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Being cop has it’s advance’s, like stopping all the lady’s of this little town I live in. One of my favorite things to do is letting the lady’s ask me for little favors, like this one lady I pulled over for speeding. She was trying to catch up with her boyfriend. She was great at giving head. She had me deep in her throat so fast, that I couldn’t stop from shooting my cum down her throat. I’ve seen her only one other time. She came into the station when I was on duty and asking me if she could meet outside of work tonight. “Meet me up at the line cabin off of Madison Road at 12:30 tonight.” I told her.

12:00 from me sitting on the porch of the cabin when I heard a truck coming up the road. I watch as she got out and walk up the step’s to me. “Hi, I know I’m a little early, but I thought you’d be up here early to.” she said. “Well, Why did you want to meet me here instead of in town?” I ask her. She sat down next to me and told me how much she enjoyed sucking my cock that she kept thinking about it, even in Church on Sundays.

She said it was getting so that she couldn’t even sleep because she kept seeing my large, hard cock standing in front of her face. “I want to know if you would be interested in letting me suck your cock again tonight?” she ask me. I bahis firmaları didn’t say anything at first, wanting her to think I wasn’t interested, but I was, Oh Boy was I. “Alright I’ll let you if you spend the night here with me.” I ask her. She stood up and unbutton her coat, revealing that she had nothing on. I stood up and undid my pants and sat back down. “Come over here and suck my cock baby.” I told her.

She knelt down and her hands reach out and took my already hard cock in her hand, slowly she stroke me, as her other hand cupped my balls, rolling them around in her hand. When I felt her mouth lick my balls,I brought her head closer to me. “MMMMMM, I see you like that do you want me to keep licking your balls?” she ask. “God Yes lick me, suck me, suck my fucking cock.” I grunted. I felt her mouth close over my cock head. Oh God her mouth was so damn hot and wet that I almost exploded again. She took me down deep in her throat, then she started moving her head up and down fast. When I tried to tell her to go slower, she went even faster, I was going to cum, it was just a matter of seconds before I climax. At the last second she pull me out of her mouth and pump my hard, throbbing cock, and I exploded all over her face and tit’s.

Looking down at her kaçak iddaa leaning back on the porch railing, I watch as her huge titties rise and fall with her heavy breathing, but her large taut nipples staring right at me. I stood up and put out my hand, waiting for her to take it. Holding her hand we walk into the cabin to the bed. Stepping back I took off my clothes and sat down on the bed to wait for her. I layed back and watch her drop her coat on the floor, climbing on top of me. I look down when I felt her hand sliding up my leg. It felt good having her hand holding my cock. Watching her stroke my cock turn me on even more. “Oh My, Your getting bigger.” she said in a husky voice. YOUR……SOOOOOO……..BIIIGGGGGGG.” she groan. “More to give to you my dear.” I said tightly.

Closing my eyes and laying back I went with the feelings I was feeling. My hands reach out for her, bring her closer to my hard, throbbing cock, My cock head slip inside. All the air in my body went out. She lean down giving me her tongue as she kiss me. I slip a little more inside. She move forward, further onto my hard cock. I was in heaven now, her tight pussy was squeezing me and sliding back and forth on my cock. She sat up and started bouncing up and down. “Oh God baby fuck me, ride kaçak bahis my hard cock you fucking slut. Oh yes Fuck me, AAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!” I screamed. I grab her ass and met her thrust for thrust. She was ready to explode, so I slip my finger up her asshole. “Oh God, yes, Yes, finger my asshole, oh my god, I’m cumming.” she cried out. I lifted my hips and buried my cock deep inside her tight pussy and exploded, filling her with my hot cum.

She layed back and look over at me. “My God, your still fucking hard.” she said. “Yes I know now how about you getting up on your hands and knees and giving me your asshole to fuck.” I said.

“OOOOOOOOOO, Yes sir I love my ass being fuck.” she said as she got up in the middle of the bed and stuck her ass up in the air.

“Ready and waiting honey, come on baby get that cock in my ass.” she said. I took my time and walk around the room looking at her ass. I stop at her mouth and told her to duck me for a while. She took me into her mouth and suck and lick me , and when I felt cock throbbing. Pulling out I went around to her ass, and climb up and rested my cock head at her asshole.

“OH GOD PLEASE FUCK MY ASSHOLE.” she begged me. I plunge my cock in, and buried myself deep inside. I didn’t let up till I filled her asshole with my cum. I pulled out and fell back on the bed trying to catch me breath. “Oh Daddy I love when we do it this way, maybe next time we can set it up at the station house when no one will be there.” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32