hung from the tip. Now it was my turn to flop down on the bed, a little dazed from an intense orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32