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Thanks for reading my stories. The comments and feedback are appreciated. I’m enjoying writing these and plan to continue.

Following my back and forth encounter described in Chapter 3 I was becoming more excited about what might lie ahead. I was still exploring and wasn’t sure about boundaries or rules regarding what was and was not considered acceptable behavior.

I was also getting the itch to explore other venues. There was nothing wrong with my usual hangout, but I knew there were other places offering the same, “services”. As much as I liked the arcade I had been frequenting, I kept wondering how some of the others compared.

I started out right down the street at a place I had passed several times. Like most of these places, I can’t recall the name. I’ll just call it Number Two.

Right away there was a drawback to Number Two that didn’t occur to me until I visited. Parking. The parking at the first place was all in the rear of the building, concealed from the street. Not so at Number Two. Parking was to the side of the building and not very far off the road. Even worse, the building was in the parking lot of what had previously been a large store but was now closed. The bookstore/arcade basically sat out in the middle of this large, open space. I wasn’t all that worried about someone seeing me in this part of town, but it still wasn’t a very comfortable feeling.

There weren’t many booths in Number Two, maybe six or eight. The walls were unpainted particle board. canlı bahis Plain concrete floors also, where the other place had wooden floors. Tall ceilings and a little too well lit. Overall, the feeling at Number Two was cold and not welcoming.

Thinking every place is worth a try, I got tokens and found a booth. At least it was clean and had a nice, smooth hole that was plenty large enough not only for a cock, but to see through and communicate.

I dropped my tokens and began scanning the movie selection. In these settings, I almost always chose gay movies. As they became more available, bisexual shows with two guys and a girl became, and still are, a favorite.

The place was a little quiet on this evening, so I kicked off my shoes, pulled off my jeans and sat back in the folding chair for a stroke. After a while I heard the door to the booth on the other side of the hole open and close. Looking at the hole, I saw someone peeking through. The face quickly moved away from the hole and the next sound was the door to the booth being latched. I guess he wanted to check out what was in the booth next door before committing.

I decided to stay in my chair and let him make the first move. It took longer than what I thought was normal, but eventually a rather large cock slowly appeared through the hole.

I slowly reached over to place it in the palm of my hand. The guy seemed to like this because he moaned a little as his cock twitched at my touch. I was holding it lightly, sliding bahis siteleri my hand along the length. It wasn’t long before I noticed a little precum oozing from the slit. I leaned forward and licked it off, savoring the taste.

I went to my knees and engulfed the head in my mouth, swirling my tongue around it. He moaned again and tried to stick his cock farther through the hole. Figuring he was here to get off and wasn’t interested in spending a lot of time doing it, I went to work.

Instead of my preferred method of slowly working the entire shaft into my mouth and throat, I plunged down on it in one smooth, but fast motion. His response was to utter an audible response that people in the hallway certainly could hear.

I drew back quickly, then took it all the way again. I worked up to a regular pace, which he seemed to like. At this point, he must have decided to slow down a little and enjoy what was happening because this went on for several minutes.

All this time I had my cock in my right hand and a finger from my left hand playing with my ass. I was turned on to the point where I was producing precum at a steady rate. Some if it helped lubricate my shaft, but most of it made it easier to probe my ass with my finger.

After several minutes he started thrusting against the wall. The walls were not very thick and moved with each thrust. Eventually we reached the point where my head was almost motionless as he fucked my mouth.

As he went faster it was more bahis şirketleri difficult to keep my tongue working the bottom of his shaft and continue a strong sucking with my cheeks, but I was determined to give this guy the best blowjob I could.

I was still stroking when he pushed one last time into my mouth and exploded. This guy was more of a shooter than a flooder. He just kept going for several spurts with a short pause between each one. After a few, the spurts lost a little volume and intensity, but I still wound up with my mouth completely full of his cum.

I always like to hold the cock in my mouth as long the guy will let me. For as much as this guy seemed to be in a hurry at the start, he was willing to stand there and let me bathe his cock with my tongue and his cum.

All good things must end, and eventually I had to swallow, removing my mouth from his cock to do so. I swallowed quickly and went right back down on him, making sure to clean him as much as possible.

He withdrew his cock and lingered just a little giving me a last look at that beauty. Then, he pulled up his pants, turned and left.

I sat back in my chair and resumed some slow stroking. I wasn’t surprised that I had not cum when he did. I was concentrating on his pleasure, not mine.

I had hoped that his loud moaning would serve as good advertisement, and I guess it did. After he left, I sucked three more cocks in rapid succession, all to very satisfying completions. The last guy wanted to return the favor. By this time, I was happy to let him.

After I’d cum and withdrew my cock I looked through the hole to see him letting my cum fall from his mouth onto his cock that he was stroking. Talk about a horny guy!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32