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(It was Wednesday mid morning. I turned my laptop on and saw that Dee was available.)

‘How are you today Dee.’

‘I’m free for about fifteen mins.’

‘Good. Did you sleep well?’

‘I read and read your email – I slept like a baby.’

‘I wish I could have been in your arms. Like my pix?’

‘I loved them. I want to eat you.’

‘Mmmm. Come on then Dee – I’ll open my legs for you. Or maybe I shouldn’t be making you wet!’

‘Omg I wish … your pussy looks so excited. No Sarah, I want to be wet. Where are you?’

‘Sitting at my desk. But going out again in a few minutes.’

‘Anyone around?’

‘Not at the moment.’


‘Are you alone Dee?’


‘Time for a long tender kiss then.’


‘I’m wearing a skirt and jumper – rather chilly today! I love kissing your mouth and face.’

‘Similar here – No panties.’

‘You with no panties? Taken them off? Can I feel?’

‘I took them off when you came on line. Just to be ready! Yes. You can sniff them. Opening my legs for you Sarah.’

‘Mmmm the smell is divine – so sweet.’


‘Ooo Dee! Beneath your desk, my head under your skirt. Yes I can feel the heat from your pussy.’

‘Lifting up my skirt.’

‘Blowing gently on your vulva, lips searching for your labia, kissing the clit, throbbing and swollen!’

‘Love your tongue there. I’m running my hands up your sweater. Nice soft bra. Can I unfasten it?’

‘Mmmm do please – feel my boobs. The nipples are hard. Tongue fucking you now, fingers toying with your bottom, tasting your dribbling vagina. Just time for a quick orgasm. Omg – I’m leaking badly – feeling your thighs trembling and shaking as you chat with a colleague, all smiles. How can you control the orgasm?’

‘Ohhhhhhh. Aaggghhhhhhh.’

‘Cum for me Dee darling.’

‘I wanttttttt youuuuuu. Yessssssssss.’

‘Mmm I’m here for you – lick my pussy – the juices are all for you.’

‘I love your tits Sarah. Let me suck your nipples. Aaggggggghhhhhh Babyyyyyyy

‘Are you cumming for me?’

‘Yesssssss. Oh my Godddd!’

‘I can feel your body shaking, thighs jerking. What if someone comes into your office now?’

‘I don’t care. Omg Sarah. My legs shaking. I need to finger your clit … rub your pussy. Omg – I’m cumming! AAaaaarrrrrrggghhh.’

‘Wow Dee. I’m watching you cum for me.’

(There was a pause for breath.)

‘Oh Sarah. Phew … that was a lovely one. Thank you darling. Didn’t think we’d have time for one this morning.’

‘Did you cum?’

‘Yes. Very good one. You?’

‘Not a mind blowing one, but just as welcome from you. Well …. back to the grindstone. You free later Dee?’

‘Free from 2. Good, I’m going to make you cum so hard later. ‘

(So the same afternoon. )

‘Quick hello Dee. How are you – still horny? My hand is sneaking into your panties to see if your wet and sticky. I love playing with your bits and pieces in there.’


‘Hello darling.’

‘Hello sexy. I’m at work.’

‘Me too Dee, but thinking of you, and your gorgeous vulva with its halo of precious curls.’

‘If only … I wish. I was wondering what you were doing.’

‘My finger exploring the nooks and crannies.’


‘I’m supposed to be working like you.’

‘Can’t concentrate for some reason.’

‘Sorry – I’d better leave you alone.’

‘Oh no you don’t! I want you. Badly!’

‘Are you alone then? No meetings lined up – visitors to see? What would they think if they knew what you were thinking?.’

‘No more meetings, door closed, working on my forecast for the afternoon. I don’t know why, but I’m blushing.’

‘And how many orgasms canlı bahis şirketleri are you forecasting?’

‘Naughty girl, giving me thoughts like that.’

‘Well, you had quite a few yesterday.’

‘So did you.’

‘Based on the orgasm rate you had before you met me, what do you forecast for November? Once a day, twice, three times more than three times?’

‘When we chat, at least three times per day.’

‘I’m busy with your pussy now!’

‘I wish. You?’

‘Before I met you? Mmmm twice maybe?’


‘Well, four or five do you think?’

‘I think I could make you cum more than that in my hotel room.’

‘Most certainly Dee – particularly when you run your clit against mine.’

‘I would have you screaming. Mmmmmm.’

‘I’m not usually very noisy – moaning and grunting – panting, gasping.’

‘Feel my juices on yours Sarah.’

‘Blending our juices together – nipples crushing against each other.’

‘Feeling your nipples rub mine. Our mouths meet. Our tongues fighting. Feeling our clits touch. Rubbing against you.’

‘Our lips chewing. Desperate for the touch of you. Swollen clit rubbing between your labia.’

‘Please. Touch … Me … Fuck me Sarah. FUCK ME!’

‘My hand is cupping your pussy. All warm and sticky with delicious juices.’

‘Yes. So wet. Rubbing your bottom. So smooth. So firm.’

‘Middle two fingers penetrating your vagina. Thumb pressing your clit. Throbbing … fluttering belly. I need to suckle you Dee. Mmmmmmmm.’

‘So swollen. Omg I want you. If you were a guy I’d let you fuck me Sarah. Deep and intense.’

‘Wonderful nipples – stiff and large. Lots of little glands round their perimeter. You are so gorgeous.’

‘I need you Sarah. So wet. So horny. Grind your pussy into mine. I’m all yours.’

‘My other hand stroking your bottom, a finger finding its way into the puckered entrance. I’m dripping here.’

‘Me too. So wet. I’m your slave.

‘I want to hear you cum first. Feel your thighs shaking.’

‘I did a little shudder.’

‘I have to go change my panties! Soaking wet – and rather smelly!!’

‘Same here, I had put 2 extra in my bag.’

‘Ok – will you send me one as well. Are you busy the rest of the afternoon? Still doing your forecast?’

‘Forecast is looking good. Can I ask you a personal question?’

‘Of course.’

‘When you licked Sue’s pussy the first time, how did it feel?’

‘Out of this world – astonishing – unbelievable. I thought – what I been missing all these years?’

‘Were you nervous?’

‘Not really – too carried away with new emotions I expect.’

‘I’m thinking the same.’

‘I wasn’t looking for any relationship with anyone else, nothing was further from my mind – it just swept me off my feet – literally! But Sue had been there before – some years ago.’

‘In a few months time, do you think you would consider meeting me for coffee somewhere?

‘Let’s wait and see – it’s a very big undertaking. I just don’t want to start something that’s going to end in tears.’

‘I know. You are just so perfect.’

‘There are some things best left to the imagination – don’t want to spoil it … and I’m far from perfect darling. What? After three hubbies?’

‘Even if it turned out you had a penis I would still want you.’

‘What on earth would I do having a penis? Fuck myself perhaps! Lol.’

‘Well … my girlfriend did warn me.’

‘Against online sex?’

‘Yes. I told her about you.’

‘Ooooh – thats interesting. Is she interested then? That must have taken some courage.’

‘It took a lot of courage. And I’m hopeful.’

‘What was her reaction to you searching the net for sexy stories? The canlı kaçak iddaa more you talk about it between you, being honest, the more chance of the two of you getting together. And then I’ll be redundant!’

‘You will never be redundant. She seemed quite interested, I showed her some of your stories then told her we had chatted on line, I didn’t tell her I had multiple huge orgasms by you.’

‘Has she told you yet what she thought about the stories?’

‘She was a little shocked, but kept reading.’

‘Oh – was she with you when she read them?’

‘Yes, we were sat together in my lounge. I’ll text her tonight, see if she says anything. I could show her your email from last night.’

‘You mean the stories I sent to you privately? There’s no reason not to if you think you can share it with her. But please, Dee darling, don’t do anything to spoil your friendship. Let her respond without pushing too hard.’

‘I won’t push … too scared. You are the perfect lover. I get horny, cum many many times, then I’m on my own asleep.’

‘If you were scared, it must have taken a lot of guts for you to open up to her.’

‘It did.’

‘Take it slowly with her Dee. If you’re special to each other, and she’s single, I can see it happening. Hey – am I getting too serious? I just care so much about you, I don’t want it all to go pear shaped.’

‘Forcing my tongue into your mouth. Running my hand up inside your jumper, tracing your nipples. Unfastening your bra. Opening my legs for you.’

‘My small tits falling out. Mmmm I’m going to cup your pussy in the palm of my hand again. Fingers re-engaging with the inside of your vagina! Feeling the warmth and wetness

mmm I can feel your lips … pulling the nipples.’

‘I’m getting excited. Feeling your nipples. Oh Sarah I want to suck them. So firm. So erect. I want to suck your wonderful tits darling. I’m so wet for you. Sucking your nipples. Taking off your clothes. Looking at you.’

‘Not as beautiful as you darling.’

‘Wrong, you are gorgeous.’

‘Sparse pubic hair – not very prominent labia, but all yours for the taking.’

‘And I’m yours, Sarah. Always. Wanting you. Omg yesssss.’

‘I can feel my finger slipping into your bottom. My lips now latched onto your vulva. Chewing the fleshy bits. Drinking the private nectar. The taste is so delicious.’

‘Licking your ass hole. Teasing it. Fingers rubbing your clit. So wet. Eat me darling.’

‘Nip your clit between my fingers, my tongue deep inside you. Let me feel your thighs shudder Dee.’

‘Fingering your ass hole.’

‘My tongue pushes inside your vagina. Deeper. In and out. Tongue fucking you.’

‘I love the feel of your tongue inside me. I’m licking your bum now running my tongue round the rim, pressing my tongue into your arse hole.’


‘Yes Sarah – yes. I’m getting so horny now. I shall be cumming for you soon. OMG.’

‘Me to. Omg yessss. In and out of your vagina. Fucking you with my tongue.Deeper. Harder.’

‘I’m trying to eat your vulva, arse and all.’

‘Four fingers into your vagina now. Up to my knuckle.”

‘Deeper … deeper. OMG. That feels so good. So thrilling … don’t stop. OMG! I’m going to moan very loud and hope no-one hears me. Oooooooohhhhh Jeeesus.’

‘My whole hand is now inside your vagina. You are so great. I’m punching your pussy internally.’

‘I can feel your muscles grab my tongue. Pushing deeper. Harder. Omgggggg. Cummmiing. My finger fucking your ass. My tongue inside your vagina. In and out so wet. So wet. Deeper. Omg. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.’

‘SARAH! YessssSsss.’


‘Fuck me Sarah.’

‘Dee Dee Dee.’

‘Cum on my mouth. canlı kaçak bahis Yes. Yes.’

‘Oh yes – gushing juices onto your lips.’

‘Finger so deep in your ass o can feel my tongue. Cum baby. Eating your clit. So big. So wet. Licking it.’

‘Phew – you are a wonderful lover. Thrilling and exciting.’

‘Aagggghhh. Big sigh.’

(A pause for breath.)

‘I want your wonderful vulva – breasts and nipples – face and lips – oh … everything. Not a lot of works done here this afternoon! Was that as big a cum as mine? I’m panting for breath.’

‘None done here, Sarah, either in the last fifteen minutes. Phew here too. Wow, that was something else. Mine was huge. As big as first time. And lasted much longer. You are a great teacher.’

‘You are a joy to love, Dee. You are special. Wow – just a week ago we had just met – I think. What a difference a week makes! lo.’

‘I know, I didn’t know about all this then. I want you so much, you are perfect. Sexy. Attractive. Horny. Oh so imaginative. Beautiful. Great teacher.’

‘Your imagination ain’t so bad either. You are too flattering.’

‘No, all true. See what you’ve done..’

‘MOI? What about TU?

‘A pupil who’s willing to learn.’

‘If you want a bedtime story I’d better start it – getting late!’

‘I’d love to curl up with you – spooned against your back, hand between your thighs, fingers holding you breasts. Bye darling XXXX.’

‘Bye baby.’

(I had promised Dee a bedtime story.)

Dee darling.

Come into my arms. I’ve been waiting for you. Lie on top of me, let me feel your weight on me – your breasts crushing mine. Kiss me. Long and passionately. Let me smell your hair, run my fingers over your face, your neck, your back. I feel every link in your spine, leading me to your fantastic bottom. Stroking the buttocks, rejoicing in the soft touch of your skin. So velvety. Kissing your shoulders. Rolling you over so that I can get my hand on your belly, caressing it. Mmmm the feel of the rough curls of your pubic forest. Tangling with the curls, pushing my stiff fingers either side of your labia, avoiding your vagina for now. Concentrating on your bum, fingers running round the rim. Kissing kissing kissing. Face, lips, neck, breasts – lingering on each nipple. Sliding down the bed between your legs, licking you all the way down. Stopping to breathe on your pussy. The sweet smell fills my lungs. Breath deeply to revel in the aroma. Mmmm so gorgeous. My tongue slides over your clit and prods your peehole, swirling round the vulva. Finally I get my lips onto your vagina, already pouring juices for me.

I can feel your muscles clenching, your groin twitching, your bottom lifting from the bed, tensing ready for the shattering release. I redouble my efforts finger fucking your bum and tongue fucking your vagina. You gasps are loud and pitiful to hear. So much agony – so much ecstacy building up.

You are ready to explode. I find the large carrot I’d hidden under the pillow. Before you realise what’s happening, I thrust it hard and deep into your pussy. You cry out as your orgasm shakes you to the very core. I keep fucking you with it for a few more seconds, until you collapse, panting.

I slide back up the bed and cuddle you, your vulva in my palm. Kissing you again and murmuring your name in your ear. Whispering “I love you Dee. I love you.”

You return my kisses fervently. ‘Don’t you ever leave me,’ you beg in a small voice. “I can’t live without you Sarah. I want your love – I want your body.” Then I begin to make love to you slowly and tenderly, kissing every inch of you. Touching every bit of you, wanting to memorise how you feel – the way you smell.

I shall build up your excitement slowly until you shout with release – then start all over again. Tonight darling, you shall have at least six orgasms. Then you can make me cum!!

(But we missed each other on Friday and Dee had her family with her for the weekend, so we had to make do with memories.).

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32