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A chance at a new sex life; Part 5
As soon as I get to college the next day, I look for Melody.

I can’t find her anywhere. We don’t have our usual media class on a Tuesday so I have to wait till lunch time to try and find her.

I spot her making her way over to the side of the playing field where there was a patch of grass and a large tree with a picnic bench under it. She’s with the other girl from our gaming club, Jessica.

I catch up with them just as she they are settling down.

“Hi Melody! Hi Jessica!”

“Oh, Hi Robbie!” Jessica replies.

“Mind if I join you both for lunch?”

“Um sure, if you want” confusion in Melody’s voice.

“Thanks” I take a seat on the right of Jessica, opposite Melody.

An awkward silence falls between us, I had to talk.

“Sorry to intrude on you guys!”

“It’s ok!” Jessica smiles “we enjoy your company!” Jessica is about the same height as Melody but she’s on the thin side. She has a very petite chest and an unfortunate flat ass. She does have a natural beauty around her face though. Her long dirty blonde her is a little wavy and messy, covering her face a little. Jessica’s grey eyes are quite mesmerizing, she has a square jawline with high cheekbones giving her that youthful look.

We talk away a little about random things, mostly about our club. I feel the times right to press Melody. See what she knows.

“Melody I was just thinking about that project you asked about being partners for?”

“Yeah, you don’t want to do it with me anymore?”

“No, no! I wanted to ask and see if you knew what the project would have to be about?”

“Oh” her frown is replaced by a much happier smile. “I’m not entirely sure but I think we need to make our own short movie?”

“That sounds exciting” Jessica chirps “can I be in it?”

“Sure” Melody giggles at our friend’s excitement “but we don’t even know what the topic is!”

“I have no idea either” I reply. “You can be star of the movie!”

We all share a light laugh before the subject moves on.

“Do you like to class?” Jessica turns to me.

“Yeah it’s good fun and something I enjoy!”

“What about the teacher, Miss Davidson?”

‘Fuck what do I say?!’ I feel Melody’s eyes on me.

“Yeah she’s cool!” I pause. This could be my chance to cover up the staying back. “She’s a caring teacher too, she’s been helping me on the side to brush up some of my work. I’ve got the talent she says but just need to fine tune it.” I try not to glance at Melody. “So yeah, she’s alright!”

“She’s more than alright!” Jessica laughs, “I’ve seen her, she’s hot!”

“Jess!!” Melody glared at her friend.

“What she is! Right Robbie?” she nudges me.

“Can’t day I’ve ever noticed!”

“Liar!!” She punches me “Melody thinks she’s hot!”

“Jessica!!!” Melody’s face turn beetroot red.

“It’s cool, Robbie think the same, it’s just fact!”

The rest of lunch actually turns out quite nice after the initial awkwardness. We talk some more until it’s time to head to the next class. As we part ways, I overhear Melody bitching out Jessica.

I think I’ve convinced Melody about Laura that she was just offering extra help. Time will tell if that’s the case.


I manage to get through the rest of the day with relative ease. The same isn’t said for the Wednesday as Laura pulls me aside again after class.

“Robbie! That one was so hot; I’m considering breaking my one rule. You got me so wet I’ve never came so hard. You did that on purpose!!”

“Me? I would never!” I have to play cool. My dick is bulging and one wrong move could ruin this. I have to let her make the move.

“Fuck” she lets out a low groan “This is so bad but I can’t help myself. I love watching you fuck!” Her eyes close as she bites her lip.

I try to control my breathing and quickly adjust my pants.

“Who is she? The blonde?”

“Her names Holly, a girl from a coffee shop I work at!”

“She’s a little horny slut! Isn’t she” Laura’s eyes still closed.

“Mhmm” I nod, my eyes focus on her lips. I want to kiss them.

“Is she a good fuck?”

“Mhmm” I was in a trance. Hearing my teacher talk like this. I’m edging closer.

There’s silence as I edge closer.

“Ugghhhhh” she shakes herself violently, snapping us back to reality. “God you need to go!”


“No, please leave Robbie before I regret it!” Her voice is stern now and I know not to argue.

I silently leave the class room. Thankfully Melody or anyone else was hanging about to see or hear what just happened. My dick is still rock hard though. I make my way to the guys toilets and into the first stall. I pull open my pants and grab my dick in my hand. Instantly stroking its length. The thought canlı kaçak bahis of Laura still fresh in my mind. Her lips licking. Oh god I want to kiss them so bad. To make love to them. Worship them. I work my length furiously as I picture her and what I want to do to her. It doesn’t take long before I empty my load into the toilet. Sighing deep with relief as I felt the pressure escape me.

I clean myself off with some tissues, stuff my dick back into my pants and go about my day.


Thursday morning comes and goes. I’m not going to lie, I’m a little bit excited to get to work for a change. I’m looking forward to seeing Holly, well fucking her. To my utter disappointment Holly isn’t there, it’s Aidan, her brother. They are twins and you can tell. They look so similar but are so different. Whilst Holly is happy and cheerful. Aidan is gloom and dull. He’s a nice guy but makes for a long rough shift.

“Hey Aidan, where’s Holly?”

“Off sick”

“Ah, hope she’s ok!”


‘Man, this was going to be a hard.’

A hard shift it was. It drags like hell and without the chances of getting sex at the end it seemed like time stood still at times. It doesn’t help that he’s a lazy ass so I have to do most of the work. By the time I get home I’m exhausted. I crash as soon as I get home. I sleep right through till the Friday morning.

Laura’s just as disappointed as me the next day when there is no new footage to watch. She reminds me that I can just film myself.

Friday afternoon is spent pretty much the same as last week. Playing video games with the club however I spend a lot more time with Melody and Jessica. Getting to know them they are quite cool to hang out with. The time flies and feels like in no time it’s time to head home. I beat Stacey to her car before I spot her.

“You look happy” I say as she approaches me. Her face beaming with a smile. Don’t think I’ve ever actually seen her smile so much.

“I’m over the moon! I’ve got that bitch Miranda back. I showed Mrs. Lopez my new idea and she loved it even more. Said it was a breath of inspiration.”

Stacey genuinely looks so happy and I was proud of her.

“Me and some of the girls are going to Nikki’s tonight to celebrate.”

I am happy for her, it’s good to see her hard work pay off.

So, Friday night is spent alone as Mom was out on a date.

I pass most of the time playing video games until bed time. I lay in bed and think about what Laura said. Maybe I should just make one video of myself.

‘Yeah why not’ I get up and grab my old go pro. I get back into bed and strip myself of my boxers and t shirt.

Checking the angle is right, I slowly start to play with myself with one hand as the other holds the camera. It’s awkward at first and without any visual aids. I think about sticking some porn on but I decide against it. I try to think of my times with Holly, Lexi and Diane. Imagining they are Laura instead. I struggle to come but eventually with hard work I finally explode. It’s not a big eruption but enough to cover my stomach. I make sure to get it on film before putting the camera away.

I quickly clean myself before getting back into bed and falling asleep.

I have no idea what time it is when I’m awoken by loud banging, from my dazed state it’s the front door. It’s also accompanied by a male voice shouting, it’s Brad. I turn my head over and try to ignore him. After about ten minutes the banging stops. I manage to get back to sleep.

Again, I don’t know what time it is but I’m awoken again by load voices now in the house. It’s Brad again but this time Stacey is there. They are arguing as they climb the stairs and go into her room.

Brad is bitching her out about not seeing him all week. Choosing her friends over his needs. The cheek. I laugh. They continue to argue and it gets more heated as they go on. I don’t want to get involved but when Stacey starts telling Brad to leave and he clearly isn’t, I have too.

I put on a t shirt and a pair of shorts, as I leave my room what is being said becomes a lot clearer.

“Brad get the fuck out!!”

“No not before you give me what’s owed!”

“Brad get off me, I don’t owe you shit.”

Just as I open her bedroom door, I see Stacey slap Brad in the face. What I see next shakes me to the core. He hits her back.

I bound across the room in what feels like a single step. I grab him by the collar and toss him back. He stumbles and falls after being caught off guard.

“No Robbie don’t” Stacey grabs my arm.

I shrug her off and move in on Brad. He now catches me off guard and charges into me and tackles perabet giriş me back into her dresser. Landing a few punches into my stomach. I grab his shirt and drive my knee into his mid drift. He stumbles backwards. I don’t waste a moment this time. I quickly follow up with a right hook to his jaw, bringing him down to a knee. I then connect with my left hand somewhere on his cheek and he falls back into Stacey’s table. Knocking its contents all over the floor. However, he does manage to grab something which he throws in my direction, I hold my hands up to avoid it but can’t avoid his trailing punch. He connects straight with my left eye and I stagger back.

“Brad leave him alone!” My sister panics as she stands between us.

Through my one good eye I see him hit her again “Shut the fuck up you slut, I’ll finish with you once I’m finished with him.”

My eye is swollen and hurting like a bitch, the pain coursing through me. Brad moves closer to me and pulls me up by the collar. As I reach eye level with him, I quickly tense my neck and fly my head forward. My forehead cracking his nose. Blood spurting out.
“Ahhh you broke my nose you little fucker!!” He yells as he goes to hold his burst nose. I’m not finished.

Running on adrenaline I launch another attack. I’m going to end this. I punch him quickly in the ribs which brings his hands down from his face. I take my shot. Fighting through the pain, I throw my right fist at his face. It connects.

With a loud bang he crashes down to the ground. I’m about to go again when Stacey grabs me.

“Robbie no!!” Her voice calming me slightly.

“Aahhhhhh” Brad howls in pain as he rolls around on the floor. Thankfully I hadn’t knocked him out.

Stacey goes over to check on him.

“Get away from me.” He clambers to his feet. “We’re done!” He growls at her. “I’ll fucking get you back for this” he aims at me.

“Brad, please…”

“No fuck off” he shouts as he begins to storm his way out of the house. Stacey is frozen in the doorway. A mix of emotions rushing through her.

“NO! You fuck off! Don’t you ever come near me, my brother or my house again! Don’t call me or text me! You piece of shit! Touch me again and I’ll cut your little fucking dick off!!”

I’m sure Brad is out of the house before Stacey finishes her screaming. There are more words of abuse thrown but they are just along the lines of “Fuck off!”

I’m still standing in her room, holding my eye and ribs.

“Stacey?!” I quietly call out to her. The taste of blood starting to set in my mouth.

“Oh god Robbie! Are you ok?” She comes rushing back over to me.

“Not really” I groan. I wasn’t ok, I feel like shit.

“Come with me!”

Stacey gently takes me by the arm and guides me into the bathroom.

“Sit her” she says and she leads me to the toilet seat. “Let me see!”
Her hand slowly pulls mine away from my eye. “Ouch” she gasps “looks a sore one!”

“Yeah it feels sore” I halfheartedly chuckle. “I can’t see out of it!”

“Wait there! I’ll be right back.” Stacey scurries off and I can hear her go downstairs. There is the sound of the front door being slammed shut. ‘Did she just leave?’ There is soon banging noises coming from the kitchen before I can hear her run back up the stairs.

“Here” she offers me an ice pack wrapped in a towel “hold that to your eye.


“No, thank you” she softly says. “We need to get you cleaned up!”

“I’ll be fine” I say trying to stand up but Stacey pushes me back down.

“Hey now, you aren’t going anywhere looking like that! We need to get this t shirt off you, it’s covered in blood.”

With great difficulty, Stacey helps me get my t shirt off and tosses it into the basket.

“Let me clean you” she runs a sponge under some warm water before cleaning the patches of bloody away from my body and face. Taking greater care around my swollen face. Her touch is soft and nice. A comforting feeling, slightly easing the pain.

“Robbie?! Stacey?!” The panicked voice of my mother calls from downstairs. “Robbie? Stacey?”
She shouts louder.

“In the bathroom Mom” Stacey calls back.

I can hear my mom run up the stairs and gasp as she passes my sisters room.

“What is going on?”

“Mom I can explain” Stacey begins.

“Oh my god, my poor baby, what happened to your face!!” She rushes in kneeling down in front of me. She is wearing a sexy red dress and her make up is still as immaculate as she left however there is a strong stench of alcohol coming from her mouth. “What happened? Your eye?!” She peels my hand away. “Right talk” her stern motherly voice now on.

“It was my fault” tipobet I start.

“No mom it was my fault, let me explain Robbie, please” she gently squeezes my leg, I just nod.

“Long story short Robbie just beat the hell out of Brad. I’ll tell you exactly why tomorrow but if Robbie didn’t save me, then, well” her voice trails off as she looks to the ground.

“Well what sweetie? What did he do?”

“He hit her mom!” I interject.

“He What??” Anger full in her voice. She pulls Stacey’s face up to look at her and turns it to the side slightly. It isn’t immediately obvious but there is a red mark for sure on her face. “I’m going to kill him then the police can deal with him.”

“Mom it’s fine honest” Stacey pleads. “Robbie gave him a good beat down and he won’t be coming back near us again!”

“He deserves to be punished!”

“He was mom, Robbie broke his nose and possibly his jaw. Please mom just leave it!”

Mom takes her time but decides she would drop it for now. She is going to take us both to the doctors the next day to get my eye checked out. It turns out the neighbor had phoned my mom whilst she was on her date. They thought Stacey and I were about to bring the house down. They didn’t know Brad was there or they would have phoned the police.

Mom was true to her word and the next day takes us both to the doctors to get my eye looked at. Thankfully there is no permanent damage, just bad swelling. The doctor says the swelling will take a few days to go down but the bruising will last a couple of weeks. He is obliged to ask how I got the injury but mom just says “boys will be boys!” Hopefully he bought it.

The rest of Saturday I spend lying in bed, regularly keeping an ice pack on my eye. It still hurts like hell and so does my body. My knuckles have a few cuts on them but nothing serious.

It’s Saturday night and Stacey brings me up some pizza that her and mom had ordered.

“Brought you a few slices! And Mom wanted to know if you wanted to watch a movie with us?”

“Aww thanks sis” I groan as I sit up on my bed. “No, I’m ok, I’d probably fall asleep. I’m due another dose of d**gs anyway!”
She places the plate down beside me and takes a seat on the edge of the bed. Her head slumps like she is carrying the weight of the world on her shoulders. “You ok?” I ask as I take a slice and take a bite.

“I am thanks to you. I know I give you a hard time but I can never thank you enough for saving me.” Her voice low.

“I just lost it when I saw him hit you! I would have done anything for you!”

“I know you would have; I love you for that. You really are a special brother and we are lucky to have you.” Hey eyes tearing up as she looks up to me. “He was going to **** me!” Her tears stream down more. “That’s all he uses me for and I let him. I did love him when we first started going out all those years ago. But not now! Now I mean nothing to him, he doesn’t care about me, not like you did! But I couldn’t get away from him. I didn’t want too but I did. I always went crawling back to him.” More tears streaming down.

“You are my sister! You and mom mean the world to me. As the man of the house I need to protect you both!”

“I’m so glad you were there. It’s finally over with him. I can be free and be myself.”

Stacey is right. At the start of the relationship Brad appeared a good guy, well always in front of my mom. Acted like a gentleman. He was an a****l in her room last night. I just wish she let me beat him more.

“I really do love you Robbie! All favors or debts, consider them full filled!” Her tears slowly trickling down her face.

“I love you too Stacey!” I drop the pizza and pull her into a hug. I just hold her in a loving embrace as she sniffles into my shoulder. We hold each other for several silent moments before she pulls away.

She’s still close to me. Her cheeks wet with tears, I reach up, cupping her face to clear the tears away. Her hand reaches up to hold mine on her face. Our eyes meet and there is a deep look of love that feels so much deeper than a brother sister love.

‘I’m going to kiss her!’

It was an impulse. A weird thought but I wanted too, it feels right. I glance to her lips; they were a little puffy but oh so kissable. I gently stroke her face and ever so slightly edge her face towards mine. She just barely parted her lips and her eyes begin to close, as do mine.

“Stacey!!” Moms voice breaks our trance. “The movie is about to start, is Robbie coming or not?”

Startled Stacey moves back, my hand falling from her face.

“I have to go” she quickly says as she leaves my room, closing the door.

“Smooth” I say out loud to myself. In the huff and overcome with awkwardness that fills my room. A horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach. ‘Why did I have to fuck things up. Why do I have always have to have what I can’t!”

“But she wanted it too?!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32