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Seeing the long weekend of Memorial Day looming, I decided to book myself into my favorite cozy little chalet, in Vermont. I packed my nightshirts and a parka to ward off the chill of the evening, a bottle of Chardonnay and a good mystery novel. Then on second thought I also threw in a few of my favorite black silk Lingerie and a couple of my toys–you never know. Thursday right after work I was on my way. The closer I got to the chalet the more my energy was revived and my sense of adventure aroused. My A-frame chalet was exactly the kind of romantic retreat I had been in the need for.

As I was checking in, I asked the new hotel clerk where Joe was. He explained that Joe had a family emergency and he would be here until Joe came back. Jeff, that was the name on his tag, then began explaining to me that there was a steam room, Jacuzzis, restaurant, all night room service, and a small bar over looking the lake. Such luxury, I was looking forward to a pampered weekend for one. The bellhop, Steve, was escorting me to my room, as we passed the bar, she caught my eye.

Arrested in my tracks, I stood still as if planted to that very spot by the strong feelings of attraction I experienced. I wanted to stop right there in the lobby and talk to her, give her my room number, so sure was I of our instant mutual attraction. As she sat there and stared with her mouth open I calmly took in her beauty, the long red hair and astonishing green eyes I knew I wanted her. As we continued on to my room I looked at Steve and asked him “who’s the redhead sitting at the bar.

“Her name is Colleen,” he said.

“Is she here alone?” I asked. He smiled at me knowing my taste ran toward women sometimes and nodded yes. Before he left my room I scribbled a quick note and asked him to give it to her for me, he agreed and left. The note asked her to meet me outside the steam baths in 20 minutes I signed it, hope to be enjoying your company soon, anxiously waiting! Trish

She met me in the wood-paneled dressing rooms just outside the steam bath. As we were slipping out of our clothes readying ourselves for the steam, I felt her warm green-eyed glance wander down the length of my body, before leisurely finding its way back up to my small firm breasts. She lingered inquisitively upon them as my nipples hardened and I looked up to face her. Colleen swiveled quickly away, wrapped a towel around her and disappeared into the steam.

My pulse had already quickened and an overwhelming heat began between my legs. I felt teased by the intensity of her unspoken suggestion; frustrated enough I caught myself pressing my crumpled panties to my cunt and rubbing them coarsely against my slit almost to orgasm. When I realized what I was doing, I tossed the soiled bikinis aside and joined her in the steam.

In the foggy bath I saw her seated on the second tier, leaning lazily back against the wall, her legs already spread in a careless sprawl against the wet tiles, the towel hiked up to her waist. I sat next to her and glimpsed red tufts of pubic hair curling around her plump lips. As I sat down and became comfortable, they spread a little wider until her leg casually grazed mine. Her overture was barely noticeable, but soon I sensed her arousal and heard her sigh as she began to breathe more deeply. Taking a chance I placed my lips upon hers and began to kiss her for the first time. I let my fingers glide up along her thigh and began to toy teasingly with her hair. I was careful and deliberate, gently circling her delicate, aroused skin, careful not to enter her yet, although my tongue reached deep into her mouth expressing what my fingers would be doing to her cunt.

Then my fingers found and caressed her plump, pouting clitoris. She gasped and pulled her mouth away, starting a search for my breasts with her lips. I lifted her jaw and brought illegal bahis her lips back to mine, kissing her again, deeper. She relaxed and gave way to me. I rubbed her cunt slowly and expertly, coaxing her down along the tiles. Then I slipped two fingers inside her and finger fucked her with sweet tenderness.

My nipples were hard and aching for attention, so I gently raised myself up and turned sideways until her lips grazed my taut nipples. She sucked on me urgently as if starving for any part of my body in her mouth then became gentler. Taking her chance to explore me, she traced the fine curve of my hips with her hand, caressing the soft swell of my belly, moving toward the dark richness of my sex where she wanted to be. By this time, my fingers were gliding easily into her, then out of her, then over her, and back in again.

Her breathing increased to small pants and I could feel her inner muscles beginning to contract around my fingers. Reaching climax her juices soaking my hand and the towel, we positioned under her. Exhausted she lay there, while the warm, wet air swirled around us. I stroked her face and dithered with my cunt as she caught her breath. She watched me intently as I moistened my cunt with her juices. I gazed back as my body began to tense with the motions made from my hand on my clit. I saw her hands move to stop me; she wanted to pleasure me herself, she moved my hand away and licked my cunt. I relaxed back against the wall and spread my legs wide instantly her head was between them and I could feel her hot breath on my cunt. Darting her tongue out slowly as if she was unsure just how to pleasure me and then with increasing pressure and the long easy strokes of a professional she made me climax convulsively.

I coaxed Colleen, though somewhat reluctant, for fear of discovery, into the shower dressing room. “Indulge me” I said, pulling her by the hand into a shower stall “I really need a shower and hate to bathe alone.” We closed the Latticed doors behind us and turned on the cool water. As she turned around with the soap, I pinned her to the wall with one thigh pressed firmly against her cunt, straddling her thigh, began to grind my cunt against her leg, while kissing her roughly. She began to moan and move her cunt to my rhythm. We came explosively, then bathed one another and drank several bottles of spring water to re-hydrate us. Colleen and I settled into my room for the evening and watched a couple of old classic movies we had rented from downstairs. We ordered a late supper, cuddled under the down comforter and got to know one another a little better.

Saturday morning the mountains looked beautiful and inviting, so we decided to go climbing, as it turned out I was a better climber than Colleen was. I took her to my favorite place on the mountain. It is a grass covered secluded cliff with one beautiful shade tree in the middle, overlooking the chalet and lake. As we sat there admiring the scenery, Colleen told me that she had decided to come the chalet to relieve the stress of the city. However, she never dreamed of such a fortuitous meeting such as ours. The woman was fascinating me more by the moment and I was finding that I liked her very much indeed. She was instinctively intelligent, guarded in a fashion that aroused my affection, but amazingly forthcoming at the same time. She concealed a fiercely potent sexuality beneath the polished surface of her demeanor and, as I was quickly learning, a quirky and devilish sense of the erotic implications in any situation. A sure and natural intimacy was steadily evolving between us.

As the day grew warm, we decided to sunbathe for awhile, undressing each other with an erotic touch that left our bodies begging for more. I spread our picnic blanket on the ground in the warm sunlight, as I laid down Colleen placed feather light kisses illegal bahis siteleri on my ankles working her way up my inner thighs. The sensations that were coursing through my body at her touch were exquisite; by the time she reached my cunt I was gasping, writhing and wanting release from the tension she was creating. When she finally placed her warm succulent mouth upon my mound, my orgasm was explosive and instantaneous. She held me as my body calmed down, then it was my turn to return the pleasure she had just given me.

Sunset finally threatened to leave us in darkness we returned to the chalet, showered, then feeling invigorated and hungry we went to the restaurant. All through dinner I kept sliding my stocking feet up her skirt to her sex under the tablecloth as we continued our conversation keeping a perfectly straight face. We dined on salad, steak and lobster with a baked potato smothered in butter. Twice during dinner I caught her watching, as I would let butter slide down my chin so I could lick it off, the way I wanted to be licking her at that moment. As we finished our cappuccino, I was imagining how I might make love to her when we returned to my room.

Before she joined me I unpacked my toys and chilled the Chardonnay I had brought with me. When she entered my room she said, “take everything off.” I was mildly surprised but also aroused by her suggestion. Unbuttoning my blouse, I slipped it off and hung it over a chair, my nipples perked from the chill of the room. My breasts are petite and hardly require me to where a bra so I had none to take off. Unzipping my silk slacks, I bent over and stepped out of them glancing behind me to see her eyes darken. Standing up I turned to face her in only my silk panties. She took off her clothes quickly. Turning her back to me she opened a box then turned and faced me saying, “I want to fuck you from behind, my love.” In the box lay a strap-on dildo that looked huge; never having it from behind my apprehension showed on my face. She walked to me and caressed my cheek “don’t worry love I’ll be gentle and you’ll enjoy every minute of it” she said. While she was talking, she ran her hands up and down the front of my body making my cunt twitch expectantly. She slid my panties down my legs and told me to sit on the bed. She uncorked the wine and poured us a glass. I was examining the toy when as I took the glass she offered. After we took a couple of sips she took my glass and set it on the night stand, then pulled me down next to her and kissed me hard, her tongue probing my mouth with a determined penetration. My body instantly warmed to her heat as her fingers teased my nipples in roundabout traceries of invitation; she was diligently enticing me. Plainly excited, she pulled me across the bed and pinned me to the mattress with her weight, slowly rubbing her cunt against mine. The dildo lay forgotten beside us. We were both wet and she slid easily between my legs her fingers gripping my ass kneading them to her rhythm. I arched my back to meet her, it was exquisite, with her cunt rubbing mine, as though her skin was mine and mines hers. I fucked her with all my energy and we came in a wave of loud cries.

It had all happened all to quickly, we needed more. She lay between my legs as I stroked the back of her neck, and traced figures down her back. She whispered “I’m still craving you, I need more.” Suddenly she could not stay still any longer. Rolling over and sitting up beside me on the bed. “TURN OVER, LOVE,” she said, reaching for her toy. There is a mirror at the head of the bed. “Watch me in the mirror love, that way you know what to do to me when it’s my turn.” In the mirror I watched her eyes darken with hunger as she slid pillows under me to raise my ass in the air. She moistened a finger with the come from her cunt and slowly began to smooth the canlı bahis siteleri sticky stuff around my virgin hole. Unable to control the response her caress was causing, I released a sigh of arousal. “That’s it just relax your muscles and enjoy the feelings sweetheart,” she said. As I watched she reached over into her bag and brought out a tube of KY, put some on her hands and rubbed them together to warm it up before applying it to my ass. She rubbed my virgin rear opening tenderly and expertly. I watched as she slid one slender finger into me tensing and moaning from the pain. She held her finger inside me completely still, while rubbing my ass cheeks and back with her, other hand relaxing me until all of a sudden I could feel the familiar tightening in my belly indicating my climax is approaching. Colleen started to slowly remove her finger and my orgasm hit making me writhe on the bed, but she was not finished yet. She worked my ass until she had three fingers sliding in and out of me I was in heaven. As I watched her in the mirror she strapped on the dildo and said, “Now I’m going to fuck you as you’ve never been fucked before.” “Stay relaxed love” she was saying as she reinserted her fingers of one hand in my ass and lubricated the dildo with her other. When she was ready she removed her fingers and spread my cheeks apart positioning the head of the dildo at my opening; gently she pressed the tip against my ass. With very little discomfort, the dildo entered me, filling me in a way I had never experienced before. She stopped just as I felt her hips cradling my ass, to let my body adjust to having something there. As the discomfort subsided, the sensation that began coursing through my body had me squirming beneath her and lifting my ass for a deeper penetration. She let me set the rhythm while she reached underneath me and inserted her finger in my cunt. As soon as she did that my orgasm came explosively with hers not far behind. Slowly she withdrew the dildo and asked how I liked it, as my answer I looked in the mirror with a smile of ecstasy on my face. After cleaning up we lay exhausted in each other’s arms and fell asleep.

In the morning, I woke to see Colleen lying on her belly and felt the urge to fuck her, as she did me last night. I quietly got up and strapped on the dildo. Taking the KY I crawled between her legs and lubricated the cock while watching her backside rise and fall with her breathing. I bent over and gently kissed her starting at her neck and working my way down. Colleen moaned her pleasure for the sensations I created. Reaching out with one hand I whispered for her to lift her ass and put a pillow under her pelvis. As she raised up the cock slid down her sex making her purr invitingly. Glancing up in the mirror, I saw her watching me as I dropped a glob of KY on her crack and began massaging it in. Gently I inserted one finger just as she had with me. Watching her expression, I could tell she had done this before.

I continued in the same fashion she had with me and inserted another finger. By the time three of my fingers were inside her ass I could see the juices from her cunt glistening on the pillow under her. I removed my fingers and slid the cock easily inside her ass wiggling my hips as I went. She set a fast pace and our orgasm would not be contained, with cries, we exploded. Withdrawing the dildo I undid it from around my waist and on shaky legs cleaned it off in the sink. Returning to the bed I crawled beside Colleen and cuddled up on her right side. Lying there, I glanced at the clock noting we only had another three hours before check out time. I slowly began tracing circles down her body and igniting our passions again for one last slow session of love making before we checked out.

We exchanged our addresses and telephone numbers promising to keep in touch hugged and kissed goodbye. I can hardly wait until we can coordinate our next vacation. On the drive back home I started fantasizing about the next time I would see her and made myself so hot I pulled off to the side of the road and masturbated myself to a closing orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32