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A few years back I was at the beginning of my “bi curious” days and had only a few quick experiences with another unexperienced guy and we just jerked each other’s cocks, but the thrill of being naked and performing a taboo act like that was extremely exciting as before that I had only fantasized about doing something bisexual, but that only lead to jerking myself off which I did enjoy greatly and had become quite skilled at.

One of the first indications of my interests began when I was working delivering food for an Italian restaurant and one of our regular customers named Richard who would order the same meal every Saturday night was an older gentleman who lived alone in a very nice home, but his voice had an obvious gay affect to it. Not long after I started delivering to him he would always keep me there for a while talking and asked questions about me and my life with a flirtatious way and would touch my shoulder and arm constantly during conversation and once quickly dropped his arm down and his hand brushed across my crotch as he smiled deviously.

During another usual Saturday evening delivery to his house I knocked on the door and instead of his usual grand vibrancy when he answered the door, he first only opened it very slightly to see who it was, then looked past me to see if anyone else was around, then finally smiled at me and said, “come on in Jeremy, let me go get your money”. As the door swung open he spun around like a ballerina and started down the hall and I was instantly shocked when I realized that he was wearing a women’s sheer negligee robe that barely covered his ass and through the transparent material I could that he was completely naked.

When the shock of this sight wore off I realized that it was exciting me and making me quickly horny. He was in the bedroom down the hall for what seemed like a long time but may not have been. When he finally emerged from the doorway I instantly saw that the front of the robe was open, and his large cock was fully erect. I stared at it as he approached me and took in the sight of the nice length and girth of his cock and noticed the fact that he obviously groomed his pubic hair into a short neatly trimmed square above his cock and his balls looked smooth also and were big and hanging bahis firmaları low.

We had our usual conversation of small talk and as much as I later and still to this day wish this had a more erotic ending, unfortunately I did not have the nerve to grab his cock or do everything that I thought of during later masturbation sessions. I couldn’t even bring myself to acknowledge or mention to him the fact that he was naked, wearing a see-through robe and had a massive erection. This I would regret forever as this opportunity never recurred because a job offer for the career that I had studied for in college took me away from my delivery job and any chance to have another encounter with Richard.

It took a couple years after that night for my curiosity to build to the point that I started to think of ways to finally act on these instincts. I knew of a small somewhat dirty and disgusting sex shop in town and after “chickening out” a few times I finally got the nerve to go inside and check it out. Inside the small store was filled from the floor to the ceiling with books, toys, DVD’s, sexy underwear and costumes and any other erotic goods that existed. Some I had never seen before and some that I wasn’t even sure what they did.

There were a few other men walking around and most were a bit older than me browsing the movies, magazines and toys, and they would occasionally look at me and smile although admittedly at this point of curious experience I had no idea what any of the smiles or signals meant or most importantly what was in store for me.

As my browsing led me around to the rear of the store I noticed a narrow doorway that a few guys had disappeared into. One tall mature man who was wearing a nice business suit stopped at the doorway turned to look at me and motioned that I follow him. After he walked into the dark back area I was even more nervous than I was bringing myself to even walk in this place, but I was extremely aroused and curious to find out what was happening back there.

When I entered the dimly lit area I saw rows of doors on both sides of the narrow but long dark room. And about midway down I saw the well-dressed man in one of the small booths looking out through the door that he held slightly ajar and he directed me kaçak iddaa to the adjacent door. I went into the room right next to his and nervously closed and locked the door. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness I realized how the small TV screen that was encased behind the glass panel worked so I inserted a dollar bill and the screen lit up immediately to show a guy with a huge cock shoved into another guy’s mouth and was rapidly fucking his throat with all his might. I was over taken by the amazing size of the cocks on the screen and how perfect they looked. One of them was shaved completely smooth which instantly became my favorite and the other had very short neatly trimmed hair. but regardless of the hair both of the cocks and balls were magnificent and after a moment of unfairly trying to judge a gay porn cock to my dick I convinced myself that these porn cocks are indeed beautiful but the people that make porn movies don’t hire guys like me with average dicks.

I stood there in awe of what I was seeing on the screen and started flipping through the channels on the TV. Besides gay men sucking each other’s big cocks another channel had a big muscle guy fucking another muscular guy in the ass, I also saw straight sex movies with women being fucked by 2 or 3 cocks, some were taking multiple cocks at the same time in different holes, women licking other women’s pussies. Every sex act imaginable could be viewed on the screen.

The variety and abundance of all of these scenes at my fingertips coupled with the taboo of just being in a place where erotica was the sole purpose was overwhelmingly arousing. I ended up back to the first movie of the guy with the hot looking shaved cock being sucked so I relaxed and sat down on the folding chair that was in the corner and quickly started getting aroused by the action I was watching on the TV when I noticed that there was a hole in the wall. When I got my eyes closer to the hole I could see the pants that went with the nice business suit on the man I had seen outside.

Within a few seconds the pants slowly slid down to reveal a huge bulge in a pair of red silk women’s panties. I had never seen anything like it except in magazines so the site of the exotic silk underwear on a good-looking man completely aroused me kaçak bahis and I quickly started rubbing my dick through my pants. As my eye drew closer to the hole he started to rub his big, growing bulge and then slowly and purposefully he slid the panties down just enough to expose another great looking, smooth shaved cock. This drove me crazy and helped all of my nervousness to fly out the window.

I stood up and rapidly unbuttoned my pants, slid them down to my knees and sat back down to see what was happening on the other side of the dirty, graffiti filled wall. As he stroked his big shaved cock it got closer and closer to the hole, eventually it touched the wall, then gradually protruded through bringing the big hot cock to my side of the wall into my tiny cubicle. On pure animal instinct I grabbed it and started stroking and squeezing it. It was long, thick and hard and in my little bi-experience I had never stroked a cock this big and beautiful, but I was so turned on by every aspect of this encounter that my dick was throbbing with excitement.

After a few minutes of me jerking his cock he pulled it away and I was disappointed thinking that I wasn’t doing it right.

But then I heard him whisper “Put your cock through”

I gained all my nerve, stood up, and without hesitation put my hard dick through the hole and it was immediately covered with a wet, warm sucking feeling. It was the greatest feeling I had ever had experienced, and I knew that at this rate of eroticism I would not last too long.

I yelled “I’m going to cum”

I heard a muffled response of “Do it”

I released a long load of multiple spurts of my hot cum into this unbelievable warm mouth. As soon as I was done, and he pulled away I dropped back into my chair.

Feeling drained of all energy, I sat for a few seconds and listened to the sound of pants being zippered, a belt being hooked. Then his door opened, and the footsteps got quieter as they got farther away. I fixed myself up and exited the booth and the store still on shaky legs.

As I was unlocking my car door a sleek, expensive looking foreign car slowed by the back of my car, and behind the wheel was the distinguished looking man, he gave me the thumbs up sign, smiled and drove off.

I smiled to myself as I settled into the driver’s seat of my car.

The relief of finally “breaking the ice” of my urges was behind me, and I was sure that more erotic experiences were in my future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32