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This is a real story that I would dare not share in real life. For a quick introduction, I am Sangeetha, a typical but not conservative Tamil Brahmin woman. Fair, 5’6¨ height, 68 kg in weight with a stats of 36C-30-38. I work in a senior-level HR function in a private organization in Chennai.

I got married at the age of 23 and had a son when I was 24. Over a period of time, my husband took to drinking and being abusive. Finally, after putting up with him for almost 12 years we finally got divorced. And as the law goes, my son stayed back with me.

I refused to marry again and decided to live my life for my son, Raj (Rajeswaran). He was 12 when we got divorced and he has seen what I have gone through in my life by then. Might be the impact of our life, he was always shy and scared of even talking to a girl.

I let things go thinking that over a period of time when he reaches his teens he will change. However, he is 21 and no change in his behavior towards girls. I was not worried about him being gay, being the open-minded lady that I am. But he did not show any inclination towards that either.

I decided to take it on myself to have a discussion with him and find out what was troubling him. One fine day when I returned home from work I saw him sitting silently as usual with his books. After freshening up I called him to talk to him and started asking him about his college, studies, friends.

Slowly I got the topic towards girls when he went silent again. I asked him if anything was wrong and if he was scared to tell me about it. That’s when he opened a little telling me that he was scared of getting into any kind of relationship. The result of my ex and my quarrels which scared him a lot.

I explained to him that I was normal and that should not be the reason for his fear. Also trying to tell him how marriage works, etc and telling him that mine was an arranged marriage. If he is scared he can go for love marriage and that I will support him.

Then comes the part where he told me that he does not know how to even talk to a girl. He is called a typical nerd at college. I offered to help him change his behavior and help him change the perception others have on him. From that day on I started telling him how to be charming.

How to talk to a girl, what their expectations would be, how should be his behavior, etc. Not once did the talk about sex come in and neither did we feel weird about me giving him those lessons. Once he was confident I finally wanted him to go on a date with a girl of his choice and see how it goes.

That’s when he playfully told me that he should go on a date with me first to practice. He would use something similar with a girl he would like. We were discussing those lines. I seriously agreed, stating that we should try that so we can be really confident and also.

I would get to see how things go with him. We decided to go the coming weekend on a date, might be a movie, a dinner by a seaside restaurant or a resort, etc

Saturday evening, we both started to get ready with me getting dressed in a nice cotton saree with a bit of makeup on to look young and him in his white shirt and blue denim. We decided to go to the movie first. We went to AGS cinemas at Navalur (Chennai) for a movie.

I made him book a corner seat just to make it look real. During the movie, I sat holding his hands, sharing and eating single popcorn, etc. He was comfortable doing all that. Feeling happy, once the movie got over, we left and went towards Mahabalipuram to a resort.

We decided we will stay back in case we get late after dinner. By about 7 we reached, straight went to the restaurant, ordered our food. All the while chit-chatting, giggling and laughing about things that were happening. I was sure he was going to do well with the girl he was going to go with.

Post dinner, we decided to take a stroll along the shores. But the darkness made me hold his hand and walk, rubbing shoulders. The only problem, we never realized what the time was. Not sure how far we had walked too but we notice the time was almost 11 PM.

We decided to take a room and stay back since it was a good 60 km drive back home. Our worry about is there a room available went away when the receptionist said there were rooms available. I also got a 15% discount since the company I work for had a tie-up with them.

We happily retired to our room. The real problem started now. No change of clothes and it was too uncomfortable to sleep in a saree and for him in his shirt and denim. Also, the room had one bed and we had to adjust to sleeping on the same bed.

There was a bathrobe that I could slip into for myself. He was ok to sleep in his vest and his boxer shorts. We hit the bed tugging against each other to sleep. He put his hand over me to sleep and I didn’t take it seriously. With the twisting and turning in the sleep, we had come next to each other with him holding me from behind and sleeping.

I started to feel him going hard in his sleep. I was surprised and shocked güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to realize that he is no more a boy and that he is a man now. More than that my problem was the woman in me woke up. Not that I have not had any relationships post my divorce, but not very often.

And now his hardness was poking me from behind. It giving me a tough time. My mind and body were not in terms of each other. My mind was asking me to move away and sleep whereas my body was moving me more towards him. Slowly gyrating my hips against his hardness.

In all this, his cock started peeping out of his boxer shorts. I noticed when I tried turning to look down. I had lost control and I took his cock in my hands. That woke him up. He was shocked and even before he could say something, I was over him with my lips on his kissing him.

He is, after all, a man now and he could not resist. His hands were trembling to even hold me now. Realizing that, I undid my robe myself letting my son see me in my bra and panties. I was holding him close to my breasts. I pulled his boxers off making his hard cock spring up to action.

I wanted to see him all naked. I forced his vest out of him leaving him stark naked just like when he was born. For the first time, I really noticed his slim physique and his rock hard cock saluting me. Smiling to myself, I undid my bra and panties getting naked too, pulling his hands placed it on one of my breasts.

I pulled him to me to kiss him again and slowly started stroking him. He did not know what to do when I had to take his other hand and guide it to my pussy. I asked him to feel the place. He came out as I continued to stroke him. After a while, I started kissing him all over his face, neck, chest, stomach.

Finally, I reached his cock and without a second thought gulped his cock in my mouth to give him a blowjob. His body was trembling and his cock started throbbing. I did not want him to shoot. I stopped sucking him. Sitting up, I spread my legs asking him to suck and lick me.

He did go close by but was still hesitant. I held his head and pushed him to my pussy and his tongue was inside me. He slowly learned the art and started licking and sucking my pussy. I felt an orgasm building. I got into a 69 position with him, sucking his cock.

I knew he will be blown in 2 minutes with his cock throbbing. He did, shooting all his load into my mouth. I swallowed every bit of it and kept rubbing my pussy on his face for me to cum. Finally, I did cum intensely wetting his face all over. He did not know how to take it all in.

I licked and cleaned his face. In a kiss, I gave him the juices for him to taste, hugged each other and went to sleep. The next day when we woke up all naked, we could not face each other. We silently got ready, not talking a word to each other, left the resort and reached home.

We reached home filled with embarrassment. I was flushed all through the journey and even after reaching home. I did not know what to react or even what to say any further. I guessed he was also going through the same thing since he did not even look at me, forget saying a word.

Once in, he quickly retired to his room and locked himself up and so did I. The previous night’s incident flashing in my head in images as if it was a dream. I was still not able to believe or nor digest what had happened. I tried to convince myself that it was the momentary lust and heat that took us over and that I can get over it soon. Not sure when I went to sleep, I woke up for a phone call from a friend and realized the time was almost 2 in the afternoon.

I had not cooked anything, so I hurriedly went out taking a glance at my son’s locked room and went to the kitchen. The only food I could make quickly was upma since the hunger was killing me. I realized my son also must be hungry. Once done with cooking, I set the dining table and with all the courage went and knocked on his room. Without saying anything he just opened his door looking at the ground. I did not know what to say but just muttered “eat something” and went back to the dining with him following me.

We had a very silent lunch. Though the food was made fresh and it was hot, the lunch sure was very cold. The air was tense and grim and both of us knew why. He quickly ate and as I was clearing the table he was walking back to his room. I decided to end this ‘cold war’. I asked him to wait in the living and that I needed to talk to him. I saw him stand still for a minute thinking something before he moved to the sofa and sat with his head still down. I finished my work in the kitchen and went and sat next to him.

Heart beating fast again, I held his hand. Moving closer to him I put my other hand around him over his shoulder. I was trying to console him and convince him that what had happened should be forgotten and that I hold no grudge against him nor was I angry with him. First time in the last 12 hours or so he looked up at me. He smiled and said that he loved what happened and was just worried güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri as to how I would take it.

I was a little taken aback with his words, but the fact is that even I loved what had happened. But being a woman and his mother I could not probably express myself so freely. But I did smile at his statement. He moved closer and asked if we can just kiss again and he wants nothing else. My heart skipped a beat and started beating so fast. I wanted to say a big no to him and move back but my body had a mind of its own again. It bent forward towards him proactively taking his lips into mine and sucking the lower lip of his.

He did not need any further invitation. His hand held my face pulling me to him that I was almost sitting on his lap, sucking, licking, biting and chewing his lips. He seemed more confident this time. His hold over me was strong like a man and not that of the boy I knew. His lips were sure strong enough to suck mine and chew it. He darted his tongue into my mouth searching for mine and playing with my tongue. He kept passing his saliva into my mouth during the kiss and I sucked it all without hesitation. That kiss, was the best kiss I have ever had in my life.

His hands now left my face and moved down my neck to my breasts. I had no idea what had happened to my instant reflex which should have ideally pushed his hands off. Instead, my hands went down over myself, holding the helm of my top pulled it off from over my head in a jiffy, throwing it down on to the floor. This let his hand roam freely over my bra covered breasts. I moaned softly in his mouth with our lips still not pulled apart. He hugged me as he still kissed me. I wanted that gentle hug, but in a moment I realized that the hug was only to take off my the bra hook from behind me. I let my bra fall down too without hesitation, showing my still firm breasts to him.

He broke the kiss, looking into my eyes first then at my breasts. He smiled appreciatively before his hand reached to one of my breasts. “I want to suck them again” he said in a whisper. Even before I could nod a yes, bent forward sucking on my right nipple first and then sucking my breast into his mouth. He kept sucking my one breast as his other hand was kneading my other. My hands involuntarily went to his head holding it to me and I whispered “Suckle on my breast like a baby. Like you used to when you were a baby”. Guess he was happy hearing that, he smiled and started suckling on my breasts slowly, one after the other, taking turns with his hand kneading and squeezing my other breast.

He stopped it all, moved a little back looking at me now when I had a question mark on my face. As if he understood I had a question, he smiled asking me to get up and as I did, he did not wait or ask permission before pulling my skirt down along with my panties, letting both fall to my ankles. He immediately asked me to step out of it and me like an obedient lady did step aside kicking my skirt and panties along with my top and bra. Standing naked, stark naked in front of him now. Not feeling shy or embarrassed but proud of my body and feeling happy about my son admiring my naked body.

He sat back admiring me as a whole. Intermittently asking me turn around so he could see me completely. And surprisingly I did as he wanted me to without any hesitation. Might be the slut in me had woken up and all I wanted and craved was for this kind of attention since long. He stood up, holding my hand in one and the other around my back over my waist, he gave a little push asking me to walk with him and we went to my bedroom.

The bedroom where my ex husband and me used to have all the fun, my marital bed. Once in he smiled at me asking “I know you had your first night on this bed, ever had a first day?” It did not make any sense to me, but my head was a little dizzy with my son asking me that now. He did not hesitate a bit any more. He made me sit on the edge of the bed as he sat down on the ground in front of me. He pushed my legs apart and placed his head between and in one swift move darted his tongue into my pussy. I gasped for breath for that moment with my legs spreading wider to accommodate him. I held his head lovingly and he did not need a push to lick my wet pussy now. His tongue felt like heaven now. Twirling inside my pussy, at times tickling my clit, his tongue reaching and rubbing the inner walls of my pussy. As his tongue went deep inside me, his lips covered my pussy lips sucking it.

My body jerking in pleasure. A blissful heavenly pleasure which is being given by my own son. I moaned that I was going to cum. He immediately moved back smiling and teasing me. He said “Not so soon amma.” I was upset that he did not know that a woman can cum multiple times without any problems. But I did not want to upset him and decided to teach him once he is a little satisfied. I smiled at him when he started stripping and got naked standing in front of me. The same image from last night flashed in my head but this time in real it güvenilir bahis şirketleri was much better. I had a much more confident man in front of me.

His cock was standing 90 degrees from the ground, defying all laws of gravity. He moved forward a bit, standing in front of me with his cock reach my face. I knew what he wanted. I gulped his cock in my mouth. Second time that I was doing it. I sucked it hard this time, really hard. Like a vacuum cleaner sucking everything in. Leaving it out, I held it with my hand my other hand holding his balls. I kissed the head maintaining eye contact with him and smiling. Then a gentle lick on the head, letting my slave drool over the head. Spitting a little on the head letting it trickled down the shaft. My tongue licking all the way down following the saliva drip down reaching his balls. I sucked his balls for a quick minute before licking all the way up to the head again. I again gulped his head into my mouth, sucking it, holding the shaft with one hand stroking it and my other hand playing with his balls gently. As I continued sucking him I let my tongue flick over the head of his cock a few times.

His cock started to throb and he wanted me to stop. I wanted to finish this by sucking him off and making him cum. But he pulled back asking me to move back on my bed. I moved back, he pushed me back making me lie down. He came and sat next to my naked body, letting his finger run over my entire body, head to toe. Creating goosebumps as his hands moved up and down. But all the while he kept looking into my eye, smiling. “How does this make my sexy mother feel?” he asked and I could not respond anything.

He suddenly stopped it all moving himself over me. Pushing my legs wider with his legs and lied down over me. His cock was almost at the entrance of my pussy. His face came to mine giving me one quick kiss, moved over my shoulder, lying down on me with his full weight, leaving no gap between our bodies. He whispered in my ear “amma, now you will have to help me go inside you” and he jerked his hip a bit. I moved my hand down and held his hard cock and guide it to my pussy spreading really wide. But before I could let him push inside and guide him inside me completely I whispered back “are you sure you want to do this?” when he instantly responded “yes, let me enter where I came from, please” as he licked and nibbled my ear lobes. The point of no return, I guided the head into my pussy pushing it a bit and he thrust himself into me fully. He was surprised that my pussy could take his entire cock inside.

I started grinding my hips with his cock inside me and he started moving slowly. Pulling out and thrusting his cock a bit slow and gentle. He was scared of hurting me in the process. I asked him to thrust all that he can and telling him not to worry. He started thrusting more aggressively after that. Slowly he went on to pounding me and making me moan loud. Good we did not have any guest at home. Else, people would have been able to hear what was happening inside might be. He kept thrusting me hard and wild but not rough. I liked that very much.

Then in one swift move again, he got his hands under me, carrying my entire weight up he made me sit on his lap with our legs crossed behind each other. He looked into my eyes, smiled and started kissing me as he pulled me over him now. He lied down with me over him. We broke the kiss and he wanted me to ride him. He wanted me to sit back and ride so he can see my body completely. He wanted to see my breasts jiggle as I ride him. I sat on him with his cock still inside me. Being the shameless slut that I am, I moved back giving him a complete view of my body and started grinding over him. My waist going in circles and up and down, with my pussy lips sucking his cock. He kept looking at me for a while before his hands reached up to play with my breasts. Cupping them, rubbing them and kneading them.

His cock started throbbing again. He was going to cum. He asked me to get off him so he will not shoot inside me. But I had different plans. I had no intentions to move away. I held his hands tight, bending down started kissing him real hard as I increased the pace of my grinding him and I felt it finally. I felt his cock erupt inside me, spurt after spurt hitting the walls of my pussy. My pussy walls started contracting with the warm spurts hitting on them. My pussy was milking his cock. With that my body shivered, my back arched and I fell on him totally with all my weight as my pussy release the juices with his cock still inside me.

We were lying like that for a few minutes when I felt my pussy leaking the mixture of juices. His cock had gone soft and was slipping out of my pussy. Lifting one leg up I got down from him seeing his cock and balls covered in our juices. I saw him lying there, relaxed, eyes closed and smiling. “Thanks for taking my virginity” is all he said, without opening his eyes. I smiled feeling happy and inside that I was able to help him.

I pulled him out of the bed winking and saying “it is just the beginning my dear. You have a lot more to learn. First lets go clean ourselves together” as I held his cock which showed signs of coming back to life again. My hand went to my mouth with my tongue licking the slimy mixture of juices from my hand. As we both walked towards the bathroom together, all naked!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32