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A distant vacation. My first…part two.
Later that night, I met my parents for dinner. I wondered if they could tell. I wondered if they knew that their son had spent the afternoon laying naked on a beach and sucking cock… and loved it! I didn’t want them to know that I was different now, I felt different.

For years I had dreamed about it. Maybe it was a passing curiousity, maybe just young lust I had thought to myself. However, there, on that secluded beach, in a far off coastal town, I knew it was so much more.

If it was all just a dream, I didn’t want to wake up. I didn’t want it to end.

I had met him at a small cafe where he was working. I think we both knew right away. About my age, beautiful, tan and fit. He invited me to a secluded spot on the beach he knew and as soon as my new new friend layed down naked next to me on the warm sand. Stealing glances at his beautiful, tan, nude body and beautiful hanging cock, I knew. It was my first time and although nervous, canlı bahis siteleri I wanted it so much. I leaned over and felt his thick, smooth dick on my lips. It felt so amazing and so right. Feeling it swell, feeling it fill my eager, hungry mouth, I wanted nothing else more. I lovingly explored his body, lost in lust and in the magic of the moment.

We spent two days laying on the warm beach naked and sunning ourselves. Playing in the surf and pleasuring each other. I knew my parents would be leaving this coastal town to see the rest of the area, but I couldn’t even think about leaving. I only wanted to stay.

My friend introduced me to an older man he knew. The man said I could stay with him until my parents returned. I lied, I told my folks I would stay at my new young friends house and work with him at the cafe to pay for food, and they agreed to it and left, and just like that, just that easy, I became an older man’s live in lover.

Much older than me, perabet giriş hairy and heavy set, he was a wonderful man and we spent our days drinking wine, laying on the beach and naked in his bed. Watching my friend and I swim, he would offer us wine, and watch us suck each other’s cocks. Passionate and loving, I soon found myself falling for him, even kissing him.

When he wanted me inside him, I had never had sex before, but I surprisingly found his big, hairy ass very sexy and a turn on and I so wanted to please him. With him on his knees on his bed, I held his big hips and guided my hard cock at his hair covered hole. I pushed inside and with the feeling of an internal pop, I was inside. Tight and wonderfully warm, I moved my hard cock in and out of him, hearing his moans and feeling my orgasm build. I was fucking him, but I could only describe it as “making love.” I was making love to him.

He loved my young, smooth, tan fit body and I loved his hairy, perabet güvenilir mi heavy set frame. His thick, hairy cock and hairy balls were so different from my new friends, but no less wonderful and I loved pleasuring them just as much. My first older man, sucking his cock and bringing him to orgasm, letting him fill my mouth with his cum was thrilling. I wasn’t just a cock sucker now, I was a full fledged cock lover.

My older friend invited me to come with him to a dinner party the last night before my parents returned to pick me up. Several older men greeted us and soon they were offering me wine and dining. Before I knew it, I had an older strangers mouth around my cock. I leaned back in my chair as he eagerly lavished cock hungry attention on me. Lapping at my balls and taking my cock deep down his throat. Another man, even older than the rest, watched, then stood and moved towards me. Pulling his long cock out from his pants fly, he put his hand on my head and I leaned in and kissed his soft, veiny shaft. Stroking him, I took his dick between my lips and began sucking him.

The night ended with me spent and dizzy, I had not only eagerly sucked several strangers cocks but tasted their cum as well. I loved every minute of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32