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You awaken in darkness, lying on your back. All you are aware of is a musty, earthy smell. You don’t remember how you got here. You try to raise yourself up, and are surprised to hit your head. Something solid is over you. You try to raise your lower body, but hit the same barrier. In frustration, you thrust your palm upward, and are surprised when the barrier breaks. Dirt spills down on top of you. Although the air is very dusty, you find that you are not having any trouble breathing. And even though it is totally dark, you find that your eyes can see clearly. You are surrounded by a soft cool fabric – silk or satin. Above you, where you pushed, you can make out jagged edges of wood.

You push upward on a different part of the barrier, feeling it yield before you. Your hands and wrists are getting cut up, but you don’t care. You finally break a hole in the barrier big enough for you to crawl out, even though you are now crawling up through soil. Lifting yourself up, almost as though you were swimming, you plow through the earth, until your hand finally breaks into the open air. Grabbing to the side, you pull yourself out of the ground and into the cold moonlit night.

You blink a few times as you slowly recognize where you are – the town cemetery. You try to remember how you got here. You remember walking back from a piano lesson. You remember being grabbed, thrown against a wall, sharp pain, weakness, then nothing. You look at the hole you crawled out of, noticing, for the first time, the sombre granite monument at its top bearing your name. “Beloved Daughter, Devoted Friend.” You shake your head in confusion, trying to sort everything out. You look down at your wrists. Before your eyes, the cuts and scrapes close, the skin heals over. Within seconds, you’re good as new. You’re dazed, bewildered, and now that you think about it, a little hungry.

You hear a noise nearby. On somewhat shaky legs, you walk towards it. Beside a nearby gravestone are two young men, smoking. They see you, and look at you with lecherous eyes. Though you’re offended, they smell positively . . . delicious. They greet you in a foreign tongue. Spanish? you think. You stutter that you don’t answer. With devilish grins, the taller one approaches you. Though his words mean nothing to you, his meaning is clear. As he approaches you, you instinctively back against a nearby gravesite. He puts his arms on either side of you, trapping you against the headstone. He’s continuing to make propositions to you. Without thinking, you suddenly lunge your head towards the side of canlı bahis his neck. You feel yourself bite down, and your teeth break skin. He screams, but you continue to hold on, feeling the hot blood splash into your throat. But, surprisingly, it seems like it’s draining into your throat, not just spurting from an open wound. It tastes amazing – better than anything.

His screams start to go quiet as you feel him going slack against you. Finally, the fluid stops flowing, and you casually push his lifeless form aside. You lick your lips, and are surprised to feel that your incisors are long and sharp. You turn to see the young man’s companion running away. You give chase, and are on him in seconds, amazingly fast. He screams and pleads as you turn him around and sink your fangs into his throat. Like his friend, he screams at first, but slowly goes quiet as his life drains into you.

The hunger has ebbed now. You feel amazingly strong and free. You slowly understand what has happened, what a gift you received. And, as you do, you think of me.

Looking back at your grave, you realize how sad I must be. Losing you so soon after losing your mother. Blows no father was meant to absorb. You start to head towards home, excited at the prospect of telling me that there was no longer any reason to be sad.

Within minutes, your feet barely touching the ground, you arrive at the house. Looking in the window, you see me sitting on my bed. In my hands, is a picture of the three of us – your mother, you, and me. You’re six years old, and we’re at Disney World. You loved that trip. We were all so happy. Even ten years later, it was one of your favorite memories. You see that I’m crying. On the nightstand, a bottle of scotch stands half-empty. You remembered that bottle. It was a special one, that was going to be saved for a special occasion. Now, it’s just being used as a balm for an unquenchable pain.

You watch me through the window for a few moments, as I fall asleep, the picture falling from my hand and tumbling silently to the floor. You walk around to the back door, and, digging the spare key out from its hiding place, you open the door and walk in. As you stride through the door, you casually think about how the part of the myth about needing an invitation was apparently just a myth.

You head towards my bedroom. Approaching the bed, you look me over. You reach out and touch me on the chest, just to convince yourself that this is not a dream. Your face hovers over mine until, somehow sensing the presence, I wake up.

My eyes widen bahis siteleri in shock as I see you there. You smile back, and say Hi Daddy.

I hear myself say that this must be a dream. You smile again, and give me a soft kiss on the cheek, telling me that it’s no dream. Stunned, I tentatively embrace you. You sigh in contentment. I kiss you on the cheek, like a father should. You softly kiss me on the lips. Then again. And again, this time sliding your tongue into my mouth. My eyes widen in shock, but my tongue instinctively pushes back against you. You’re surprised by your own actions – you had never even really kissed a boy before, let alone French-kissed. But somehow, it all seems to come easily to you.

I push away from you, horrified at what we’ve done. Sweetly, coquettishly, you ask me what’s wrong. I tell you that what we just did was wrong, very wrong indeed, even in a dream. You smile coyly, and slide a hand down to my crotch, feeling the hard shaft there. You tell me that clearly, not all of me thinks it’s wrong. Giving my cock a quick squeeze, you stand up, and pull your dark dress up and over your shoulders, tossing it to the side. You’re now completely naked. I stutter in protest, but I seem powerless to move. You smile again, and tell me that this is the night that all of my dreams come true. I’m paralyzed in shock, which gives you time to unbuckle my pants and pull them down, exposing my hard cock.

Weakly, I protest that we shouldn’t do this. You sense that you’re in control now, and you tell me that we should do this – it’s what we both want. I tell you no, it’s not, but you ignore me as you slide the head of my cock into your mouth. I gasp in pleasure as your tongue lashes the underside of my shaft, coaxing more of me into your mouth and throat. You’re surprised at how easy this is – you had heard about this intimate act, even seen pictures, but never really done it. But something in you seems to know exactly what to do, how to tease me, how to drive me wild. My protests are growing weaker, and soon I’m begging you to continue. You smile as I succumb, sucking me deeper into your throat. Your fingers start teasing my balls as my pubic hair tickles your nostrils.

Feeling a warm, moist sensation in your pussy, you swing yourself around so that it’s directly over my mouth. You lower it down without waiting for me to ask for it or protest. You sigh as my tongue starts working you over. You return your mouth to my cock, sucking and licking harder and faster as my tongue presses up into your cunt and lashes your clit. Sensing bahis şirketleri that I’m about to cum, you let your lower teeth lightly graze the underside of my shaft. That does it – I start shooting into your throat. The salty liquid tastes good to you, but oddly unsatisfying. But the satisfaction is soon to come. My teeth close on your clit and start sucking, which sends you over to orgasm. You cry as your pleasure peaks and ebbs. You pull yourself off my mouth, and snuggle up next to me. You begin removing my shirt, and I cooperate without protest. Cuddling up against each other, unashamedly naked, we relax. Your hand reaches down and idly plays with my cock.

You seem to know exactly where to touch it to revive it, and you’re soon rewarded with a hard shaft in your hand. You get up and straddle me. My eyes betray my concern as you position your pussy over my shaft. With a slight smile, you tell me that it’s all going to be OK, and soon we can be together forever. I look at you in confusion, which you ignore as you guide me into your pussy. You are amazed by how wonderful it feels to have me inside you. I moan in pleasure as your tight walls squeeze my cock, reveling in this forbidden act of incest. You start sliding yourself up and down, feeling me rub against your clitty. Soon, I am no longer a passive participant. Thrusting my hips up to meet yours, I force myself up all the way inside you. Sitting up, I pull you in for a kiss as we push against each other. This time, there is no shame in our passion, no holding back. You knew a part of me wanted this for a long time, and part of you wanted it too.

We’re getting noisier as we grind against each other, our pleasure building. Through the noise and the other sensations you hear my heart beating, sense the life-giving fluid in my veins. You feel yourself getting hungry again, and lick your lips as our fucking gets harder and faster. The sensation is too much for me again, and I roar as I cum inside you again, shooting my sticky load deep into you. With an unholy cry, you plunge your fangs into my neck, feeling my blood fill you. I emit a strangled gasp of horror as I feel you draining me. You sense that I am weakening, near death. Withdrawing your fangs from my neck, you use a nail to trace a cut on your nipple. Grabbing my nearly lifeless body by the head, you force my mouth onto your nipple. Weakly, I begin sucking. The fluid burns my tongue, but I cannot stop sucking. You feel a wave of pleasure building from your breast and coursing through your body. You scream in orgasm as I continue to suckle you, tasting your blood, feeling it burn my body.

My mouth slides off your nipple as I collapse. You fall to bed beside me and snuggle up against me. Waiting for me to awaken to life everlasting . . .

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32