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A Cucks Revenge Part 5
I suggest reading parts part 1 through 4 if you haven’t yet – the links are below

Part 5 – El

My wife is on top of a man whose face was obscured. The view had allowed me to see mans strange unprotected large cock repeatedly plunging into her well lubricated pussy. Her arms braced herself on the man’s shoulders. Her large tits hanging and undulating above the man in the rhythm of their coupling. I tried to comprehend at what I was seeing. It didn’t seem real. This is a dream. She was grinding herself on the man with a a****listic fury, moans turning to screams of, Oh God! that’s it. I’M GONNA CUM!. I could hear the man clear now grunting, That’s it baby! You get it. You fucking cum. You fuck so good!. I recognize the voice. Moment’s later he’s shouting that he was going to cum while lifting her off his cock in order not to ejaculate inside her. Immediately she moved her head down to his waist and swallowed his head of his cock. Apparently without time to spare, his dick throbbed with each ejaculation as he grunted out one pleasurable sigh. My wife took it all in her mouth and throat as she sucked him through his orgasm. Replacing her mouth with her hand, stroking him slowly as he started to soften. Wiping her mouth with her free hand, my wife looked up at my next door neighbor Rick with a sexy, wet satisfied smile

FUCKkkkk!…… I sprung up shocked from my slumber. I look over to the other side of the bed to see my wife naked and snoring. My conscious is still fighting its way up from the depths of slumber. It seemed so real. In this bed. With my wife. I got out of bed naked, only to be greeted by morning wood once again. What the fuck? I haven’t had this many morning boners since I was a teenager. I got dressed, Grabbed my Wallet, keys and phone. While in the bathroom peeing, I checked my phone. Saturday 7:10 am. I find the video of my wife and neighbor. I scroll down and find with video and pics of Leah having sex with me. That’s all I need to clear the cobwebs of slumber. It all was true. I walk by the bed thinking that is was time to replace it. At least Jen had the decency to change the sheets. Anger and sorrow resurfaced as I realized we had much to resolve to get out marriage back on track. I look down, Still hard? What the fuck. My cock really does seem to have a mind of his own.

Leah’s comments of constructive criticism the previous day badgered my psyche. “You look a bit doughy. Tone up a bit. Work out. You’ll feel better if you do.” and manscaping. What the hell is manscaping? I opened garage door and surveyed the clutter then began to organize. I cleared the center of the garage floor. I pulled out my free weight set and bench press from the back of the garage. Then I found a relic from the boxing days of my youth. A heavy and speed bag combo mounted on a square tube steel rack. I set it all up in the center and dusted it off. I put on the gloves. I took a few swings at the heavy bag. I forgot how satisfying it was to release your anger on this inanimate bag. I lost myself in a frenzy of blows. I stopped only after I was winded. Which admittedly did not take long. God Damn. Leah was right. I am out of shape.

Jen stood in the open back door shouting. DON! My mom wants to know when you are coming over. She mimes an exaggerated apology as she asks.

Shit! I totally forgot. I say, Tell her I’ll be over in an hour.

My Mother in Law Eleanor was known as El to her friends and family. She had been depending on me for handyman work since my Father in law died. I had gone over once a month to check off the items on her honey do list. On my drive over I pondered, I was fortunate to get along with my in laws. My Father in law Bud was a man’s man. It was always a pleasure to crack a beer and shoot the shit with him. I miss him greatly. El was the epitome of femininity. She was gentle and kind but had a naughty streak. El was coquette with most men. She has flirted with me shamelessly since the day I met her. El has always kept herself fit, If not a bit too thin and has always dressed impeccably. I estimate that she weighs from 110 to 12o lbs. for her 5’ 8” height. She let her hair go gray and longer after her husband’s death. In my opinion she looks a decade younger than her 71 years. It is easy to flirt back. She is beautiful yet approachable. She has a natural smile and affectionate demeanor. Jen inherited her mother’s beauty. The flirtations between my mother in law and I stopped temporarily when Bud died. The spark of life that defined El’s inner beauty gradually came back over time. Yet there was no doubt that she was lonely in Bud’s absence. The flirtations gradually returned over time and were now back in earnest.

El met me at her front door with a smile and a kiss on the cheek. After a bit of small talk, I asked what needed to be done. She shows me that her kitchen faucet is leaking. It would require a repair kit of washers and springs. El mentions that her shower is leaking too. She has had to take baths only the past few weeks. In her master bathroom I turn the bath faucet on. I turn the shower valve on and I am instantly sprayed in my chest. FUCK! My shirt is drenched.

El is snickering at the bathrooms threshold. She hands me a towel then tells me to take my shirt of so she can throw it in the dryer. As I take my shirt off, I catch El staring at my naked chest. She makes eye contact with me after I give her the shirt saying, If I knew it was that easy to get a man naked, I would have tried that years ago.

I didn’t react to El’s comment. My attention goes back to the shower head. It was old, rusted and calcified. It was it was a handheld detachable shower head. It had several settings from spray to pulsing massage. I noticed a crack in the plastic where the hose meets the shower handle. güvenilir bahis The entire shower head should be replaced. I remove it.

I find El in the kitchen pouring some coffee for us both. She turns and smiles saying, You look like you came right off the cover of a cheap romance novel. With your bare chest and tool belt. rRarrr!

Most generally I would join in and enjoy flirting with her. I was just too preoccupied with past few days to think of a witty retort.

El sat both coffee cups on the table and asks me to sit down. She looked at me concerned asking, What’s going on Don? You seem distant today.

I shrugged and sipped my coffee. This gives me time to think of a diplomatic response to her inquiry. I responded by saying, I don’t know how much to reveal, being that you are the mother of my wife.

Realization washes over El’s face. Oh…. Marriage troubles. El pauses thoughtfully then says, Every marriage has its ups and downs. They take a lot of effort and work. Just know that I have grown to love you like a son and good friend. I raised Jenny and know how bullheaded she can be. I’m sure you’ll work out whatever the problem is.

I shook my head slightly admitting that I wasn’t sure that our marriage might survive this one.

El was concerned, she leaned forward and put her hand on mine saying, It wasn’t that neighbor of yours was it?

My mouth hung open shocked. I knew my Mother in law was empathetic but this was uncanny. I asked how she knew.

A Mother knows. Hell, any perceptive women would have figured it out. El replies. Jen would gushes anytime she mentions him. Dick was way too familiar with Jen the last time we were all together. Like sitting too close and touching her. I got the feeling that he considered Jen his possession. It was so obvious. Frankly I’m surprised that you didn’t see it Don. You had reason to be jealous.

I shrugged saying, I’m not a jealous guy. I trusted Jen. I never once thought she would cheat on me. I was ignorant, I know. Plus I’m no saint. I messed up after I caught Jen and Dick in our bed the other day.

El admits, You know Don I was quite the loose woman myself. Let’s just say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. When I was a girl the Nuns at school called me boy crazy. I was pretty. Boys liked me. I liked when boys payed attention to me. I was curious about sex. Let’s just say I started young. I gained a reputation. It was hard to commit to Bud when we dated. I kept on seeing my ex bad boy boyfriends for daliences up until the time we got engaged. Then a few times after the engagement. Settling for one man for the rest of my life scared the hell out of me.

El sat back sipping her coffee and contemplating. She broke the silence saying. Marriages are difficult. Bud and I both had our dalliances. I suspected for many years that he was stepping out on me. He seemed way too familiar with his secretary. There were a few times when his secretary acted guilty around me. When I found the lipstick on buds collar I confronted him. I seduced the milkman the very next day. I fucked him in our marital bed. I told Bud. I thought it would make me feel better. It didn’t. It was a burden on my soul. Our marriage went through a dark period. Bud’s secretary was reassigned a week later. Bud began drinking heavily and coming home late. I could tell he had been with other women. I began an affair with my girlfriends husband. We’d sneak off to motels. We both hid all this from family and neighbors. Jenny was so little. Bud and I worked through it. Our marriage was better for it.

I picked up and placed the old shower head on the table. I told El that we have some shopping to do at the home improvement store.

El looked at the shower head as if she was mourning it’s death. Then with a mischievous smile said, that shower head served me well for years. It was always there when I needed it. Now I have to say goodbye forever to this lover too? It just makes me sad.

I sensed an opening into some deeply personal conversation with El. So how long has it been broken? Orgasms are good for your health, you should have them often. So is this your favorite way to masturbate?

El looked taken aback from my blunt probing into her masturbatory habits, as if it were reflexive. I was aware that I had crossed a boundary with her. Then she surprised me and answered candidly.

The shower has been broken about a month and yes it was my only form of masturbation since my vibrator died. I never was patient enough to achieve orgasms with my fingers. I’m too old to put my legs up and let the bath faucet water flow on my…… like I did when I was a girl. I guess if you had a man that was healthy enough and wanted to have sex with an old lady like me, I’d choose that over it all. Once I got to know him of course. And by the way, I do know that orgasms are healthy for you. Why do you think I look so young. She winked, flashed that wicked smile of hers and then asked. How often do you masturbate Don?

Without hesitation I answered frankly, Once or twice daily since I was 11. Less when my love life was stronger. El looked impressed. I picked up the shower head and said, we need to get you a replacement stat. Your health depends on it and I want my favorite girl to be around for a long time.

El grabbed her purse and my shirt from the dryer and we were off to the home improvement store. Once inside the store El seemed overwhelmed at the selection of shower heads. After a few minutes I got impatient with her indecision and selected massage shower head for her. I showed El that is had 3 types of massage as well as spray.

El looked at the package then grabbed my arm and whispered, I left my reading glasses in the car. Does it have the pulse? It’s the pulse massage does the trick.

I confirmed that this model did indeed have a pulse setting at 3 different speeds. She smiled sheepishly and we headed off to the cashier.

I took El to lunch at a canlı casino diner located in a nearby stripmall. After lunch I told her I had a surprize for her. I escorted her down to a store at the other end of the strip mall. I stopped in front of a door with a sign that read Lovers Lane. When El saw the store she froze and looked incredulous. I grabbed her hand, opened the door and pulled her into the store before she could protest. El was befuddled and visibly embarrassed. She was actually blushing. In the front of the store was their selection of lingerie. In the back were adult novelties and toys. I scanned the displays as I guided El towards the toys. Halfway there we were intercepted by an energetic young woman.

Hi, can I help you find something?

I quickly answer, Yes. I put my arm around El and brought her close and said, My girlfriend here is looking for a replacement for her vibrator. You see, I’m gone on business quite a bit and the old one just couldn’t keep up with the demand.

That comment gets me a half hearted punch in the arm and an aghast “Stop” from El.

The store clerk didn’t bat an eye at our age difference or El’s obvious emabarrasment to her credit. She showed us the magic wand and said, this is our best selling vibrator. It has 2 speeds and is extremely durable. It has a 5 year warranty.

I asked the young woman if this is the model that she prefers.

Looking nonplussed the sales clerk addresses the answer directly to El. This one is a classic. If you want to have a sure fire orgasm quickly and reliably, this is the vibrator.

The sales clerk walks down to the end of the counter then pulls out a box and shows El. This is the one I prefer. It’s called the rabbit. It can be used for vaginal, clitoral, and optional anal stimulation simultaneously. It vibrates while the shaft rotates ball bearings under a lifelike silicone skin. The fingers on the upper arm stimulates both sides of the clitoris. The optional anal arm has a ribbed probe that can be inserted or can stimulate your anus externally. A silicone friendly lube is recommended.

Frankly I thought it looked like some alien insect. I glanced over at El and she looked amazed. I threw a credit card down. I told the sale clerk that we’ll get both vibrators and the lube .

El looked at me astonished telling me that it all costs too much.

I said, Nonsense, nothing is too expensive when it comes to my gal. I pull her in close and kiss her on the forehead. She turns red in embarrassment once more.

We took our purchases with us and headed to back to El’s place. On the drive back El seemed giddy about our roleplay. That I had called her my girlfriend and the sales girl didn’t even acknowledge our age difference. She admitted that she was excited to tryout all her new toys.

Once we were back to El’s, I got to work replacing the shower head in the master bath. El stood at the threshold of the bathroom watching me work. I heard her mumble to herself as if thinking out loud.

Nothing sexier than seeing handyman working. The only thing that would make it better is for you to be bare chested again. I smiled at El and gave her a little strip tease as I took my shirt off. Then threw it at her as she left the bathroom. I resumed my work.

I had just finished and was testing the new shower head when I heard El calling me from the bedroom.


I stopped what I was doing and rushed into her bedroom. I was not prepared for what I saw. El was sitting on the edge of her bed naked from the waist down. She was holding her new rabbit vibrator and tube of lube. She looked at it confused and said.

Please don’t make this any more awkward than it is Don. It won’t start and if it did, I’m not quite sure how to use it.

She handed rabbit to me. I checked it out. It had 2 switches for speed of vibration and rotation. Plus an on/off button. Which I pressed. Nothing happened, so I opened the battery compartment. I discovered that El had put the batteries in reversed. I switched them around. Hit the power switch and the rabbit lit up. I slid the vibrations switch up and it began to buzz. I slid the rotations switch up and the phallus began to wiggle. I showed El where the switches are and handed the rabbit back to her. El said,

Could you just wait for a little bit and see if I’m using it the right way?

I nodded. Frankly I couldn’t believe this was actually happening. Another boundary between us had been crossed. She laid back and spread her legs. I had always wondered what my attractive mature Mother in law looked like naked. Now her pussy was on full display in front of me. It was similar to my wife’s. But her pubic hair was grey. Trimed, not unruly. Her vulva was glistening with lube. I pondered, a pussy doesn’t show besides the grey pubic hair. I could feel a familiar tightness in my shorts. El placed the head of the rabbits shaft against her opening and began to insert it slowly. She asked if she could adjust the vibration. I took her hand, placed it on the appropriate switch and she fiddled with the speed. El asked why she couldn’t feel anything touching her clitoris. I told her to insert in another inch or so and it will make contact. She slowly pushed the vibrator shaft into her vagina until the rabbits ears/fingers were in the creases on either side of her clitoral hood. The anal probe bent against her anus. I reached down and switched on the rotation. Our hands brushed against each other. I could have sworn it felt electric. The ball bearings began to rotate and the phallus wiggled in her opening. It made her labia dance.

Oh! That feels amazing! El asked, almost pleaded. Can you put the lower part in my ass?

I never thought in my wildest imaginations I would hear those words coming out of my Mother in law’s mouth. I reached down and guided the lubricated tip of the pinky sized anal probe against her anus. I pushed lightly until the tip kaçak casino entered her asshole.

El immediately reacted, Oh…. Oh my God! This is amazing. This is incredible. I can feel it everywhere. She glanced over at me, then looked down at my obvious erection in my shorts.

Are you hard honey? Come here and let me see.

I walked closer to where her head laid on the bed. El held onto the rabbit with one hand and reached out with the other and squeezed my hardness through my shorts and said.

Ooooo. You are hard. It must hurt being trapped in those shorts. Take it out. I wanna see.
Well she didn’t have to ask me twice. I unzipped and dropped my shorts. El looked at my cock with loving appreciation then grabbed my hardness and squeezed. Then she slowly began to stroke me. I could tell El was enjoying her new toy. She was moaning. El was now stroking my cock erratically. I could see that the sensations of the vibrator were over taking her. She finally grasped my cock tightly like she was holding onto a branch for dear life and between gasps said.

Oh Don I can’t believe how good this feels. I think I’m gonna cum already. Oh! Uhhhhh! OH MY FUCKING GOD, I’M CUMMING. Oh, Oh, Oh, UHHHHH, Emmmmmm, Oooooooo……..
That was fucking incredible. Now come closer so I can thank you properly.

El’s orgasm seemed to last few minutes. I was happy that she was comfortable enough to share this intimate experience with me. She had rolled onto her side. El tugged my cock in the direction of her face, the rest of me followed. She gave my cock kisses from the tip to the base and back up again. El took me in her mouth. She moved her hands to the back of my ass and pushed. El took the full length of my cock in her mouth and throat. I could feel her lips around the base of my cock. It was fucking unbelievable. My Mother in law just deepthroated me. It didn’t seem real. The situation was so surreal and had been from the time I entered El’s bedroom to help her. She had moved her hands from my ass back to grip the base of my cock. El began sucking in earnest while stroking the base. She fondled my balls with her free hand. Frankly she was better at giving head than her daughter. I could feel my oncoming orgasm. I warned her that I was about to come but she just kept working my cock. El took my ejaculations like a pro and swallowed it all.

When I had finished. El looked up at me while wiping her mouth and smiled. She asked me to hand her the magic wand vibrator. I took it out of its box. Found and outlet close to bed and plugged it in. She turned it on it’s lower setting and pressed the vibrating bulbous end against her pussy.

Woo! That is a bit to strong for now. My pussy is still a bit sensitive after the last orgasm. I think I’ll try out that knew shower head. How about you join me and wash my back? Then she winked at me.

El Discarded her blouse and bra. Her breasts were smaller than her daughters. Which most likely accounted for less sag then women of her age. I followed her into the shower. Her excitement was palpable. Like a k** on Xmas morning. She had a spring in her step. El’s backside was pure femininity but a bit looser than younger women. I loved the way she swayed. All the curves in the right places. She turned on the water in the tub till it was warm. Then she turned on the shower. The water flowed through the shower head without a problem. It was set to spray. We soaped each other up and rinsed. She seemed to really enjoy sensation when I washed her hair. El told me to turn around so that she could wash my back. I felt her hands my back, then she hugged my waist tightly pressing the front of her body tightly into the back of mine. I could feel her lips kissing my back. Further down I could feel her breasts and prominent hard nipples pressed between us. El lowered one hand and her hand encircled my cock. Not stroking, just holding it. It felt electric once again. It was the most physically loving and sensual act I had felt in years. When we were finished washing El asked how each of the settings worked. I took the shower head from the cradle and moved the spray selector. I switched through the 3 message settings. The 3rd was a quick pulsating spray.

El looked excited and said, Oooo! Let’s try that one.

She took the showerhead from my hand, widened her stance and pointed the spray at her pussy. I watched as her vulva began to dance rhythmically against the water spray. El smiled approvingly.

El said, Oh Don this one is even better than my last showerhead lover. It’s getting all the right spots. The pulse is perfect. Ohhhh. Emmmm.

I realized that my mother in law had a bit of an exhibitionist streak in her. She was enjoying me looking at her naked body as she got off again. She was staring at my naked body also. Her orgasm overtook her language. She just cooed, purred and moaned her way through it. When she was done, she turned the showerhead back to spray and hung it in the cradle. I got out out of the tub first. I gave El my arm so she could steady herself on me as she got out of the slippery tub. She wrapped her arms around and pressed herself into me with another hug. My hardness bumped and slid against her wet slick belly until the head rested against her pussy. I pulled the towel off the rack and d****d it over El’s shoulders.

El looked up at me and said, Thank you Don, for everything. Orgasms are good but you don’t know how much I have missed the feeling a man against me. I would love to feel you inside me also. I’m open to fucking if you are, but not today. It’s not like I can get pregnant and I know you had a vasectomy after having your k**s. I think my daughter is making a huge mistake cheating on you. You know that neither of us can ever tell her about anything that happened today. Jen is my daughter. It would ruin us all. I would hate to put the final nail in the coffin of your marriage. That being said, I am going to ask Jen if you can help out more often around here. El then kisses me deeply with a longing passion. Then pats me on the ass saying, Let me get dressed now. You get home now and tend to your wife’s honey do list.

I got dressed. Gathered my tools and headed home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32