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The party had just finished about ten minutes ago, and Sam had gone upstairs into James’ room after his parents asked him to stay over. They were experiencing some troubles with their marriage and, frankly, they wanted the time and privacy needed in order to deal with it properly. Sam, entirely understanding of the situation, agreed and, with the permission of his aunt and uncle, decided to stay with his cousin for a few days until everything had been sorted out. As a result of these family issues, one could say that his emotional state had become a lot more fragile, and that he was quite vulnerable at the time. Nevertheless, he enjoyed relaxing with James, and intended to make the most of his time there.

Having gone up into the room, he realized that his impromptu preference to stay elsewhere meant that he did not have any clothes to wear while sleeping. He had no intention whatsoever of ruining his brand new clothes, and so waited for James to come upstairs.

Sam had been raised in a very strict household for the first eighteen years of his life, where sexual tendencies such as masturbation and, indeed, sex were never discussed. His parents were very private about what they got up to in the bedroom and he was expected to find out about the true meaning of sex and what it entailed on his own, through education at school. Certain websites on the Internet were still restricted, and while he had considered moving out just so he wouldn’t have to put up with his parents interfering nature, he was far too grateful for their parenting and their love for him to actually do such a thing.

This meant that when he was walking around James’ room, in an attempt to relieve himself of boredom, and found the pornographic magazines that had been stashed under the bed, he had no idea how to react.

Porn was still something that intrigued him beyond belief as he explored the relatively new world of sex. His sexuality was something that he had never really considered to be important, Sure, he knew girls and hung out with them like everyone else, and occasionally was attracted to them, but, with his lifestyle and his parents attitude towards this part of life, he felt that the appropriate thing to do would be to ignore these feelings and merely allow them to subside.

When James eventually came up, quietly in an attempt to scare his younger cousin, and saw Sam holding the magazines, the latter decided to ask outright about them. Fortunately for him, James was a lot more relaxed about this kind of thing and had already decided that he was bisexual. He was much more comfortable talking to his own cousin about sex when he was asked.

“Do you read these magazines all the time, James?”

“From time to time, yeah. Why, don’t you?” James slyly asked, fully aware of Sam’s parents and what they thought about porn.

“James, I want to admit something, but I want you to promise to keep it a secret.” Sam replied, after a slight pause.

“Don’t worry Sam. I can keep secrets if I need to, and as your older cousin, I’m here to help you out if you need it. You can rely on me.”

Comforted by his cousin’s words, Sam spoke. “I’ve never really watched porn before, or ever thought properly about sex. I mean, I watched those videos in school, but they always skip around the important issues because we’re too young to deal with them.” After a slight hesitation, he spoke once more, spurred on by the soothing look on James’ face that convinced him that he would not be judged because of his confession.

“Could you possibly teach me about sex? I mean, I understand if you might think it’s awkward seeing as, you know, we’re cousins, but I always thought I could look up to you and you’d help me if I was in trouble. If you say no, don’t worry, I’ll understand, and we’ll move on like nothing has just happened.”

“Sam, sam, calm down. Nothing has changed in our relationship here. We’re still cousins, OK? If you want to learn about sex, who am I to say no? I can’t let you go out into the real world without any prior knowledge about one of the most basic things of life. But here’s the deal. I will teach you as much as you want, but only if you promise never to tell our parents, or anyone we both know, about what we experience tonight.” James replied, and although he wasn’t sure if he was ready for incest, he was genuinely proud of his cousin for not being ashamed of admitting the truth, and asking for help.

“Thank you so much, James. Of course I promise. Don’t worry, whatever you teach me now will never be mentioned again. You’re the best cousin I’ve ever had.” Sam, being truly grateful that he had such a caring and understanding cousin, could not help but hug him.

“Hey, it’s not a problem. But, first of all, we’ve got to get you some clothes you can sleep in. Unfortunately, I don’t have any clothes that would fit you, seeing as you’re fairly smaller than me, but I’ve got canlı bahis a vest you can wear. You’re all right with sleeping in your underwear, right?”

Sam had never really slept in his underwear, but he wasn’t going to turn down his cousin’s hospitality, not after what he had chosen to do. “Thanks, James. It sounds perfect.” He took off his trousers, and revealed his white Calvin Klein boxers. He then took off his shirt and laid it on the side, and waited patiently for James to find the vest. Once James got a hold of it, and Sam put it on, the former did the same as Sam, and took off his top and trousers. But, instead of wearing a vest on top, he chose to stand there topless for a second, mildly aware of the fact that his cousin was admiring his body, which had been toned by three years of intense exercise.

“Here, grab my laptop and jump into the bed, while I quickly lock the door,” James instructed. Sam quickly obeyed, and, a few seconds later, they were both sitting together in their underwear in bed, with only the bottom half of their legs covered by the thin duvet.

“OK, Sam, the first thing I’m going to teach you is that there is porn everywhere on the internet, some of it good and some of it relatively bad. Without the right experience and awareness, you could end up watching some pretty disturbing fetishes.”

“What are fetishes?” Sam asked, no longer embarrassed by his ignorance.

“It’s quite hard to describe. They’d more or less be different methods of sex that people may not classify as normal that stimulate some kind of sexual arousal. I’d say some of the most common ones are peeing, strapons and, maybe, cross-dressing. But, you know, it’s the kind of thing that some people tend to be ashamed of. I really think that it’s that kind of restrictive taboo that prevents us from living in such a judgmental society. If people were just allowed to freely admit their fetishes and desires, sex would be a lot better for everyone, and people could hook up with people they genuinely had a connection with.” Sam, being amazed by this new information, merely gestured at his cousin to carry on with his teaching.

“I’ve bought a few videos online, you know, something I can watch when I’m feeling a bit horny, or aroused. Let me just choose one that would suit you.” After browsing for a few minutes, he eventually found a nice amateur bisexual threesome video that would help Sam to explore his sexuality without any fears.

“Sam, I’m going to skip past the first few minutes and just get onto the main parts.” He paused at one scene, where the women was on her knees, grasping two cocks from either side of her face, and slowly caressing them.

“OK Sam, this is the first point of our video. If you look at the woman, you can see her breasts and her vagina, or pussy, very clearly. If you can see very closely, you’ll notice that the pussy is getting quite wet. That usually means that the woman is very aroused right now. The two guys…”

“James, I’m not sure if I want to know about being gay.” Sam interrupted. James was all too aware of why Sam was afraid, and motioned for him to stop.

“Sam, I’m here to teach you everything you need to know. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay, and anyone who tells you otherwise is either ignorant or just moronic. If you are actually gay, and you try to pretend otherwise, you’ll just be leading yourself into a life of depression and boredom, instead of actually accepting and enjoying your sexuality like you should be. I’m not going to judge you if you are gay, because there’s absolutely nothing to judge.”

Inspired by the understanding and knowledge in his cousin’s tone, Sam could not help but hug him again. “Thanks James, for clearing up my problems. I’m sorry I interrupted. Please continue.”

“Like I was saying, the two guys have erections right now because of sexual arousal, and that could come from both the women and each other. As you can see, they are both kissing each other very passionately. Let’s skip on to the next scene.”

The video carried on, until James stopped at the point where the woman was being given cunnilingus while the man doing so was having his cock sucked at the same time.

“This sexual act is called oral sex. It’s pretty standard for any sexual relationship, and it gives just a more personal touch. Plus, speaking from experience, getting a blowjob is a lot more better than having your cock stroked by another person.” As James continued to speak, Sam realized that his own cock was beginning to rise. Hoping that his cousin would not notice, he listened more intently, and watched as James skipped to the next scene.

“OK, this scene is a lot more intense. Having been lubricated nicely, this man is having his arse penetrated by the other man, while getting a blowjob at the same time.” Sam now had a complete erection, and as he was just wearing exposed boxers, it became bahis siteleri pretty visible. Slowly grabbing the quilt, he dragged it up to his waist, praying that James would not realize. However, James could not help but notice what was going on, and smiled at his cousin’s embarrassment.

“Sam, like I told you before, there is nothing to be ashamed of here. There’s no point in trying to hide a perfectly natural reaction to sex. As well as that, this duvet is so thin that it hides absolutely nothing. I can see the outline of your penis quite clearly.” At this point, Sam was prepared to burst into tears, and spoke very quietly, in an attempt to hide his emotions.

“I’m sorry James. What must you think of me right now? I feel like such a dirty pervert. Please forgive me.”

“Sam, sam, sam, have I taught you nothing within this last hour? I’m OK with what you’re feeling. Every guy in the world would feel the same if he watched this video. If you don’t believe me, look at my underwear right now.” Sam, very hesitantly, slowly moved his eyes towards his cousin’s midriff, and saw James’ erection pressing fiercely against his boxers.

“Sam, I’ll help you get rid of all your inhibitions right now, but I must remind you of your promise to me earlier.” Sam, sensing what was going to happen next, keenly nodded, with both a sense of apprehension and excitement. James moved closer to his cousin, and as Sam blinked with approval, he kissed him delicately on the lips. As he moved away, they looked into each others eyes, and overwhelmed with passion, moved closer and kissed each other passionately, their lips surging violently in a torrent of tongue and spit.

“OK, little cousin, I’m going to teach you about masturbation now,” James whispered quietly, still out of breath from their moment of love and passion. “I want you to take off your boxers, as I do and place them gently on the table.” James did so first, and watched Sam as he did the same, and his erection burst out of his boxers. He could not understand why Sam had such problems with his confidence, after seeing what appeared to be a solid eight inch penis, proudly glistening with precum, and wrapped around with foreskin.

“Now do as I do. Grasp your penis firmly, and slowly begin to move the foreskin up and down. When it feels natural, start speeding up the process, but don’t move too fast. You don’t want to cum too early.” Sam was going to ask exactly what cumming was, but he was far too intoxicated with this sensuous and incestuous moment to even care. He soon got into his flow, and began to gyrate faster and faster. James, realizing that his cousin was going to cum, much too early for his liking, aimed his cousins cock towards his own face. Sam groaned loudly, as eighteen years of built up semen shot out of his penis onto James’ face.

“I did tell you not to go too fast,” James reminded him, as Sam’s cock began to deflate and return to its normal size.

“What do I do now?” Sam asked, still unable to take the initiative.

“Lick your cum off my face, and keep it all in your mouth while I continue to masturbate.” James said, his voice failing to hide the glee he felt. Sam climbed onto James, touching their cocks together, and gently licked his own semen. James sped up his masturbation, unable to withstand the sensation of having his own cousins tongue licking his face clean of cum. Sam moved down a bit and showed his cousin that his mouth was now full of his semen. James, bustling with anticipation, demanded him to swallow all of it in one go. Sam, not wishing to displease his generous cousin, did as he was told.

“Now move down so your head is facing my crotch, and then take my cock and put it in your mouth, and start sucking.” Sam, once again, followed his cousin’s orders, and placed the cock in his mouth. As he did so, he understood why his cousin loved blowjobs. It wasn’t just pleasure for the receiver, the person doing the actual sucking could also enjoy it. He wrapped his tongue around the cock, gently feeling the ridges and the smooth gradient of it, adding a little bit of spit to make it smoother. He looked up at James, and saw his cousin was in pure heaven, and, encouraged by the look of bliss and delight on his face, continued his actions. He pressed the cock further into his mouth, and felt his own starting to rise again. He pressed his lips against the cock, and moved his head back and forth along it. He lightly pushed his teeth against the cock, letting their smooth ridges enhance the feeling of delight, and caressed James’ testicles at the same time, stroking them in small circles. Sensing that James was close to ejaculation, he sped up, and James, grasping Sam’s hair, shouted “I’m cumming, Sam”. Sam prepared himself for the onslaught of cum that was to fly out of his cousin’s cock, and was not disappointed. He moved up to his cousin’s face, and showed him the cum that he was about to swallow, bahis şirketleri but James stopped him.

“No, no, don’t swallow this time. Kiss me and give the cum to me with your mouth.” They slowly moved closer, holding each other’s shoulders, and kissed open mouth. As most of the cum naturally slid into James mouth, he bent down slightly, and allowed Sam to position his mouth over his own, so that Sam could spit out the rest into his mouth. Once he had gathered all of it in his own mouth, James showed Sam his mouth, and, as Sam began stroking his cock, having been aroused by such an orgasmic sight, James swallowed all of it. They moved together, and kissed one another, in a way that no cousin should ever kiss, pulling each other closer, their hair interlocking, and their lips gently trading saliva. Once they had both found enough time to sufficiently relax, James decided to move on to the last part of their education.

“OK, Sam, this is the part we’ve both been waiting for. I am going to make love to you. But, because this is your first time, we’re going to go slowly, because I don’t want to see you get hurt.” Sam nodded, once again stunned by the events which would occur.

“Now I’m sure Sarah’s dildo was somewhere here,” James said, attempting to remember where he had placed it. Sarah was his older sister who had left the house a few years ago when she had gotten married. Before she left, on her eighteenth birthday, she had seduced James and taken him up to his bedroom, where they fucked for the entire night. The relationship continued for three years, before she found the man she wanted to marry. As a departing present, she gave him her dildo, a few magazines, a vibrator, two pairs of bras and her silky black panties with little pink frills to remember her by. His parents had no idea, and so he had to hide all of her gifts. When he eventually found the dildo, which had been stuffed neatly between two of his socks, he took it out and winked at Sam.

“Get on your knees, Sam. I promise you, you are going to love this.” Sam got on his knees and pushed out his arse for his cousin to play with. James got on his knees behind him, and began to give him a rimjob. He licked his cousins little hole, and using his own precum and some lubricant, gently pushed one finger into Sam’s arse. Sam groaned with pleasure, and James could not help but enjoy the feeling of pressure against his finger. He slowly moved it in and out, and spat on the arsehole and used his second finger to expand it even further. He repeated this motion until three of his fingers fit in perfectly, and then placed the dildo inside his cousin’s virgin arse. The hole continued to expand, and once James was sure it was big enough, he took his own cock, and while stroking Sam’s cock, placed his own inside the arse. He started off slowly, gyrating at a speed that Sam would be comfortable with, but as some time passed, he sped up, and they both groaned with pure pleasure and orgasmic delight, and soon James shouted once again “I’m cumming,” and came inside his own cousins arse. His ejaculate burst out of his cock, and as it did so, he roared with delight. His cock eventually lost its size and he pulled out of the arse, no longer virgin, but now a something he would use to fuck whenever he could.

“Oh my god, Sam, that was my idea of heaven. I love you so much. You are truly the best cousin I could possibly have.” James gushed. At the same time however, he noticed that Sam was still erect, and so decided to do something about it. While he was still recovering, James went into his cupboard and found the black bra and panties, and, making sure that his cousin’s eyes were closed, put them on. From time to time, James’ submissive side would emerge, and he would have a need to be fucked or be treated like dirt in order to appease it. He knew that there was no other time than this, when his cousin, the one person to whom he could now admit anything, was here. His cock pushed against the panties, and the small bra fit perfectly against his pectoral muscles. Putting on a slightly feminine voice, he bent down to his cousin’s ears and whispered,

“Sam, I’ve been a bad girl. I need to be punished.” Sam looked up with surprise and saw his manly cousin dressed as a woman, waiting to be fucked by him. The feeling of being desired by another man was enough for Sam and he stood up, and strode towards James. Wrapping his arms around his bra, he kissed James, and undid the clothing. He pulled down the panties, and feeling his cock rubbing against James, pushed him down onto his knees, and placed his cock into James’ mouth.

“Now suck on it.” he demanded, his newfound confidence emerging from his recent experience. James, not new to cock sucking, eagerly grabbed the cock and thrust his mouth upon it with all his might. It was not even possible for Sam to describe how he was feeling at that moment, but it was so pleasurable and erotic that he came only a few seconds later. James swallowed the cum, and they both climbed into bed, holding each other tight. Sam is going to be staying here for some time, James thought to be himself, and I am going to love it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32